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12 of the best yarn bombs from around the world

Is it graffiti, art, or both? Check out these 12 fun yarn bombs from around the world, created by knitters and crafters just like you.

12 of the best yarn bombs from around the world on LoveKnitting blog

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

12 yarn bombs to put a smile on your face: pink yarn military tankImage source:

Spotted in the city, this pink tank certainly makes a statement. The pink doesn’t do much for camouflage, but you might see it on fashion runways in Paris!

2. Helsinki, Finland

12 yarn bombs to put a smile on your face: helsinki cathedral stepsImage source:

Thousands of afghans were put together on the steps of the Helsinki Cathedral in Finland to try and break the world record for the largest patchwork quilt. All of the blankets were donated to charity after the event.

3. Massachusetts, USA

12 yarn bombs to put a smile on your face: yarn bomb bike racks

Image source:

No one would dare steal a bike when it’s leaning up against this cheery bike rack, would they? These boring racks were gussied up with some fun and funky striped yarn bombs to brighten up the town.

4. Pittsburgh, USA

12 yarn bombs to put a smile on your face: andy warhol bridge in pittsburghImage source:

This bridge was named for the famous artist, Andy Warhol. It’s located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and it was yarn bombed to spectacular visual effect! We think Andy Warhol would be proud.

5. Reykjavik, Iceland

12 yarn bombs to put a smile on your face: bus in IcelandImage source:

Some fashionable crafter yarn bombed this bus in Iceland’s capitol! We think that all public transit should look like this – it might make people a lot happier on their commutes.

6. Chicago, USA

12 yarn bombs to put a smile on your face: squid tree in chicagoImage source:

This squidy tree is hanging around in Chicago, Illinois. Maybe the squid escaped from Lake Michigan, or maybe it just really loves sidewalk trees. We may never know.

7. Austin, USA

12 yarn bombs to put a smile on your face: austin texasImage source:

Anyone who’s ever lived in Texas knows that it’s important to ”Keep Austin Weird.” This yarn bomb might look weird to some Texans, but rest assured it’s right at home in the sunny city of Austin.

8. Utah, USA

12 yarn bombs to put a smile on your face: sundance film festival in utahImage source:

Back in 2012, the world renowned Sundance Film Festival got a taste of yarn bombing. This yarn bomb was sponsored by Yahoo! and involved knitting around giant exercise balls – you know, those things we all buy in the first week of January and then never touch again.

9. London, UK

12 yarn bombs to make you smile: london yarn bus by 7upImage source:

This bus, sponsored by 7up, was seen sporting some very bright neon yarns as it drove around in central London. We hear that some people have petitioned the mayor to replace the traditional red buses with these extra bright versions, but no word back on that yet. (Kidding!)

10. Washington D.C, USA

12 yarn bombs to make you smile: albert einstein in washington DCImage source:

An enterprising crafter covered this huge Albert Einstein statue in pink and purple camouflage yarn to great success. Albert definitely won’t get cold this winter!

11. New York, USA

12 yarn bombs to make you smile: Wall street, new yorkImage source: Pinterest

The Wall Street bull was yarn bombed with similar yarn to Albert Einstein. Even bulls need to keep warm in the frigid New York City winters!

12. Belfast, UK

12 yarn bombs to make you smileImage source:

Someone yarn bombed a flock of sheep, possibly winning ”funniest yarn bomb” in history. This sculpture is in Belfast, Northern Ireland!

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9 Responses to 12 of the best yarn bombs from around the world

  1. Farnham, Surrey was covered in knitting/crochet during the Unravel Festival at the Farnham Maltings! Nothing escaped a yarn bombing…..from lamposts to bridges. It certainly confused a lot of the local townsfolk……QR codes attached to the knitting let people with smartphones work out why the town centre has turned more colourful overnight. (It was all respectfully removed at the end of the weekend.)

  2. Vintage Cafe Stitch & Bitch says:

    During Hull’s Freedom Festival last summer, we yarnbombed (with permission) a huge bronze statue of a shark outside The Deep submarium. Great fun, and good to see the surprise on people’s faces as they saw it!

  3. Helen Butcher says:

    fantastic loved it Helen Butcher

  4. Anna says:

    Wow, they got carried away in Helsinki! What fun!

  5. Pat Griffiths says:

    We are in the process of Yarn Bombing our village, Llwyngwril in Gwynedd to raise money for our Ganolfan (community hall) It has been a great project involving lots of villagers and their friends. We would like to send you some photographs once we have all our Yarn out

  6. Anna says:

    Pat, I’d love to see your lovely village in Wales, covered in yarn or otherwise! My grandda was a Welshman. I have this idea that all Welshmen are sweet & gentle souls…please don’t disillusion me.

    • Pat Griffiths says:

      Have a look at our photos on Llwyngwril Yarn Bombing project on Facebook. We have raised over £1600 for our village Community Centre. Latest installation went up on Wednesday our tribute for Remembrance. Working on next year’s project now.

  7. Leisal says:

    Every year the Australian town of Warwick has a yarnbombing festival, Jumpers and Jazz in July.

    Last year they did a collective knitchen:

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