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Christmas Knit-A-Long: Jenni’s progress part 3

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Have you completed the sleeves yet? Jenni is sharing with you her progress before we get the next part ready for you. We can’t wait to hear how you are getting along too – don’t forget to tell us in the comments box below!

Look at my tiny sleeves! I can’t wait to make them up with the rest of the pattern!

Christmas Knit-A-Long: Jenni’s progress part 3

I knit both of my sleeves at the same time in order to ensure they were the same length at the end!

Christmas Knit-A-Long: Jenni’s progress part 3

In the pattern, Monica recommended that you increase by your preferred method, and so I thought I’d show you what mine is! Here’s what I did:
Knit 2, m1 (make one), knit to last 2 and then M1.

Here you can see some pictures of how increased:

Christmas Knit-A-Long: Jenni’s progress part 3

  1. Find the loop in between before the two final stitches.
  2. Pick up the loop with your right needle.
  3. Place the loop onto the left needle around the back.
  4. To make the increase, purl through the back loop (p1tbl) that you just added to the left needle.

Christmas Knit-A-Long: Jenni’s progress part 3
Christmas Knit-A-Long: Jenni’s progress part 3

It’s all coming together!

Christmas Knit-A-Long: Jenni’s progress part 3

Do you increase the same way? How are you getting on with the pattern?

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15 Responses to Christmas Knit-A-Long: Jenni’s progress part 3

  1. Sue says:

    I’m making two of these-one for Molly (9 months) and the other for Joe (2 months), my grandchildren. I finished all the pieces so far and can’t wait for the next installment.

  2. Angela says:

    I am making one for my grandaughter Sophie in the largest size. Very please with the results so far ‘and I am eagerly awaiting the instruction for the neckline next (I hope).

    I increase by knitting into the front and the back of the same stitch. This does leave a ‘purl’ effect stitch on the right side, but its useful for lining up when you are sewing the garment together, especially as there is a graduation to match up.

    I did wonder why we had to knit into the back of the stitches after casting on for the sleeve. I always use the thumb method, unless otherwise directed, and find this unnecessary most of the time, as the finish is quite neat.

    • Hi Angela,

      You are quite right if you use the thumb method it is a tighter cast on and does not require you to knit into the back of the stitch. I look forward to seeing your finished jumper.

      Happy knitting


  3. joan Queally says:


    • Hi Joan

      Have you managed to pick up part 4? It’s great that you have completed each part as it comes out. Do send pictures of your completed work.


  4. Hazeyj says:

    I increased like Angela, KFB , because the second knit into the back of the stitch gives the little bar- I knit the increase at the other end in the second to last stitch so that the little bars appear in the same configuration at each end of the row. This makes lining up the sleeves easy but gives symmetry too. Can’t wait for part four and wish I’d put the neck cast off stitches on a holder to give a stretchier finish.

  5. Jo-Ann Thornton says:

    I know it is Thanksgiving, but I can’t wait. Will part 4 be out today??

    • Hi Jo-Ann

      Hopefully you will have picked up part 4 now. Looking forward to hearing about your completed jumper.


      • Jo-Ann Thornton says:

        All done with part 4. And without receipt of part 5 have started the hat from the picture and measurements in the original instructions.
        IF this is done again for a Christmas project. I would suggest starting earlier. My project needs to be shipped. So time is of the essence.

  6. jackie says:

    Been waiting for ages for part 3 of the pattern to be posted only to find today that parts 3 and 4 have already been published! I haven’t received either of these! Any way I can get part 3 instructions? Or all my work so far is wasted.

  7. joan Queally says:

    Sorry ! I have finished part four cant wait for the next part for the hat .

  8. joan Queally says:

    I have finished part four cant wait for the next part for the hat .

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