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10 Knitting Problems According to Instagram

The path to sublime needlework never did run smooth! Whether it’s finding a hole (or two) or getting in a tangle, the knitmares can be real!  Luckily using the hastag #KnittingProblems many have taken to Instagram to share their struggles and knitting challenges, proving we’re in this together!
Here are 10 knitting problems according to Instagram…

1. When you find a hole, ahem, make an unexpected design feature!

2. Late night knitting and math does not go hand in hand…

3. When you have a furry knitting apprentice (whether you wanted one or not!)

That’s #mycat #giveszero #whatev #knittingproblems

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4. When your WIPS are taking up all your living space…

5. Knots glorious knots!


6. Snap! Oh the joy or working with wooden needles!


7. Unravelling.


8. When the unexplainable happens!

9. Desk dilemmas are a real thing for a knitter.

10. Ink hands.

It appears I did not rinse the dye out of the yarn well enough. #knittingproblems

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Can you relate to any of these #KnittingProblems?

Why not let us know, in the comments below. After all the finished projects are always worth it…



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5 Responses to 10 Knitting Problems According to Instagram

  1. Hjc says:

    Balls of yarn that have knots that you always fine in the middle of the row

  2. Ann-Maree says:

    Accidentally vacuuming over your yarn and watching your complicated cable pattern unrav

  3. Bernadette says:

    Putting your own work on hold to meet the Christmas deadline for requested hats and scarves for family members who then don’t bother to come and collect them! That pile is as big as my WIPs pile and space is limited. I relate mostly to 4, 5 and 9 🙂

  4. Wendy says:

    Yarn barf and unexpected knots…why you should reroll yarn before starting your project.

  5. From Granny to You says:

    Number 1 – My grand-daughter thinks I can mend – I mean, reknit – all ‘surprise design features’. It is a challenge to work out what to DO, sometimes.

    And Number 4 – The stuff moves from the floor (while I’m sitting in the chair) and onto the chair (when I go to bed)… My housemate sometimes sits on it (well he could get himself a comfy chair too, if he wanted…) so I use metal needles. I’d rather he broke than my needles broke. Besides, he won’t break – he’d get up and move the stuff off so he won’t get hurt, if a needle stuck into him.

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