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10 Photos Only Knitters Would Understand!

From a messy stash to the satisfying feeling of using scraps: There are some things that unite us knitters more than anything else! We found 10 images that you will immediately understand if you’re as obsessed with knitting as we are.

When your stash gets out of control

We know this one is unrealistically organized, but sometimes you look up from your knitting and realize you might have a problem, or as we at LoveKnitting like to call it, a huge opportunity! Why not take a look at our huge pattern offer and choose your next project!

Your wardrobe is all knitwear

Sweaters, hats, scarves, mittens, socks, cardigans – everything in your wardrobe is knitted (or crocheted) and you’re very proud of it! You might even catch yourself saying “Oh, this old thing? Why yes I did make it myself!” during conversations.

Others do push-ups, you knit!

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We’re voting ‘yes’, but we might be a little biased!

That pattern you’re really good at…

…so you make it over and over again. But that’s alright – you can make it fast and give it away to friends and family to spread the joy. Maybe someone close to you needs another hat, pair of socks or scarf? We’re sure they’ll love them.

That one box you’re afraid to open

Let’s just… quickly move on?

When knitting becomes more interesting than the outside world

You could go out. Or you could stay home and finish one of your WIPs.

Ever heard of Knitflix?

Pick up your needles and put on your favorite feel-good movie! We promise, Knitflix is the next big thing!

Have you read the washing instructions?

Okay, so we’re only half kidding with this. This is an adorable pattern by Stash Enhancement, but sometimes creating something small is rather unintentional! We’ve all been there, but we can learn from it and read the yarn care instructions more thoroughly – maybe!

The satisfying feeling of using up scraps

This pattern by Christiane Burkhard shows how perfectly satisfying it can be to use all your leftover yarn to create a beautiful new project! Blankets are only one of the many things scraps are perfect for!

When knitting is life…

Sometimes wallhangings and posters aren’t enough to express the love for knitting!


Which situation looks more than familiar to you? Share your favorite in the comments below!

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119 Responses to 10 Photos Only Knitters Would Understand!

  1. Colleen Waltner says:

    Ok, when did you get in my house to take pictures 😁.

  2. Anna Prasad says:

    Oh I love it…my letterboard made it onto your list. Fab! I knew there was a reason I started doing them 🙂

    • Mara says:

      Hi Anna!
      They are super cool and – especially in this case – very relatable! 😉
      Glad you like the post!
      Mara from LoveKnitting

  3. Bonita Rakich says:

    Knitting, coffee, comfy chair is all I need.

  4. Bonita Rakich says:

    I love to knit. Stay home and knit makes me happy!!!!

    • From Granny to You says:

      Yes…. me too…. but the body sometimes complains and I have to waste time doing some walking or other, more boring, exercise.

      • Karen Barrett says:

        I agree, but I have to get up and move around at least once per hour (do some chores?) or I can hardly move when I do get up. Eeek!

    • Frances Flatau says:

      I love knitting because it is so portable Mine goes everywhere with me. Grandkids soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. My tennis games. Doctor’s appointments. I have knit while walking on fundraising walks. You can’t do that with a quilt

  5. Peg says:

    The only time I want to leave the house is to go buy more yarn.

  6. Joyce says:

    Give me a comfy chair an audio book and my knitting.

    • Maureen says: audio book is a great idea. I’ll look up some podcasts, too. Genealogy is my other hobby so guess I am now officially housebound.

  7. Linda says:

    My hubby is really ill and only gets out to go to doctors. So the Let’s Stay Home fits me to a T. I have knit and crocheted 4 or 5 sweaters, 3 or 4 blankets, 5 shawls, 2 or 3 scarves, some hats, and I don’t remember what else in the year. I knit everywhere I go too. The question I get everywhere is what are you making now Linda. I love yarn. I have found a great yarn shop here in Ft. Worth, Tx. West 7th Wool. Love that place.

    • Kay says:

      I believe that yarn store is closed. I was there for 1st time & it was their last day. Great bargains. I knit in planes, trains & automobiles and also at home. Love it

  8. Sybille Van De Voort says:

    I knitted so much in my life, I wish I could see it all on a big pile. I love wool shops. Can never go out without buying yarn and dreaming of a new project. We are travelling for month on end in a Motorhome. My husband drives and I knit💕

    • Kim says:

      I love saying to people ‘I knit in the car’. They often retort ‘You knit while you’re driving?!’ ‘No, I knit while my husband is driving’. Never fails.

      • Jacqui says:

        I’ve just had a lovely weekend journey knitting whilst in the car. Fortunately daughter was driving! Helps the journey go so much quicker.

      • Frances Flatau says:

        I confess. I once knit while driving. Was a straight road and I can knit without looking at it. I have always had knitting on the passenger seat for red lights.

        • Cindy says:

          OMG, I’ve done that too…only once or twice, but it feels like I’m being bad so I now just wait for the red lights. But not when my teenage son is in the car…he’s a budding driver so he catches everything I do wrong!!! Lol

      • Sue says:

        I always knit in the car. Journeys spent just looking out of the passenger window are such a waste of time! Have some knitting which is not too difficult and then you can knit and look at the scenery at the same time!

    • Mel says:

      Oh me too, I have over 1100 projects just on ravelry, that’s not counting most of the stuff from pre rav days so it would be an awesomely big pile of knits :0). I’d kind of like to see mine too :0)

  9. Helen says:

    My Fitbit somehow clocks up steps while I’m sitting knitting so knitting must be a form of exercise. Well I think so!!!

    • Knitting nannymac says:

      Mine used to until I put in on the other wrist! Nice to see the numbers tick over but a bit deflated as I knew it was cheating 🤣🤣

  10. Marged Elin says:

    I couldn’t stand that tangled box! 😀 I roll into loose little balls that I might use one day! Would love a stash store cupboard.

  11. Margaret says:

    I found a great way to store my odd balls of wool – Ikea do plastic bags that reseal in different sizes so I now no longer have that tangled up box!!!

  12. Indiepam says:

    I joined all my leftover bits of yarn together with ‘magic knots’. Some bits were only inches long! I then used them with my French Knitting Dolly to make a long cord. Will definitely find a way of making something beautiful out of this! 🙃

    • Linda Amos says:

      Crochet the cords in a long ‘zig-zag snake’ to make a blanket. Won’t that be warm on the icy weather that is coming this week?

    • Mary Pont says:

      I use small balls to make half a square diagonally to make blankets for dogs, maybe cats too. The bits that are too short I use either as waste yarn for casting on “invisible”casting on. Smaller still bits I use as markers.i.e. ends of patterns to repeat as in aran patterns, and when needing to work a number of rows from a given point.

  13. Ann williams says:

    I would love to get my hands on that box of tangles and sort it out! Then knit It all up into something beautiful.

  14. Pam says:

    I am knitting as I read this!!!

  15. Hilary Kirkby says:

    I’ll just put aside my knitting………..Am wondering whether it’s time to take the dog a walk yet, but he’s sleeping in front of the fire
    I highly recommend doing what I did a few weeks ago – putting all those odds and ends I’ve been squirelling away for years, just in case, into one big bag and donating it to a group of women in a nearby (French) village who meet up once a week to knit up bits and bobs into blankets etc to send to Madagascar. It’s made me feel good on several levels, not only because I no longer feel guilty about not using it. The only trouble is I’ve started to collect more already!

  16. Carolyn Dobson says:

    How blessed are we all to be so contented with such a small thing ! I’m in Australia and have just finished Norah’s Antique Afghan, a beautiful combination of 20 different Aran patterned squares, for my 19yrs granddaughter. Tis a hot summer here but the air conditioner takes care of that. Had 3 colours of wool to knit for my husband who sadly passed away a year ago. Bella chose 2 more colours and now has an amazing memory blanket from her Nan & very much missed Pop. Happy clicking everyone….. Blessings, Carolyn

  17. Marija Sekulic says:

    Apart from everything else that I have knitted, I knitted a single bed blanket each for both my grandsons when they were ready to go into a “big” bed. I wish I had a room with shelves like above to be able to store all my wool.

  18. Nicola Perkins says:

    If I feel in a low mood, just looking at wool gives me an adrenalin rush!!!!
    The trouble is, I always have more than one thing on the go at a time. I would like to control that urge along with the need to buy more yarn for my next project before I have finished the last 6 :-)))))
    It is so good for us to be creative and knitting is such a wonderful way of life 🙂

  19. Manjula Venkatesan says:

    Knittig makes my life meaningful. It gives me complete satisfaction and pleasure

  20. Viv says:

    Reading this on my birthday, knitting and watching the Winter Olympic closing ceremony what lovely likeminded folk, have a lovely knit day 🙂

  21. Lynn says:

    I ve definitely got the box you don’t want to look in

  22. Jacky Mercer says:

    I’m always knitting, either for family, friends, charity etc. Just finished twiddle mitts for two dementia charities and two boxes of hats for newborn +premature babies. Never seem to knit much for myself though!!

  23. Rhonda Prince says:

    Staying home to knit and sip coffee! My favorite spot to knit is my screened in porch with the birds singing and my dogs cuddled up close to me!

    • Sybil Sagadin says:

      Once the dogs know not to get in my lap while I am knitting, their company makes the project even better. And the coffee, of course. You all make me realize I am not alone…

  24. Pauline Cameron says:

    What do people who don’t knit do with their hands while watching TV? I have 21 alpacas so I’m always either knitting or spinning.

    • Edda says:

      great I get your comment as I too have alpacas, Chrissie

    • Sheri says:

      I would kill to have alpacas! May I ask where you live. I will move there. To care for the sweet babies and knit of course. You’ve made me soooo happy!

  25. Lesley Napier says:

    Like Nicola I am very bad at finishing one project before I start another, just can’t resist. The wool shop is the place I go when the world feels a bit scary. I always feel nothing bad can happen in a yarn shop and the world is as it should be.

    • Cindy says:

      Lesley, beautiful name BTW, you just put into words that special little feeling I get every single time I go into a knit shop. Thank you. It’s so true!!

  26. Edda says:

    the messy basket brought back some wonderful memories, my gran was a wonderful person and a wonderful knitter but her stash was just like the messy basket, she taught me patience by handing me her basket every now and again and my job was to sort it out without cutting any threads, I might add that this was wartime and NOTHING was ever thrown away.
    I sorted her basket right up until she stopped knitting, when she was 80, sad day for us all. this picture brought tears to my eyes as memories flooded back, great.

  27. Elizabeth Davis says:

    My 60th birthday present from a brother was 2 tall, glass fronted kitchen cupboards which fitted exactly into the alcove in the living room – for my stash of ‘best’ natural alpaca yarns – sorted into their various weights. The rest – well – boxes – some decorative or yeuky plastic bags – out of sight. Does anyone else buy yarn just because they like the way it looks when displayed – unknitted? Or is that sacrilege ;0

    • Frances Flatau says:

      Or how it feels. Just handling yarn is a satisfying pleasure

    • Polly Strank says:

      Oh the colors, I just love to see the combination n colors, knitted or unknotted they are a sight. When I first started working in the 1970’s, I would walk at lunch, down past Phoenix Dye Works and wow stop and marvel at. All the colors of yarn spinning on their machines. Thanks for the memory !

    • Denise says:

      Definitely. Noro is the best on display – all those glorious colours. Especially the 100 gram balls. Once you knit it, it might not work out and get shoved to the back of a cupboard. Display is about endless potential

    • Cindy says:

      No, it’s not just you. There is something about the way yarn looks unknitted. No sacrilege here (I don’t think) 😉
      None of us are alone and we’re not crazy!!! This is a real fever, this knitting bug. Once you catch the fever, it never leaves you. And I’m glad!

  28. Miriam Allen says:

    Story of my life! I’m the one with the box you’re afraid to open. And the out of control stash, but I think that’s every knitter. I’m just lucky enough to have a boyfriend who isn’t even remotely bothered by my obsession with knitting and other needle arts.

  29. June says:

    I have to agree with Granny and Karen, I have to keep moving too! but I guess it does leave more time to knit and do other crafty things!

  30. Helen Jansson says:

    A picture says more than thousand words!!!!!
    I been knitting since I was 7 years old,
    Thought I was alone being obsessed by yarn and knitting.
    Finally after over 50 years of feeling “odd” I see I am not alone!!!!!!!
    Happy knitting to you all

    • Cindy says:

      No way, you’re NOT alone!!
      We are a true Sisterhood! We all get each other and we are all doing something great. It is so good for our minds and for others. We can help and touch others in ways that even Doctors and Nurses can’t. (I always wanted to be a nurse…now I’m one to my little tribe of children..and hubby). Pretty neat! Xo💜

  31. Carol says:

    Somehow my knitting just calms my soul when the anxieties of life start to come on. I just pick up the needles and then things get better.

    • Donna T. Peterson says:

      Me too! I love to knit and read. Knit when husband wants to talk and watching TV! Just can’t sit and do nothing! My mother taught me to knit back in 40’s-50’s, so left the love of knitting and music!

  32. Linda Williams says:

    I bought a 5’x5′ set of “cubies” from Ikea to set up in my sewing room just to organize my multiple boxes, bags, baskets, and drawers full of yarns that I have. Seeing your picture made me smile as that IS the image I’m seeking. Thanks!

  33. Mary says:

    Love reading the comments! Sometimes knitting brings too much solitude but they make me feel like part of a large happy community.

  34. Karen says:

    Put on some music, put my my feet, up, grab my needles and I am in heaven! I may only be good at knitting things that are square or rectangular (which my children find hysterical), but it’s the joy that comes from a finished project and the excitement of starting a new one that makes it all worth while.

  35. Celeste says:

    After 40 years in Fairbanks, Alaska one of the few things I didn’t leave behind was my yarn stash! Painstakingly acquired over years of shopping at any store that carried any yarn and some travels. I opened it all up just a couple of weeks ago. My husband found me awash in a sea of color and sparklies, a look of bliss on my face, exclaiming, “I have such beautiful yarn! “

  36. Pam says:

    I agree with Carol 😉
    And everyone else to be honest !
    My stash is woefully out of control, I too invested in large plastic boxes to short out yarn by weight.
    But I seem to need to buy more yar ;/)
    Just love the stuff X
    Knitting is my life!!!
    I have a very understanding husband – which helps x

  37. Shirley from Ma. says:

    I started knitting in high school then life got in the way and I didn’t pick up knotting again til about 12 yrs ago. This last year has been challenging as my hubby was diag. With Alzheimer’s Dx.
    Knitting has been my salvation and my Grand children and family love that I’m always making them something to wear.
    Blessings to all you knitters.

  38. Jo-Anne Seymour says:

    Whenever we travel my fave side-trip is a visit to a LKS to check out locally spun and dyed yarn to buy as souvenirs of my trip (sometimes patterns as well). I label these so as not to forget where they came from, put them in my beautiful Brent Rourke handcrafted wooden knitter’s box, and place them where they can be viewed and admired!! Try a trip to the Canadian Maritimes for both the boxes (NB), yarn (NS), and mills (PEI). Or if you are in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada head to Wolseley Wool shop for a great selection of local creations and inspiration!!

  39. Melody C says:

    Yep, each picture brought back fond memories knitting with my Mom! We knit enough socks and mittens to outfit an army! How I dreamed of skeins in bright colours as we had three shades of grey on cones from a mail-order place in Quebec! . One of my Moms friends let us add some to her order. Our coloured yarn was from sweaters given us and we tore them out and repurposed the yarn as identifying purposes to be sure the right child got their own socks back on wash day! Great memories, thanks, and yes, I’m still knitting away happily, lo! these 57 years later. We were a family of 12 kids growing up and now I knit for the nieces and great nieces families. LOTS of family! — all one project at a time.

  40. Gill says:

    I’m glad I’m not alone in buying yarn because it looks nice, and buying umpteen project kits before I’ve finished the last one. I generally start in June with the Christmas presents, usually have a mad panic in November to finish them in time, throwing all spare yarn into a wicker stash basket. Jan – June I knit new and more challenging projects. Absolutely adore knitting. I only restarted about 3 years ago after a long layoff – boy did I miss it – but already my stash pile is massive. No time to chat, gotta go and knit. Happy knitting!!

  41. Suzanne says:

    Knitting is my meditation and I find I need to meditate ALOT! I have to try to keep up with my yarn hoarding (aka- stash)

  42. Eileen says:

    I couldn’t live without my knitting/crochet, I could do with a spare room just for storing all my wool I keep buying. Love all the comments.

  43. Gail says:

    I have a problem with patterns. I print off the free patterns from a couple different knitting sites I am on and put them in binders but the binders are full and I haven’t even tried knitting most the patterns! I keep printing off more! Knitting is my passion when watching TV, driving long distances, etc. I think it helps keep me balanced. Love all the comments on here. Thanks for sharing.

    • Cindy says:

      Oh my gosh, me too!!! What is that? I don’t get that about myself….and all the patterns I’ve saved into my phones, which die and I lose all of them. But yes, the full binders…me too. Huh…;). Well I guess we could have worse vices! Lol

  44. Frances says:

    My fitbit recognises crochet movements so YES it’s exercise

  45. Kay says:

    I love knitting but oh how I hate sewing up and sewing in the ends!

    • Cindy says:

      Me too! I’m trying the different ways of sewing in as I go…but I think it works best in my crochet work. The ends seem to work in very easily and without bulk. I wish I could do that in my knitting. Still learning!

  46. Peggy says:

    Love your pictures! You took them in my house – actually just the messy box one. I am temporarily banned from knitting – carpal tunnel surgery in both hands. No knitting feels worse than my wrists!

    • Suzanne says:

      Oh commiserations! I think I’ve started to develop it and am trying to do hand and wrist exercises to keep it at bay as long as possible, but I fear surgery might well be on the horizon.

      Can truly empathise with the torture of not being able to knit! I hope you have a speedy recovery, Peggy x

  47. Anneke says:

    Oh so love the knitflix! I knew it! That’s what I am doing.
    After a long time I have started knitting again and it’s amazing in 6 months what I have been able to gather
    Putting on Death in Paradise in the background, while knitting away Is the best feeling!

  48. Georgia says:

    I love knitting when my little ones go to bed. It calms my mind!
    I have at least 10 projects lined up at any given time!!!
    I also want that pattern for the teddy bears in the picture so I can make them for charity!!

  49. Robin S says:

    I can certainly identify with the stash taking over the house. However, I am a spinner as well as a shepherd, so my stash includes huge quantities of wool waiting to be spun. Even thought I knit when I can and spin if I can squeeze out the time, my stash of yarn, both handspun and purchased, and waiting wool far exceed the available space, including space in the barn!

  50. Frances Zink says:

    I, too am a compulsive yarn buyer! Always working on two or three projects. I finally decided to use a data base to organize all the totes stashed in the spare bedroom/yarn store (that’s what my husband calls it). It helps.
    Best way to relax and forget the daily problems…nice music and a knitting project.

    • Cindy says:

      Yes, I agree! It’s the BEST. It’s a lost art but I am honored to know how to knit and I’ve taught all my children how to knit. Maybe the remnant of us can keep the craft alive as we continue to pass it down…maybe they will pass it down as well!
      It’s cute how your husband calls your spare room the yarn store. I always wanted to inherit my knitting teacher’s “stash” because it was an entire HOUSE full!! She also owned the knitting store in town. Humph!

  51. Pam says:

    I have a great stash too my son reckons the wool shop need some of it 😁. I also have 6 cardis/jumpers on the go for my little granddaughter and also dislike sewing up but have to get on to it now as i am going up to New Plymouth NZ from christchurch NZ to visit them in a month and want to take them with me. Knitting is very calming to me.

  52. Nettie says:

    I’m lucky enough that the shelves actually do look like my living room / knitting room ! It’s just gorgeous , I walk in & smile at it several times a day
    Of course it’s not quite as big 😂but it’s lovely & ive got hundreds & hundreds of patterns & books
    It’s my absolute saviour & biggest pleasure in life
    I feel cheated if I go out & cant be knitting , or worse, I don’t find anything knitting related to but 🤣
    I’m glad to realise I’m not alone
    I love to have my needles out , bit of marple poirot or midsummer on the tv , coffee & my comfy chair 💕absolute bliss
    I feel calm , happy & peaceful there it’s my happy place , my knitting corner
    My sanctuary !

  53. Di says:

    We are all on the same page. I love you all💥

  54. Liz Risko says:

    If I have any tid bit yah scraps such as snipping cast on lead yarn or snipped cast off ends, I tie them all together…. Not bothering with color coordination… Roll it into on large yarn ball… My grand kids used to throw it inside the house. Mine was a bit smaller than a soccer ball . When I have too many balls I choose whatever size needle I want and have knit very interesting scarves. I have also used large needles and knit a loose vest. These Hobo like finished products always get the most complimentary praises and look gorgeous, knots and all. Try it , you might like it.

  55. Kathy SB says:

    There is no such thing as too much yarn!

  56. Teresa Patchett says:

    Wow!!!! I could stare at the wool walls all day, with a little envy I must admit, my stash is in boxes, baskets and bags stuffed into any cupboard I can find some room in. It also goes with out saying that I have LOTS of the iconic “pink” bags here, there and everywhere. Although I would love to have my wool organized like the first 2 pictures, there are some benefits to my system. When I am on my hands and kness for the umpteenth time looking for that 1 ball I need to finish my project, I more often than not come across a ball/balls I had forgotten about and it is like buying the wool all over again. Nothing says possibility like a new ball of wool!

  57. Sheila says:

    Love all these pictures as I’m crazy about knitting and crocheting! My favourite is the teddy bear picture as I quite understand how you would want to make many of the same pattern that you love. Is this teddy bear one of your patterns? Can I get the pattern?

  58. Miriam says:

    That’s me. I fit them all although I don’t have quite as much wool as hat lol.

  59. Lisa says:

    Ok, what where you doing in my wardrobe.

  60. PJFizzyKnits says:

    I see people creating these tiny homes/building off the grid, and I think I would need another tiny home, just for my yarn, needles & patterns! My husband jokes about retiring & traveling in an RV, pulling a trailer full of yarn, which is the only way I’d do RV living – if I had enough room to bring ALL my knitting ephemera! I just love knitting & crocheting, weaving, etc. My day isn’t complete unless I’ve had some yarn time. Problem with that is I always want more time! Loved reading all of your comments! Yours in yarn!

  61. PJFizzyKnits says:

    P.S. Wouldn’t a crosscountry RV trip, traveling to yarn stores be just GLORIOUS!?! That would be a short-lived retirement after I “oh just one more skein, Honey,” my way across the country!

  62. Virginia Somerville says:

    Loved the pictures as I laughed my way through them.
    From the comments I find I’m not alone. Thanks, my sister yarn buddies!

  63. Cindy says:

    Yes, I agree, thank you to all of you for commenting!! I couldn’t sleep and this has made my night!
    Hey, I’ve noticed that there aren’t any emojis for KNITTING!!?? Too bad…I like emogis and I wish there was one for Knitters. Lol!

  64. Sue says:

    Big hugs to all the crazy, wonderful growers, spinners, dye masters and yarn artists…so many themes in the comments all around comfort, joy, contentment and skill…surely great things in a world that can be physically and emotionally challenging.
    As a 3rd generation crafter my stash is….quirky as well as extensive. Crafting gives links to the skills and patterns of the past as well as opening all sorts of surprising doors including connections to a great many talented and creative people (like those taking time to comment).
    And….one can never have too many woolly hats!!!

    • Denise says:

      You have said what I feel. I am totally immersed in the fibre world. I work full time in the knitting industry and yarn colours my life at home. My( big stash ) mum said of my big stash “it’s your retirement fund “. I am going to have to live a very long time to knit it all up!

  65. Ruth Smith says:

    I save all my tiny scraps (1-2 inches) and cut longer to this size and in spring put them in little net bags and hang on trees in the garden and the birds use them to build nests.

  66. Linda Kitson says:

    Oh yes, I identify with all of those pictures, especially the ‘stash’! I have had to make a ‘to do list’ 😀

  67. Millie Shapter says:

    I’ve found my spiritual home lol!

  68. Kathleen says:

    When my husband and I were flying from our home in VA to visit our son in CA, I was , of course, taking a knitting project for the plane flight. By the time I realized that I had packed my needles in my checked bag, it was to late to retrieve them. There I sat with my yarn in my ziplock, ready to knit while we waited for our plane, when I remembered that I also had two new click-to-retract sudoku pencils in my purse. Instant scarf needles! I got right down to knitting with my new “needles”. One lady also waiting for our plane was watching me for the longest time until she could no longer control herself. She finally approached me and asked, “Would you mind if I took a picture of you knitting with those needles? My mother would absolutely love it!” So she did! That scarf holds special memories for me.

  69. Lené Rousseau says:

    Sisters, I totally understand your language! Doesn’t knitting unite us all? Had a good laugh, too, reading your comments. I love knitting with natural fibres, despite the fact that they are expensive. Later on this year I will start my first ever double bed size afghan in 5 colours, after all the baby and toddler items and other requests are done.

  70. 2QTHl says:

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