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10 Thoughts You Have When Buying Yarn

What thoughts go through your mind when you’re contemplating that next wonderful woolly purchase?  Is it a buying frenzy and you just can’t resist all those gorgeous colours or do you ponder and deliberate over each sumptuous skein? Here are ten thoughts you might have when buying yarn! 

1. Must stay focused – ooo such a pretty yarn! What was I looking for again?

2. I need these 3 colours but would it be ok to also have the other 57 shades?


3. Well if I’m buying the pattern I might as well get the yarn too.


4. Now where am I going to hide this?



5. I’ll have to make sure I’m in when this arrives, it definitely won’t fit through the letter box!


6. One more ball won’t hurt…


7. At this price how can I say no!


8. I just want to look at this yarn and squish it and never ever use it.


9. I’m saving myself a fortune in therapy with this purchase.


10. Cancel all plans this weekend, I’ve got new yarn.


Let us know what thoughts you have when buying yarn!

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16 Responses to 10 Thoughts You Have When Buying Yarn

  1. Catherine says:

    I think I have had all those thoughts!

  2. Jeannie Gray says:

    You’ve just expressed my yarn shopping habits perfectly.

  3. Nikki Nighy says:

    This me to perfection. I have boxes and boxes of yarn and patterns and one can never own enough needles. Every time I buy a pattern, I buy the wool the needles, the spacers, the stitch holders the double Enders, whether I need them or not 😂

  4. Cindy Holthaus says:

    All of the above, LOL!!

  5. Nickie says:

    Really? It costs how much? But I already fell in love with the pattern, and I did a course on Craftsy to learn some new techniques and, well, maybe I’m worth it? Can I substitute a cheaper yarn? What colours would I use? Too complicated, better stick with the pattern yarn. Aargh – they don’t have all the colours I need … quick, see who else stocks it … and finally – by using three different suppliers I’ve found what I need and spent a small fortune so it better work. Hope I have lots left that I can use for smaller projects later.

    • Blaiwesk says:

      Same as Nikkie’s! Especially “it better work” portion! Also want to add “Hope I bought enough!”

      • Heather says:

        I’ll always buy an extra ball, as there’s always going to be a crochet blanket in the offing at some time in the future to use up all the ‘leftovers’ …..also one of my sons is after a “Dr Who” scarf – so plenty of ‘leftovers’ need to be collected up for that

  6. Joanne says:

    I just hope I only come out of the wool shop with what I actually went for! Buttons,ribbon,beads oh and thread. Then I look at the wool, see one shade I like and my pattern I had chosen goes out of my head.

  7. Gerlinde Turkewitsch says:

    Comforting to know I`m not the only crazy knitter in the yarn store!! All of the above comments apply to me. My husband thinks I need therapy, but judging from the above comments I`m actually quite normal.

  8. Susan McRae says:

    The more yarn i buy the more comfortable my mattress becomes. I finally have my own bedroom (the only benefit of my secret plan to snore louder than he does) so many more places to hide the yarn!

  9. Susan says:

    I have to like the “feel” of the yarn……not prickly in any way?
    It has to be easy to care for…….machine wash on special cycle?
    Colour is very important.
    These are my 3 major criteria.

  10. Gerry says:

    All of the above describe me perfectly when it comes to buying yarn ….
    I feel like a wool junkie, a knitting nutter! …. I need a wool fix every now and then, I see the yarns on offer or the new yarns and I’m literally making up patterns in my head! ….
    I buy the yarn then its, where can I put this now?…..
    I have so much stash its ridiculous, but what can you do when there is so much squishy, beautiful yarn out there …..
    Who needs therapy when you can knit! …. 🙂

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    Who needs therapy when you can knit! ….

  11. Linda Bissett says:

    I usually think. Do I need this? the answer is no. Do I want it? The answer is yes. Well I’ll have it for the stash after all it does not eat anything

  12. Kelly Skelton says:

    the first one is so true. problem is that i have so much yarn and no time to knit with it.

  13. Myriam Garçon says:

    ‘Where am I going to hide this’ is my #1 worry

  14. Sandra says:

    Don’t have a lot of stash an no money when the sales are on. So here I am no overload an hide it No Way!! Guess I’m lucky cause my husband didn’t care cause he had his car magazines an always happy so wasn’t a problem…

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