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Published on September 15th, 2014 | by Elizabeth Bagwell


28 ways to find extra knitting time

What would we do with an extra hour in the day? We’d knit, of course! Elizabeth Bagwell gives you tips for finding extra knitting time.

Bizarrely, people seem to think that because I knit, I have far too much time on my hands. They keep trying to make me put down my knitting to do things like hold their baby, toast their wedding, applaud their graduation. Clearly unreasonable! Here are a few of my tips for finding that extra time:

1. Watch more TV.
2. Take a knitting project wherever you go.
3. Scatter knitting about the house, so there’s always something to hand.
4. Don’t tidy up – you need the yarn where it is, thank you.
5. Take public transport.
6. Join a knitting group – or two!
7. Join a car pool.
8. Say ‘no’ as often as a toddler does.
9. Get a dish washer. Remember to thank them occasionally!
10. Learn to knit while you walk.
11. Volunteer for chores that involve queuing.
12. Use computer voice chat or the speaker phone button.
13. Get a head set for calls at work. It’s more ergonomic, you know…
14. At the gym, try the stationary bike, instead of rowing or swimming.
15. Tell your friends that what you really want for your birthday is for them to make you dinner. And yarn, of course!
16. Volunteer for work trips, particularly by plane or train.
17. Take up watching football. It’s important, right?
18. Make your commute a bit longer.
19. Start following the Olympics, Tour de France, Americas Cup or Orange is the New Black. It’s an important cultural event that you’d be sad not to knit through.
20. Stick a straw in your drink.
21. Switch to ready meals and paper plates.
22. Volunteer to teach a friend to knit.
23. Take your knitting to work.
24. Get a job where you can knit at work!
25. Switch to books on tape, so you can read while you knit.
26. Learn to knit without looking at your hands so you can knit in the cinema or while reading a work document.
27. Commit to experimental housework. Does dust really stop piling up after two weeks? Can you clean vases in the dishwasher? How will we know unless someone investigates?

And finally, remember:
28. Never put off until after just one more row what you can put off until after just one more sweater!

Any more ideas? Tell us in the comments!

About the Author

Elizabeth is a keen knitter, occasional designer, enthusiastic traveler and a professional freelance writer. She spent three years working for British knitting magazine, Simply Knitting, and has also written for The Knitter and other craft titles.

Last updated: September 9th, 2014.

5 Responses to 28 ways to find extra knitting time

  1. Breenah says:

    I’d be able to find so much more knitting time with a toddler who didn’t want to toss the ball of yarn all around! Or “help” me knit. She’s adorable about it though and I’m pretty sure as soon as she’s old/coordinated enough I’ll teach her 🙂

  2. Sharon Noyce says:

    Very clever! Hahaha.
    Why is knitting so addictive and exciting! I often find it hard to sleep if i have been knittng before bed, i’m too happy or exhilarated!! Weird ey?

  3. Irena says:

    Sign your children for after school activities where you can knit… gymnastics, soccer, piano

  4. Caz Mumin says:

    My daily commute is between two and two and a half hours long in total. I knit on the bus and on the tube – so long as I can get a seat!

  5. michelle says:

    I think I’ll try all 28 tips and maybe just maybe I’ll get to finish my first sweater….LOL

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