Free Patterns 4 FREE dishcloth patterns - download at LoveKnitting!

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4 FREE dishcloth patterns

Dishcloths are a great way to practice new stitch patterns – not only do you learn new techniques, you also end up with a useful cloth to use! We love these 4 patterns, knitted up with cotton yarns for maximum versatility! 

4 FREE dishcloth patterns - download at LoveKnitting!

1. Hazelnut stitch dishcloth by Margaret MacInnis

4 FREE dishcloth patterns - download at LoveKnitting!

This fabulous square cloth is perfect for practicing the versatile and eye-catching hazelnut stitch, which is explained in depth within ther pattern. As an added bonus, this cloth features a seed stitch border, which prevents curling while giving you an opportunity to strut your seed stitching stuff. You can use any gauge of yarn for this cloth, but we recommend Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK, which can be machine washed and tumble dried. To complete the project as pictured, you could use Soft Lime (3663), but Tropical Jade (3676) is also bright and bold! Click on the image below to view all available shades. To see the rest of Margaret MacInnis’ designs, click here. 

Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK


2. Scrap buster dishcloth by Mommiknits

4 FREE dishcloth patterns - download at Loveknitting!


This simple pattern includes a garter stitch border to prevent curling and features a delightful pattern which utilizes simple lace techniques like knitting or purling together and passing slipped stitches over. This knits up to be 7.5 inches square, a perfect size for a cloth. We love Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton, a workhorse of a yarn that’s perfect for housewares like dishcloths, placemats, and more. Happy in the machine wash and the tumble drier, we love this yarn! You could use Bubblegum (103), Citrus (157), or any other available shade. To see all of Mommiknits’ patterns, click here.

Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton


3. Not Another Dishcloth by Pia Koch-Hansen

4 FREE dishcloth patterns - download at LoveKnitting!

Using basic knit and purl stitches, you too can make this contemporary, clean-cut cloth for your kitchen. We love the idea of making a whole set of these for a housewarming gift, so practical and chic! For these cloths, we recommend Red Heart Miami, a 100% mercerized cotton yarn that stands up to rough and tumble wear. We love Orange (189) and Purple (134) for a bold statement, but there are many available shades to choose from. To view all of  Pia Koch-Hansen’s patterns , click here. 

Red Heart Miami


4. Simple seed stitch dishcloth by Stay@Home Stitchings

4 FREE dishcloth patterns - download at LoveKnitting!


Care to perfect your seed stitch? Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced knitter, this cloth is great to whip up a quick project. The seed stitch is made up on basic knit and purl stitches, and measures 8 x 9 inches when complete. We recommend Rico Creative Cotton Print Aran, a 100% cotton, worsted weight yarn. Machine washable and dyed with gorgeous self patterning hues, we love Multicoloured (3) and Red Blue Mix (4), as seen here. To see the rest of Stay@Home Stitchings’ patterns, click here.

Rico Creative Cotton Print Aran


How to download the patterns: Click on the images above to download the free pattern – this requires you to create an account with LoveKnitting. If you’ve already shopped with us, then you will already have an account and can simply sign in. Many of you may receive our newsletter but have not yet created an account on our site. It only takes a few moments and once you have your free account, you can access all patterns that you download in your very own library! Learn more here.

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  1. Kalli says:

    In the scrap buster dishcloth it says to repeat rows 5-8 but that would give a row of garter stitch which I don’t see in the picture. Should I repeat rows 7-10 instead?

  2. Julie says:

    I agree with Kalli above- is there a pattern correction?

  3. Betty Greene says:

    Where is the pattern for the ROUND cloth in picture 2.? (scrap buster dishcloth)
    It looks very interesting.

  4. Anita Looper says:

    How do I get a free pattern? I’d love to try one.

  5. Anita Looper says:

    thank you, I figured it out.

  6. E Lokey says:

    Where can I find the pattern for drooping daylily lace pattern?

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