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Published on March 23rd, 2018 | by Merion


5 DIY Yarn Projects That Don’t Require Needles!

You can do a lot more with yarn than just knit – and if you’ve got lots of leftovers in your stash, it’s a great way to use them up!

woven coasters wool

We love this woven coaster tutorial from A Pretty Fix – such a quick, fun project to make, and a great way to use up DK yarn!  The Crafts section of this gorgeous blog has tutorials for woven bookmarks and some fun wall weavings!

Make a pompom!

Even the simplest of projects can be practical! A pompom in your favorite colors is a great way to make a fun bookmark – just look at this DIY project for crafty teenagers that is sure to brighten up a bookshelf. You can use pompom makers, or follow the instructions to make poms with card.

pompom bookmark

Yarn wigs!

Yarn wigs can be just about anything you can imagine! Long, short, plaits, bunches – it’s such an easy way to make a quick costume even better! There’s a great photo tutorial here in abeautifulmess blog that takes you step-by-step through how to make a rag doll wig.

yarn wig

Yarn wigs aren’t just for kids and adults, the amazing Repeat Crafter Me has created this adorable baby wig to turn your little one into a famous princess!

yarn wig

Felting is a magic process that you can achieve in different ways, but you need to use 100% wool yarn – no other fibre will work! this is a great tutorial for making felt beads out of left over wool yarn:

Make a feather!

yarn feather

There are lots of tutorials about how to make feathers from yarn – this one from So Much To Make has lots of clear steps and photos to follow.

Braided yarn dolls can be used for all sorts things – for fun – for decoration – but also as worry dolls, that you can give to your children to hold if they’re feeling anxious, to just keep in their pockets, or to tell their worries to – you might want to keep one in your own pocket too.

yarn dolls

This tutorial from The Craft Train has a great tutorial for making yarn dolls, it’s quick and simple to do, and a great project for kids.

For great craft ideas, take a look at our blog – we’ve got lots of fun projects from Christine Leech from Sewyeah, with easy photo tutorials to follow.

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    I love making throw blankets, scarfs, hat’s, keepsake boxes, I don’t go by patterns, I think it up in my head, and go with it,

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