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5 minutes with Hanna Maciejewska

We love Hanna Maciejewska’s fabulous feminine patterns, complex cables and easy to wear garments! We were delighted to catch up with her for a chat…

knitting: Ajourette by Hanna Maciejewska on the LoveKnitting blog


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I was born and grew up in Poland and have lived here for most of my life – I spent a few years in the US and UK, but I missed my hometown so I came back to Poland. Now, my family and I live close to the ancient town of Toruń with its historical buildings and renowned university. I am the proud mother of a beautiful 8-year old girl. My husband is very supportive of my knitting and designing hobby and extremely helpful with computer questions – he doesn’t knit, though!

knitting: Endearment by Hanna Maciejewska on the LoveKnitting blog


How did you start knitting and what was your first finished project?
My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was a little girl. My first project was to knit a whole wardrobe for my dolls and toys! In high school, I knitted sweaters all the time – all my own creations – but it was only a few years ago that I realized that knitting and designing knitwear is truly my biggest passion!

kniting: A floral Affair by Hanna Macijewska on the LoveKnitting blog

Above, A Floral Affair – Hanna is famous for her fabulous cable designs

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
Everywhere! Most people who create things say that, don’t they? It is all true! The world is full of colors and shapes – sometimes it is nature that captures my attention (I am a huge fan of gardening), sometimes architecture. I live close to the ancient town of Toruń with its historical buildings and the university, and I love to wander around, feeling history and watching people. However, it is the yarn that stimulates me the most – if a yarn doesn’t “talk” to me, I tend not to work with it…

Your designs are so feminine – what do you like about that?

Well, we all have uniquely shaped bodies, don’t we? Not all women have model-like measurements; therefore, we may want to tailor different areas of our knitwear to ensure the best possible fit. I have been quite generously equipped by the bust fairy and, as you know, that can be both a blessing and a curse because it requires extra shaping in that section. I always had to customize other designers’ patterns for myself to add extra fabric at the front and additional decreases in the waist. I keep this in mind and try to design garments that slim out the top of women’s bodies and balance them with the bottom half. I love open cardigans, deep neck openings and intriguing waist shaping, in short, everything that flatters!

knitting: Candelabra by Hanna MacieJewska on the LoveKnitting blog


If you have time to knit something for yourself, what is it?
If I ever had the time (ha ha), I would like to try a few of the shawls by Stephen West, Martina Behm or Melanie Berg. They look like really fun pieces to knit.

If you were a yarn, what would you be and why?

That is such a funny… and difficult question! I guess I would be a blend of something natural such as wool and alpaca. Something soft, squishy, but with some toughness. And I hope, I’d be something really colourful and get made into something really nice that would be worn and admired often!

Explore Hanna’s stunning pattern collection here!

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 The glorious sweater featured at the top of this post is Fond Memories.

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