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8 pets who love yarn more than their owners!

We asked you, our lovely readers, to send in any photos of your yarn-loving pets. We received dozens of photos, all of which were amazing! Here are 8 that we really loved:


dog pets

“This is Bella, she loves to help me with my knitting by making sure I don’t lose my ball of wool 😀” – Barbara R J


cat pets

This possessive feline belongs to Birgit S. I wouldn’t want to be the one to get that ball of yarn!

Hungry Cockatiel

bird pets

Justine B’s little bird loves to inspect her WIPs! We just hope it doesn’t break the needle tip…


dog pets

Lily, who belongs to Sue D, can’t decide which is more comfortable, the flower blanket or the green grass.


cat pets

“My cat lays right in my project bag. This is Zoë!” – Denise W


cat pets

“Misty also loves knitted hats.” – Charlene B

Scarf pup!

dog pets

“My guy loves wearing what I make.” – Birch S


bird pets

“Not a cat or dog, but….my budgie loves it when I start knitting. ” – Natalie B

If you have a pet that loves getting into your yarn or wearing your projects, post some photos in the Community for your chance to win $50/£50!

pet project contest



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10 Responses to 8 pets who love yarn more than their owners!

  1. Anne Macdonald says:

    My daughter useduring to have a budgie that landed on my needled when I knitted and we had a german shepherd dog who chewed the cone from the inside of a cone of arran wool without damaging the wool at all, he also chewed my needles.

  2. Anne Macdonald says:

    I meant to say “used to have a budgie”

    • KimmieZ says:

      We’re all used to typos by now, I would hope. I read it as you meant. You budgie owners make me want a budgie.

  3. delilah says:

    I used to have a budgie that loved unravelling my crocheting 🙁

    I also loved writing in ink. I used a clipboard with paper attached sloping on my lap. My budgie loved using it as a ski slope, standing on the top edge, then letting go and sliding down on his claws. Well, the not yet dried ink went with him. Lots of wiggly lines over my penfriends letters, lol. He also shared and enjoyed the heat of the fire with my cat stretched out, him percehd on her head. Have photos but can’t add here, sorry.

  4. Yvonne says:

    I have videos of my cat pumpkin who “hunts” my yarn. I have a stash downstairs that I finally set aside just for her in a box. She used to rip open my yarn bags (I would find holes in the sides of the bags), and then come upstairs with the yarn in her mouth doing this funny meow (like she caught a prized prey) and drop it for me. Some days I wake up and find several balls outside my bedroom, in the kitchen, by the front and back doors. Other days she is so busy doing this she doesn’t even bother bringing it upstairs, and I will go downstairs and find a dozen balls scattered in the rooms downstairs. She is yarn obsessed!

  5. Michelle Steel says:

    My goldie cost me £2500 when she ate a ball of chunky wool which knotted her stomach up she was 5 then and now is 13 and lucky to be alive

  6. Katherine Stevens says:

    If I’m knitting or crocheting away in my rocking chair, my cat Noodle will jump in my lap and head bumps by hands trying to get me to put down the needles or hook and pet her. It usually works unless I’m in the middle of a pattern row. She is very persistent, even to the point of sitting on my pattern instructions!

  7. KimmieZ says:

    I wish we could post pictures here, I’d show the one of my cat sitting in the box of yarn. And a picture of my wiener dog with his “project”; what used to be a ball of yarn, now turned into stringy knots. And it’s laying on top of him while he’s squirming on his back in the carpet. That little stinker!

  8. Annabel says:

    When my cats were kittens (and we were new to the neighbourhood) they brought someones knitting home – needles & all. To this day I have never discovered whose it was!!

    • Myriam says:

      Annabel, your story is the best. Project-stealing kittens… now, I’ve heard it all.

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