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Published on October 15th, 2016 | by Kate O’Sullivan


A Playful Day: How to choose the right sweater for you

The wonderful Kate from the sensational blog, A Playful Day, joins us on the LoveKnitting blog armed with tops tips for making sure the sweater you cast on this Autumn is the right one for you, you’re welcome!

A Playful Day: How to choose the right sweater for you on LoveKnitting blog

Did you feel that cold blast of Autumn this week? It’s official: we need knitted sweaters and we need them now. Whether it’s a hand knit cardigan, jumper or vest, now is the time to be thinking of the colder months to come yet. It’s time to cast on our new favourite sweater!

The only problem is, a sweater is a big commitment, right? First, there’s committing the time to such a lot of knitting and then there’s making sure that it fits well. There’s the cost of the yarn to think about too- that’s a much bigger budget than your last pair of socks! I may well be the slowest sweater knitting in the world (average speed = two years per garment), so when I get the urge to knit a whole garment, I want to know I’ll wear it all the time and was worth me investing my time and money.

A Playful Day: How to choose the right sweater for you on LoveKnitting blog

So how to choose the right sweater for you?

Know Your Measurements – Get to know your body. Yes, it’s tricky to measure yourself and yes, I have found myself at the bottom of the biscuit tin just thinking about getting the measuring tape out but a well fitted garment is so much more flattering than one that gapes or clings. This is about making it to fit your shape.

Know What Works for You – As much as I’d love something with a V neck, I learned years ago that this look just renders me giraffe-like which is less than ideal. Look in your existing wardrobe and think about what you own that already works for you.

Think Capsule – While you’re in the wardrobe, take a look at the colours and shapes in there. It’s all very well knitting yourself a waterfall cardigan that flows and drapes everywhere in bright yellow but if you find yourself feeling overpowered by that swathe of canary hue, you’re not going to reach for it. What can you add to your existing wardrobe that perks up and complements what you already have?

Try it Out – If I attend events or meet up with knitters, I’m terrible for asking if I can try something on. Trunk shows at your local yarn store, a try it on booth at an event or even nabbing a friend’s sweater at knit night might help you make the commitment before you cast on. This is where a real life community has more benefits than just their knit banter!

Skill Up – A lot of people feel nervous about casting on if they’re unsure of their knitting skills. This is where reading through a pattern thoroughly first will help. By preparing yourself for what’s ahead, you can then break each segment into manageable parts ie ‘I already know how to knit in the round so can work the sleeves!’ When you find something you’re not sure about there’s plenty of great tutorials and tips out there. Pinterest is a mine of information! In fact, I’m putting together a collection of amazing tips right now over on the ‘Sweater Technique Tutorials‘ board on LoveKnitting’s Pinterest.

I sort of feel this post needs to come with a little body positive cheerleading. The powerful thing about making clothes for ourselves is working them in a way that is best suited for our individual shape and needs. I’m learning to be grateful for my pear shape that provides the perfect cushion while sitting and knitting. I’m also learning where a hemline needs to hit if I wish not to draw quite so much attention to it…..

A Playful Day: How to choose the right sweater for you on LoveKnitting blog

Discover sweater patterns from thousands of talented independent designers here.

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5 Responses to A Playful Day: How to choose the right sweater for you

  1. Jan DeRemer says:

    Good ideas all but the blog portion I received was cut off before any reminder to look at simple alterations before rejecting an otherwise perfect pattern. Changing to a 3/4 sleeve or a tunic length are easy adjustments. In truth, I never knit anything without some adjustments to the wearers body or preferences. If adjustments are daunting, then stick to making beautiful scarves😊

  2. Christine smeeth says:

    Fine blog and interesting for a novice like me.

  3. Freda says:


    I’m looking for a simple tunic pattern just like Kate’s, short sleeves, warm neck style, semi fitted, chunky yarn, can someone tell me which one it is?

    Thank you.

  4. Keri says:

    Hi Freda,
    If you are on Ravelry it’s this one:

  5. Gildas says:

    Muttal thanamaga pesathey…..Ithey kalaiger veetu TV (SUNTV)sollukirarkal ithu thamizhan puthandu nigazhchi….Sutha muttala nee…u cannot even give thamizhil name for your blog…you are talking about Thamil puthandu…My tamil fonts not working so I typed in thgaMalishiuthanmnnan Manickam

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