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Published on August 5th, 2015 | by Angie


A Playful Day: Taking a moment in August and every other month of the year

This week, we are introducing Kate from A Playful Day, here to give us some thoughts about finding the joys and happiness in life, taking a moment to breathe, and enjoying life to the fullest. 

Kate from A Playful Day talks to us about mindfulness, taking moments, and enjoying life. Read more at LoveKnitting!

August is, for many of us, the month of summer holidays. Most of us spend all year at a breathless speed in offices, cars and commutes and then suddenly we are basking our pale legs in the sun and wearing brights we’d never normally wear. Summer is a time to take the trip you’ve been longing for all year or park yourself by the pool and read a book cover to cover at long last. For me though, August has always been ‘pre Autumn’.

Hear me out.

As a knitter, I find it hard to get enthusiastic about my woolly hobby in the heat. Instead, I’d rather sip iced drinks and reconsider my stance on wearing shorts. When I knit, I want to lose myself in the pleasure of the fabric and that’s something I just can’t convince myself to do when I appear to be felting the socks I’m knitting!

Then there’s all the pre-Fall releases that explode around this time of year, reminding us that sweater season is just around the corner. Pom Pom Quarterly already launched their collection and let me assure you, I see cables in my future. I think I speak on behalf of many when I say that each year the various autumnal releases of snuggly knitty goodness from the top design brands means that summer is done and it’s all downhill to chunky knits and top to toe woollens from that moment forward.

So instead of reaching for cotton yarns or lace, I instead take stock as I wander new places as yet unexplored and ponder the new knitting season to come. In the meantime, there’s always creativity to be found online:

 happy days (square)

 Join a creativity challenge


I loved the pictures that splashed across my Instagram last August during Susanna Conway’s August Break, so I’m thrilled she’s hosting this prompt again. The idea is to take a break from creating lengthy blog posts and instead post a photo a day. Susanna invites us to “Pause, look around you and shoot what you see. Live inside each moment.”

Soak up some slow moments and pace yourself. There will be back to school stock on the shelves in no time.

 Get fresh

I am loving these prints that Love Knitting’s Jenni brought to my attention via Coco and Mingo. This is a collaboration from tech savvy Jessica Keala and design wonder Audrey of ‘This Little Street.’ It’s time to get a digital look that feels like summer inside and out with free downloadable wallpaper for your laptops, phones and tablets. Shine on!

Happy-Tech_wallpaper_Hello-Sunshine_2 (1)Click above image to download free digital wallpapers from Coco and Mingo and This Little Street

Spruce up

Have you discovered The Everyday Spruce hosted by LapinBlue and Growing Spaces? These two bloggers have defined their spruce as “shaking things out and hitting refresh,” and I love this monthly call to action.

The last challenge was all about getting summer ready. The different ideas from contributors to the Every Day Spruce always remind me that it’s ok to abandon my woolly world for a few short weeks. Life is good when it involves a little reflection time. You can find the pinterest board here if you’re as aspirational as I am with my pinning (click here)!

Be mindful

Too hot to hook? Fret not because there could be some great benefits to the recent surge in colouring books aimed at adults. The Huffington Post recently shared the news that studies that show that the majority of adults feel like they are constantly looking at a screen, and crave a slower paced life. Mindful Colouring has been linked to lowering anxiety and stress. It’s time to revisit your crayons!

Summer (square)
Click above image to visit the A Playful Day blog!

So what’s got you feeling summery? Are you all about ‘pre Autumn’ or is flamingos and watermelons all the way? I’d love to know!

Kate can be found at her online home, A Playful Day, where she encourages everyone to find a playful moment in their day. Kate is a wearer of many hats-knitted and professional. A blogger, a podcaster, a writer, a photographer and a dreamer of things; Kate likes to create. You can find her snapping on instagram, chatting on Twitter and pinning far too many things on Pinterest as @aplayfulday. She works well on coffee and gin.



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Jack of all trades, Master of Netflix and video games. A musician by passion, a gamer by choice, and a crafter by chance: I write about knitting and crochet, design fun patterns, and blog at GamerCrafting!

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2 Responses to A Playful Day: Taking a moment in August and every other month of the year

  1. Rita Finn says:

    Thanks for this, I knit because I love the creativity of it and also to keep me busy, I don’t like to just sit very much and always have some knitting, ‘on the go’.
    Also nowadays there are so many beautiful wools,colours and textures to try, I am a plain knitter really,but am beginning to venture into patterns, I do. Like cables and self patterned articles.
    I like to knit hats,bootees for premature babies,

  2. Knitting has been so helpful for me in my recovery from Encephalitis. It is still helping me hone my fine motor skills, at first I dropped so many stitches and I lose my place in patterns so easily, but I persevere, it is something I can pick up and put down when my energy levels allow.
    Luckily, I did not forget how to do it, learning to walk again was the hardest, the knitting pins are on the go at all times, I am knitting for everyone, I thoroughly recommend it.

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