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Published on January 8th, 2016 | by Angie


Addi Click interchangeable needle set: a review

Treat yourself to something nice this month – like the Addi Click interchangeable needle set, which Angie reviewed this week. Bonus: a demonstration of the patented technology!

Addi Click Interchangeable needles review - read more at LoveKnittingClick this image to view the Addi Click interchangeable needle set  on LoveKnitting

Many knitters love to be organized. From filing their stash in an Excel spreadsheet to buying drawer dividers for their stitch markers, being neat and orderly is something that’s very important. For those of us who may be slightly less tidy, having a knitting kit with everything we need is like a knitting guardian angel, ready to provide us with any circular needle we need.

Buying circular needles in every gauge and cord length gets expensive – and can also get cluttered. Enter the reign of the interchangeable needle sets, with needle tips in every size and cords in every length. Suddenly, knitting in the round got much easier. And yet, something was still missing – many knitters complained about the joins of these screw-top needle tips, saying that they aren’t as smooth as they should be.

addi click interchangeable needles: read the review at LoveKnittingClick this image to view the Addi Click interchangeable needle set  on LoveKnitting

Plenty of people loved the idea of an interchangeable kit, but didn’t love the join where the needle tip connected with the cord. Then, Addi invented something new – a patented spring loaded design that won’t come undone while you knit. It’s a genius technology that knitters have been waiting a long time for.

This moving image shows the action of attaching the cord by pushing the needle tip in and twisting to the right, and pushing in with a twist to the left to release the spring and remove the cord.

Addi Click interchangeable needle kit: read the review at LoveKnitting

It’s so easy, anyone could do it. That locking action is smooth like butter, and it unlocks just as simply as locking it. You can switch between needles and cords in no time at all, making multi-tasking knitters rejoice. That join is much smoother than other interchangeable kits, and with no needle tips unscrewing, you’re not going to get your yarn caught. This kit includes three cords, in 60 cm, 80 cm, and 100 cm (24″, 32″, and 40″).

Just look how smoothly the yarn slides over the join – it’s divine.

Addi Click interchangeable needles set - read the review at LoveKnitting

Did I mention that the tips themselves are a dream to knit with? The metal tips slide through yarn even with a tight, death-grip tension like I have.The set includes every size from 3.5 mm (US 3) to 10 mm (US 13), packed neatly into a case with an elastic ribbon to keep them secure.

Addi Click interchangeable needles set - read the review on LoveKnitting

With this needle set, you won’t need anything else. Don’t forget that you can knit things flat with circular needles, turning the work as normal instead of joining the ends together. This is an exceptionally good option for commuters, as circular needles tend to take up less elbow room than traditional single pointed straight needles. This would also be an excellent gift for the fellow knitter in your life!

Addi Click interchangeable needle set - read the review at LoveKnittingClick this image to view the Addi Click interchangeable needle set on LoveKnitting

In short, this set has everything you need to accomplish all of your knitting goals this year, including the #FrogOrFinish challenge. The patented spring loaded technology means super smooth joins and needle tips that won’t come apart from the cords. It means ultra-versatility, and it also means that you can purchase extra cords to store your WIPs and free up your needle tips!

Addi Click interchangeable needle set: read the review at LoveKnittingClick this image to view the Addi Click interchangeable needle set on LoveKnitting

Do you have an Addi Click interchangeable needle set?

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Addi Click interchangeable needle set: read the review at LoveKnitting

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9 Responses to Addi Click interchangeable needle set: a review

  1. MarmaladeRose says:

    I have this set and can’t praise them enough. A pleasure to knit with, so well balanced, they feel just right in your hands. Even the case is well made, flip it closed and all the press studs line up exactly! I’m now a convert to Addi and plan to eventually replace all my old knitting needles. Lets face it, once you’ve bought them, you’ve got them for life…you won’t need or want to replace them.

  2. Judy Atwood says:

    These Addis are AMAZING! I only use anything else when I need more than one circular needle in the same size. I’ve even gotten tricky using the extension with the cords as large stitch holders, changing the needle size but not the cord so that’s all there is to changing needle sizes, and changing the cord length by adding the extension or manipulating the needles from one cord to the other-one at a time (using a stitch holder on the end to keep my live knitting from falling off the end of the cord). This may be the most pleasant and useful gift I’ve ever gotten myself.

  3. Nancy says:

    Sometimes people use size US 2 or 1, especially for socks. Why aren’t those sizes included?

    • Angie says:

      Hi Nancy,

      Addi doesn’t offer needles in those sizes unfortunately, a 3.5 mm (US 4) is the smallest you can get for these interchangeable tips. They do offer those sizes in their fixed circular range, though! Happy knitting!

    • Sandy says:

      There’s not room inside a needle as narrow as a 1 or 2, for an attachment mechanism or screw.

  4. Nancy says:

    I just noticed that a size US 3 isn’t included in the set. See the description at the LoveKnitting website.

  5. Joy Jones says:

    Why no cord sizes 12 and 16?

  6. Linda says:

    Will there be a ‘trial’ set at some point? Just to get a feel of these. These look pretty impressive but just a tad expensive if you don’t ‘settle into’ them and they sit at the bottom of the basket unused.

  7. Sandy says:

    How long are the needle sections?
    I did buy an Addi fixed circular, and loved the smoothness of the needles and the tips – but the needle section was only about 4″ long, half the length of the sock needles I usually use, and I got cramped muscles in my hands, using them.

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