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Published on December 8th, 2016 | by Eric


Inspiring projects from the LoveKnitting Community

From time to time we love showcasing some projects from our community that inspire us here at LoveKnitting HQ, and hopefully will inspire you as well! Here are some of our recent favorites.


Pompom slippers

This is Jessie’s first project on the LoveKnitting Community, and what a great project it is! I can just imagine dancing around the house in these slippers like Pippi Longstocking.

Christmas mittens


Whomever Rebecca made these wonderful mittens for is one lucky gal. The bows add a true touch of class, and the deep purple is just regal.


Bobble hat

Hazel knitted this for her husband, whom she says “hates fancy patterns.” If this is her boring pattern, I’d love to see one of her fancy ones! And what hat doesn’t look great with a pompom?

Little pudding hat

Though it may look delicious, don’t try and eat Cheryl’s pudding hat! Are you mad? Those berries are poisonous. But they do look lovely atop this scrumptious winter warmer!

Pink cardigan

Although Polly calls this a minimalist design, I think that sells this cute cardigan short. The little ribbing, chevron design, and buttons make this a magnificent gift for her baby girl.

Sicily sweater

Most of you eagle-eyed knitters will see that this is crochet, but I couldn’t resist sneaking this into the list, as it’s one of my favorites! Jenny made this lovely little number using a pattern from Rowan.


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