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And now for the knitting competition runners-up!

We loved sharing Sue’s wonderful crocheted corals with you all last week, but naturally there are many more entries that deserve recognition! Now we’d like to tell you all about our runners up, starting with…


Charity knitting: the Little Red Scarf for Charity by Diana 

The Little Red Scarf

The theme of January’s competition – New Beginnings – inspired me to submit, as learning to knit marked a big change in my life.

In December of 2007, I was depressed, bogged down by my corporate desk job, and realized that I had very few female friends and a limited social life. I didn’t have anyone to invite over for tea, anyone to banter or gossip with. I was tired of getting sucked into corporate America and feeling like I made no impact on the world, or even my small community.

I was inspired for change, to start the Stitching Up Spirits charity knitting group. I contacted EHC Lifebuilders, a non-profit organization that provides shelter, housing opportunities, and supportive services to people in crisis and the homeless in Silicon Valley. They gave me proper encouragement and even letterhead to contact yarn manufacturers asking for donations for charity knitting, to donate to patrons of EHC Lifebuilders’ local cold shelter in my city. I then needed to find a location. I decided to host our meetings at Red Rock Coffee Shop, a non-profit organization in Mountain View, CA that actively supports community groups.

At one of our first meetings, a group member gave me a ball of red yarn and some bamboo knitting needles and said: “you host a charity knitting group, you should really learn to knit!” With much apprehension and only a few dropped stitches later, I completed my first knitted scarf, which of course was donated to charity.

Since starting the group, we still meet weekly and Red Rock actually sells coffee cozies we make, the proceeds going towards buying food, toiletries, and supplies for the homeless shelter every Christmas. We have donated over 150 scarves, gloves, hats, and blankets, and over $300 worth of donated supplies. Even if what we do may be minor when compared to other charity groups, it allows us to connect with each other and be reminded of how fortunate we are.

Attached are images of my red scarf and items we’ve donated. Though many people have contributed, I don’t think everyone quite remembers who made what!

3093434078 3093434414

We love: this wonderful story warmed our hearts as well as the chilly heads and hands of the recipients! Isn’t it funny how helping others is so often a route to finding fulfilment for ourselves? By reaching out to these vulnerable people, Diana made new friends, found satisfaction – and best of all, she learnt to knit! Remember everybody, all you need is love and knitting 🙂

Diana will receive a 20% discount code as a prize. Watch out for our other runners-up in Inventive Accessories, Dabbling in Designing, Beautiful Baby Knits and Healing Knitting! Enjoy the weekend and wrap up warm with your wool everybody…

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Serena loves sunshine, strawberries and Great Danes. She has gone from non-knitter to yarn obsessive in under two years, and is determined to drag the rest of the world along with her.

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2 Responses to And now for the knitting competition runners-up!

  1. Carmen Nevin says:

    What a lovely story to warm the heart on this freezing cold night. That’s such a brilliant idea I wished something similar was in place near where I live,,,,,

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Serena says:

      IT’s a great story isn’t it – why not take a leaf out of Diana’s book and start up your own group? 🙂

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