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And the winner is…

A HUGE thankyou to all who entered our very first project competition! We have been simply bowled over by the range of amazing projects and stories submitted. A couple of us have even been getting a little teary-eyed, and I’ll tell you why: fittingly, given the time of year and our site’s name, it’s the love in knitting! Love for your newborn baby, your grown child, your mother, or the granny who taught you how to knit… Love for your friend, for the bewildered newbie in your knitting class – even love for your fellow man, as in Diana’s wonderful Little Red Scarf for Charity story. The healing power of knitting has also been inspiring us – a theme for a future competition perhaps?


The ‘New Beginnings’ of this competition’s theme have been under many guises. The most obvious, of course, being a new craft (taking up knitting or crochet, or a new technique such as Gemma’s beading or Bertie the Amigurami Bunny) and a new baby. Many entrants submitted the first project they had designed themselves; so exciting to hear of all those up-and-coming independent designers! Other stories described new friendships and new groups, and perhaps most radically new lifestyles, such as Joy’s move to a rural life in Scotland, or our winner’s change of career, using her crochet skills to promote a love for the environment.


So without further ado, we present our winner (and we hope you love her entry as much as we did!)


Getting re-hooked by Sue

My new beginning started a few years ago when I went to see a crocheted coral exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in London. Given I was just curious, I wasn’t expecting the exhibition to have such a monumental effect on me – I came out of the gallery dancing on air, totally mind-blown and with my hands literally aching to handle a hook and yarn again after putting crochet aside nearly twenty years previously. I almost ran to the nearest yarn store to get started!


The craft was taught to me by my American great-grandma on a childhood trip to Florida aged nine, but this re-discovery took me from the usual granny squares to more sculptural forms, and led to a radical change in the direction of my career: I began an MA in Art and Environment at Falmouth, where I’ve used my coral work to discuss issues of marine pollution, and link in with traditional Irish crochet from the 19th century.  It also creates interesting conversations when I pull out some bizarre furled and folding woolly object on the bus and start crocheting.  Even more unexpectedly, my yarny creations led to me being invited on a month’s residency in Egypt last summer, where I worked in a resort hotel building an acrylic crochet reef and talked to the hotel guests about environmental issues!

On my sofa is a granny square afghan made by my great-grandma, which keeps her alive to me every day.  I think she would find it highly amusing and wonderful that the craft she taught me, I then spent a summer teaching to Bedouin children on the beach by the Red Sea!  A whole pile of images of the work in Egypt is up here: and an exhibition of work I’ve made in the UK is going on show at a major environmental charity in the next few weeks.  Not exactly what Grandma Gert, or I, could ever have predicted.

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But that’s not all…

Sue wins a £100 voucher to spend at loveknitting for her entry – but some of the other entries were so good we felt they deserved their own rewards! So expect to see our runners-up posted here shortly. We will also be sharing with you all the projects we really liked, in addition to the ones already posted, so keep watching the blog folks!

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Serena loves sunshine, strawberries and Great Danes. She has gone from non-knitter to yarn obsessive in under two years, and is determined to drag the rest of the world along with her.

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8 Responses to And the winner is…

  1. Lorette says:

    Sue That is amazing! Well deserved win.

  2. Joy Hadley says:

    What a very worthy winner. Your work is awesome and your story inspiring. Well done Sue!
    All the best for your future projects

  3. Nancy Mattimore says:

    I make baby blanket,sweaters, knit dresses,hats for the favorite sports team or hobby of the the father -to be. I have made anything from NFL,college,teams, racing, basketball, nationality teams, fireman, EMT, certtain interest’s. Each and every one has been made unique for that family or person

  4. Joanna Parkin says:

    As a friend of Sue’s, I’ve been lucky enough to witness this project from its early days and am almost constantly amazed by her talent and imagination.
    Her skills are matched by her mind and I am very proud to know her.

  5. Martine says:

    Brilliant choice – lovely story. Bravo 🙂

  6. Sue Bamford says:

    Thank you everyone for the lovely comments. I’m still completely stunned!

  7. Congratulations Sue, a very worthy winner indeed.

  8. Carmen Nevin says:

    Totally amazed at how realistic they looked in situ – fantastic imagination and skill.

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