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Published on March 31st, 2016 | by Angie


Win a super stash of Berroco yarns

Oooh la la! We’re giving away a secret super stash of Berroco yarns to two lucky winners. Read on to learn how you can enter to win! 

Win Berroco yarn at LoveKnitting

Here at LoveKnitting headquarters, we found a huge secret stash of Berroco yarns. Wools, cottons, and fancy yarns galore, we are giving away two huge lots to two lucky winners. Each secret stash includes 17 skeins of random Berroco yarn in random colors, ready to be whipped up into the amazing projects we know you all want to make.

Yum, yum yum! Who doesn’t love free yarn? We love Berroco yarn – with a heritage reaching back to the 1800’s and yarn for every project, this cultured company creates some great yarns for knitters and crocheters alike.

Win Berroco yarn at LoveKnitting

Win Berroco yarn

Want to win one of these super secret stashes? It’s easy! Click here to take a peek at the new Berroco Corsica yarn, and tell us in the comments which shade is your favorite. Corsica is a cotton and pure cashmere blend that’s perfect for warm weather knits, in a generous range of summery shades.

Contest ends April 18th, 2016 – enter before it’s too late!

Win Berroco yarn at LoveKnittingAbove: Berroco Corsica yarn – click this image to view all shades and pick your favorite! 

Tell us to win Berroco yarn – what’s your favorite shade of Berroco Corsica?

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631 Responses to Win a super stash of Berroco yarns

  1. BostonKnitter says:

    Berroco Corsica is my favorite! It’s beautiful.

  2. Madeline says:

    Oh so hard to choose – Venus or colourful moon I think ?

  3. Kathryn Picken says:

    Rose petal is my favourite – love dusky pink shades.

  4. Helen D says:

    I love Colourful Moon. Such a pretty and delicate shade for summer projects.

  5. Barbara hannay says:

    I love ROSE PETAL dont know why but it made me smile 🙂

  6. Camille says:

    The rose petal is beautiful!

  7. Victoria says:

    Conch- it has a lovely tone and would make a gorgeous cardigan that would be perfect with spring/summer dresses

  8. Jennie says:

    I love Colourful Moon, it is such a lovely cool shade, just right for summer shrugs and cardis.

  9. Robyn says:

    Scallop! But they are all gorgeous!

  10. Yoshimi says:

    Rose petal is beautiful and nice!

  11. Jenny says:

    My favourite is definitely Fargo, I love neutrals.

  12. Cindy seaton says:

    Colorful moon and Venus are out of this world;)

  13. Joyce Tucker says:

    Colorful moon…hands down met favorite!

  14. minet walters says:

    Venus is my favorite colour.

  15. Michelle says:

    Conch! I love this color!

  16. mkg says:

    A hard choice, but since it’s cotton I guess I’d go with Sunray.

  17. Lorna Gallimore says:

    Ahh I like them all!! I think Venus is my favorite colour of them all 🙂

  18. Imogen says:

    They all look beautiful, but I think Rose Petal is my favourite!

  19. Juli says:

    Conch is my favorite. So cheerful!

  20. Deb says:

    Colorful Moon!

  21. Julia Carter says:

    Ooh! Venus or Rose Petal? Venus or Rose Petal? Venus or Rose Petal? Rose Petal! No. Fig. Definitely Fig!

  22. Liliya says:

    Colourful Moon is my choice.

  23. Jackie J says:

    Colourful moon for me – reminiscent of blue skies and sea – something we will hopefully get to see more of in the forthcoming months.

  24. Teresa K says:

    Venus — lovely muted teal — is my favorite!

  25. Breenah says:

    Ooh, I love them all, but especially Rose Petal.

  26. KCausey says:


  27. Suzanne Nesbitt says:

    I really love the colourful moon shade. What a great idea to mix cotton and cashmere!

  28. Ellie says:

    Colourful Moon, definitely. Beautiful.

  29. Ellie says:

    Colourful Moon, definitely. Beautiful.

  30. Anajana says:

    They are all beautyful, but i like colorful moon and Rose petal most.

  31. Diane Jablonski says:

    Love Fig! Soft and subtle–looks yummy!!

  32. Ester says:

    Love these! I think Fig and Scallop are my favorite colors 🙂

  33. Savannagal says:

    Sunray is my favorite color, although they are all lovely.

  34. Sarah says:

    I like Fargo!

  35. Nicole says:

    Colourful Moon is my favourite!

  36. Brigid de Jong says:

    Oh my, what wonderful yarn! All the colors are perfect, but I will choose Scallop. I should win this…it ends on my birthday!

  37. Ursula McDermott says:

    It is beautiful, so hard to choose, but I think Sunray is my favourite colour.

  38. Abigail Ryan says:

    I’m a pink girl, and so I pick “Rose Petal” as my favorite shade … I haven’t tried Corsica before, but the fiber content sounds awesome!!

  39. Denyalle says:

    I’m loving colorful moon!

  40. Kimberly says:

    Ooh, gorgeous colours! I like Rose Petal, Colourful Moon, Venus and Scallop. When I can’t decide my motto is buy them all. Will technology ever get to the point where we can “feel” the yarn online?
    Thanks for the contest.

  41. Peggy says:

    Colorful Moon is my favorite…even though it was REALLY tough deciding on just one?

  42. Linda says:

    My favourite colour is Scallop, but they are all really nice!!

  43. Amy Coppens Van den Bril says:

    My favorite one is VENUS, wow it is just fine for anytime to wear!!!!

  44. Peggy says:

    Love them all, but I think Venus is my favorite.

  45. Carole Vanderhoof says:

    Rose Petal, hands down!

  46. Lorene Frischknecht says:

    Definitely Rose Petal! That shade is evocative of early roses and the summer to follow!

  47. Clare Wood says:

    Rose petal

  48. Barbara says:

    Fargo. It would make something lovely.

  49. Sharon Harris says:

    I absolutely love the “Conch”

  50. wendy cunning says:

    Rose Petal is the perfect colour for spring knits for girls from new born to centenarian!

  51. Jodie B. says:

    I love the Fig!

  52. Ronnie Gosnell says:

    Oh the Colorful Moon is just stunning! Such magnificent tones! Definitely looking at this yarn for my next WIP!!

  53. Serena says:

    Fig for me – I always seem to end up heading towards the purple shades 🙂

  54. Pat Collingwood says:

    Fig is my favourite but they are all lovely shades

  55. Sarah M says:

    Fig or Venus. I can’t choose just one! 🙂

  56. Pirkko A says:

    Colorful moon is my favourite.

  57. Margay says:

    Rose petal

  58. Judith Rance says:

    I love Rose Petal. It would be great for girls, both big and small!!

  59. Denise Ralston says:

    Venus! This color is out of this world beautiful!!

  60. Sarah says:

    Venus or colorful moon or rose petal or… All pretty!

  61. tabor says:

    Colourful Moon

  62. marjorie meldrum says:

    It has to be VENUS what a marvelous colour, soft sexy and perfect of 2016 spring and summer. Must have in my stash!

  63. Nicola says:

    Fig or colourful moon I think though I also liked scallop but no no more grey . Since I’ve grown all the dye out of my hair and gone a more natural ‘scallop ‘ I’ve had to change all my clothing colours and am playing a bit too safe so brighter is on the cards

  64. Noreen says:

    Corsica is my favorite color.

  65. Bronwyn says:

    Rose Petal ?

  66. Chris Hunt says:

    Colourful Moon is my favourite. Divine colours!

  67. Donna says:

    Hard to pick but I think I love Conch shade the best – reminds me of summer sand

  68. miss agnes says:

    I love Sunray. Berroco Yarns are great. I have used different ones in the past and I just finished a sweater in Ultra Alpaca. Thanks for the giveaway.

  69. HeidiG says:

    Beautiful coloe pa;ate – my favorite is Colorful Moon.

  70. Judy Bishop says:

    Rose petal

  71. Joanne Tinkler says:

    I like them all very much but I think that Fig tops it for me.

  72. Trish says:

    Conch! I can see a beautiful eyelet cardigan made in this color.

  73. Patrizia Greco says:

    Love Rose Petal and Fargo, they are great together!

  74. Helen in Tasmania says:

    Rose Petal is my favourite.

  75. Deb Kegelmeyer says:

    Colorful Moon is gorgeous. Wouldn’t it be lovely along with Venus? thank you for offering the chance to win this.

  76. Sarah cushion says:

    Loving colourful moon it’s so pretty

  77. Kimberley Parfitt says:

    If I have to pick just one lovely color of Berrocco Corsica, it would be… Colorful Moon! It’s just such a rich color and the name is so romantic.

  78. Mary says:

    I like conch. But all the colors are very nice

  79. Jenny Noto says:

    Loving Fig! It’s beautiful!

  80. Sarah says:

    It’s got to be fig!

  81. ritainalaska says:

    venus! unusual color, but gorgeous!

  82. Amy L Harcar says:

    Fig is my favorite!

  83. Deborah says:

    Wow, difficult decision, I’ll have to go with Venus!

  84. Tina Ludwig says:

    Colorful Moon is my first choice.

  85. Andrea Brown says:

    What a fantastic palette, so hard to choose! I think it has to be Fig for me.

  86. Kimberley Eskelund says:


  87. Kaat Neesen says:

    Hard to choose, but if I really have to, Fig … And Venus

  88. Beverley Holt says:

    I like colourful moon

  89. Cara Chapman says:

    Venus is my favourite

  90. Eva says:

    Conch, no doubt!

  91. Faye says:

    Venus is my favourite. With colourful moon a close 2nd! 😀

  92. Susan Reeves says:

    Conch is my favourite. It makes me think of the seaside, just right for summertime knitting.

  93. Laura Cheeseman says:

    I adore the Rose Petal shade. It’s so warm and feminine.

  94. Jenny says:

    Rose Petal is beautiful for a girl

  95. Marcia Dawson says:

    Colourful Moon

  96. lindsey says:

    I love conch, it reminds me of early summer.

  97. Glynis says:

    My favourite colour in the Berroco Corsica range is Rose Petal.

  98. Linda says:

    Venus is by far the brightest star in the sky…

  99. Sam says:

    I’d have to say Fig is my favourite – a lovely shade of light purple that is both rich and muted, a sophisticated colour that would go with so many base items in my (and I guess most women’s) wardrobe and is bang on trend for household items.

  100. SALLY WEBB says:

    Colourful Moon but they are all lovely

  101. Margaret McCauley says:

    Difficult to pick just one, but I like Venus

  102. Kathy Edmondson says:

    Not normally a ‘pink’ person but love the dusky shade of Rose Petal

  103. Nanap says:

    Love rose pedal
    Will have get my needles out and knit

  104. Wilma Heim says:

    Colourful Moon is my favourite, but all colours are wonderful

  105. Jennifer Robson says:

    Rose Petal is my favourite now I have seen the shawl!

  106. Ellen Brown says:

    I love rose petal any shade of pinks is always the first colour I go for

  107. Shanna says:

    I’ve never seen cotton blended with cashmere before – seems like an interesting combo to try. I just can’t pick a favorite colorway in the Berroco Corsica – it’s a tie between Fig and Conch! Thanks as always for the chance to win.

  108. Melissa Messenger says:

    I love Venus! That will make a fabulous shall!

  109. A. Miller says:

    Venus looks nice

  110. Ophelia says:

    I can’t decide between Conch or Colourful moon so i’m picking two favourites!

  111. Diana Pierce says:

    My favorite is Fargo but they are all nice.

  112. Roslyn says:

    it’s too hard to decide. If I had to choose, it would take a coin to flip. Heads for Dusty Rose and tails for Sunray. Love them all though

  113. Karen says:

    Such lovely colours, How to choose? Think Venus is my favourite, closely followed by Fig.

  114. B.B. says:

    In a tight contest, Fig emerges as my favourite. It’s unlike any colourway I’ve used before. I can see it working well for both guys and gals. I’m loving this versatile shade.

  115. Amy Henkel says:

    Living in New Mexico, I have developed a preference for the various shades of turquoise. “Venus” is undoubtedly my favorite! I loved using Berroco for the two cowls which I just finished for me and my sister.

  116. Lori S says:

    Concho is beautiful and the color of spring and summer with all of your dresses, skirts and shorts we wear in Oklahoma.

  117. Susan Monaghan says:

    I think that Fig is just lovely.

  118. Margaret Jeffrey says:

    Colorful moon! – reminds me of the ocean. My favourite place to escape to, and where I love to sit and knit!

  119. Judy says:

    I love the color “Rose Petal”. It is a color which flatters most and is very current!

  120. Lizz Atkins says:

    Rose Petal is my favourite colour but I also quite like Venus

  121. Nora Garza says:

    my favorite shade of Berroco Corsica is “Conch.”

  122. Murphy says:


  123. Peggy Rundgren says:

    Colorful moon is my favorite; it’s cool hue invites summer projects.

  124. Deb A says:

    Rose Petal is my favorite color choice.

  125. Liza says:

    Conch. Hands down.

  126. Colleen says:

    Colorful Moon is lovely but my favorite is Venus.

  127. girlefriend says:

    Cayenne 3641 is my favorite!

  128. Catherine says:

    My favorite is Rose Petal; it looks so cheerful.

  129. Tehmina says:

    I love Venus. Just a lovely colour.

  130. Vicki says:

    the rose petal is my perfect color! So beautiful!

  131. Tricia says:

    I love Venus. Its such a misty and dreamy colour

  132. Lulu says:

    I most like the Rose Petal shade. All of them are lovely though.

  133. AL says:

    Colourful Moon is my favourite….lovely!

  134. Ivea says:

    Rose petal is my fav 🙂

  135. Fran Tilden says:

    Rose Petal or Venus – it’s hard to pick just one.

  136. Jeannette Cripps says:

    Colourful Moon, would look lovely as a waterfall cardigan or a scarf

  137. Michele says:

    Love the colour of fig

  138. Koru says:

    It’s a hard decision between fargo and Scallop – but I think Scallop just wins.

  139. Estelle says:

    I must vote for Venus. Both the colour and the name is really appealing.

  140. Lisette says:

    Venus for sure. Beautiful!

  141. Heike says:

    I love colorful moon. Not only is the colour great, but the name of the colour!! So imaginative!

  142. Helen K says:

    Colorful Moon reminds me of time spent on wonderful blue Mediterranean islands.

  143. Kathy Garner says:

    Fig for me! Texas loves cotton and silk.

  144. cs go skins dragon lore says:

    Wow cuz this is excellent work! Congrats and keep it up.|
    cs go skins dragon lore

  145. Sue Linfield says:

    Venus because it is the colour of my daughter’s eyes

  146. Skye says:

    Venus–I love that teal gray. Reminds me of summer storms.

  147. Carol D says:

    This yarn looks lovely….makes me want to pick it up and squish it. Choosing just one shade is so difficult….I think if I have to pick one – I’d pick Fig….
    But the Conch is a close second! they are so lovely!

  148. Bex says:

    Venus is my favourite, my partner would look great in a snuggly jumper made from it!

  149. Cathy says:

    Conch is my favourite, my partner would look great in a snuggly jumper made from it! (I am Bex’s partner! )

  150. Mentor says:

    Venus is beautiful.

  151. Sapphire says:

    They all look so beautiful, but Scallop is my favourite. I love the blue-grey undertones <3

  152. Diana says:

    Wonderful shades, but I like the colour fig the most

  153. Brenda says:

    I like Rose Petal the best.

  154. Shawna says:

    Venus is beautiful.

  155. Elena says:

    It’s difficult to choose just one! I do love Colourful Moon.

  156. Carmen N says:

    Colorful Moon is my favorite (although Rose Petal is a close second)

  157. Jackie Bartlett says:

    I like Venus!

  158. Nicki says:

    Venus is definitely my favourite! Gorgeous!

  159. Marina Strand says:

    i liked conch

  160. Emma says:

    Colourful moon & rose petal are beautiful, I can’t decide which.

  161. Mandy G says:

    Fig! Fig! Fig! Beautiful colour!

  162. Kelly S says:

    I love the Corsica colorway – tho they are all very beautiful

  163. Kelly S says:

    I meant to add the Rose Petal is my favourite :o)

  164. Catherine says:

    Rose petal; beautiful in name and in colour!

  165. Marta says:

    Colorful Moon is my most favourite 🙂

  166. Sandra Crawley says:

    Can’t choose between Colorful Moon and Venus, so it’ll have to be both…

  167. Moira Norton says:

    Venus is a beautiful colour. Could use it to make hats for the preemies.

  168. Jennie says:

    Rose petal – I love soft warm shades and this one lives up to its name!

  169. Robyn says:

    All the shades are gorgeous but Rose Petal is my favourite.

  170. Stella says:

    What wonderful colours so difficult to choose, I pick fig. I think.

  171. Adele says:


  172. KIRSTY SNYDER says:

    Venus I think 🙂 they are all beautiful

  173. Patricia Kowal says:

    Colourful Moon, just the hue for my friend…a shawl to wrap her woes with care.

  174. Lynda Stitchell says:

    Colourful Moon is my favourite by far, but not a bad one amongst them

  175. Isabell says:

    Pear…lovely soft greenish color for summer

  176. Connie Mantei says:

    I think I like the “Fig” color

  177. Susan says:

    I would pick Fargo but I love all the colours of Berroco Corsica, the muted tones are just beautiful.

  178. Margaret says:

    Colorful Moon is my sort of colour. Have a pattern waiting

  179. Anne Goodman says:

    So very hard to pick, but as I need to my first choice would be Colorful Moon.

  180. Adri Wend says:

    I love Venus!!!

  181. Suzanne Rettler says:

    So beautiful- hard to choose a favorite, but I vote Colorful Moon.

  182. Dawn Lemmer says:

    I like the Colorful Moon as I feel it is a very versatile colour for both boys and girls. I would love to knit or crochet one of my blankets with this.

  183. Magda says:

    They’re all beautiful but Fargo would be my first choice.

  184. Barbara Holmes says:

    They are all beautiful, but I think rose petal is my favorite.

  185. Sarah G says:

    My favorite shade is Venus.

  186. Siaron says:

    Can’t decide between Fig or Venus – depends on m y mood!!

  187. Anne says:

    Sunray would be the perfect “go with everything colour for summer!

  188. Linda Whitehouse says:

    Venus is a lovely calming shade

  189. Barbara says:

    Oh, the Possibilities! It’s hard to decide between Venus and Rose Petal.

  190. Missey Grace says:

    Rose Petal is my favorite shade of Berroca Corsica yarn to knit up an elegant lacy cardigan for this coming season.

  191. Caroline says:

    Colourful moon for me. (And about 1 million others by the look of things) I dont normally go for Blue but this colour reminds me so much of summer evenings on holiday

  192. Lucille says:

    Venus and Conch would look great together. My favorite is Venus

  193. Nancy says:

    I’d have to say scallop, though Venus is gorgeous as well. The color are all so soft and elegant.

  194. Kaethe Pittman says:

    Rose petal — so perfect for Spring!

  195. christine Reffet says:

    my favourite colour is rose petal. I love it !

  196. Lise Davenport says:

    Very hard to choose, as they are all so pretty! It has to be between colourful moon and fig – but I will go for FIG!!

  197. Rhonda says:

    I love rose petal!

  198. Jeri S. says:

    So hard to choose but if forced, I would say Colorful Moon. It just makes me swoon!

  199. Allyn Wise says:


  200. Claudia says:

    Colorful Moon is my favorite shade.

  201. Celeste Durren says:

    Scallop is my favorite color, but it was hard to choose since they are all great colors!

  202. Ann says:

    Definitely Colorful Moon, but they are all beautiful, I’d like them all!

  203. Sue Currie says:

    Such beautiful colours! I was really taken by Colourful Moon, but there were no colours that I didn’t like! That gets a bit hard on the old budget sometimes unfortunately.
    Thanks so much for this competition – hope I can be lucky 🙂

  204. Catherine says:

    My favorite is Venus.

  205. Cita Steinmeier says:

    Oooooh, to wrap oneself in Venus <3

  206. Marie Bryan says:

    Very hard to choose! I think FIG followed by Colorful Moon!

  207. Nancy A. says:

    It’s tough but Colorful Moon is my fave.

  208. Jana Maren says:

    Pink lady all the way, so Rose petal for me 🙂

  209. Mary says:

    Colorful moon is my favorite, but the entire color pallet is beautiful!

  210. Lorrie says:

    Rose PetaL is my favorite:

  211. Sue S says:

    Venus if I can only pick one!

  212. Linda says:

    My favorite is Fargo.

  213. Night says:

    I really like the Venus colorway!

  214. Sabrina Snyder says:

    Colorful Moon!

  215. Lisa D says:

    Colorful Moon is my favorite!!

  216. Melaine says:

    Rose Petal is my favorite one….. but all the colours are lovely.

  217. Fiona says:

    I love Venus!

  218. Sharon says:

    Colourful Moon is my favorite, but, also like Fig, Scallop and Rose Petal.

  219. Karen says:

    It would have to be Rose Petal, so pretty!

  220. Elise says:

    Venus! 🙂

  221. Erin Secomb says:

    ‘Rose Petal’, for me is just so romantic.. encouraging wistful daydreams of Spring and sweetly scented wildflower meadows.. it would be divine as a light, elegant wrap.

  222. Arden Allen says:

    I love the colorful moon but was also attracted to sunray. beautiful colours

  223. Noon says:

    Colorful Moon is so delicate !

  224. Rebecca says:

    Sunray. Neutral colors are great for coordinating with multiple outfits!

  225. Eva Pearce-Ingram says:

    I love them all, if I must choose it has to be Rose Petal (3642). I see so many project that could be done with this yarn.

  226. Linda says:

    Sunray looks to be the very versatile and would be my first pick.

  227. Carol says:

    Like so many others, i like Colourful Moon the best.

  228. CHIU MEI says:

    Love the fig 3619. Love eating fresh figs, will be nice if I can eat fresh figs and knit fig colour yarn at the same time ;D

  229. Teresa Rady says:

    I’d love one of each,but if I have to choose just one than Fig.

  230. Magdalena says:

    Such beautiful and soft colors! My favorite is Fargo, but it is a difficult choice.

  231. Sheri says:

    Sunray is my favourite, but love them all.

  232. Yvonne Bujold says:

    Venus is my favorite .It will be very nice to knit your yarn 🙂

  233. ellen oliveira says:


  234. Cindy Bailey says:

    This is quite the challenge…having to choose ONE favourite out of all of the delicate, ethereal shades, but I will choose Venus as my top choice.

  235. Amy LeBlanc says:

    They’re all wonderful shades, but I choose Venus!!

  236. Patricia says:

    Love Berroco yarn. Looking forward to trying Scallop Corsica.

  237. Katherine Vandenbussche says:

    They are all beautiful, I would have to say Rose Petal is my favorite.

  238. Patricia says:

    Love Corsica Scallop. Look forward to trying.

  239. Leeann Skipper says:

    Colorful Moon (3617) is my favourite shade.

  240. Patricia says:

    Looking forward to trying Scallop Corsica.

  241. Kim Willcox says:

    Venus is my favourite. I’d put it with rose to make something rather nice!

  242. Linda Calverley says:

    Oh . . . !
    Conch looks beautiful. The description sounds lovely.

  243. Chris says:

    I love them all but Rose Petal is my favorite shade.

  244. Lauren Ersner says:

    I have to say conch is my favorite. A beautiful spring color.

  245. Maggie says:

    They are all gorgeous but I think I would have to say that Colorful Moon is my favorite!

  246. Fran says:

    Colourful moon is my favourite – reminiscent of the many shades of night sky and water here in Australia

  247. Nuria says:

    All the shades are beautiful, but my favorite one is Venus.

  248. elaine simmons says:

    I love Colourful Moon. So soft looking and beautiful!

  249. Dorothy says:

    Conch is my favourite

  250. Karita Blomqvist says:

    Rose Petal is definately my favorite color since I’m a fan of all red shades 🙂 It would be fun to test it out.

  251. Louise Corbeil says:

    The venus color is the most beautiful.

  252. Karen says:

    Fig is my favorite, although they are all beautiful! What a great contest!

  253. Sally Morris says:

    Colourful Moon, a versatile colour for lots of summer outfits

  254. Agnes M. Norman says:

    love them all. Rose Petal will be my first to knit with

  255. Suzan says:

    The yarn is beautiful. My favorite color is the Venus! 🙂

  256. Dawn Buchanan says:

    Nice collection of colors. I like Venus.

  257. Connie wright-Zink says:

    I love colorful moon, especially for summer.

  258. Lisa Sittniewski says:

    Colourful moon is so beautiful! I can see it in a lacy summer top for walking the beach in the early morning or early evening. Nice colors!

  259. Claudia Wittmann says:

    I’m sort of like two very much Rose Petal and Fig but if I had to choose only one I would go with Fig

  260. Meridith Ellis says:

    Fig is so unusual and lovely!

  261. Gaia says:

    Such a beautiful yarn and lots of gorgeous shades. I’d like to try it! Maybe I’ll buy some with my next order.

    And definitely in Colorful Moon shade! Amazing!

  262. Daniela says:

    I like Fig

  263. Denise says:

    I have used Berocco yarns and patterns, both are well done and beautiful.
    The color I like for summer is colorful moon.

  264. Patsy Coats says:

    Conch is my favorite

  265. Nancy says:

    Hard to pick a favorite, but I like Venus and Colorful Moon.

  266. Moma G says:

    I like Scallop the best – very elegant!

  267. Kay S. says:

    It’s hard to choose because they are all so lovely, but I think Colorful Moon or Sunray would be the two I’d pick first.

  268. karen powell says:

    scallop is so versatile…so many great colors… thx for having a contest

  269. Alice says:

    I love the delicate Conch.

  270. diana says:

    Berroco Corsica ROSE PETAL is very flattering to all skin tones very summery and complimentary to the beautiful roses of summer

  271. Francine says:

    Colorful Moon is my favourite.

  272. Marie Poulin says:

    Gorgeous colors, but my favorite is Rose Petal

  273. SPL says:

    Scallop or Fargo

  274. Manuela says:

    Not an easy choice, they are all beautiful, but I choose Venus.

  275. Angela H says:

    Rose Petal – perfect for a spring/summer cardigan!

  276. Sue says:

    Rose petal is beautiful and would create beautiful projects!

  277. MWR says:

    Hard to choose but I tend to gravitate towards blues. I would select colorful moon,

  278. Katherine McFadin says:

    It’s su h a beautiful yarn, I think my favorite color is the fig.

  279. Karel says:

    Conch. Definitely Conch. (I love this blend!)

  280. Andrea Landis says:

    Venus is my favorite. It would look great with rose petal!

  281. Rebecca Dole says:

    Oh Shucks, if I had to pick ONLY one … I think I would love to have FARGO.
    But if I won, I would hope to get one of each color so I could make a lovely crochet hoodie made with lots of granny squares.
    I know who ever the winner is , will be VERY happy.

  282. Sheree says:

    Moon is gorgeous!! reminds me of those warm spring afternoons and the cool moonlit evenings!!

  283. joyce hancock says:

    Colorful moon is my favorite color of this gorgeous new yarn.

  284. Lisa says:

    They are all very pretty, but my favorite would have to be fig.

  285. Marina says:

    Hard to choose! I like Colorful moon!

  286. Cocopo says:

    Colorful moon. Gorgeous!

  287. Mel says:

    Sunray. Love the wheaty colour

  288. Virginia Smith says:

    Really difficult choice but I think I’d have to go with Conch as my favorite.

  289. Andrea says:

    Venus is my favorite; have always loved green!

  290. Jennifer Chung says:

    I think Rose Petal (3642 ) is my favorite.

  291. Jessica A. says:

    Conch is my fav! So pretty!

  292. Robin says:

    Colorful Moon is my favorite!

  293. Tomeka says:

    Venus is my favorite but they are all beautiful.

  294. Krista Hughes says:

    Venus for me!

  295. Melanie Brock says:

    I like them all, but I believe the rose petal would have to be my favorite!

  296. Diane Wernke says:

    Choosing a favorite is difficult, but I think fig is the most versatile choice for my warm weather wardrobe. I have a lovely Corsica pattern I would love to knit in fig

  297. Debby Olinb says:

    My Favorite is Venus, altho Colorful Moon is a close second

  298. Julie Theilken says:

    Rose petal is my favorite shade!

  299. Denise says:

    Sunray! Makes me feel like summer!

  300. Christine says:

    I love the color Fargo.

  301. Christine W says:

    UGH! 1 color? that is almost impossible to pick. But will have to say Colorful Moon. with close colors being Scallop & Conch to remind me of when I lived on the ocean

  302. Dotti says:

    LOVE the Rose Petal-such a beautiful shade!!!

  303. efe says:

    Scallop for me I think.

  304. andrea says:


  305. Michelle says:

    Sunray is my favorite”

  306. Helen King says:

    I love them all but Colorful Moon is my favorite.

  307. Willa says:

    I like colorful mom – reminds me of the ocean.

  308. Willa says:

    sorry about my typing mistakes. I meant colorful moon is my favorite.

  309. kristine durr says:

    I am a purple lover all the way! Fig would be my first choice. I was quite drawn to Venus as well though.

  310. Pam Bugbee says:

    I love the Fig color!

  311. Leslie says:

    Rose petal would be mychouce

  312. Cindy Markushewski says:

    Colorful moon, I think this is a very versatile shade.

  313. Johanne Decary says:

    What a lovely yarn! Colorful Moon is my favourite colour.

  314. Karen says:

    Corsica is beautiful yarn but I think Venus (3624) is my favorite!! Love it.

  315. Amanda says:

    So hard to choose. I was going for Rose Petal but in the end I think a Fig cardigan or shawl would be very versatile.

  316. Alice Darter says:

    A tough choice, but Colorful Moon wins the day. You can feel its softness when you see this color! Absolutely delicious!

  317. Jane Jeffords says:

    I would have a hard time choosing one of these yummy colors, so I would pick several to make into a color block shawl or tubular scarf.

  318. Helen Munro says:

    Love the fig especially , you could wear that colour with anything , all beautiful soft colours though .

  319. Rachel Eastman says:

    I love Rose Petal. 😉

  320. Dianne Mulligan says:

    This is a very difficult contest! I like them all, but if I have to choose, it’s Colorful Moon.

  321. Karen Evans says:

    Berroco Corsica is my Favorite.

  322. Brenda Hamlett says:

    They are all very nice, but rose petal reminds of a beautiful pink rose bush in full bloom with soft pink petals to run your fingers through.

  323. Rhea Skomorowski says:

    While all the colours are soft and beautiful, I’d have to say Venus is my favourite 🙂

  324. Carol Fitzhugh says:

    I really, really like the Venus colorway!

  325. Maya Fox says:

    Scallop is my favorite shade of Berroco Corsica! It is a gorgeous silver color and it will look gorgeous as a drapey summer cardigan!

  326. Susan hymel says:

    I love them all,but Fig the most.

  327. Ashley says:

    I love the Colorful Moon color. Blues are my favorites~

  328. Monique says:

    My for sure favorite Color in this Berroco Corsica is #3624 VENUS.

  329. Margit says:

    I like scallop.

  330. JANET KRAUT says:

    Love both Venus and Rose Petal.

  331. Karen says:

    Hmm, it’s so hard to pick a favorite, but I think I’d have to say colourful moon ? ?

  332. Theresa Pearson says:

    I love the Fig!

  333. Sue says:


  334. Candace Brodie says:

    I love the rose petal, it is so pretty, but I am a sucker for greys too! This yarn would be so lovely to knit with.

  335. LakeladyP says:

    So many that I love, but Colorful Moon is my final choice. Beautiful!

  336. Mrs Mary Volkering says:

    Rose Petal is my favourite.

  337. Patricia A Leonard says:

    Rose Petal

  338. Mary says:

    Very hard choice! Conch (3615) is my favorite at the moment but I could easy be swayed as they all are very nice.

  339. Tish says:

    It’s a toss up between scallop and colorful moon

  340. Liisa says:

    Ahhhh, the fig colour is my favourite!

  341. Andrea Knowles says:

    Venus is a beautiful colour way!

  342. Sharon Decker says:

    It would take me some time to choose between Colorful Moon and Rose Petal. All the colors are lovely and so soft.

  343. Sandra Furlotte says:

    Rose Petal is my favourite, but they are all beautiful.

  344. Norina Coffelt says:

    I like sunray!

  345. Marilyn Jones says:

    I love Venus. It reminds me of the ocean on a hot summer evening when the fog has rolled in.

  346. Heather Duncan says:

    Ooh lala…..colorful moon is my favourite!

  347. Rochelle says:

    It’s a toss up between Corsica and Rose Petal.
    But they are all gorgeous.

  348. Joyce D says:

    Colorful Moon! With Rose Petal as a close second!

  349. Dianne Broner says:

    The color that grabs me is Moon 3617.

  350. Linda Rumsey says:

    Venus is so elegant – though the other colours are pretty, too!

  351. Jana Webb says:

    colourful moon, conch. I liked a lot of them even rose petal. Im not usually into pink shades but rose petal would be a nice

  352. Weihsing says:

    I love this yarn! So soft. My favorite color is all of them ! If I had to choose one , I’m thinking scallop. But all the colors are great.

  353. Reinl Anja says:

    3606 That is my favorite!

  354. Kat Rainesalo says:

    Colorful Moon is my favorite, because there isn’t a purple.
    Rose Petal is a close second.

  355. Jean Guenther says:

    This yarn looks nummy. Especially like Conch…..yum

  356. Susan says:

    These are such lovely colours! Conch is the one I’m liking most; Venus is a close second, tho.

  357. Aprilwb says:

    Definitely FARGO!

  358. Lisa Smith says:

    Colourful Moon is probably my first choice. Cool and soft blue, very nice and soothing. Although they are all gorgeous. I can’t imagine how soft they are!

  359. Fanny says:

    I love the colorful moon shade, it’s just too beautiful !

  360. cath says:

    rose petal looks lovely – just right for spring

  361. Barbara Evans says:

    Fig is my favorite. i love the dusty purple.

  362. Anna says:

    They are all lovely but I think Venus is my favorite.

  363. Karen James says:

    Colorful moon is my favorite with Conch coming in as second best. They are all beautiful!

  364. Karen G. says:

    Love Venus!

  365. Peggy Burns says:

    All color are soft and delicious. I will pick conch.

  366. MC says:

    Colorful moon and Venus are my favorites. Would love to see a green.

  367. Annalia Z says:

    Colorful Moon!

  368. Shelley says:

    Fargo is my Favorite color…and made a great Movie!

  369. Sandi H says:

    Venus! Hands down!!!

  370. Charlene Cain says:

    Tough decision, Both “Colorful moon” and “rose petal” are tops, with “conch” coming a very close third. I’d have to choose “Colorful Moon” I think (and am sad to see there are only 7 left in stock at this time as I’ll need 12!) What this tells me is that these gentle soft colours will also do nicely for colour-work. Blending gently together.

  371. Terri DuLong says:

    All the colors are gorgeous! But favorite was Venus. Looks like the ideal yarn for a Florida knitter like me and I’ll get some ordered.

  372. Francine Gauthier says:

    Fig for me (3619)

  373. Ruby Velthuis Kroeze says:

    Conch, but love all the colors

  374. Alison says:

    Rose petal is my favourite, but I’d love to do some fairisle work with this beautiful yarn.

  375. Marti says:

    More than half of my knitting comes with thanks to Berroco, and I love all their colors and their catchy names. So, my favorite Corsica yarn name is FIG! My vote goes to FIG.

  376. Michelle says:

    Love the Fig color.

  377. Adrienne Champagne says:

    Venus is my favourite, it looks ” heavenly ” and I can see a gorgeous shawl made from it !
    All of the shades are lovely, and the price is excellent !

  378. Isabelle Chartrand says:

    I’d definitely go with rose petal! It’s sooo pretty!

  379. Trish says:

    I love Scallop.

  380. Lisa Spiegel says:

    Colorful Moon is my favorite. Reminds me of whisky clouds floating through a pale blue sky.

  381. Liz says:

    I love fig, rose petal and Venus. Such pretty, soft shades!

  382. Gina V says:

    Colorful moonn is my favorite.

  383. Char Yates says:

    I’ve knitted since the seventies, and used a lot of Berroco yarn, from Tahki to Dji-Dji, but never tried such a blend as this, and Berroco, no less. At first, I liked Fargo, but my daughter says she prefers Sunray. She wants a light gray since it goes with her color palette. So, I have to say my favorite color is Sunray because the next sweater I make for her HAS to be Sunray.
    I hope you get more in stock, because you only show 8 in stock.

  384. sandra lamb says:

    Love the rose petal!

  385. Liz Seakins says:

    Definitely Rose Petal!

  386. Karen says:

    All of the colors are so beautiful, but my favorite is rose petal!

  387. Frances Langum says:

    Colorful moon would make a great baby boy sweater. I can’t believe it’s machine washable with cashmere in it! Sounds terrific!

  388. Lori says:

    I love the Berroco Corsica Venus shade, although all of the colors are sweet!

  389. Lisa Kerstein says:

    I love Rose Petal as it is nice and bright.

  390. Jessica Langert says:

    Tough choice.

    Venus just barely beats out Rose Petal and Colorful Moon, but it’s a close race!

  391. Nancy Waddington says:

    My favorite is conch. I do Tons on knitting and try to pick colors that would blend well with other clothing colors and all skin types.

  392. Macie P says:

    Venus is such a beautiful color! I would love to make a light and airy summertime vest with it.

  393. marjorie says:

    Colorful moon is my favorite!

  394. Georgene says:

    Its definitely Venus, what a pretty aquatic shade!

  395. Nancy Waddington says:

    My favorite is conch. I do Tons on knitting and try to pick colors that would blend well with other clothing colors and all skin types. I love Rowan yarns for its versatility. I have been knitting for over 50 years.

  396. Susan Campanini says:

    Venus is a beautiful subtle color, perfect for breezey summer scarves …

  397. Carrie Pippins says:

    My favorite color is conch.

  398. Judy Drew says:

    I like the color Venus.

  399. Jo Gehm says:

    I love Colourful Moon

  400. Jill says:

    My favorite is Colorful Moon, followed by Rose Petal. Hmmm, maybe those are this year’s Pantone colors?

  401. Beth Skanderup says:

    I love colorful moon, I think it would be a lovely yarn to make a summer cardi. Can’t wait to try it!

  402. Caroline says:

    Conch is my favorite

  403. Betsy says:


  404. Susan Edmondson says:

    Sunray is my favorite

  405. Julianna says:

    My favorite is Colorful Moon 🙂

  406. PAULINE says:

    I love Rose Petal.

  407. Pat says:

    beautiful heathery neutrals Fargo, Sunray and Scallop!

  408. Kay Luna says:

    Rose Petal is my favorite color with Fig running a close second. I love knitting with good quality yarns. My granddaughter would love a cardigan knitted in Rose Petal

  409. Jan Kopf says:

    Rose petal wins hands down!

  410. Tamara Hargrave says:

    Every color is beautiful! I love the heathery look teach one. Colorful Moon would have to be my first choice. Venus a close second.

  411. Keely says:

    Berroco Corsica Venus is gorgeous!

  412. JulieJC says:

    I love pinks and peaches, but it’s time for a new color. And that color has to be Venus!

  413. Firenza says:

    Rose petal

  414. Josephine says:

    Venus is lovely. They are all lovely.

  415. Corinna says:

    Scallop is my fav!!!

  416. Audrey McDevitt says:

    Rose petal is speaking very loudly to me & I can see it being a gorgeous shawl. Yummy colours in the range.

  417. Priscilla Laybolt says:

    I love the soft colourful moon, it is so very pretty!.

  418. Maria_S says:

    I think the colourful moon and rose petal will be great together! Really love it!

  419. Barb says:

    Colorful moon is awesome–is it blue? Is it gray? It is the best of both!

  420. Judy says:

    FIG is my favorite color of Berroco Corsica Yarn. The delicate shade will “go with anything” and looks soft and huggable.

  421. Abby says:

    Rose petal, and I’m not even a pink lover ?

  422. Cathy says:

    Fig. The provence top in fig – how pretty??

  423. Celia says:

    I like the rose petal. Actually that color is almost like the petals of the pink tulips that are blooming in my garden right now!

  424. Kathy says:

    Although it was difficult to choose, I have to go with Rose Petal

  425. Sofia says:

    My favourite colour is fig. It´s great!

  426. alyssa says:

    I love Fig but kinda wish there were a darker purple

  427. Karen says:

    I love fig, but really all the colors are beautiful. Its hard to pick just one!

  428. Mary Jo Morris says:

    Venus is the most beautiful. Hands down. It is my favorite.

  429. Patty Layton says:

    All the colors are nice, but I fell in love with Fargo.

  430. Janina Novak says:

    I love all of them as well and had difficulty picking just one… I choose VENUS!! Makes my fingers itch to do something!

  431. Pris says:

    Venus …because I have to choose!

  432. Paule says:

    Sunray is my favorite.

  433. Denice Cousineau says:

    I really like Sunray. It is a neutral, but it looks warm and cozy so that even in the cold Hinterlands (Minnesota), we, the Frozen Chosen can enjoy the color.

  434. DeniseMarie Seckinger says:

    I like the Conch color.

  435. Tine says:

    Fig is my favourite!

  436. Maria Juhasz says:

    Conch is my color.

  437. Carol Lally says:

    Conch is my favorite. Both for the color and the name of the color because my daughter is a Key West Conch (someone born in Key West, FL). Making something from this gorgeous yarn for my daughter would be perfect — knitted in conch for my Key West Conch!

  438. Chris says:

    Fig – looks great

  439. Chris says:

    Fig – is lovely and subtle.

  440. Kelly Lussier says:

    My favorite color is colorful moon. Love it.

  441. Rowena Richards says:

    Colorful Moon

  442. Sandra Patterson says:

    My favorite is Venus. It reminds me of lakes in summer.

  443. Elisabeth P says:

    Venus is great!

  444. Mary Shafer says:

    I love the Rose Petal the best, but there are some great colors in there.

  445. Margaret McAuliffe says:

    Love Colorful Moon the most, but I think all of the color choices are yummy!

  446. Muriel McGregor says:


  447. Julia says:

    Bored with my greying hair, I took the plunge and went for light magenta streaks. Rose Petal would set the look off a treat.

  448. Sam B says:

    Colourful Moon, if I had to pick a favourite, but they’re all gorgeous.

  449. Fran says:

    All the colours are lovely but it’s getting cool here in Oz and scallop looks just right for the season.

  450. kari chamberlin says:

    Fig is definitely my favorite!

  451. Sue Leonard says:

    Colorful moon is my absolute favorite.

  452. Shannon says:

    Tough choice, but I have to go with Fig as my favourite.

  453. Helen says:

    Rose petal is my favourite. It reminds me of my Mum who would have loved it, and I would love to knit it for my Granddaughter who would also love it. I love the whole range because they are such soft, subtle colours. For myself it would be Venus.

  454. Lara says:

    I’m torn between Venus and Rose Petal.

  455. Elena says:

    Rose Petal

  456. Laura Boutin says:

    Conch is beautiful!

  457. Myriam says:

    My favourite colour of Corsica would be Sunray, definitely.

  458. Kathy L. says:

    I love the Venus shade!

  459. Ellen Barkhuff says:

    venus goes with our beach location. Color is a great match.

  460. Rebecca T says:

    I like Fargo… that would make a great neutral summer sweater.

  461. Susan Laterra says:

    I like Venus!

  462. Dr. Joan says:

    They are all beautiful it is hard to decide which is my favorite. I think Sunray and rose petal

  463. dawn mcleod says:

    Venus, Fig, Colourful Moon, Scallop, Rose Petal, Sunray, Fargo, Conch – in that order!
    They are all beautiful shades!!

  464. Becky B. says:

    I really like Venus! It would make such a nice little summer top. Although, I’m conflicted…love Conch, too!

  465. Kathy Vance says:

    I love all the colors but Venus is my favorite! My mother was born and raised in a town called Venus!

  466. Brittany says:

    I like Fargo, but Fig is a close second. I think either would be lovely in a couple of cable lace patterns I’ve had my eye on.

  467. Elizabeth says:

    Colorful Moon is definitely my favorite! It is so lovely.

  468. Deborah Carlson says:

    They are all quite lovely but my favourite would be “fig”.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  469. Charlotte says:

    Very hard to choose a favorite as all the colors in this range are such beautiful neutral tones that compliment each other but FIG would be my outstanding favorite.

  470. Therese Ryan says:

    Venus would be my choice of colour for myself – it is a soft and cool.

  471. Carianne says:

    My favorite is Venus, followed by Colorful Moon…and I think they would go well together!

  472. Margaret Berger says:

    All are beautiful, but fig is my favorite!

  473. Phyllis Gaumond says:

    I love all the colors but I think Fig is my favorite. Would love to knit something with it.

  474. Fausta Esguerra says:

    My favorite Berroco Corsica shade is “Fargo” #3647.

  475. Kathy McLaughlin says:

    Fig is my favorite, close behind is rose petal.

  476. Saragl says:

    I love colorful moon! ANC all Berroco!

  477. Saragl says:

    I love colorful moon! and all Berroco!

  478. Mary H. says:

    Fig is my choice!

  479. Sheryl says:

    Yummy they are all so nice. Venus looks good to me. I’m a nut for anything green.

  480. Amanda Helen Lagor says:

    I just Love, Love, Love the colour “Fig”. It will go with all my spring/summer clothes. Can’t wait to try it!!!

  481. Shirley says:

    The colors are all great. Fig and Venus are my top two favorites.

  482. Natasha Keller says:

    They are all so stunning and perfect it is hard to choose. But I think “conch” takes the cake for me!

  483. isabel rose says:

    I LOVE Berroco yarns!
    I can hardly wait to pick up some Corsica “Conch” which conjures up evenings on the Italian coast, carelessly wrapped in a romantic “Conch” knit shawl that reflects the candlelight and the amore in our hearts.

  484. Chris Ford says:

    I do love the delicate colour of Fig. All of the shades are so beautiful and subtle.

  485. Lena Ross says:

    Definitely my fav is “Conch”.

  486. Emjay says:

    Venus and Colorful Moon are neck and neck, with Venus by a nose…

  487. SherryG. says:

    My favorite is “Conch”. Hope I get to knit with it.

  488. Gretchen says:

    I love Rose Petal. Delicate yet full of color.

  489. Sharon says:

    I’m loving the Rose Petal!

  490. Ellen Bacon says:

    Venus is a beautiful blend of my favorite color!

  491. Kate L says:

    Wow, these are so pretty! I think my favorite is Fig, but they are all so lovely it’s hard to pick!

  492. Kathi says:

    I absolutely LOVE Rose Petal! What a gorgeous color!

  493. Mary says:

    I think the rose petal is a beautiful color!

  494. Martha DeMarco says:

    Rose petal is my favorite, and I am expecting my first granddaughter!

  495. ANGELA PRINGLE says:


  496. Donna says:

    I love them all but if I HAVE to pick one then I’ll stick a pin in and pick … Venus 🙂

  497. Cindy Antene says:

    Sunray is my favorite. It would make a perfect spring/summer poncho.

  498. Jayne Cohen says:

    Venus in blue jeans, Mona Lisa …

  499. Kerry says:

    Love Fig, however they are all beautiful.

  500. Karen says:

    I love Fig.

  501. Celeste says:

    Venus but I wouldn’t kick any of them out of my stash!

  502. Helen says:

    Rose Petal is my favorite. It is such a soft and warm color.I can picture it in a little sweater for my little great-niece, Micha. It is such a pretty color.

  503. Brina says:

    hard to choose. I think I knit a shawl with Colourful moon and Venus with some flowers in Rose petal.

  504. Kirsty Coker says:

    Fig would have to be my favourite, but I do love them all!

  505. Ulla Scott says:

    Rose Petal is my favorite

  506. Mary Rhodes says:

    Corsica is my favourite. Lovely soft shade which would go with everything in my wardrobe.

  507. Joan Schulte says:

    I love Rose Petal. Beautiful shade of pink!

  508. Mary R says:

    I love conch!

  509. D. Garner says:

    Berroco Corsica “Venus” is my favorite shade. Lovely.

  510. Janice Mann says:

    All of the colors are lovely, but my favorite is Colorful Moon.

  511. Anne Soderlund says:

    Colorful moon for me (barely beating out Venus). Perfect for summer knits.

  512. Liz says:

    fig is lovely, very subtle color. Sophisticated color.

  513. Lisa says:

    They are all so beautiful! If I had to pick it would be Rose Petal followed by Venus, Colorful Moon and Fig coming oh so close behind.

  514. Sandi Little says:

    Fig is my favourite as it would suit my wardrobe well and I am a sucker for earthy tones.

  515. D Trout says:

    Colorful Moon is my favorite for my grandsons, but I love Sunray for me as a great basic neutral that would go with everything. Rose Petal would work too though!

  516. Carole says:

    My 2 favorite colors are without a doubt……Rose Petal and Venus……..because we are expecting a great-grand child in Oct and don’t know what color I will need. At this point I think any of them would be beautiful on a baby, however. Thanks for the chance to win.

  517. Betsy Geist says:

    Venus is definitely my fav. This yarn sound luscious. Can’t wait to feel it!

  518. Jenny says:

    The colour Fig is just sublime, so versatile xx

  519. Knitqueen says:

    Rose Petal or Venus are my favorite colors.

  520. Debbie D says:

    Colorful moon followed by fig. Beautiful yarn.

  521. Kate says:

    Tough choice – but I think Rose Petal is my fav 🙂

  522. Debbie Adcock says:

    Colourful Moon isy favorite

  523. Karen Murphy says:

    Scallop is my favourite

  524. Linda says:

    I love Scallop, I can see a spring knitting pattern forming in my mind!

  525. Jennifer White says:

    Venus is my favorite followed closely by fig.

  526. Wai says:

    Conch is my favorite but Fig and Rose Petal are lovely as well.

  527. Bea Manion says:

    Rose Petal is very nice

  528. Denise says:

    Wow! I have to pick one?! Okay I guess Scallop.

  529. Carole says:

    Fargo is my choice – looks like a combination of Fig and colorful moon. I know Fargo brings to mind cold and bleak but this color is warm and rich.

  530. Kim Cochran says:

    It’s so difficult to pick just one.. guess it would have to be Rose Petal…combined with Scallop, would make something lovely!

  531. Mary Copeland says:

    I love them all, but Venus is my favorite. Such beautiful colors! And the texture looks like it would feel amazing. Yum!

  532. M L Wilson says:

    I am new to knitting and I have been looking for a colour like Venus to knit a jacket to wear with my jeans.

  533. Ely Gaudio says:

    Really difficult to just choose one but I’ll go with FIG.

  534. Mary Jo Duncanson says:

    Colorful moon!

  535. Joan Trautwein says:

    Rose petal is my favorite.

  536. Grazia says:


  537. Sally says:

    Rose petal, definitely. It looks a vintage shade.

  538. Vicki says:

    Rose Petal is my favourite

  539. Helen says:

    Definitely Colorful Moon – lovely

  540. Emily says:

    Fig is stunning! Exactly the colour of the figs on my partners Nonna’s tree.

  541. Abby Booth says:

    My favorite is Colorful Moon.

  542. Louise Baker says:

    Wowsers, what a choice, Colorful Moon if I really have to choose.

  543. Lina Tsioli says:

    Colorful moon for me, thank you!!

  544. Lyric Eads says:

    Tough choice but I must go with Venus as my favorite. Berroco yarns are wonderful!

  545. Theresa Sunderland says:

    I love the conch color. A subtle sign of spring.

  546. Margaret Jaibaji says:

    My favourite shade is Venus, beautiful.

  547. Ann G says:

    It’s a tough choice, but I’ll call Venus my favorite.

  548. Shelagh says:

    Conch is my favourite shade

  549. Annica Boller says:

    I adore the colour called Fig by Berroco Corsica!

  550. Janice Owen says:

    My favorite color is Scallop

  551. Johanna Ohrn says:

    My favourite is Rose Petal 3642

  552. Christen says:

    Lovely pearly Sun Ray!

  553. Melissa Racki says:

    Hard to pick just one favorite, but I’ll say Colorful Moon.

  554. Amy says:

    Colorful moon is my choice! I would however find something to knit with any of the colors.

  555. Amanda says:

    Scallop is absolutely my favorite, I love soft greys! Gorgeous color range.

  556. Margaret says:

    Venus for me! Love those green shades.

  557. Jaimee R says:

    This is beautiful yarn!! My favourite color is Fig.

  558. Dawn Scuteri says:

    Love the Colorful Moon colour ~

  559. sue s says:

    Venus is my fav! Love greens/blues.

  560. Rena says:

    They are all gorgeous but I like Rose Petal best.

  561. Debbie says:

    My favourite is Fargo. There are so many beautiful shades it was hard to pick.

  562. Candice says:

    Fig is my favourite

  563. Bev says:

    My favourite is Venus. What a lovely warm colour

  564. Susan Burns says:

    Colorful moon is my favorite – love the blue color!

  565. Ann Flumerfelt says:

    I love Venus and Colourful Moon (I usually go for blue/green colors) but since I can’t decide between them, I think I’ll go for my other color love, the rose-pink of Rose Petal!

  566. Gabriella Smith says:

    Colourful Moon – beautiful colours. So difficult to choose.

  567. Keeley says:

    I like colorful moon, and also the scallop.

  568. Lynda says:

    Hmmm, fig and scallop are my favourites, but if I had to choose just one, it would have to be fig with it’s dusty purple-grey hues.

  569. Tracy says:

    I had trouble deciding between fig and conch — but I think fig wins out!

  570. Dianne A. says:

    Colorful Moon is my favorite color!! It is subtle, yet striking and will make a fabulous shawl or scarf!

  571. Liz Dewsnap says:

    These are lovely!! Hard to pick one. I think the Fig is beautiful…..

  572. Maxine says:

    They are all gorgeous, love fig

  573. Mairin says:

    Colourful Moon is my favourite – great name too!

  574. Christine says:

    Venus is by far my favorite! It’s a subtler shade of my most favorite color.

  575. Connie King says:

    I like the color Fargo and think it would work up beautifully! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  576. Susan Laity says:

    I love the Colorful Moon (3617) shade

  577. Amanda says:

    Corsica going to the Lys I love the color Venus – mint greenish thinking of knitting a sweater
    or a shawl with this color

  578. Karen Bignell says:
  579. S.J. Zwicker says:

    Rose Petal is my favorite!

  580. Caroline says:


  581. Maria says:

    I love Venus x

  582. Holly says:

    I Rose petal is my favorite.

  583. jenna says:

    conch would probably be best with my skin tone, but Colorful Moon is so lovely to look at. It would be a delight to see it as it’s worked into a project.

  584. Jacqueline says:

    All the colours are so soft and beautiful but would love to knit
    Something for myself I the colour fig.

  585. Diane gundlah says:

    Great colors but would love to knit with Conch–sorta Southwestern vs pale pinky shell.

  586. Janet A. Brown says:

    Venus followed closely by Co!orful Moon! Hope it feels as good as it liooks!

  587. Janet A. Brown says:

    Venus followed closely by Co!orful Moon! Hope it feels as good as it liooks!

  588. Sophie Quigley says:

    It’s so hard to choose as they’re all so pretty. I think my favourite has to be Conch though.

  589. jenny flaxman says:

    I love rose petal, it’s reminiscent of a summers afternoon, the tinkle of delicate china and the glorious scent of the rose garden.?

  590. Magda says:

    Rose petal looks great. My sister expects her first child in summer and it will be a girl 🙂 this would knit in a beautiful dress for a little princess

  591. Lee in KS says:

    Of the various colors Corsica is available in, I like Colorful Moon best (but then I am always drawn to blue yarn!)

  592. Lesley says:

    It is a challenge to choose a favourite as they all go together so well but if I had to I would select CONCH.

  593. Tamara says:

    It’s always hard to pick favourite colours…but I do love Venus with Fig as a close second 😉

  594. Terry Voss says:

    I love Barroso yarn. My choice of the Corsica was Rose Petal. Can’t wait to win!

  595. Julie Gregory says:

    Its close between Scallop and Fargo, they are both lovely shades – I would be very happy with either!

  596. Angela says:

    Rose Petal is gorgeous and my favourite.

  597. Michaela says:

    I like Venus and Colorful Moon

  598. Laura says:

    Sunray is my favourite shade.

  599. Angela says:

    So many fabulous shades to choose from, spoilt for choice! If I have to choose one it would be FIG, beautiful.

  600. Angela says:

    All earthy colours.ive chose fig as my favourite,If I win the wool ild be sending it straight to my mum to knit me one of her original designer creations.

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