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Published on November 23rd, 2013 | by Serena


Top 5 Free Aran Jumper Knitting Patterns for Women

Both classic and charming, cosy and warm, the Aran fisherman jumper or sweater is making a comeback! We’ve gathered some of our favourite FREE Aran jumper patterns for women

Bailey Aran

This gorgeous free pattern from Artesano is both cosy and stylish, perfect for wrapping up with on Winter walks and rambles in the great outdoors.

Inishturk Sweater and Tam

This Inishturk Sweater and Tam features one of the most beautiful cable motifs: the ‘Celtic knot’. Every inch of the jumper is covered in cable designs, with cable plaits and ropes also featuring. Oh, and the pattern includes a matching tam o’shanter hat too!

The equally wonderful vintage Women’s Irish Pullover from the Yarn Lovers’ Room features moss-stitch-filled diamond cables in the central pattern, with honeycomb cables elsewhere.

The Alexi Cardigan

The Alexi Cardigan by Berroco is the epitome of timeless chic. Merging the ruddy charm of the fisherman Aran and vintage elegance for an instant classic.

Cable Panelled Sweater

This fabulous Cable Panelled Sweater from Debbie Bliss is shapely and versatile.

Cropped Clare Aran 

For a modern twist to the classic Aran why not opt for this elegant and statement Clare sleeveless sweater by Artesano?


Inspired? Keep eyes peeled for fabulous discounted Aran yarns over the next few weeks!

If you’re about to embark on your very own Aran sweater we’d recommend the beautifully blended Debbie Bliss Cashmerino AranRowan Pure Wool Worsted or luxurious Cascade Venezia Worsted that each come in their own beautiful colour pallet.

Keep your eyes peeled for Phildar Partner 6MillaMia Naturally Soft Aran and Yarn Collective Pembroke Worsted, which work brilliantly with fisherman jumpers!

Why not check out our free Aran jumper patterns for men? Share your fisherman style inspired jumpers and if you’re new to knitting and wondering where to get started we have a whole series of step by step video tutorials for you to try! 


About the Author

Serena loves sunshine, strawberries and Great Danes. She has gone from non-knitter to yarn obsessive in under two years, and is determined to drag the rest of the world along with her.

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27 Responses to Top 5 Free Aran Jumper Knitting Patterns for Women

  1. Valerie atkins says:

    A Rowan knitter

  2. Sharon Webb says:

    I absolutely adore Aran jumpers, and used to wear them all the time. My favourite pattern is the Cable Tunic, it looks so stylish…..x

  3. suewilliams says:

    im still doing aran cardigans for a lot of people that I know and I absoulutly lov all types of arann

  4. Marcia Levy says:

    I love Aran knitting. Knitting an edge to edge aran cable coat by Catherine Earnshaw. Fab pattern. I still have and wear my first aran coat which I knitted about 40 years ago as something to do with my hands when I gave up smoking!!!!

  5. Absolutely beautiful patterns especially the smocks/tunics at the end of the list. Would love pattern for them.

  6. Joan Ramage says:

    I would love to knit the lion brand cable maxi dress but as sweater, I love the red heart shimmer yarn ,could you please tell me how many balls of this yarn I would need to knit the sweater

    • Carly says:

      Hi Joan, I am so glad you received an answer to your question from our Smiles Team and have started knitting your sweater. Best of luck with the project!

  7. stitcher75 says:

    I’ve had that Lion Brand dress in my queue since before I learned to knit! I’ve read that it’s too warm for most U.S. locations, but the recent introduction of cotton-wool and bamboo-wool blends may make it wearable even for those of us who sweat away the winter months.

  8. berit says:

    Hi i can’t don’t download the wide neck sweater:-( can you help me please
    Xxx Berit

    • Faith says:

      Hi Berit – apologies for the broken link. It is now fixed and you are able to download by clicking the link or picture. Happy knitting!
      All the best,

  9. Carole says:

    Is there any way to get the pattern for the beautiful almost off the shoulder super chunky jumper by Erika knight. I have tried the link but it is not available.
    Thank You Carole

  10. rowena says:

    I would love the Erika Knight pattern too – but can’t get the link to work. thank you Rowena

  11. Sylvia Wainwright says:

    Do you have a pattern for an Aran Poncho please?

  12. Doreena Randler says:

    Thanks for the good ideas. Being an Aran beginner I find it rather complicated to cope with all these patterns, however I do my very best. Thanks again!

  13. Trish Hewitt says:

    hi really interested in knitting the yarnspriations sweater just one question in the picture half way up the jumper after the diamond pattern it looks like the cable on the righthand side is not correct as it is not mirroring the cable on the opposite side it looks like it should be going under rather than over so just wondered whether this is correct??

  14. Rochelle says:

    Hi. I would like to knit the Aidez cardigan in Rowan pure wool aran but am battling with how to adapt from chunky for this weight wool. Please help! Need size 36/38″ pattern for Rowan Pure Wool Aran.

  15. Brenda Dillman says:

    Thank you for this beautiful pattern, I love it.

  16. Bridget says:

    I knitted Aran garments for my children in Ireland about forty years ago and I’m now looking for suitable patterns for my grandchildren in Australia. Even with lighter ‘wool’ I’m eager to do the Aran stitches, I’ve always loved them but haven’t knitted much in recent years. Time to start, I believe! The garments here are inspirational, thank you!

  17. marilynjoshi says:

    I am looking for a mans Fisherman knit pullover in the
    true fisherman knit pattern. I had a book years ago, made
    more than a dozen of them, and just recently cannot find that
    booklet. It was not a hardback book … just a 9.5 x 11 with
    maybe 15-20 pages. It was fabulous.

  18. Joan de Kock says:

    This is MOST beautiful!!! Thank you!!

  19. Ally says:

    Hi I have found a cable sweater you can buy online but I really would like to knit it myself. Is there any people or sites that can make a able knitting pattern from a picture please?

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