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Best Game of Thrones Knitting Patterns

The eagerly anticipated new season of Game of Thrones is almost upon us. Love it, hate it or scream with frustration at it – however you feel about the whirlwind of action and emotion that is Game of Thones, you have to admit that the hype around each new season is impressive. If you’re not familiar with GoT, it is an epic fantasy drama set in the mythical world of Westeros, based on novels by George R. R. Martin . The rich array of characters and complex power struggles combined with amazing landscapes and elaborate history make GoT one of the most ambitious shows out there. And boy do they pull it off! Sarah Hughes, Guardian, gets it spot on:

“It’s sprawling, complicated, and occasionally cheesy, and it really shouldn’t work as effectively it does, dragging the audience along for a brutal but exhilarating ride that all too frequently ends with viewers saying, “I can’t believe they just did that”, as yet another fan favourite ends up face down, dead in the dust.”

So, I jumped at the chance to combine knitting with my favourite TV show, and when delving deeper, I’ve found there are other dedicated GoT knitters lurking out there! I have compiled the best Game of Thrones knitting and crochet projects out there. So get to work! (Might be best to knit during the advert breaks, as its definitely a ‘blink-and-you-miss-it’ kind of show!)

1. Dany Handwarmers

Relate to Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, with these dragon scale hand-warmers. Use Rowan Fine Tweed (Settle 374) for a gorgeous dragon egg effect.

Dani Mittens

2. Lady Catelyn Cardigan

This elegant cardigan is inspired by Lady Catelyn Stark, a beautiful and loyal woman who would protect her family at any cost. Avril, the designer explains: “For this cardigan I wanted to make something that was constructed in an interesting way but that remained beautiful with clean lines and wearable. The resulting cardigan has some tricky bits to knit and is wonderful to wear.” 

Lady Catelyn Cardigan

The original yarn used has been discontinued, so we recommend using either Rowan Pure Wool DK or Rowan Purelife Revive for just as beautiful results.

Rowan Pure Wool DKRowan Purelife Revive

3. ‘Winter Is Coming’ Cushion

Winter is Coming Cushion Winter is Coming Cushion

Don’t dare to forget the immortal words of  House Stark with this cushion featuring their sigil, the direwolf. Knit this cushion with Katia Peru or Wendy Mode Chunky. If you’d prefer something you can wear with pride around town, you can find the pattern for a ‘Winter Is Coming’ scarf here.

4. Crochet Dragons

Dragons – one of the best things about Game of Thrones – have really grown this season! From the trailers, the dragons are looking more like fearsome killers, rather than pets and there even a hint that Daenerys’ control over them might be waning… Can’t wait to see how this develops! In the meantime, try your hand at these cute crochet dragons. Drogon in black, Rhaegal in green and Viserion in gold.

We recommend Red Heart Lisa or Patons 100% Cotton DK – both are great value, with loads of choice for colour.


Crochet Dragons

5. Dragon Eggs

On the theme of dragons, these crochet dragons eggs are fantastic. You could try using Red Heart Margareta for a range of fab colours, or Fyberspates Scrumptious 4 Ply for a beautiful shimmery, shiny effect.

Crochet dragons eggs

6. House Sigil Blanket 

Knit the House Family Sigils and Words onto this fabulous blanket! Houses include Tulley, Greyjoy, Lannister, Tyrell, Stark, Martell, Baratheon, Targaryen and Arryn. This is a project for a die hard fan, and the result is so rewarding!

Game of Thrones Blanket

7. Pick Your Own Direwolf!

Pick your own direwolf

I could resist putting these direwolf figures in – they match up with the descriptions of the Stark’s own direwolves. You can buy them ready made, but unfortunately we don’t have a pattern. If you love them, you’ll be even more impressed by the characters to accompany the wolves (below). Absolutely fantastic! If anyone would like to make us some for the office, we will be eternally grateful.


I hope you are truly inspired and will go forth to continue the knitted Game of Thrones trend! Enjoy Season 4 (I know you will!) and on that note I only have one thing left to say…

Valar morghulis.

About the Author

Faith has just recently launched herself into the wonderful world of knitting and is excited by the possibilities! She also loves baking, Italy and all types of dogs (but is in the midst of a pug obsession)!

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9 Responses to Best Game of Thrones Knitting Patterns

  1. Paula Fisher says:

    Some beautiful knits there! I can’t wait to try the cushion and hand warmers. I may even go for the house grids, not sure yet lol.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Catherine A. McClarey says:

    I have got to try some of those amigurumi dragons! Hopefully someone will create crochet patterns for those direwolves and Stark family dolls (without having either HBO or George R.R. Martin sue them for copyright violation).

  3. Dona Carruth says:

    Thank you for including my Handwarmers! I also have Danni’s Gloves available on Ravelry too!
    Love the Dire Wolf!

    • Faith says:

      Hey Dona, the handwarmers and gloves are both gorgeous! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. All the best, Faith

  4. cvb says:

    Fantastic – love those dragons!

  5. Charlie Bessell says:

    I have just tried to access the House sigil grids but the website says that they are no longer available. Is there anyone else who has these available?

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