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Britain’s Next Top Knitwear Designer – the top 10 finalists

We’ve very pleased to announce the top 10 finalists in our Britain’s Next Top Knitwear Designer competition!

We were so amazed by the fantastic knitting talent, it was a real challenge to pick the 10 best designs. The entries we saw were so diverse – from soon-to-be textiles graduates to new knitters who only picked up the needles a few months ago.

We saw new shapes we’ve never seen in knitting and classic pieces reimagined in a new way. Thank you to everyone who entered – we hope you will continue knitting and designing patterns because you’re a very talented bunch!

We recently invited our judges Debbie Bliss, Emma Kasyan, Kate Carter, Perri Lewis, Stefanie Rycraft-Jones, and our very own Edward Griffith to LoveKnitting HQ to pick the winner.

We had a great day and our judges engaged in many interesting debates, but we’re not allowed to reveal the winner just yet…! For now, take a look at our top 10 finalists (in alphabetical order below)… Drum roll please…

Update: Just can’t take the anticipation? Click here to see who won!

1. Alison Mason

Britain's Next Top Knitwear Designer - The Top 10 Finalists

2. Elmina Fors

Britain's Next Top Knitwear Designer - The Top 10 Finalists

3. Emma Wright

Britain's Next Top Knitwear Designer - The Top 10 Finalists

4. Freya Midgley

Britain's Next Top Knitwear Designer - The Top 10 Finalists

5. Jowie Lai

Britain's Next Top Knitwear Designer - The Top 10 Finalists

6. Julie Ferguson

Britain's Next Top Knitwear Designer - The Top 10 Finalists

7. Laurie Bessems

Britain's Next Top Knitwear Designer - The Top 10 Finalists

8. Nilza Pereira

Britain's Next Top Knitwear Designer - The Top 10 Finalists

9. Sally Hiscock
Britain's Next Top Knitwear Designer - The Top 10 Finalists

10. Whitney Ivey

Britain's Next Top Knitwear Designer - The Top 10 Finalists

Which design is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

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51 Responses to Britain’s Next Top Knitwear Designer – the top 10 finalists

  1. Lynne Thomson says:

    I love number 7 (Laurie Bessems) – it hit all the right buttons! Some of the other designs try that bit too hard to be complex without showing any real style.

  2. Silvia says:

    Both 3 and 4 are my style. But Freya Midgley (4) is my favourite

  3. Lorna says:

    Freya Midgely stands out from the rest, in a class of her own. Stylish and wearable yet innovative design.

    • Thank you so much. Almost made me cry. This is the first pattern I have ever designed or written up. Comments like this are really encouraging me to get on with the next one.

      Thanks you. x

  4. Maggie Pospisil says:

    Maybe because it’s the middle of winter here in Australia my favourite is No 7 Laurie Bessems. It looks so soft and cuddly warm. Gorgeous yarn and colours!

  5. Bee King says:

    Number 4 is my favourite it is stunning, would live to have a pattern to make this 🙂

  6. Love Freya’s design as it could be worn by any age of person and is a flattering shape.

  7. gillian thurley says:

    2,3 & 5, but absolute fav is No 8 Laurie Bessems. Wouldn’t Autumn and winter be fab with this 🙂

  8. It is so hard to chose.

    I love the colour-work and shape in 2 by Elmina Fors. I think I would really enjoy watching these patterns develop on the needles.
    I’d love to know how the sleeves and textural body on 3 by Emma Wright, are achieved.
    Both 7 by Laurie Bessems and 5 by Jowie Lai look so squishy and wonderfully snug, I want to be wrapped up in one of them soon.

  9. Sarah Brunning says:

    I just love number 3. What a great, fun design it is. Would defiently wear and would love to make 🙂

  10. Rosemary says:

    No 6 Julie ferguson very chic for a teenager

  11. Ria McCormack says:

    I love the simple elegance of #9

  12. Alison Smith says:

    No. 4, Freya Midgely’s work is gorgeous, stylish and totallu wearable. I’d buy it and wear it with delight. Zhe’s got major talent, imo.

  13. Pauline Beddoes says:

    Freya’s design. No. 4. It’s streets ahead of the others.

  14. #9 which can be worn by many age groups. It’s lovely. #8 is second, but only for the petite person. Love the lace of #1 and the complexity of #2 and 5. #6 is good if the opening is closed to the navel (I am older) and #10 is pretty for a younger person. Not to take away from #3 and 4, they are well done, just not to my personal taste. Couldn’t make out #7 from the photos. Could be my vision–might have to see this one in real life to make it out.

  15. Liz McDonald says:

    LAurie Bessems looks good, but the one that is pressing all the right buttons for me is Jowie Lai. Fascinating use of aran knitting.

  16. Nina Carras says:

    2, 3 and 5

  17. carolee ann says:

    i love the Julie Ferguson design.

  18. Bridget says:

    6 and 8

  19. Gemma Jones says:

    loving 10, 9, 8 and 2 – so clever & pretty 🙂

  20. Susan prendergast says:

    Like numbers 6 and 9

  21. Pat scoledge says:

    I love numbers 6,8,and 9 the style is so cute and I would wear

  22. Angela Corbett says:

    I love the Julie Ferguson design, so pretty.

  23. Marian Anear says:

    Love No. 4

  24. Patricia says:

    I love number 6 and 9 and the colours of number 7

  25. Becky says:

    I like # 8 &9 best.

  26. Miki Bennett says:

    I love the Julie Ferguson design (6) as it’s very pretty, wearable and stylish.

  27. Barbara Long says:

    I like 4 (fascinating), 6 (fun), and 8 (so pretty). They make me want to knit them.

  28. Sharni Wimbridge says:

    3,4,6,8 and 9

  29. Deirdre Godfray says:

    Torn between 1, 4 & 9.

  30. mrs d allwright says:

    no 6 and no 8 are beautiful no 5 is hideous and looks totally shapeless

    • Nilza Pereira says:

      Thanks a bunch for your lovely comments and to everyone that liked my pattern.

  31. Marco says:

    4 stands out for me from a design point of view but the colour (though elegant) is too dull for my taste.

  32. Joan says:

    1st choice is # 9
    2nd is # 6
    3rd is # 8

  33. Connie says:

    Number 8 is my favourite. Love the neckline detail! If I had a second choice, it would definitely be number 6.

  34. Sue Hunt says:

    No. 6 closely followed by no. 8

  35. My pattern number 4, is available to purchase through my Ravelery store.

  36. Nilza Pereira says:

    I want to thank loveknitting for chosing my pattern as one of the finalists – there were many beautiful designs and a lot if hard work that went into each garment I’m sure.
    Well done Emma for winning.
    For all the kind words people said about my design I thank you all. I know everyone is busy but some stopped long enough to support me and the other designers as well. Thanks.
    My pattern is finally up to buy on
    Best wishes and happy knitting – Nilza

  37. Sandy Osborne says:

    I do like #6 as a design, but I think it could be one of those stick-figures only type designs. I could never wear it personally. I think #10 has a more universal appeal, though I would prefer a slightly less flared variation.

  38. Barbara mcgibben says:

    No.4. Is a clear winner,in my eyes.The asymmetrical look is spot on and it flatters beautifully.

  39. emma says:

    Definitely no 4! 🙂

  40. Vicki B says:

    Loving numbers 6 and 8. I would do the bottom solid, without the opening on #6 and as for #8, wouldn’t change a thing. So cute!

  41. Carolyn says:

    I love number 9 would like to knit that myself.

  42. miranda says:

    No 3 for me – love it! So cute and the back is really surprising.

  43. Nadia says:

    No. 4 is the best by far. Wearable, interesting construction, individual.

  44. Jenny Baldwin says:

    Number 4 for me too

  45. Sophy Lewis says:

    #4 – As is, an interesting top; if lengthened, a classic dress, especially in darkest grey. I would make both sleeves cap style, however, but that is merely my personal preference.

    In second place – #9. It is a style women of any age could wear, and its character could be changed by using less contrasting yarn and/or beads.

    Everything else is unwearable.

  46. Carol ryan says:

    What is this? A contest to see who can make the most ridiculous knitted item? None of these are stylish and most border on ridiculous. Best one? None. Start over.

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