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Can You Spot the Knitwear in These Images?

British Brighton-based photographer Joseph Ford‘s new photographic collection stitches knitting, photography and visual direction together to create mind-bending illusions that show knitwear blend into its surroundings! 

With knitted sweaters crafted by Ford’s colleague Nina Dodd, inspired by urban locations, the stunning project stitches together superb art direction and fibercraft to play with perception!

Four years in the making, Ford’s distinct work is all about the detail. Each sweater taking an estimated 40 hours to craft inspired by carefully selected locations including a bus, running track, street art and even a hedge!

At LoveKnitting, we love to see our favorite craft used by current artists like Ford in challenging perceptions and pushing creative boundaries!

Which camouflage knit is your favorite? Why not let us know in the comments below!

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17 Responses to Can You Spot the Knitwear in These Images?

  1. Jenn dirocco says:

    They are all very cool! And so good! I like the dog, it’s just so cute and the camo really blends with the leafy shrubs. I think the track, and the other one with the wall, the strips line up so perfectly.
    There’s a horror movie, of course I can’t rememebr the title but the guy that is going around killing people uses body paint to blend into the walls of the victims apartment buildings! Of course this reminds me of that!

  2. From Granny to You says:

    I love the fellow knitting on the bus. And the dog. They are great. All are clever, but those two are my favoutites.

  3. Liz C says:

    I like the man’s V-neck cardigan in the tile pattern – cool in blues and visually interesting

  4. Claire says:

    These are amazing! Every one is a work of art. If I have to choose – and it’s a very difficult choice – I’m going for the two ladies sitting on the tiles. Their jumpers blend in so well that their heads look as if they’ve been stuck on the wall! 🤣

  5. Kate Crockford says:

    All very amazing – so hard to choose a favourite, but I think it is the dog, he blends in so well with the hedge, a fantastic piece of work!

  6. Sarah Burkinshaw says:

    Are the ladies twins? I love the dog’s coat.

  7. Lori Giffoni says:

    These photos are absolutely incredible! The precision of each knitted piece takes my breath away! Claire’s comment is right on but did she also notice the tote on the tile floor between the ladies? 😜 And, what I really enjoy is the expression of each model. They seem to be having such fun showing off the Nina Dodd’s beautiful artwork! 🤓

  8. Ruth says:

    I love the ivy puppy dog.

  9. Beverly says:

    Naw, it’s the woman on the sidewalk! I wonder how many people almost stepped on her!

  10. Barbara says:

    Very talented artist. Every one of these images are just wonderful. Difficult decision, but I chose the puppy. With my second choice the man on the bus.

  11. Sue says:

    Got to be the man on the bus! All are amazing, but that’s the one i like the best!

  12. Janet Alcántara says:

    What mind-blowing precision. And imagination! Graffiti Cat puzzled me: how did they get the model behind the painted paw lines? When—duh—I realized the lines were on the sweater.

  13. Gina says:

    All so special. Favourite is the man on the bus. Next the man standing against the blue check wall and finally the dog.

  14. Bernadette says:

    I had to go back twice to the picture of the man on the ladder with the graffiti cat – I didn’t see him at first – extremely good camouflage! Loving the man on the bus too but was more fascinated by his beard.

  15. Anna from Canada says:

    The dog and knitting guy – for the win! 🙂

  16. Cynthia Rigoni says:

    The man knitting on the bus. Such a juxtaposition of the values we have with a young,bearded, and tattooed gent sitting calmly doing color work in a public transportation. He is knitting in public for us all.

  17. Juana says:

    I agree with Liz C….I like the man’s V-neck cardigan in the tile pattern.

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