Charity Knits Squirrel Dolls by Fuzzytuft for Westmorland Red Squirrels Charity.

Published on July 11th, 2017 | by Siân


Charity Tuesday: Knitting for Red Squirrels

Fuzzytuft sells her knitting patterns on our site to help raise money for the Westmorland Red Squirrels Charity. Find out how you can help the cause!

Squirrel Dolls by Fuzzytuft for Westmorland Red Squirrels Charity.

How does knitting help to save the red squirrels?

Wendy Phillips is selling her knitting patterns for squirrel toys to raise money for the Westmorland Red Squirrel Society. When you buy her patterns, the proceeds will be used by the charity to help keep a healthy population of red squirrels in South East Cumbria, UK. You’ll also be able to make a new toy for a little one in your life!

What happened to the red squirrels?

Grey squirrels carry a virus called ‘squirrel pox’ that has affected the population. They are also notoriously greedy and don’t leave much for red squirrels in an area. Red squirrels were once able to be found all over the UK, but since the introduction of grey squirrels into the country the numbers have declined. Unfortunately the red squirrel is now an endangered species.

Where can I find the charity knitting patterns?

We have Wendy’s patterns on our website – her designer name is ‘Fuzzytuft‘. The patterns are just adorable, there’s even a Santa Squirrel toy! It’s a great opportunity to use up some of your stash and donate money to a lovely charity.

uzzytuft toy squirrel knitting pattern

Do you have a charity project you’re working on? Share your stories in the comments below!


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2 Responses to Charity Tuesday: Knitting for Red Squirrels

  1. Janice Spencer says:

    I have made the Red Squirrel walker. He is really lovely although as he is small the sewing up took a long time to complete. Worth it though!

  2. kathy Boyer says:

    Love charity knits. I have been Knitting and Crocheting Twiddle Mitts for residents of the MEmory Center at Glen St. Andrews in Chicago. I’ve knit them in memory of my mother who passed recently of Alzheimers. The mitts are simple to make and they keep patients hands busy as they sit.

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