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Published on November 24th, 2014 | by Merion


Christmas jumper MAKEOVER!

We love a Christmas jumper!   You might have seen our post last week about Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day on December 12th, and it started us thinking – instead of buying a new Christmas jumper, why not design your own and make a donation to Save the Children!  Grab a jumper, any jumper, and embellish it!  Welcome to the LoveKnitting Christmas Jumper Makeover Guide!

First, find your jumperthis could be an old favourite, one that you swap with a friend, or one you pick up in a charity shop!

Fur is a fast and fabulous way to embellish your jumpers, and we have some corkers for you!  King Cole Krystal Fur - Loveknitting blogKing Cole Krystal Fur is a sumptuous fur yarn – knit or stitch straight on to the hem and cuffs of your jumper for a really festive Santa style!    The white shade is fabulously Christmassy, but don’t forget the red (Lava, 1218) or the blue (Regal, 1219) – both add fun!

Other fur yarns include Sirdar Funky Fox, which would make super edging, or indeed, in Diva Green, a fantastic Christmas Tree!  Sew one into the centre of your jumper – sew the outline first, and then over sew with your fur yarn, adding as many branches as you like!

Wendy Yeti is another fur yarn that is super value, and for a super funky bright coloured fur yarn, try Lang Yarns Softhair, a truly versatile yarn that can be knitted into a band to stitch around the cuffs and hem of a jumper!  In bright and zingy colours, you can make any jumper super festive! For glamour, try Bergere de France Abakan, a sparkly soft fur yarn that knits into super soft thick fur fabric.   King Cole Tinsel Chunky is the most festive yarn of all!   Zig zag this fabulous yarn up and down the front of your jumper to create a Christmas tree, stitch to secure and decorate with pompoms and buttons!King Cole Tinsel Chunky - Loveknitting blog

Crochet…  a crocheted edge adds beautiful finish to any piece of knitting, but particularly on the hem and edge of sleeves.  The video below shows how to create a picot edging, which will give your jumper little icicles, particularly if you use a sparkly yarn!  King Cole Glitz DK is a fabulously shimmery DK yarn, which will crochet on a 4.5mm hook.  This Handbook of Crochet Stitches is a handy guide, with lots of fantastic edging ideas –  and using yarn with a metallic twist, like James C Brett Twinkle DK– you can create some beautiful festive crochet touches!


Tiddly-om-pom-pom!  there’s always room for a pom pom!  We have some brilliant Rico Creative Pom Pom yarn on standby in case you don’t feel quite ready to make your own (in 15 fabulous shades!) and some brilliant pom pom makers – make your pom poms from any scrap yarn, or one of the fabulous twinkly yarns listed here!   Use pompoms for baubles on a tree, Rudolf’s red nose, or as a fabulous edging!

Knit some holly … this brilliant pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits for knitted holly is beautiful, or you could try your hand at these darling little Knitted holly and berries - Loveknitting blogcrocheted holly leaves from Lucy at Attic 24 and stitch them on to your jumper.

Faux-intarsia…  it takes a long time, and a lot of patience to knit an intarsia motif on a Christmas jumper.  Why not embroider it instead?  Take any Christmas chart, and some scrap yarn, and use the duplicate stitch method to sew some Christmas into your jumper.  Our fabulous knitter Amy Kaspar has written instructions on how to duplicate stitch to help you!

Christmas tree chart - Loveknitting blog There are so many ways to makeover a jumper and make it Christmassy – with glue, felt and pom poms you can create almost anything – but don’t forget the reason that we wear our Christmas jumpers, to raise money for Save the Children.

In more than 120 countries, Save the Children brings life-saving healthcare to millions of people each year, and makes sure children get the education, protection and the food they need to grow up healthy.  Here in the UK, they help children living in severe poverty get a better start in life.  By wearing a Christmas jumper on Friday 12th you can help make the world better by wearing a sweater!  For more information visit

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