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Christmas Knit-A-Long: Full pattern and your amazing work

Download the complete Knit-A-Long pattern in full to knit again and again and take a look at the incredible finished results from K-A-L knitters around the world!

Our festive Knit-A-Long came to an end last week, finishing with the lovely hat pattern, I’m very sad to be ending this lovely K-A-L journey with you! *sobs* But let’s end on a happy note! Well done to everyone involved and a big thanks to Monica for providing us with this pattern! We have been overwhelmed with the involvement and feedback from all over the world and we were all so impressed by the creativity you knitters have! Take a look at some of the wonderful jumpers and hats made by you lovely knitters. If you haven’t already shared yours or are still going, upload them to the comment box below for all to see! Click on the button below to download the pattern in full!


AMANDA LoveKnitting festive K-A-L progress

Amanda made four beautiful jumpers in a range of colours!

ANDREA - LoveKnitting festive K-A-L progress

We were so impressed by Andrea’s neat knitting

CAROLE - LoveKnitting festive K-A-L progress

Carole opted for a luscious green shade.

CINDY IRVINE - LoveKnitting festive K-A-L progress

Cindy Irvine mixed it up and changed the neckline, Monica was so impressed!

ELLY COPPEN - LoveKnitting festive K-A-L progress

Elly Coppen’s lovely little hat

HAZEYJ - LoveKnitting festive K-A-L progress

HazeyJ opted for tassels on the hat and we love the finished result!

JOAN SCHMIDT - LoveKnitting festive K-A-L progress

We love the rich shade Joan Schmidt chose and just look at those lovely buttons!

JO-ANN (MATCHING MITTENS PATTERN)  - LoveKnitting festive K-A-L progress

Jo-Ann even made her own matching mittens! She’s given us her pattern to make them which you can find in the comment box at the bottom of the page here.

KERRY - LoveKnitting festive K-A-L progress

Kerry’s finished result is something to be proud of!

MARYB - LoveKnitting festive K-A-L progress

MaryB has such lovely knitting, don’t you agree?

RAINY - LoveKnitting festive K-A-L progress

We love the shade Rainy chose!

SIAN - LoveKnitting festive K-A-L progressSian showed us her progress so far, it was lovely to see how everyone was getting on!

Susan Emery  - LoveKnitting festive K-A-L progress

Susan Emery ‘s colourway is so different and we love it!

Khistina Leetham - LoveKnitting festive K-A-L progress

Well done Khistina Leetham on your finished result!

ADHITI - STILL GOING - LoveKnitting festive K-A-L progress

There are lots of people who joined us later and are still knitting, so give people like Adhiti encouragement and tips and show them your final results in the comment box below!

We’ve put the full pattern, along with materials needed, sizings and charts in to one handy download so you can keep it for your records. Click the button below to download it.


Give yourself a refresher on all the techniques we learned along the way with .. Have a read

Stranded Knitting

For the front and back of the jumper and the hat you will take on the stranded snowflakes, which are knitted using the stranding method. Inside your pattern download you will find a knitting chart to follow. If this is your first time following a chart or trying stranded knitting, read our handy guide on how to read a chart. Click here to read the guide.

Joining Yarn

When you work the snowflake chart, you’ll need to join in colour B (white), if you haven’t done this before, don’t worry! It truly is simple. Read this guide for joining on a new ball of yarn.

Honeycomb cable

The front part of the pattern will see some honeycomb cabling, which is a great stitch pattern that is easy to follow. Click here to learn more about the honeycomb cable.

Two at a time Sleeves

There aren’t many special techniques needed for knitting the sleeves as you’ll see, but you might want to consider knitting the sleeves two-at-a-time, which is  a simple technique to ensure sleeve lengths are the same either side. See my progress here.


You might want to block your work before you get started as this will make the making up process a whole lot easier. Some of you have asked for some tips on how to do this. Our top tip is to only wet block natural fibres. Wool blocks beautifully. This is because the fibre is malleable when wet, and retains the position it dries into. Other animal fibres, like alpaca, cashmere and angora, also block well. Man made yarns, like acrylic, nylon and polyester, don’t block well. The fibres don’t react to water, and they don’t set like wool fibres do. Other natural fibres, like cotton and linen, can be blocked but the effect may be less dramatic. An alternative to wet blocking is to steam block pieces. To do this, you pin the project out first. Build up a good head of steam on your iron, and bring it close to the project without touching it, until it’s damp. Be wary though – the heat can damage many fibres.

Read this great blog post to find out how to block and more do’s and dont’s!

Monica’s top tip:

“Use a steam iron to press your garment on the wrong side, If you don’t have a steam iron use a damp tea towel underneath a regular iron.”

Mattress Stitch

To sew the shoulder seams, Monica suggests using the mattress stitch, a seaming technique that can be almost undetectable when done correctly. It comes in handy when seaming stocking stitch pieces together, because you then have the stability of a seam without actually seeing it! If you’ve never done it before and want to find out how, then check out our blog post explaining how here.

Monica’s top tip:

“Weave all ends into the back of the finished piece. I prefer to use a mattress stitch to sew up all my knitting as you end up with a very small seam. For both items the mattress stitch is done with the right sides facing.”

Also check out this video by Berroco to see the Mattress Stitch in action:


Some of you have asked us how you can enlarge the neckline. The pattern requires you to sew up for 5cm along the shoulder seam. However, a simple suggestion is to sew up less than this, leaving a larger gap in the middle. You can also always add 2 buttons to close the shoulders if you need to.

Monica has provided another alternative with a simple pattern adaption as follows:

  • Using 3.75mm needles and right side of work facing pick up and knit 27( 30: 33: 36) sts from the neckline.
  • On wrong side of work cast off your stitches purlwise
  • Sew shoulder seams 4cms from the outside edge using a mattress stitch with with right sides facing
  • Sew one button 1/2 cm from neckline on each side of your jumper
  • Sew on chains to correspond  with where your buttons have been placed

Pom Pom 

For the hat, you’ll need to make two little pom poms. If you’ve never made one before, click here for a quick and simple picture tutorial teaching you how to make it using a fork!

LoveKnitting festive K-A-L

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You can find all the blog posts from the festive K-A-L here.

What did you love most about our Knit-A-Long and what would you like to see in future K-A-L’s?

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19 Responses to Christmas Knit-A-Long: Full pattern and your amazing work

  1. SUSAN EMERY says:

    I enjoyed knitting with others, and seeing the various and different garments. Next maybe we could go for cable cushions (very trendy) scarf/snood or even a ladies jumper. I have a lovely square blanket pattern we could do in pram, cot, lap quilt or a big blanket

  2. Pam Chown says:

    Finally finished and my doll has now got clothes. Thank you so much for this pattern

  3. Pauline says:

    Love seeing the garment made up in different colours. They all look amazing and I am now inspired to make this for my granddaughter. The red, although lovely, was less attractive because it doesn’t suit her colouring and also I’ll be making it for our Australian winter and therefore not as a Christmas jumper 🙂

  4. Jody Wyles says:

    I love seeing all these projects. I haven’t been able to join in as I’ve been bogged down with Christmas knits so I will get to it after Christmas.

  5. Jean Dwyer says:

    I loved knitting this pattern for my Grand daughter, I had not knit for years and this was a great way to restart. The outfit turned out really well and can’t wait to see her in it! All the helpful hints were great, I especially loved the video on the mattress stich, what a difference it makes. Many thanks, Happy Christmas!

  6. Joy Risher says:

    Like Jody, I’ve got the materials but haven’t been able to start the KAL Christmas project. Also love seeing all the different colors and combinations. Once I finish one more Christmas gift I’ll be able to start it!

  7. Judy Shaw says:

    Unfortunately I couldn’t get the full pattern to print out, only part of the page printed even though I had it on “fit to page”. :>( It’s very cute thoug.

  8. Mary. Elizabeth says:

    I really enjoyed being a pat of this collective knitting project. There are a lot of lucky grandchildren, nieces, nephews, children out there receiving a lovely Christmas sweater knit with love! I enjoyed the pace and not having to feel pressured that it all had to be completed at once. I learned new techniques, especially the stranded knitting and all in all just loved the motivation /incentive behind completing the project. I appreciated the various questions, queries, and tips from the participants and “coaches”. Hope there will be another Christmas sweater next year for babies, toddlers, young children. I sent my Christmas package off without remembering to take a “proper” photo but this will give you an idea of the finished project. I used Santa teddy bear buttons which my daughter loved. My sweater was knitted for my three month old grandson. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all participants. May your year ahead be filled with good health, much love and joy unending!

  9. Anni says:

    Thank you so much for this Christmas K.A.L I have appreciated it so much. Having not knitted for many years it was a wonderful project which got me back into colour work and cable and completing a whole item.

    It has built my confidence and I can’t wait for the next KAL but please keep it small as not all of us can keep up. That was a nice size.

    Thank you !!!

  10. Yvonne says:

    I really like the pattern and plan to make it soon. I liked seeing the variety of colors and add-ons fellow knitters chose…..what a talented bunch.

  11. MaryB says:

    Finished in time for Christmas!

    Thank you so much for organising this. I found it an inspiring project from printing out the first pattern and the first casting on, to now having a completed sweater and hat. I feel a lovely sense of achievement too, not just for myself, but also for all the other KAL knitters – from around the world – who have shared ‘the journey’ and achieved so much too.
    Looking forward to seeing what the New Year brings – maybe another KAL?

    Meanwhile, I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for 2015. Mary x

  12. Pam Pam says:

    Finally finished it right before Christmas! I have managed altering the pattern to make short sleeves and using crochet for the neckline. I’m proud of myself and thank you for all the useful tips on the blog! Wish you all a very Merry Christmas:))

  13. Marie Cornfield says:

    This was such a happy project to knit along with fellow knitters across the world, my area being Canada! Thank you for organizing KAL. I’m looking forward to the next one. Here is my effort. Merry Christmas to all!

  14. Adhiti says:

    Im no where near finished- I’m still awaiting a reply to my question I emailed in!

  15. Michele tong says:

    Hi, this got me knitting again as I have just retired from work, I knitted two together because I was waiting for the next part.
    They were both worn over Xmas and continue in this cold weather.

  16. Michele tong says:

    And the second for a smaller baby with large head, had to keep unpicking shoulders and adding buttons.

  17. Kari says:

    I noticed that Susan Emery ‘s bottom was done with a different pattern than the plan straight stitch. What was that and how did she fit it into the snowflake so well? It is really beautiful and I love the color combination also.
    I am just starting my project. I would have preferred a different DK yarn for a more defined stitch. Never mind. I thought it was best to go with the recommended yarn since I am not very experienced with how different yarns will look. I wish I was also more creative with the color combinations I saw. Congratulations to those knitters with the original combinations. They are beautiful. I am getting better with knitting with the different colors also. I have knit a lot but mostly for babies and many afghans.

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