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Christmas Knit-A-Long: Jenni’s progress part 2

Started part two of our Christmas Knit-A-Long yet? Here is Jenni’s knitting progress for the front. We can’t wait to hear how you are getting along too – don’t forget to tell us in the comments box below!

My progress is finally here! I apologise for the delay and so sorry for the inconvenience of taking down the pattern. We wanted to make sure it was perfect for you all and we finally worked out what had gone wrong.  For the smaller size, which is the size I am knitting, there are no issues, so if you have made this size, you’re all good. However, for all other sizes, there was an issue with the number of sts to cast off at the neckline, which I think some of you spotted and corrected yourself, but it meant that the stitches were not aligned. The stranding section is fine, so no need to change this.

Now that it is updated, I’d like to share my progress with you, and hope that you will too! I enjoyed knitting the front part of the jumper but I must admit I was quite nervous at first because it was my first time knitting honeycomb cable! However, once I started, I realised just how easy it is! Once I had finished, it felt great to look at it and say I knitted that! Do you feel like that too?

I did something slightly different to what was stated in the pattern at the neckline cast off section. Instead of casting off, I put the stitches onto a pin so that I don’t have to pick up and knit that section later, which should give the neck a little more stretch (I’m knitting the small size so it might be easier on a bigger more wobbly baby head). This means there won’t be a seam there, but if I don’t like the way it looks or it turns out to be too loose, I’ll take it back it back and knit as instructed. I sometimes try to make my own little changes to a pattern if I think they’ll be easier, but they don’t always work out and they’re not for everyone! Take a look at my picture progress…

DSC_0422 DSC_0424 DSC_0427

How are you getting on? Share your progress!

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31 Responses to Christmas Knit-A-Long: Jenni’s progress part 2

  1. Pam says:

    I’m stuck…please HELP! So happy to receive the revised part 2 of the pattern so I could continue my (2) sweaters (0-3 and 12-18). But now that I’m at the c/o at the neck I’m confused. I’m probably not reading the instructions correctly but could use some clarification. After the initial neck c/o of 9 stitches do I complete the row and the following row (wrong side) “in pattern” before continuing the 2 stitch c/o on the next right side row? Then do I also continue “in pattern” until the remainder of the c/o stitches are complete before I continue in ST st? For some reason the remaining stitches I have to c/o on the last shoulder row isn’t correct. PLEASE HELP! Thank you… the sweater:-)!!!


    • Jenni says:

      Hi Pam,

      I will take a look now and get back to you asap!

      All the best,

      • Pam says:

        Thanks Jenni! The way I was reading the pattern, after the center 9 st c/o there s/b 25 st remaining on each shoulder (this is the 12-18 mth size). When adding all the following c/o’s (2 st x 1 and 1 st x 3 totaling 5 total c/o st) there will be 20 st remaining. But the last instruction says to c/o remaining 18 st not 20. I’m sure I’m misinterpreting the instructions but want to get it right.

        • Jenni says:

          Hi Pam,

          Ah I see the issue – this is a fault of ours which we have updated on the pattern. You are completely right and not misinterpreting the pattern, you just need to cast off the 20sts and that will be fine. Everything for the 0-3 months should be good, but please do let me know if you have any troubles. Hope this helps you to get the front finished now in time for the next part tomorrow!!

          All the best,

          • Pam says:

            Thank you for your help Jenni! I might not finish my (2) sweater fronts by tomorrow but will definitely catch up over the weekend.
            Kindest regards,

  2. MaryB says:

    Nice to be back on track!

    I like the idea of putting the stitches on a needle holder for added stretch and softness. (without a seam). Might change mine later but couldn’t face another unpicking right now! The sides of your neckline look longer than mine. I hope mine will be loose enough.

    • Jenni says:

      Hi Mary,

      Looks great! It’s so lovely to see your progress and so so glad you are back on track! If you feel the neckline is a bit tight, you can leave a larger gap when making it up at the end. But we can talk through this when we come to that. The next part will be available tomorrow!

      All the best,

  3. Jo Ann says:

    Didn’t receive revised Part 2. I did receive the revised Part 1. I’m knitting 12-18 month size. I got started late. Just beginning Part 2.

    • Jenni says:

      Hi Jo Ann,

      So sorry about that! The third part will still be here (it’s coming today) when you are ready to get started – if you have any problems just let me know here and I will help you the best I can, although I doubt you will have any 🙂

      Enjoy knitting the front!

      All the best,

  4. rajkumari says:

    Hi,completed front part also…can not wait for the next part:).

    • Jenni says:

      Brilliant! Next part coming today so if you’re signed up, keep an eye on your e-mail or check back on the blog for an update!

      All the best,

  5. Elly Coppen says:

    Sofar it went well. I’m Dutch, so I have to het used to the pattern in English. Hereby my result, front and back.

  6. Elly Coppen says:

    The picture of the front doesn’t show, I will try again.

  7. Elly Coppen says:

    Sorry Cor THE spellingmistakes, my IPad corrects my English info Dutch and sometimes I do not see that in time.

  8. SUSAN EMERY says:

    I am at stage where cannot wait for sleeve is that today?

    • Jenni says:

      Hi Susan, next part is coming very soon (yes it’s today!) Keep an eye out for your e-mail or check back here very soon.

      All the best,

  9. Donna says:

    I was doing fine till I got to the neckline. Can you please explain cast o0 (cast off?) – why the second 0? I don’t understand what to do when I get to –
    2 sts x 1
    1 st x 2 (2:3:3) times.
    When I finish neck shaping and cast o0 stitches for the shoulder, do I bind off the stitches?
    Thank you.

  10. Mai Chang says:

    The pattern went well, and it’s so good to see how everyone is getting theirs done. Starting the sleeves tomorrow.

  11. Donna says:

    I’m making the largest size.

    Never mind my last question. I can see that I need to bind off the shoulders.

  12. joan schmidt says:

    My front and back snow flakes are really different, I know its me but after ripping it out a few times, it is staying. I found the problem though, my computer printed out the pattern without the last row on the left, leaving me always short stiches. So I printed it out on legal paper and tada, there is the full pattern. So OK I do it again, still I have done something wrong as I said the snow flakes are not great. My husband said, doesn’t matter, all snow flakes are different. LOL Now I start the yoke and find I again have to many stiches. If I knit 20 from the pattern, on the left I have 22 I again have ripped it out and decided to message to see if again its ME!!

    • Jenni says:

      Hi Joan,

      Are you sure that you have all the updated versions of the pattern? Which size are you knitting? The final size? I will provide you with all the updated edits here, so you are sure to have everything you need.

      All the best,

  13. Noreen Seeders says:

    I’m late to the party but I would very much like to get the pattern for this sweater. Is there any way to get the pattern all at once?

    Thanks so much,


  14. Roxanne Brown says:

    i, too, just found this and would love to knit this for a brand new grandniece. Where can I find the beginning of the pattern?

  15. joan schmidt says:

    Does anyone care that the stich numbers seem to be wrong? Help~

    • Jenni says:

      Hi Joan,

      I have replied to your comment above, let me know which size you are knitting and I will help you to get back on track.


  16. Bobbi Defenbaugh says:

    I am a fairly inexperienced knitter and am behind as it took awhile to get the yarn. I am to the neck shaping on the front and I don’t understand the directions. What does 2sts x 1 and 1st x 2 mean? I assume I alternate these to directions but I don’t know what they mean. Thanks for your help.

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