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Christmas Knit-A-Long: Pattern part four

Back? Check! Front? Check? Sleeves? Check! You’re ready to make up your jumper! Here is the final part of the pattern to make the neckline and make it all up. Read on to download and get started today.

There have been a few bumps in the road, but we’ve all got there and I hope you’re looking forward to seeing your beautiful finished product as we’re finally ready to make up the pattern and really see the fruits of our labour! The pattern involves finishing up the neckline and a few techniques that you may or may not have mastered before, including blocking and mattress stitch.



You might want to block your work before you get started as this will make the making up process a whole lot easier. Some of you have asked for some tips on how to do this. Our top tip is to only wet block natural fibres. Wool blocks beautifully. This is because the fibre is malleable when wet, and retains the position it dries into. Other animal fibres, like alpaca, cashmere and angora, also block well. Manmade yarns, like acrylic, nylon and polyester, don’t block well. The fibres don’t react to water, and they don’t set like wool fibres do. Other natural fibres, like cotton and linen, can be blocked but the effect may be less dramatic. An alternative to wet blocking is to steam block pieces. To do this, you pin the project out first. Build up a good head of steam on your iron, and bring it close to the project without touching it, until it’s damp. Be wary though – the heat can damage many fibres.

Read this great blog post to find out how to block and more do’s and dont’s!

Monica’s top tip:

“Use a steam iron to press your garment on the wrong side, If you don’t have a steam iron use a damp tea towel underneath a regular iron.”

Mattress Stitch

To sew the shoulder seams, Monica suggests using the mattress stitch, a seaming technique that can be almost undetectable when done correctly. It comes in handy when seaming stocking stitch pieces together, because you then have the stability of a seam without actually seeing it! If you’ve never done it before and want to find out how, then check out our blog post explaining how here.

Monica’s top tip:

“Weave all ends into the back of the finished piece. I prefer to use a mattress stitch to sew up all my knitting as you end up with a very small seam. For both items the mattress stitch is done with the right sides facing.”

Also check out this video by Berroco to see the Mattress Stitch in action:


Some of you have asked us how you can enlarge the neckline. The pattern requires you to sew up for 5cm along the shoulder seam. However, a simple suggestion is to sew up less than this, leaving a larger gap in the middle. You can also always add 2 buttons to close the shoulders if you need to.

Monica has provided another alternative with a simple pattern adaption as follows:

  • Using 3.75mm needles and right side of work facing pick up and knit 27( 30: 33: 36) sts from the neckline.
  • On wrong side of work cast off your stitches purlwise
  • Sew shoulder seams 4cms from the outside edge using a mattress stitch with with right sides facing
  • Sew one button 1/2 cm from neckline on each side of your jumper
  • Sew on chains to correspond  with where your buttons have been placed

Share your progress

I’ll be sharing my progress very soon, (I’m a little under the weather, so please forgive me if it’s not uploaded straight away!) but when it is,  make sure to take a look and let me know what you think! We also want to see your knitting too! To upload a picture, all you need to do is:

1. Click on ‘choose file’, where you can select an image from your computer

2. Write your comments in the box

3. Click on ‘post comment‘ to submit it.

We’d love to see how your project is coming to life so go ahead and share your progress with us and the rest of the lovely KAL knitters.

This pattern is designed by knitwear designer and teacher Monica Russel of The KnitKnacks.


Check back next week for the final installment of our festive K-A-L with instructions to knit the matching hat.



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is a craft fanatic with a love of sewing and an obsession with knitting bows. She loves baking cupcakes, discovering new countries and fashion.

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104 Responses to Christmas Knit-A-Long: Pattern part four

  1. Jenny Payne says:

    Feeling very frustrated this week.
    I had expected to recieve the hat pattern today, only to get making up instructions for the jumper, which I had worked out for myself last week.
    While I am very pleased with the finished result of the jumper, I really want to get on with the hat.
    I will not be doing this again unless far more pattern is provided in each week.
    Last week I knitted both sleeves in an evening and I am very keen to finish the complete outfit before my youngest grandchild is too big to wear it.

    • Jenni says:

      Hi Jenny,

      Sorry to hear that you are frustrated. We have some beginner knitters taking part in the knit-a-long and we like to help out people of all abilities, some knitters might take considerably longer and therefore we space the pattern out to give everyone the chance! We did mention that this week would be dedicated to making up. But it’s great that you managed to work out making up yourself, it proves you have great knitting skills! We will definitely take your comments into consideration for any future knit-a-longs and thank you for your patience whilst knitters of all capabilities catch up with the pattern.

      All the best,
      Jenni & the LoveKnitting Team

      • Cathy Ware says:

        I appreciate the time inbetween. I just finished the front and started the sleeves. They won’t take too much time but the front took me awhile. I assume a knit a long is going to be just that. Thanks for offering it and I hope you do more!

        • Sian says:

          Yes I have to agree that I thought the knit along was just that…with the host ‘party’ setting the timing to release the different bits of the pattern…part of the fun and anticipation for me. Perhaps a KAL isn’t to everyone’s taste.

    • Emma says:

      I think in part, the idea of the KAL is to be inclusive. We can’t all bend to those of you who might be able to knit quicker or have more time to spend on the project than those of us who are either less experienced knitters or who work full time and have other things to do in daily life.

      I for one think it’s been a very nice to know that other knitters are knitting the same pattern and we are all more or less doing it (and learning) TOGETHER. I also finished my sleeves in over one or two short shifts in the evenings during the last week and once complete, decided to work on another project in the meantime. If it really is that frustrating for you perhaps you had better not bother next time or wait until all elements of the pattern are released before you start.

      • Jenni says:

        Hi Emma,

        So glad you have been enjoying knitting with fellow knitters around the world, it has been lovely to see everyone’s progress.

        All the best,

        • What we wanted was a community of knitters who would share their experiences as they knitted. Of course different people knit at different paces and I think it’s great that faster knitters juggle between projects and the less experienced ones get fantastic support from The Love Knitting team.

    • Jo-Ann Thornton says:

      Jenny I agree. This is in my opinion a small project that works up very fast. The wait time was killing me.

    • Bevery says:

      I feel the same way I finished mine. I seamed it and made a hat from a different pattern. I will not do this again either. TOOOOO Slow. Tooo many pattern errors. etc etc etc

      • Jenni says:

        Hi Beverly,

        We’re very sorry the K-A-L wasn’t what you were expecting and for the pattern errors. We understand that it’s a pain and for all future knit-a-longs we will be sure to triple check the pattern. Monica and the LoveKnitting team have put every effort into making sure this knit-a-long was enjoyable as possible for our knitters and we have worked hard to deal with the errors as quick as we could so that it was as perfect as it could be. It’s a shame you won’t be finishing the K-A-L with us, but I hope you enjoyed the final outcome of the jumper.

        All the best,
        Jenni & the LoveKnitting Team

    • Elaine says:

      I think we have had the right amount of pattern each week given the cross of skills levels, and will say that when I have been ahead I have continued with one of my other projects. This is a busy time of year for me in work and social, I envisaged not completing for another couple of weeks, so the fact that I have half a sleeve to finish, and the making up is great, because I can catch up over the weekend, and finish at least one of my other projects. Also to ensure that my great nephew would get to wear his jumper, I opted to knit it in the larger size, and with luck, he will get to wear it next year as well.

  2. Cindy Irvine says:

    With apologies to the designer, here is my almost finished sweater. This sweater is for my grandson and my daughter-in-law wants a high collar as it gets REALLY cold here (-30!) – so I played around a bit. I ended up lowering the neckline and putting in a placket with buttonholes. Then I did a 1 X 1 rib to make it a high collar. I think it worked out great! And yes, we have tried it on him to make sure there is lots of room for his little head.

    Many thanks to Monica Russel for the adorable design (again…. I am sorry I changed the neckline!) – I can’t wait to get the pattern for the touque! lol… that is Canadian for knitting hat:)

    • Cindy Irvine says:

      here is a close-up of what I did with the neckline

      • Carole says:

        WOW! Nice Job!

      • Elaine says:

        That does look better than the original neckline. I notice that you have the sleeves on circs as well. I was tempted to do this, and was tempted to do the body of the sweater on circs as well but decided I did not have enough time if it went wrong. I’m currently balancing three projects that I need to finish to get posted off for my great nieces and nephew for Christmas.

    • Jenni says:

      Great work Cindy! That is a great alternative and it looks lovely. I am sure Monica will be very impressed with your work and happy to see a different option. Thank you very much for sharing with us, and look forward to seeing your toque next week!

      All the best,

    • No need for apologies. I think it’s great that you are able to adapt the pattern-This looks gorgeous.

      Where do you live?


  3. Carole says:

    Yeah! I have finished the jumper! I too made a slight change, crocheting around the neckline instead of knitting it.

    So sorry some are frustrated with the slowness of the KAL. I too have been knitting for years and finish each installment early in the week. I just work on another project while I wait for the next step. I personally have enjoyed this “group” effort and look forward to doing another!

    • Cindy Irvine says:

      Awww – that is so cute! nice job!

    • Jenni says:

      Looks brilliant Carole! Congratulations on completing the jumper. Make sure to come back next week to make the matching hat! So glad you have enjoyed knitting it and hope we will have you back for future knit-a-longs!

      All the best,

  4. Jo-Ann Thornton says:

    In one posting I saw the center stitches front put on holders. I went back and re did the front so to do the same. No mention how to handle that in part 4. Suggestions???

    • Jenni says:

      Hi Jo-Ann,

      Which size are you knitting? If it is 0-3 months you can pick up 8 stitches, then the 9 on the holder and then another 8 on the other side, it will add up to 25 rather than the 26 but that’s ok. For the 3-6 months you would pick up 10,the 9 on the holder,10. For 6-12 months 11,9,11 will be fine and finally 12-18 months 13,9,13.

      Hope this helps!

      All the best,

  5. Mary says:

    Disappointed to find in week 4 that I cannot block my work as I chose Wondersoft baby double knitting by Stylecraft which is acrylic. Had I known this before I started knitting I could have chosen a different yarn. Is there no finishing off for the back of the neck; if not how can I stop it curling over? I cast off knitwise, would it lay flatter if I did it on a purl row?

    • Jenni says:

      Hi Mary,

      Sorry for not mentioning earlier that you cannot block acrylic yarn. You can see tips for blocking acrylic yarns above: An alternative to wet blocking is to steam block pieces. To do this, you pin the project out first. Build up a good head of steam on your iron, and bring it close to the project without touching it, until it’s damp. Be wary though – the heat can damage many fibres. The other thing is to wash it in the washing machine. As for the neckline, it suggests casting off purlwise, so this should make it slightly flatter.

      All the best,

    • Molly says:

      For acrylic wool the best way to block it is to pin it out to size, cover it with a damp tea towel and leave overnight until it is dry. Sorry but the worst thing you can do is put steam anywhere it

  6. SUSAN EMERY says:

    I have really enjoyed knitting with others, I have also been knitting for years taught by my Grandmother when I was 4, but still enjoyed the experience of knitting with others. I have knitted in between instalments but like the idea of us all knitting the same thing bet they all turned out different

  7. Cindy Irvine says:

    You know, I have done a couple of other KAL’s and this was exactly what I expected. Yeah, I could have knit the sweater and toque up easily in a couple of days, but part of the fun of it is waiting on the next piece of the pattern and knowing everyone else is doing the same – and we are all working on the same part.

    Like Susan Emery, I am pretty sure each little sweater will be individual.

    So far, I haven’t noticed any more mistakes than in any other pattern – and one also has to consider there is slightly different terminology and methods in different countries.

    Good job to everyone involved in putting this KAL together.

    • Jenni says:

      Hi Cindy,

      Glad to hear the K-A-L was as you expected and you enjoyed the sense of mystery! Thank you very much for your well wishes – I have passed it on to the whole team who are very grateful for your appreciation! I hope you enjoy knitting the toque and hope to have you back for the next K-A-L!

      All the best,

  8. Anni says:

    I am still working on my back … and pt.4 has already been released….

    Us beginner knitters can’t learn if we are rushed through …so I am happy with the pace it has been released… I have the hang of fair-isle I will go a bit faster with the front…..

    So experienced knitters pls. don’t complain….have some compassion on the likes of me.

    • Carole says:

      Thanks Anni for hanging in and working on this project! I wish KALs were around years ago when I first started, would have saved me a lot of frustration!! lol

    • Jenni says:

      Hi Anni,

      The great thing is even if you can’t quite keep up, all the advice and patterns will stay up on the blog too so you can go back whenever you want. It’s so lovely to hear you have learned new skills and have the hang of fair-isle! Well done!

      All the best,

  9. Sharon Naylor says:

    Frustrated! Each time I click on the link to download the pattern I get the same 3 pages first provided. I have never been able to find the rest of the info.

    • Jenni says:

      Hi Sharon,

      This seems very strange but seeing as this seems to be happening every time for you – I will send you an email with the parts to the pattern so far.

      Hope this helps!
      All the best,

  10. Kerry says:

    Part 4 complete. I was happy to do a bit at a time and then I continued with my other knitting projects. This made knitting even more enjoyable because of the variety. Living in Australia I was still in awe that as I was knitting so were others across the world. None of my friends knit, crochet or sew and I have no one to share the joy with. In this modern world where we are confronted by so many negative images there is something really joyous about sharing our knitting, mistakes and all

    • Jenni says:

      Hi Kerry,

      Greetings from UK! It really is lovely to hear where people are knitting from isn’t it? It makes us very proud to see the final results, and this looks fabulous! Well done for completing and thanks so much for sharing with us all. Make sure to come back next week for the hat – I’d love to see your progress for that too!

      All the best,

    • hazeyj says:

      Kerry, your jumper is amazing as are all the finished articles; such variety of colours looks great! I haven’t started the neck yet but am hoping to finish the neckline and block with steam tonight. I have never blocked my work before and I’m a bit tentative in case I ruin it. Wish me luck!

  11. joan Queally says:

    Finish the jumper.When can we start on the hat ?

  12. Donna says:

    Hi, I’d like to say a huge thank you for this KAL. I’m a new knitter and have looked longingly at patterns for adult sweaters and chickened out because I wasn’t sure of terminology or that I was reading the pattern right. Doing this child’s version with you has given me the confidence to tackle something for myself.
    I do have a question though, how do I work the button loops without crocheting? I don’t know how (and don’t want to have to buy a crochet hook just for this. Would an i-cord work or would it be too bulky? Any suggestions?

  13. AnnetteS says:

    Thankyou for organising the KAL. I have enjoyed knitting the jumper for my little granddaughter.
    I love that is was not too rushed, in between I could work on other projects that I started for Christmas. I crocheted a couple of bobbles for buttons and used a stretchy cast off for the neck.

    • MaryB says:

      When I turn my laptop round….

      This is gorgeous Annette and I like the use of crochet bobbles. Like you I have enjoyed the timing of the project and have worked on other projects in between times.

      Whenever I am out and about I will be scanning all the babies for fellow KAL’s…

  14. MaryB says:

    Got mine sewn together this evening. Looking forward to doing fair isle again on the hat.

  15. Pamela Frizzell says:

    I taught mysrlf to knit a few years ago and I knit slowish so this KAL was great for me. I had to rip back out a few times and front twice. I also had to stay in hospital with my daughter for a few days so I am only starting the cable, which Ive never done. Im very glad of the pace of this KAL as I would have felt like a failure if everyone finished it in a week. I
    have tackled fairilse and now cable and Im finding it hard have had to watch youtube tsee how to do cableing as I dont even know how
    to read the patterns but we must start
    somewhere. I will def be doing the next KAL
    asIve learnt a lot and really enjoyed reading
    everyones comments.

    Thanks Pamela

  16. Molly says:

    Thanks for the final instalment though like many others I am disappointed that you have not included the hat. I really wanted to have this ready for my granddaughter to wear in December and since it is now just a few days away.
    For those with acrylic wool the best way to block it is to pin it out to size, cover it with a damp tea towel and leave overnight until it is dry. Sorry but the worst thing you can do is put steam anywhere near it.

    • Jenni says:

      Hi Molly,

      We are very sorry to have left you dissapointed, as we have mentioned, we have a wide variety of knitting levels making this pattern and some required a little bit more help and time to catch up. The pattern for the hat will be released in only a few days, I hope your granddaughter will enjoy wearing the set once you’ve got it finished.
      You are right, it is not advised to steam or wet block acrylics, pinning them is also a good option.

      Hope you have enjoyed the knit-a-long!
      All the best,

  17. hazeyj says:

    At last the finished jumper; took me ages to block, I was so nervous and nearly a whole day to make up (over the course of the day, not 24hrs!) Then I spotted my ‘deliberate’ mistake on the front. That’ll teach me to be so smug about being finished …… But I have loved knitting alongside everyone so I’m not too frustrated. Will do better with the hat!

    • hazeyj says:

      I am not technically knowledgeable enough to get two photos onto one comment so here is a pic of the mistake – deliberate naturally (!), and destined to be a trademark of all future knits. It’s only one stitch in the pattern but it’s taken me two weeks to notice; very annoying.

      • Kari says:

        I agree, your deliberate mistake is unnoticeable except to you I think.
        Great job It looks wonderful and just beautiful.

        • Looks great-It was worth you taking time to do the blocking and only you will notice “the deliberate mistake”

          Looking forward to seeing the hat completed


      • Jo-Ann Thornton says:

        Someone who doesn’t knit won’t notice. But I understand your frustration. You can ovetstitch it if it really bugs you. One over stitch would be a very easy simple fix. Good luck. Beautiful job.

      • Jenni says:

        This looks brilliant! Well done! I believe something like that adds to the charm, it shows your hard work. But as Kari mentioned, it is barely noticeable to those that don’t know!

        All the best,

    • Andrea says:

      Looks lovely and I would never have known the deliberate mistake unless you pointed it out:)
      I am hoping to unpinned my pieces that I blocked and put it together today.

      • hazeyj says:

        Thank you all for your kind words. I thought about Swiss darning the one stitch but nothing has to be perfect so I’m leaving it.

      • Hi Andrea

        Good luck with the unpinning-do send photos of the finished jumper.


        • Andrea says:

          Hi Monica,
          Thank you for this lovely pattern! I have learned so much. I am putting the finishing touches on and will post a picture. My jumper is not quite as polished as these lovely pictures, but I am quite excited that I kept up!
          Best Regards, Andrea

  18. Laraine Qujnton says:

    I have enjoyed knitting the jumper, but am a bit confused with the making up. You say to pick up and knit round the neck but not if this is the front, back or all round in which case I would have to sew at least one of the shoulders first. Can you clarify for me please.?

    • MaryB says:

      Hi Laraine, you just pick up the stitches on the front neckline. The shoulders are stitched from the armhole edge just a short way in – mine was 4cms I – but your pattern will tell you how far for your size – and a gap is left up to the neckline for a button fastening. Hope this helps.

    • Jenni says:

      Hi Laraine,

      As Mary mentioned, the stitches are picked up from the front. The back of the pattern is complete and needs no other work to it. Monica can explain more as to why it is done this way.

      All the best,

      • Hi Laraine

        Yes you do only pick up the front stitches as this leaves a wider neckline with a neat edge. Many neck lines have a rib but I wanted to create something a bit different and added the buttons to make it easier to get on and off.

        Hope this answers your question


        • Rainy says:

          Thanks for the explanation, it makes sense now. I love the jumper and have learnt new things even though I have been knitting for years. I had never heard of mattress stitch and I had never blocked before. I am a committed convert now though. Looking forward to the hat on Thursday

          • MaryB says:

            Hi Rainy, sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier, and you have already received replies from Jenni and Monica, so good luck with the neckline.

            I’m looking forward to knitting the hat too. to complete the outfit.

            Happy knitting!

  19. SUSAN EMERY says:

    Hi All, Just finish will post photograph when the camera batteries are charged. I did buttons on one side, as my daughter thought it would be easier to get on. It looks great hopefully I can put on Clara and you can see her in all her knitted glory. Really enjoy this cannot wait for another KAL,

  20. SUSAN EMERY says:

    heh oh there may be a picture of finish Christmas sweater

  21. Rainy says:

    My finished jumper. it’s more blue than the photo shows

    • MaryB says:

      It’s lovely Rainy. You’ve been busy. I like how the cable yoke looks in a few sizes bigger than mine.

  22. Vivian Brown says:

    I just found out about the knit-along. Can I get parts 1 to 3.

  23. Angela says:

    Agree with the comments to Hazeyj – the mistake wont be noticed, and it give it a nice individual touch – but you could swiss-darn over it if you were really bothered.

    With regard to blocking acrylic yarns, I find all you need to do is gently wash the garment (which I always do before passing it on to my grandchildren) and dry it flat. This will even up the stitches and seams to give a lovely finish. I also add a little fabric softener (a gentle one) to make it feel nice and cosy.

  24. joan schmidt says:

    mine doesn’t look as great as everyone else’s. but the baby won’t care. wish you could send hat pattern sooner, mine has to go to Switzerland for Christmas. lol

  25. joan schmidt says:

    OK here’s mine. It’s a more wine color and off white snowflakes with a bit of glitter in the yarn too. If you notice the cable is way different and don’t look to close at my far from great snow flakes.

  26. joan schmidt says:

    and here is the top with my snow flake buttons too and not the best cable. But its done and I’m ready for the hat.

  27. Janet Brotton says:

    Looks great is it possible to get parts 1 to 3?

  28. Pippa says:

    Sorry, I cant send a photo as my jumpers have been posted off, but they turned out great. I never would have finished either of them (and I did do the largest sizes) if I had not joined the knit along. This is the first one I have ever joined and I am so glad I did. I always have many unfinished projects. Some I finish in the end, others, poor things, the children have grown and gone, and the project still in the bag half done.
    I did change the neck by leaving one shoulder open and knitting a rib neckband and rib
    button band on the open shoulder, only a few rows 1×1 rib and 3 little red buttons. I did not knit the hats as these were for little ones who will not keep a hat on. So I did,nt bother.
    Loved the project. Loved the Journey. Thankyou for a great Project, I really enjoyed it.

  29. PamC says:

    I adapted this pattern to make a little dress for a doll I bought in Norway whilst on a knitting cruise. I’m looking forward to knitting the hat for my granddaughters, they never wear the jumpers that I knit.

  30. SUSAN EMERY says:

    I love unusual colours, I used the same green in a blanket, with grey, cream and beige it was a huge success

  31. Jo-Ann says:

    I have finished sort of…. Could not wait for part 5. So here is my interpretation on the hat. Did make some changes to the lower edge and need to shorted the tassels a bit. Also while waiting for the installments, I made some mittens, and overstitched the snow flake.

    • Jenni says:

      Hi Jo-Ann,

      This is wonderful! It’s amazing to see what have you done with your incredible knitting skills. The hat looks lovely and the mittens are a beautiful touch, perhaps you could share the pattern with our fellow KAL knitters?

      Well done and thank you so much for sharing with us!

      All the best,
      jenni & the LoveKniting Team

      • Jo-Ann Thornton says:

        Thanks. The mittens are easy as they have no thumb. The pattern is in my head. Will take a closer look (that is count stitches and rows) and submit it later today.

      • Jo-Ann Thornton says:

        Ok think I got it. Using size 3 dpn cast on 28 stitches over 4 needles being careful when joining not to twist. Use the 5th one to knit with. Do a rib k1, p1 rib for 12 rounds (I counted the cast on row as round 1). Then knit every round for 15 rounds. On round 16 start to decrease for the finger tips.
        Using needle 1 ssk, knit remaindet of stitches
        Using needle 2 knit to the last 3 stitches then k2tog, k1
        Using needle 3 do as for needle 1
        Using needle 4 do as for needle 2
        Round 17 knit all stitches on all 4 needles.
        Repeat round 16 and round 17 until 1 stitch remains on each needle.
        Cut a reasonable length of yarn and draw it through the remaining 4 stitches. Pull tight and secure the ends.
        Over stitch with your contracting color a snowflake using the pattern as a guide. It will not be perfectly centered as the snowflakes pattern is an odd number of stitches while the mitten is an even. So just judge by eye which side if center looks best to you. Weave in all ends. Hope I have made this clear. If not, give me a shout and I will do my best to assist.

        • Jenni says:

          Thanks so much for sharing this with us! I’m sure knitters will appreciate it, so if it’s okay I will share it with them in my next progress post?

          All the best,
          Jenni & the LoveKnitting Team

  32. Andrea says:

    Here is my finished jumper! I am so glad I kept up and loved this KAL. I can’t wait for the next one! Learned so many new things and mine may not be as polished as all these other beautiful jumpers, I know that I’m on the road to improving with each project. I enjoyed knitting with you all!

    • Jenni says:

      Hi Andrea,

      Thank you so much for sharing with us – it looks wonderful! And you’re right, the more you practice the more you improve, although I think you have done a fantastic job with this!
      We hope to have another KAL up and running soon, but in the meantime keep an eye out for the hat pattern going live tomorrow!

      All the best,
      Jenni & the LoveKnitting Team

  33. amanda says:

    here’s my finished jumpers, as an experienced knitter i found this a great change from just working through a pattern. i will certainly be waiting for the next kal, well done to all.

    • Jenni says:

      Wow Amanda! You’ve done a brilliant job and I just love all the different colours! Thank you very much for sharing this with us and I’m so glad you have enjoyed the KAL.

      All the best,
      Jenni & the LoveKnitting Team

  34. jj says:

    about to make up the jumper and i am not sure what i am doing for the back of the neck with the shoulder seams being open for the button opening….. looking forward to tomorrow for the final instalment

    • Jenni says:

      Hi JJ,

      Can you let me know exactly where you are stuck and I will try my best to help you.You won’t need to touch the back neckline, it will only be knitting the front neckline.

      All the best,
      Jenni & the LoveKnitting Team

  35. Adhiti says:

    I’m waaay behind – anyway thought id just show my work in progress – didn’t know whether or not to post in the first knit-along blog post or this one… Doesn’t matter does it?

    Anyhow here’s so much of the back that I did.

  36. Pam says:

    I’m a little behind in sharing my completed sweater. Things have been getting busy and although I had completed kniting the sweater ( actually I knitted 2 sweaters, the smallest size and the largest) it took me until now to complete sewing it together. I think I’m the world’s worst seamstress! I love the knitting but hate the sewing. But I’m fairly satisfied with the end result. Giving the small size to the new baby girl tonight (1 week and 1 day old today, just over 6 1/2 lbs). I think it might fit her for most of the winter :-)! Going to try to complete the matching hat this weekend.

    I’d like to add one suggestion: Please provide this pattern for adult sizes!! I’d love one for myself!!!!! Thanks to all from Loveknitting who contributed to this KAL. It was my first and I really enjoyed it!

    Happy Holidays to All.
    Pam (Byfield, MA, USA)

  37. Gill Trimble says:

    I have made this for my Great niece who is a month old.

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