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Confessions: Show us your stash!

This week for your confession we want you to show us your stash! Where do you keep it? In pride of place? Hidden so people don’t realise just how much you have? Is it beautifully displayed or practically stored?

When I asked Natascha from LoveKnitting to show us her stash, she was happy to oblige – this is her spare room at home:


What I wasn’t expecting however was her to confess that her stash has recently spread….. to the LoveKnitting office! This is what we found under her desk…..

secret stash-2

Natasja from Crochetime recently wrote a post about how she has made her stash into a decorative feature in her house, which we think is a great idea.

secret stash-2

So send us a picture to and we’ll give a prize to the person who has the best stash! It might be the biggest, or the most creatively stored, or the most cleverly hidden. Tell us your story!

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Serena loves sunshine, strawberries and Great Danes. She has gone from non-knitter to yarn obsessive in under two years, and is determined to drag the rest of the world along with her.

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3 Responses to Confessions: Show us your stash!

  1. Jill Callender says:

    My spare bedroom is my wool shop now I even went out and brought units just for the wool lol And that’s without the 4xxl vacuum bags in there plus the cupboard under the stairs haha and out of all the wool I have I need to go and buy some 4ply that is needed for a project HONEST I REALLY NEED 4ply CREAM I DO T HAVE ANY haha
    I know I have a yarn habit – guilty 🙂

  2. Rachel Hogben says:

    My stash is too large to put in one place to take a photo off all in one place. I have a bed bridge full, a laundry basket full, bags piled up in the bedroom and also in the sitting room

  3. phoebelove says:

    Just submitted my pictures, lots more in plastic tubs and hat boxes..ahhh…gotta love yarn!

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