Competitions Debbie Bliss giveaway: The Ultimate Book of Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss on the LoveKnitting blog

Published on March 28th, 2016 | by Merion


The Ultimate Book of Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss Giveaway!

Debbie Bliss has published over 50 books of fabulous knitting patterns, and her baby and toddler designs are second to none!  We’ve got a copy of The Ultimate Book of Baby Knits to give away!

debbie bliss giveaway: The ultimate book of Baby knits on the LoveKnitting blog

Debbie Bliss’ baby books are jam packed with gorgeous, fun patterns to knit for little ones – from newborn to toddler, from simple stitches to complex cables – they’re fabulous value and full of inspiration! All of Debbie’s patterns are popular, but she picked out her favourites and combined them into one collection – The Ultimate Book of Baby Knits!

debbie bliss giveaway: The Ultimate Book of Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss on the LoveKnitting blog

Full of babywear, toys and nursery accessories that you’ll love, the patterns are exquisitely stylish, yet ever practical: beautiful bootees, a fabulous duffle coat and some cosy felted slippers amongst delicious cardies, sweet little mice and a darling beret!

All of the patterns in the book can be knitted in your favourite Debbie Bliss yarns – Cashmerino Aran, Eco Baby, Eco Baby PrintsBaby Cashmerino and the beautiful new shades of Baby Cashmerino Tonals!

de bbie bliss giveaway: The Ultimate Book of Baby Knits on the LoveKnitting blog

How to win!

To win a copy of this beautiful book, we’d like to know about the little angel you’ll be knitting for! A new baby, a treasured grandchild, your favourite little monster – or perhaps all three!  Tell us all about your little treasure in the comments section below! The competition ends 2nd April 2016 and one winner will get a copy of The Ultimate Book of Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss.

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About the Author

Merion admits that her stash is wildly out of control, but has many projects in dream-form! She loves knitting, crochet, Shire horses, cake and garden swing-seats.

Last updated: March 25th, 2016.

237 Responses to The Ultimate Book of Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss Giveaway!

  1. Adhiti says:

    I am currently knitting up a garment for the first time – knitting up a cardigan for my baby niece – she’s 6 months old. I don’t see her as often as I’d like so can’t tell you much about her – except that she’s so cute

    • Debbie Notara says:

      I am knitting a beanie and Cardigan for my first grandchild Theodore. I call him Theodorable! He’s 10 weeks old and laughing and smiling. He’s the live of my life! Debbie

  2. Suzanne Hart says:

    My friend Niki had her first baby in February & I started knitting fir her baby shower and now I’m hooked! I’ve made 3 pairs of booties, 2 hats, 2 cardies and a dress. I’m now making a dress that includes a new stitch & knitting in heart patterns into the skirt. I’m loving the challenge and can’t wait to be inspired for my next project!

  3. Liz Agnew says:

    I would be knitting for friends. Any leftover yarn goes to knit prem hats for local maternity hospital

  4. Sarah Moore says:

    I have been knitting gifts for work colleagues ranging from shawls to baby sleep sacks to cardigans, three of my colleagues are currently pregnant and one of them is having twins, so I am always looking for new patterns

  5. Vicky B says:

    I am knitting for three! All friends’ babies as I don’t have any of my own. Only one is with us s t the mo ment – Sophie. She is a besutigul happy thing who just loves life. The Iitger two are due to arrive in May snd September. I love making things they will treasure and which will last, just like my grandmother did for me. I’m always on the hunt for modern patterns to put these beautiful babies into, and Debbie Bliss has just that!

  6. Jane Price says:

    I belong to a craft group and I knit baby garments and toys. We have a few sales each year and give all the money we raise to local charities. The last sale we had was in March and we raised nearly £500. I also have another grandchild due in September so will be enjoying knitting for the new family member.

  7. Angela Hindley says:

    I’m knitting for my gorgeous grandson who is a year old. My own sons had full knitted wardrobes 20+ years ago and I’ve never stopped: there’s always someone wanting beautiful knitted outfits …. And Debbie bliss patterns and yarns are practical and stylish.

  8. Rebecca Welsh Notton says:

    I have just knitted my first baby garment, a tank top/vest for a friend who’s expecting in May. I enjoyed it so much, I have another friend due in August and my best friend just having IVF so we’re keeping fingers and everything crossed. Me and my husband are just in the final stages of adoption so all being well in another couple of months we’ll have our own ‘little horror*’ after 2 long years of waiting, that I’ll be able to knit for. So exciting! *little bundle of love and joy!

  9. Marion Cansdale says:

    I have recently took up knitting after a long break as my daughter told me she was expecting our first grandchild so I started knitting again and thoroughly enjoy it. he turned into being a grandson and is adorable and is now one year old.

  10. Claire says:

    I love knitting baby & toddler garments as you get immediate gratification especially if it all goes to plan. I am currently knitting for my great nephew who almost didn’t exist as his parents had been trying for years for a child without success, Just as they had given up hope along he came (as so often can happen) He is now 4 & I love knitting for him as he gets so excited about new woollies & will wear his latest new knit with pride, which makes me feel doubly gratified.

  11. Serena Dawson says:

    I am knitting for my great niece who was born on 24th March. She is seven weeks early, so on the special baby unit. Of course, all the little cardigans I had already made are far too big – so I am making the tiniest little garments I have ever made! I spent the Easter weekend knitting furiously to finish a blanket, a Sirdar pattern with little heart shapes in a soft rose pink. am looking forward to being able to see her, although it won’t be for a while

  12. Jude Tosh says:

    I have a gorgeous wee granddaughter (my first grandchild) so I am trying to learn how to knit. Eliza is 8months old and I have made her some booties and a hat (the first one I made fitted my husband) so had another go and got it right the second time. I have also made the “fish and chips” jumper thought don’t know why they call it that. It appears that all my creations are unique, that means there is a wee fault in them all. Eliza does have some allergies and I have been careful to only knit in fine merino wool and to try and keep the neck lines away from her face and skin. I would love your book so I can practice and make Eliza and any future grandbabies lovely garments.

  13. Denise McKeown says:

    I took up knitting again after the birth of our first Grand child and enjoyed it so much I have become an avid knitter. I like to knit for charity too, I would love to have some really lovely patterns to knit to make and give some away to those less fortunate.

  14. Joy Barrett says:

    I have just returned to knitting after a few years break but have knitted up a blanket in soft but acrylic machine washable yarn. I have ended up doing one each for my two grandchildren. Plus knitting dog jackets for a dog charity. Also looking at a gorgeous mermaid tail blanket for granddaughter for her birthday surprise. It is a large project in crochet so am full swing in yarn again.

  15. Carol says:

    I am knitting for my friend and neighbour, who at 48 has just given birth to her 8th baby. As you can imagine, the wee boy won’t be getting many new clothes. So far, i have knitted him a beanie and a cardigan … and i would like to make something new for him each season for as long as i can.

  16. Kim Smith says:

    I knit for my own pleasure and relaxation, and work colleagues who see my work ask if they can have them for nieces, nephews etc. I do not have grandchildren of my own yet but enjoy knitting baby clothes as the choice of design and wool is so interesting. I love trying new patterns and wools. I find the pattern books are excellent value. The designers are genius with their ideas.

  17. Di says:

    I would love this book.I haven’t knitted for a while ,I am starting to knit again.I would love to learn my grandchildren to knit.At the moment I am knitting for a 6mth old baby.thankyou in advance!

  18. Robin Rudolph says:

    I knit for Charity and would love to have this book to add to my collection of patterns to use. thank you

  19. KarenB says:

    I’m currently knitting for my new great niece. I will be god mother to her later this year. But I’ve just started knitting Summer bunting for my friends as presents to help along the sunny spirit.

  20. Liz Bechtel says:

    I’m knitting for my dear friend’s granddaughter. She is a sweet little girl and her Mom is wonderful. I love knitting baby items.

  21. nina sutton says:

    My daughter is expecting her second baby and I have been tasked with knitting a blanket and clothes for him. So I am always looking for new ideas for what to make for him and his big brother.

  22. Danielle says:

    I have to have a knitting project on the go at all times, so all friends and colleagues, and mere acquaintances are fair game, especially if there is a little one in their lives, child or grandchild. I love going through the patterns my Mum saved from when she knitted for me and my siblings, but the modern patterns suit some people better.

  23. Deborah says:

    I’m knitting for my precious long awaited grandson. We have just been given the all clear from his 2nd anatomy scan which is a huge relief, it has been really stressful.I feel I can really start knitting now

  24. Jackie says:

    I knit hats for my local Birthing Unit. Each baby gets a hat to go home in.
    I also love to knit baby shawls and cot blankets.
    I could just do with an extra pair of hands and another 4 hours a day.

  25. Alison says:

    I would be knitting for Miss E, my no 3 girl, while I have the chance to still knit little things for my babies and while I still have one that loves to wear knits. Desperately hoping my sister has a number 2 that is a girl to pass them all on.

  26. Sandy Brion says:

    I will be knitting for Fae, our little Faerie who was born 3 weeks ago and weighed in at 2lb 2oz. She is still in an incubator. Also now knitting and crocheting blankets and hats for the John Radcliffe Hospital prem baby unit who are taking care of her.

  27. Sandy Heales says:

    I knit for precious babies and children that I will never see or know but hope that the garment I knit will keep them warm and make them feel loved. I knit for kids entering into the foster care system

  28. karen taylor says:

    As an avid Debbie Bliss fan I spend my evenings knitting for my 5 month old grand daughter Willow…the patterns are timeless and make lovely family gifts that are passed around as they are outgrown. My favourites at the moment are the nautical knits…perfect for our summer seaside vacation!

  29. Mrs Mary E Currie says:

    I am knitting for my, as yet unborn, great niece/nephew. I’m afraid I can’t say anything about the baby as she/he isn’t born yet! I’m trying to keep the colours neutral and not the stereotypical pink and blue! I’d love to win the Debbie Bliss book!

  30. Linda Rumsey says:

    My friends first grandchild, as she doesn’t knit herself but would love to see him in hand knits!

  31. Julie Collings says:

    I’m currently crocheting a baby blanket for a friend’s imminent arrival. But I would mostly use this book to knit things for two charities that are helping the many refugees in Europe and the Middle East

  32. Jennifer Parkin says:

    Mum & I have knitted blankets & cardigans for my little boy who just turned one last week. Have had a break from knitting since he was born & would love to do some more now he is alittle older.

  33. Bridget Williamson says:

    ??? I would adore this book! I enjoy knitting for family and friends but I especially like knitting for my first granddaughter who will be 9 months old on Match 30th. Thank you! ❤

  34. Liz Oswin says:

    A granddaughter I hardly ever see 🙁 Perhaps if I knit something gorgeous her mum will realise how much I miss them

  35. Liz Oswin says:

    62 Doddington
    Hollinswood Telford TF3 2DH

  36. Charlotte says:

    I am usually knitting for my cousin’s adorable 2 and 1 year old boys. I love digging out old baby patterns from when my girls were little and using those as they don’t date! I would love to win the book as I am always looking for inspiration and new ideas. I am also knitting for a couple of work colleagues who are having babies, and my daughter’s boss who is having her third baby, her 2 girls are at school already. Thank you for your website. I love it!

  37. Marliz says:

    I am lucky to have three grandchildren under the age of three. The most recent to be born is my first granddaughter. She was born 7 weeks early, but happily is doing well. I am knitting a blanket right now and will be knitting many more projects. I have enjoyed Debbie Bliss patterns and yarns in the past when knitting for other people’s grandchildren. Now it’s our turn.

  38. Linda Forsythe says:

    I have a grandson and granddaughter both under two, with an extended ever increasing family of babies to knit for. I often go the libray and pour over pattern books, and Debbie Bliss ones are my favorite. Would so enjoy this book.

  39. Elaine Clements says:

    I want to knit something for my great niece who is expecting her first baby this summer. Her Grandma, my sister-in-law, would have knitted for her, but sadly she was recently taken away by cancer, so I would love to add this little touch to their life.

  40. Carole Allan says:

    I knit for anyone who wants me to – my kids are big now but I have knitted for various nieces & nephews, the most recent being my new neice of 4 weeks. If nobody has a specific request then I build up a collection then sell them for charity. Knitting is my relaxation & sanity!! 🙂

  41. Karen Bignell says:

    I’ve recently been knitting toys for my little grand-daughter after making all the normal shawls and matinee coats. It’s been an adventure. 🙂

  42. Jane Barrett says:

    I knit mostly for friends babies. Contrary to popular belief, young Mums do like handmade knits. My last major project was a lacy crochet shawl, which I absolutely loved doing.

  43. Carol Turner says:

    I’m knitting for my first grandchild due in October. I have knitted a jacket and cardigan so far. I have knitted Debbie Bliss garments in the past and love the patterns.

  44. Elizabeth says:

    I’d knit for our neighbour’s cute toddler!

  45. Maureen Lister says:

    I don’t have any children or grandchildren to knit for, so I knit baby and children’s clothes for charity. I like to have nice patterns to keep me interested and so that the receivers have something they can treasure.

  46. Susie says:

    I will be knitting for my 2 gorgeous grandsons. Freddie is 14 months old and was born at home, delivered by his daddy as the ambulance didn’t arrive in time and no time to get to hospital His little brother, Alfie, is just 4 weeks old and was also born at home, but without the drama. Two midwives were there, son in law and me! It was a wonderful experience seeing him arrive into the world and holding him when he was just a minute old. My daughter also has 3 older boys aged 7,11 and 15 but they are too cool for grannies knits now!

  47. Joy says:

    I shall be knitting for our local home start charity. They do brilliant work supporting families with children under 5. A few hours knitting brings so much pleasure and comfort to me and to the children and parents.
    In between I have a new baby great niece and her ‘big’ sister that I live several hundreds miles from so I love to send them lovely, snuggly, knitted gifts full of love from me.
    There are always reasons to knit and share.

  48. Jean Shelton says:

    I’m knitting for my 8th granchild that is due end of October I’ve already been knitting bootees and bright squares for baby wraps I love knitting in very bright colours I’m only a bit more then a beginner but I’m getting there.

  49. Rebecca says:

    Several friends are expecting or just had a baby, so there is always someone who needs baby gear!

  50. angie says:

    I will be knitting for the first girl in our family. We have been blessed with boys and excited for the first girl in this family. Lord willing its will cute dresses cardigans, booties, etc.

  51. Jill says:

    First grandchild due in 2 days time – this book would be well used!

  52. Lee says:

    My first Grandchild was born 7 months ago and I have been knitting for him almost non stop. My favourite is the Debbie Bliss cricket jumper – he has two of those already. There are also several friends and other family members with young babies and I am very grateful that LoveKnitting is so easy to order from!

  53. Susan says:

    In July’16 I am to become a great grandmother for the very first time…. it is a girl 🙂
    I have not knitted any baby clothes for so long, and every stitch I make, will be filled with joy and love. Knitting bright colours has always been my preference, so this little one is in for a treat. Knit one, Purl one 🙂

  54. Fiona says:

    Okay I have no problem admitting it I knit the patterns up because I love them and then find the people to go with the end result 🙂
    I have knitted items to match the buttons I have bought.
    I have bought the wool and then found the pattern that I know will match the wool.
    Then when they are finished I match the item up with whichever family or friend’s baby I think it fits best!!
    All perfectly sane and sensible I’m sure everyone will agree

  55. Niki O'Sullivan says:

    I taught myself to knit in December, as I wanted to make clothes for my first baby, who is due in just over a week!! I’ve found knitting to be a great hobby during pregnancy, as I find it very relaxing and it’s satisfying, too! So far I’ve made my baby girl a matching newborn cardigan, had and booties set, a jacket for next winter, a pair of shoes, and I’m currently making a summer cardigan. I can’t wait to meet my little one and see her in her new clothes. 😀

  56. Alison Flynn says:

    I knitted blankets for my daughter’s friends as they got married. Now I’m knitting baby things for their offspring. It would be lovely to have some different patterns to choose from as the ones I’m using are mostly 30 years old!

  57. Carol Staples says:

    I knit for premature babies at my local hospital and for my church, who send garments and supplies to Africa (Mid African Concern MAC). I love making them as I know they’ll be treasured and not just stuffed in a drawer and forgotten.

  58. Eileen Millar says:

    I am knitting for a new baby to be born in the summer, for a couple who have been late getting married and now looking forward to their first child, I am a friend of the Grandparents, who are delighted about the baby. The Grandmother doesn’t knit so I am doing it for her. Would be nice to have some modern patterns.

  59. Linda Robbins says:

    I love to make little gifts for my friends and their families. It is great to make little sweaters and other baby things because they help you learn a new skill and the pattern goes very quickly. It is wonderful to see the smiles when the parent open the gift and realize someone cares enough to make something for their baby. Their smile is a gift to me.

  60. Audrey Naylor says:

    I am knitting for my great grand daughter, who is just 7mnths old, always got a smile on her face, and we have managed to get some beautiful photos, and of course she is on my FaceBook page, you are welcome to have a look on my FB page you will see her, but my next door neighbours daughter is having a baby is due at the begining of April, so not long to go, and her mum doesn’t knit at all or crochet at all, she didn’t learn, so we Becky likes the home made things, so I have been doing some crochet and some knitting as a suprise for her daughter, only problem is Becky didn’t want to know what she was having, unlike my grand daughter who told us all that she was having a girl, so out came the pink wool many times and the white. Each to their own, I would have loved to have know all them years ago when I had my 2 daughters then 11 years later a son. It was not done then, I have never had a pregnancy scan. How things change.

  61. Janet Greenwood says:

    My first grandson is 9 months old and I’ve been working on getting the sizing right on sweaters. I’ve already tried a baby sack, blankets, booties, hats and other smaller items. Your patterns look beautiful!

  62. Lucy says:

    My neighbour is expecting her second child any day now and I hope to get my act together to knit something for this baby as I did her first. My children have 20 first cousins who are now having children so I’d love to knit using some new ideas from Debbie Bliss’ book!

  63. Tina Corder says:

    I have not got a little angel to knit for yet but I do love knitting for our local special care baby unit where my twin Daughters were born 21 years ago. They are always happy for donations and anything they cannot use they sell to raise funds which is great.

  64. Linda Walker says:

    I’ve not knitted baby clothes for a long time as all my friends are past that stage, but we’re about to add the next generation to our family tree. Any day now I will become a great aunt and am currently knitting an angel’s nest for my new great niece or nephew. It would be great to have a book of lovely new up to date patterns as my niece is keen to have hand knitted clothes for her baby.

  65. Denise Mcdonald says:

    A book combining Debbie Bliss’s favorite baby knits – yeah! I have a second new grandchild on the way and would love to make a heritage knit for our latest little one : ). Thanks for offering the lovely giveaway!

  66. Belinda says:

    My family is expanding by leaps and bounds with cousins expecting little ones within the next few months. I adore babies (who doesn’t) and love making cardigans, blankets, booties, and even toys for them.

  67. Rachael Drella says:

    I knit for my 2 year old girk. She’s such a stinker but such a loving and silly child! I love her sooo much! I knit for her frequently. I would love this book!

  68. kristine durr says:

    I have many friends who have or recently will be having little ones. I love to create home made items for them to cherish.

  69. Shanna says:

    I am at that age where all of my friends are having babies – plus I have a baby niece who is perfect to knit for. Thanks for the chance to win!

  70. Nessa Kennedy says:

    Well..I am a grandma of an 11 year old and don’t have any more babies in my family to knit for but I am kept busy knitting for babies all over the world. My son lives in the Netherlands and I think I have knitted gifts for most of the his pregnant colleagues or their wives. I enjoy doing this and use Debbie Bliss patterns for most of my baby knits. I have several Debbie Bliss Books but not the one for the give away so it would be gratefully received if I won and would certainly be used. Thank you.

  71. Deborah says:

    I have a new nephew on its way, as well as another nephew with a birthday coming up. I had better get knitting, and a new book with patterns to choose from would be perfectly timed!

  72. judy bishop says:

    I knit for my 17 mos granddaughter and her coming sibling – due mid September. I’ve got my eye out for anything “big sister” or “dress alike”.

  73. Nicola Willett says:

    I’ve got 3 upcoming babies to knit for. My knit and natter mum and daughter duo are awaiting their first great grandchild/grandchild respectively. My mum’s close friend is awaiting a new grandson and I’ve just found out my very dear Facebook friend is expecting a baby and I can’t wait to cast on for this very much wanted and yearned for baby

  74. Seborah says:

    My baby is always needing little hand made items. This book sounds like a great way to practice my knitting skills.

  75. Leslie says:

    I have wonderful grandchildren that live far away from me so I like to knit them “hugs” from Grandma.

  76. Marie says:

    Knitting for an expected baby girl. Keenly awaited and much loved already.

  77. Kate Freeman says:

    My friend is having a baby and I’m so exited to make something for her. I haven’t had a baby to knit for in a few years.

  78. Annalia Z says:

    I am currently knitting a baby blanket for my nephew who will be born in August. Next will be a mermaid tail blanket for my five year old princess/daughter.

  79. Caroline Bolton says:

    My little nephew came early, I would love to knit him something soft, cosy and that he could keep forever to hand down to his kids. I just love Debbie Bliss patterns and yarn. I knitted her lovely winter garden shrug came out fab xxx

  80. Alison B says:

    Hi I’d knit for my grand daughter Murron who is such a lovely child, the light of my life. She is such a joy and i must have knitted so much cardigans already but well they grow so quickly! My excuse ?

  81. Helen Allen says:

    I am knitting for 3 little angels (monsters) at the moment, for my 4 month old great granddaughter, I also knitted for her mom when she was little. For my best friends daughter just turned one and for a friends granddaughter who was born 2 days ago. I also knitted for her mom when she was little. Although all the moms are youngsters they all love hand knitted garments, which I think is lovely, even more so now that I have found your website. Babies clothes (as we all know) have ro be washed regularily so good price for good quality is essential. I hope hand knitting never goes out of fashion.

  82. Margaret Muir says:

    I knit for my precious granddaughter, who lives on the other side of the world from me. I talk to her via video chat but often she is asleep whenI am awake and vice versa. So I knit and send her all my love in the garments I create for her so she can have Nanna hugs when she wears them.

  83. Susan Daurio says:

    I have a nephew and his wife expecting their first child and would love to be able to knit something for their little one. They don’t know if its a boy or girl – keeping the element of surprise, which is so nice and refreshing in this day and age. I’m so excited for them and can’t wait to meet the new wee one!

  84. Pauline Martin says:

    While waiting for my husband to recouperate in the hospital, I’ve started a girls pink/white dress. I have 2 granddaughters – not sure which one it will be for. Lots of hours are spent sitting with hubby so I get lots done during the day. A second dress may be started if he isn’t released soon. I love Debbie Bliss patterns and would certainly put the book to good use if I won it.

  85. Linny Shearer says:

    I have five little grand daughters and have been making each one a sweater or jumper of her own. I love picking a pattern and yarn that fits each little one particularly. They enjoy having Grammy Junior knit for them.

  86. Kathy says:

    I am knitting for my precious granddaughter who was born March 5. She is our first grandchild and we are so blessed that she is healthy, happy and loved. I have made a couple of hats so far, and am starting on a sweater–knitting during her naps!

  87. Mary Williams says:

    I’ve been invited to a baby ‘sprinkle’. My niece is expecting her second baby and has all the big stuff. This is an opportunity to refresh the stock of baby goods (diapers and such), but how could I possibly not give our new addition something hand knit?

  88. Hilary Bennett says:

    I knit for my 3 beautiful granddaughters, 8,5 & 9months & I also knit for charity, so I always have something to knit. Yarn is always very welcome!! xx

  89. Susan says:

    I’m knitting for a friend couple’s first grandchild. It will be a lilac-coloured blanket with a line of dragonflies running up the centre. I’ve just re-started for the 4th time (!), because I want it to be just so… Time’s getting short, so this is the last version I’ll have time for. On one hand, it’s too bad there are so few in my circle that are having babies; on the other – I don’t know how I’d keep up with more. :0)

  90. Jane says:

    I mostly knit baby items for charity but there seems to be an epidemic of pregnancies at work so there’ll be some baby shower knitting shortly too.

  91. Cheryl says:

    I am knitting for future grandchildren in the years to come… My daughter is getting married next year. Lightweight knits in neutral colors are where it’s at for our warm climate. I am loving all the tans, greys & whites!

  92. Joanne says:

    My darling granddaughter just turned two. I have knit her many things that her other non-knitting grandma considers heirloom. There will a grandson this summer, so I am now busy knitting for him as well. Debbie designs are ao stylish.

  93. Savannagal says:

    There are several ladies at work having babies. I’m sure they would love a hand knitted items for their bundles of joy.

  94. Karen Gutierrez says:

    I have knitted for many years, and love Debbie’s designs. We have several new babies that have come, and we are going to be great-godparents again in July – this time a girl! After five boys the family is so excited to be welcoming a baby girl – and I am looking forward to knitting “girly” things!

  95. Susanna says:

    Everything I knit is knitted with the baby, toddler, child, teen or adult in mind.
    And given with love.
    Such a joy to be able to knit.

  96. cath says:

    I knit for my three preschool grandsons.They like jumpers with motifs like cars and trucks and Thomas the Tank engine and also wear minion or dinosaur hats. Stripey welly socks are also a hit. What they won’t keep on is gloves!

  97. Karen Goss says:

    I’d be knitting for my new granddaughter who’s only 7 days old. Hopefully the first of many 🙂

  98. Ruth Johnson says:

    My friend, Rosalee, has two children that have taken their time getting married. Finally at age 71 she has her first grandchild , Viviene Pearl. It is with much pleasure I have knit Vivi a coat, dress and two sweaters so far.

  99. Lara says:

    I mostly knit for friends’ babies — and there seem to be a lot of them at the moment!

  100. Helen W says:

    We have two babies expected this summer. A week apart!! My niece is expecting her second child in late July. Her first, Emily, will be 2 a couple of weeks later. Our youngest daughter is expecting her first child in early August. Both are looking for hand-knitted baby things from me, and Debbie Bliss is the BEST!! Always something I know will be beautiful and fit well and they will love.

  101. Shannon says:

    Since the day I found out that my brother and his wife were expecting their first little one, most everything I knit (or weave or crochet) has been for Avery, otherwise known as Cutest Niece in the World. ….Well, let’s be honest. I’d been squirrelling away baby patterns since before they even started talking marriage. The first baby blanket was done less than a month after they found out they were expecting. Now Avery is a gorgeous, sassy and clever 8 month old girl who loves to laugh, snuggle, bounce as high as she can in her jolly jumper, use her daddy as a jungle gym, and knock over towers of stacking toys that mommy builds just for that purpose. And she’s often decked out in something handmade just for her by Auntie.

  102. Nancy Burton says:

    I have no grandchildren yet, but when I do they’ll have plenty of handmade clothes and toys! I have been knitting and crocheting baby things for friends and family. Most recently a slip-stitch vest for a great nephew, a cocoon for one of my husband’s great-granddaughters, and a vest for another one, a bunny for a neighbour’s baby boy and last month a bear for a neighbour’s granddaughter. I’m going to make that little girl some hats and sew a blanket for her bear and a tote to carry it in.

  103. Kathy says:

    I am knitting for my friend who is going to be a first time grandma, to a baby boy …so excited.

  104. Rikke Stone says:

    I’ve been knitting for babies for many years. Mostly now my grandchildren. A new little boy on the way, so busy needles. I use a lot of The baby Cashmerino, which I love. A new book is always welcome.

  105. miss agnes says:

    I have the daughter of a friend in mind, a mischievious little girl, and all the other babies I will encounter in the coming months or years. And I will cherish this book and keep it for the time I can start knitting for my own grand children. Debbie Bliss’ patterns are always lovely. Thanks for the giveaway.

  106. Josie Lees says:

    I have 6 treasures that I knit for – my beautiful grandchildren. My knitting needles never get a rest. I have knitted a few Debbie Bliss patterns and they are always appreciated

  107. Christiane Schmitz says:

    I am knitting since I was 6 years old. Now- 38 years later – my little sister has given birth to a son (Maximilan) on March 23th, just a few days ago. I loved to knit for him all the sweet things! He is the only baby in our family, I cannot get childs… Problably I would knit each project from this book!

  108. Marlene says:

    I like to knit for my friends babies and grandkids.

  109. Joanne Sorensen says:

    I am knitting for a grandchild by an adoption to be. The waiting is hard but knitting fills the time and is productive. And besides I’m not that fast at knitting yet.

  110. LakeladyP says:

    I will be knitting for Jackson, my Uncle Jack’s (last surviving of 10 siblings) Great Grandson and his namesake. Uncle Jack is 90 and still active, totally in love with Jackson.

  111. Rita says:

    My new grand baby is just a couple of days away, much sooner tan we thought! I have to be knitting day and night t get things finished. Seeing Summer is coming up I’m working on a light cotton set, kimono shirt, diaper cover and socks, 6 months -1yr. I would love to win the book for some later patterns.

  112. Joanne Sorensen says:

    I Would love to receive the Debbie Bliss book of baby designs.
    Thank you for the chance to be the lucky one.

  113. Lorraine Patskanick says:

    I’ve knitted numerous things for my nine grandchildren since before they were born. My husband always enjoyed watching me knit for them and admired the finished product. He called knitting my Valium because we were a close knit family and all together often where he would get them all excited and then disappear. It seems he exhausted himself to the point of needing a nap and I’d be left with the wound up crew. One of them would usually say, “Grami, do you need your knitting to calm down?” I’d love Debbie Bliss’ new book to have some new variety of patterns as I love her styles.

  114. Jenny says:

    Hi my young daughter-in-law is expecting her first baby in September and I would love to be able to give it a big warm welcome to the family. Thank you for a lovely efficient service.

  115. Julie Kearney says:

    I’m knitting for my best friends daughter who after 10 yrs trying is finally due a baby girl in June, wonderful news all round.

  116. Moma G says:

    I make baby items as surprises for the parents-to-be at my work. I love surprising them with a sweet knitted item that matches their nursery colors or theme. I work in the IT Dept and hand crafts are my way of relaxing.

  117. Karen Golding says:

    I’m knitting for my great-grand daughter Ruby, she is nearly six months old. Her mum had been told she would never conceive so she is our little miracle. I love the feel of Debbie Bliss wools and I know there is nothing safer to wrap up such a precious little one!

  118. Devani says:

    I have four (!) babies to knit for this summer (all due in the autumn). Lots of friends are happily pregnant after trying to conceive. Very exciting for everyone!

  119. Carol Yachanin says:

    I have knitted many little thinks for my first grandchild,her name is Lily Jean and she is the light of my life. She is 15 months old and is a little peanut. We just found out that she will be getting a brother or sister in the late fall. I guess I’ll have to get busy knitting for the new grandchild especially if it’s a boy so Debbie’s book would come in nice and handy at this time.

  120. Kirsten Keel says:

    I’m 19 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and my husband and I just learned this week that we will be having a beautiful little girl! I also have 5 young nieces and nephews that I love knitting up little toys and accessories for. When my 2 year old niece was born I made her a little mermaid tail swaddle that was just too cute! With the news that we have a little girl on the way I’m so anxious to get started on my first little baby dress and blanket!

  121. Liz Baker-Prosa says:

    A coworker of mine is expecting her first baby early this summer. I am trying to create a small wardrobe of knit and crochet wear for her little girl; hats, booties, sweaters, diaper covers, and blanket. These patterns would really help!

  122. Kathryn Gagne says:

    I already follow you on bloglovin’ and the newsletter too. I’m an expectant Great Grandmother and my first great grandchild, a boy is due in July!! I would love Debbie’s book so I can happily knit away my days. This baby lives in Ga. We live in Ar. so that is a lot of incentive to knit.

  123. Anne Goodman says:

    I have my newest grandchild Skyla Anne to knit for now but there are always other family and friends’ babies when I feel like making lovely little things instead of larger projects.

  124. Sharon says:

    I have worked in the HR department of a charity for 8 years and have knitted something special for every new arrival during that time – we joke that it’s one of our ’employee benefits’. I’ve two babies due soon – one in late April and the other in early May – so the knitting needles are merrily clicking away every day on my commute to work. I love Debbie Bliss designs and have knitted dozens over the years – they never fail to delight the new mums and dads-to-be … It would be lovely to add this book to my collection so I can offer even more beautiful items for the new arrivals.

  125. Colleen says:

    The handsome little munchkin is my grandson Edison. I have already knit him a few items. I also like to knit for friends who are having babies and I belong to a knitting group which donates baby items to a local home for single mothers.

  126. Petra says:

    I am knitting for my brother’s grandson, Lorenzo. He lives with his parents in Brazil. I was delighted to see that he went home from the hospital wrapped up in his Made in Canada blanket and hat. It is interesting switching seasons for him.

  127. Judi says:

    I have no grandchildren, so I knit for my sister’s grandchildren (5 of them!) and almost 4 of my friend’s. In between, I make hats for the local NICU which are often seasonal or holiday related.

  128. Beverly says:

    I have started knitting again as I become a grandma for the first time in October last year. Having had two sons and now a beautiful granddaughter I am enjoying making clothes for her to wear. I had forgotten how much I enjoy enjoyment knitting gives .

  129. Pamela says:

    My eighth grandchild is due to arrive mid-June, and I so enjoy knitting for all of them. Debbie Bliss is my favorite author for baby/toddler sized garments, so her new book would be a true blessing. Blankets, booties, bonnets, socks, they’re all so fun to make.

  130. Annette says:

    My daughter is planning to have her 2nd child next year. I can’t wait to get started!

  131. Shirley ales says:

    I will be knitting for my two grandsons and other children’s newborn children. Also for charity.

  132. karen powell says:

    I don’t have kids and all my siblings kids are well past the age of babies…lol , but have lots of friends to make stuff for and then there is always the local charities too.thx for having the contest.

  133. Lori Bernardo says:

    I am expecting twin granddaughters in May. I have been knitting some stuffed animals, booties and I am about to start on a first for me, baby dresses. Would love to see what great ideas are in the book.

  134. Amanda says:

    I’d be knitting for my friend’s lovely baby girl who just turned 1!

  135. Sandra says:

    I have a 3 year old grandson who has a 3 week old brother. The new baby book would be ideal for knitting matching sweaters. I love to see these two interact. They are so cute and loving. I have not been knitting very long and excited to try this.

  136. Elsie Blount says:

    I am currently knitting for my first grandchild, a lovely, happy 7 month old boy. Also I am still knitting for all the family children, which are so numerous, I have lost count of how many I knit for!

  137. Andrea Dion says:

    I started knitting again a few years ago to make a gift for my new sister in law, who was having a baby. I’m currently knitting a project for my cousin who is expecting in June.

  138. Chris says:

    I knit for all 5 of my grandchildren .
    The newest ones are boy and girl twins!
    They are all wonderful!

  139. Tracy says:

    I been knitting baby clothes for my new wee nephew. He’s only a couple of weeks old. His parents tell me he doesn’t sleep but I’ve only seen and cuddled him while he’s fast asleep. Such a peaceful little dude. I’ve also made booties and hats for my friends little darlings. I love making them and everyone is so appreciative.

  140. Tracy says:

    I been knitting baby clothes for my new wee nephew. He’s only a couple of weeks old. His parents tell me he doesn’t sleep but I’ve only seen and cuddled him while he’s fast asleep. Such a peaceful little dude. I’ve also made booties and hats for my friends little darlings. I love making them and everyone is so appreciative.

  141. Janice Owen says:

    Lots of newborn babies, as my daughter does newborn photography.

  142. Janet Tallett says:

    It’s fun knitting for little ones.

  143. Deb A says:

    Would use new patterns for baby gifts to have on hand.

  144. Sandy says:

    I am constantly knitting for my 7 month grandson Charlie. I am the only family member who knows how to knit and his mum appreciates pure yarn garments made with love.

  145. Gina says:

    I’m knitting for charity. I want moms to know that their babies are worth having something handmade with love.

  146. Ellen Brown says:

    I would be making everything for my great niece and any new baby on the way

  147. Helen Clarke says:

    I’m knitting for my 8 week old grandson Jaxx, who has just started smiling at me. He looks gorgeous wrapped in orange, cream, turquoise, grey, black ripple st blanket I made him. Made little doc martens and a jacket with skulls on as my daughter is a goth. She doesn’t like pale colours or ordinary patterns!

  148. joyce hancock says:

    I really love knitting for my grandchildren. There are so many things I want to make them! I also knit for my nieces and nephews when they have a new baby.

  149. IKE says:

    I have just knitted several things for babies, a cardigan, with a made up design plus a hat with initial on and some cross over bootees for a friend’s baby, I knitted a headband for my granddaughter in ruby red having only patterns for 6 month old, I adapted the stitches and looks impressive (even though I do say myself) then I made a book bag with straps which I had done out of my head, used alphabet buttons for his name then other alphabet letters for his name as well. I’m now knitting a book bag for my granddaughter but will be smaller version and also adaptions which I decided on from the first bag. I have also been asked to knit a baby set for my nieces friends, so lots to do!

  150. Barbara says:

    My biggest joy has been knitting for my granddaughter who was born almost 6 years ago. I have knit many Debbie Bliss patterns and love the yarn. It has brought such a delight to my knitting and has now started me on charity knitting for babies.

  151. Anne Rubin says:

    I am knitting for my new little grandson, who is to be born early July. This is exciting for me because it is my first grandchild and as a long time knitter, I have been using my craft to knit for everyone else’s babies! Two years ago I knit over 50 baby hats for my daughter to give as gifts at the prenatal clinic she worked at in the Gugulethu township in South Africa. It is super exciting for her to have her own little baby now and I can use the Debbie Bliss patterns to make more hats for more babies!

  152. jeka says:

    i knit baby blankets for my pregnant coworkers. Last year I knitted 5 blankets . I would like to increase my gifts of knitting to other items and this book would be just what I need.

  153. Sandra Gwin says:

    I love knitting for babies! The instant reward factor can’t be beat and seeing the little bundles of joy looking so adorable in something I made is just wonderful. I knit of all of my niece and nephews babies, my great nieces and great nephews as well as, my second cousins who are just starting having babies.

  154. Susan Gagnier says:

    My favorite little baby is a mystery baby. Since my grandchildren are no longer babies, I knit baby items for hospitals, young mother’s in need, and for anyone I meet who has a new baby. I think I smile more in the giving of the item than the baby recipient who receives it.

  155. Barbara Young says:

    I love to knit up baby items and save them for the next baby to come into my life, this way I am not “rushed” to get a project done in a small amount of time. I also love to make hats and booties for preemies at the local hospitals.

  156. Mrs Mary Volkering says:

    I love knitting for my two great granddaughters – sweet cardigans and dresses always seem to go down well.

  157. Sal Turner says:

    I have three great grandchildren – two little girls and a boy. I love knitting little items for them. Lexi loves the hats I ;knit and has to put them on right away. Then she does not want to take them off.Penny loves to show them off to everyone – not necessarily on her head. She likes to wave them around. Rylin is a bit older – and loves the Bronco and Sea Hawk hats I knit for him.
    I love knitting for them. I’m getting on in years and knitting is one way I keep my mind and hands busy.

  158. Anne Soderlund says:

    My knitting for babies is all gifts. In the past year I’ve made blankets for three wonderful new baby girls. My best friend’s son has been married for about a year or so now, so I expect to hear the call to arms for knitted items for them any minute! It’s always fun to have ideas and challenges beyond the predictable. I’ll try just about anything once, the less construction, the happier I am.

  159. Rhonda Walker says:

    In the last three months I have gained a precious new grand-daughter (through IVF} followed by two months later by two great- niece’s, so three bundles of joy to knit for. I love the opportunity of gaining new ideas from your web site so a new book to get ideas from would be a immense help.

  160. June Dickson says:

    I have been knitting for longer than I care to admit and love both traditional and modern patterns. I have a baby “stash” for friends and family whenever they need them. I really like Debbie Bliss patterns as they cover not only baby/toddler girls and boys but offer style varieties to suit everyone. Oh and yes I also knit for my four year old grandson and will be “on a mission” to knit lots for my new grandchildren(twins) due in the autumn.

  161. Jacklyn says:

    I would love to win this book to knit for my beautiful new granddaughter. Thank you for the chance!

  162. Ann says:

    I’ve already used a Debbie Bliss pattern to knit a SF Giants Letterman Jacket styled sweater for the older of our two grandsons; a two year old and a 5 month old. Both boys have these Charlie Brown heads and are very active so, knits work really well. I love knitting for children and babies because the pieces knit up and go together so quickly – it’s just lots fun and always rewarding!

  163. Dorothy Attewell says:

    After a break of over 30 years, I have been knitting for our latest beautiful granddaughter Thea, who is 7 months old. We are now expecting another two grandchildren this year (one of them we know will be a grandson), along with a great niece too, so I will have plenty of little ones to knit for.

  164. Lucy says:

    I’ve just started knitting baby stuff. My best friend is having her first baby in June. We’ve been friends since we were babies ourselves so this little bundle of joy is quite an emotional one for me. I’ve just found out another friend has a baby due in September so I guess that’s my years knitting sorted! This was supposed to be the year I knit for myself, but I got to admit, I think this is more exciting. Maybe next year will be my year…

  165. Janet Alcántara says:

    After my daughter finishes her PhD maybe she’ll see the way clear to begin building a family. In the meantime, I knit preemie- and NB-sized sweaters–pairing each with a gown or soft
    pajama–for infants of indigent moms. I don’t do big-yarn/big-needle sweaters that are fast and look it, but try and craft something really lovely (albeit time-consuming) so mommy can feel proud to show off her new baby looking its best when they leave the hospital! (I also do some white garments specifically for families with angel babies).

  166. Adele says:

    I will be knitting a few things for my sister in law’s bump and for a cousin who is finally pregnant after trying a while and having lost one.

  167. Shirley says:

    I hadn’t knit for years . What a waste! I’ve had ms for 11yrs and recently been diagnosed with parkinsons so i decided to start knitting again for my latest granddaughter and now my daughter wants things knit for her friends babies too.

  168. Tina Ludwig says:

    Our youngest grandson lives in Ontario and would love some warm knits for next winter.

  169. Mary says:

    I knit for my great niece and nephews. Just finished a baby blanket and am working on a baby cardigan.

  170. Lori Wood says:

    My colleague and “office daughter” is having her first child in August. Since nine if her family knits I want to gift her with some hand knit items for her baby girl. She is a kind and giving lady who makes our workplace a better and brighter place. Debbie Bliss knitting designs reflect that same wonderful perfection that is within every precious child.

  171. Rachel says:

    I have two beautiful babies I love to knit for! Only one is a baby though, the other emphatically insists “I’m a big boy” to anyone who suggests he might be anything else!

  172. Nancy says:

    Knitting for 4 grandbabies! Toys, Christening shawls, blankies, hats, booties, coats, and more blankies. Making matching blankets for the baby dolls. Always more to do!

  173. Lynette Luke says:

    We have our own little ‘Out Back Knitting Club’, just 3 of us get together once a week and run our own Knit a Long. We make gifts, donations to others that are in need. Last month we made toys to love for Bali Orphans, this month we are making premi hats and jackets for Babe’s born early in Australia. Next on our list are ‘matinee’ sets for Babes born too soon, something special for families to have, keep, or remember their little one by.

  174. Heidi Kirsch says:

    I don’t have children of my own but I love crafting the perfect handmade gifts for my friends and coworkers. The boyfriend curse so doesn’t carry over to babies.

  175. Tracey says:

    I’m knitting for my son who is 4 and a half months old. The best part is that I get to knit along with my 10 year old daughter who truly relishes making treasures for her little brother.

  176. Carol says:

    I am currently knitting for my 7month old grand daughter, and as we in Australia are coming into winter the patterns are so varied I have trouble deciding which ones to do.

  177. Catherine Cozart says:

    I made a lot of stuff for my children were little and they always talk about how I’m going to spoil the grandchildren. With my luck they will all get married and start having babies at the same time so I have a chest that I keep baby items I’ve made in all colors and sizes so I’m prepared. Some baby patterns are just too cute to pass up.

  178. Helen in Tasmania says:

    I have two friends expecting.

  179. Sandra Wright says:

    My knitting is what keeps me close to my grand-babies. I live on the South Coast of New South Wales, they live in Victoria and Coffs Harbour. When I knit for them it brings them closer to me.
    And I might add the Mums love the knitting as I try to make it different and to stand out.

  180. Skye says:

    I *just* found out that my half-brother and sister in law will be having a baby…due date in November. I have the whole summer to make things for them! And if I win this book, I can have countless patterns to make!

  181. Jayne Cohen says:

    My ‘kids’ are in their 40’s. I gave up hope of ever having a grandchild. We moved to Florida from NY since we had no reason to live our retirement years in cold winters. Wouldn’t you know right after we moved into our newly built home, having sold our old home, we got the wonderful news. We are expecting a granddaughter in Sept. We will be visiting NY and I will switch from making baby blankets, hats, booties, and dresses for charity to making some for our baby!

  182. Elaine says:

    The little baby I’d be knitting for is almost a baby no longer. But classics like baby blankets are still good things to have around no matter how old the baby (newborn to adult!).

  183. Evy Chritton says:

    I am knitting for my grandkids. My daughter has a newborn daughter who will be three weeks old this week, her son is sixteen months. In addition, she “fosters” our grandsons (her half-brother’s boys). She has a busy household and she doesn’t have time for the crafty things that take time. Her time is spent with kids and running with kids. So, I try to pick up the slack and knit and sew for all the kids. This year it has been thumbless mittens, hats, sweaters and booties to name a few. Now that we have a girl, it is fun to knit with the pastel colors and more delicate knits and styles. The Debbie Bliss patterns are cute and have a timeless style to them. And, it is always fun to create something special for that special person in our life — no matter what their age! 🙂

  184. Mary Ann klotz says:

    My best friends mother knit my first born a pair of boogie when she was born. It was the perfect gift because she did not spend a lot of money, but made me feel so special because it was a hand-made gift. I have been knitting ever since. I now knit a little sweater for all of my nieces or nelhew’s first born children

  185. deb says:

    Another baby coming up nieces

  186. Renee D says:

    It’s been many years since I’ve knitted anything for a baby, but a young couple I know is having their first child sometime this coming September. They don’t want to know ahead of time what the gender of the child will be, so I’ve got to wing it as to the colors of the baby items. I’ll probably knit it in varying shades of soft baby colors. I’m thinking about a hat, cardigan, booties, and matching blanket set; or, I’ll ask the mother-to-be what colors she would like them knitted. Oh, I do hope that I win the book.

  187. Nola Glass says:

    I love knitting baby items, I have been doing so for many years.I enjoy having items on hand when I need one. My children Are all grown now and I really enjoyed making hand knitted items for them.
    I will enjoy your book I am sure and hopefully make many gifts from it.

  188. Rebecca C says:

    I’ll be knitting for my 1 year old son and his sibling who I am currently pregnant with! Can’t wait for them to have matching outfits hand made by me, it’s the cutest thing ever!

  189. Liberty says:

    I’m knitting for my 1 yr granddaughter and secretly knitting for my daughters rainbow baby she was pregnant with twin and has lost one. But I’m such a slow knitter and Crochet as my disability slows me but I so want to have a completed item for the arrival of the welcome new addition. I did my 2nd lot of knitting for my granddaughter and I have to admit I’ve done a lot of unpicking but I am building my hobbies up and wool seems to be over taking everywhere lol

  190. Kathleen says:

    As soon as I knew my son and daughter in law were pregnant, my urge to start knitting again took hold. Books like Debbie’s have been a great inspiration since the only patterns I had were from my mother and were layettes in 4ply with complicated stitches. Finding easy to knit, practical pieces was a godsend? Baby Blythe is the cuddliest bundle and loves to snuggle into blankets or her soft toys when she sleeps. I am sure this book will be full of great ideas to while away the evenings with my needles.

  191. Rick Mondeau says:

    I am an avid knitter and find knitting very relaxing. As a middle aged man my hobby raises some eyebrows but it also raises smiles when I give my hand knitted baby items to the premature baby unit and local neonatal unit.
    Id love some new and inspiring designs to knit.

  192. Jean Lister says:

    I have always loved knitting and knitted for my babies as they grew. Then my career filled my time but when I was able to work half time coinciding with the birth of my first grandchild, the passion was reborn.
    I now have four with one more on the way. One of my first knits was a Debbie Bliss teddy bear cardigan. Beautiful.
    My grandchildren are very different with two being very active and outside children. Lots of Aran cable knits for them and one who is very girly. Pretty lacy patterns for her.
    I love the challenge of new patterns.

  193. Elaine Morgan says:

    I knit for a precious baby boy called Cian who is the only child of Sophie and Tom. All babies are precious of course but Cian arrived after 7 miscarriages and multiple IVF treatments. He is gorgeous, much loved and treasured. I hope to keep knitting for him for a long time as he grows up.

  194. Joan Carnell says:

    My granddaughters are 3years and 18 months and I love knitting for them.
    That they grow so quickly is such a good excuse for yet another garment!
    My non-knitting friends are now becoming grandparents so even more opportunities for baby knits.

  195. Monica de Moss says:

    My daughter from another mother is expecting her first child! We’re all so excited – I would love to knit something extra special and it seems that this book is long on exceptional designs! I would love to win it.

  196. Amanda Helen Lagor says:

    My ‘Married To Her Career ‘ Niece, We lost my Brother (her Father) to Motor Nurone Disease 2 years ago, and in a total about turn, she has just had a lovely wee boy 10 days ago. Would love this book to make a whole lot of things for him. Thanks

  197. Sapphire Walker says:

    I’ve been besotted with my two nieces; one is 5 months and the other 2 weeks. I’ve knitted baby shoes, hats and blankets so far and am currently making two little teddies for them to befriend. I would love this book so I can continue to make gifts for my wonderful girls and their beautiful parents who continue to do such a good job raising them.

  198. Lisa Jewell says:

    I have six grandchildren, the youngest being 5 months. But seven and eight are on the way! I’m always looking for new patterns. I like to keep them in hand knitted items. I do a knitted item for everyone at Christmas, parents included!

  199. Carol Gipson says:

    My daughter lost 4 babies in 15 mths but after an op she is about to have my 1st grand baby in 2 weeks time. I’ve had the joy of making blankets, jumpers, cotton booties etc some I’ve posted ready for birth time & the other things are in a suitcase waiting for me to take them to South Africa where they live when I visit my grandson for the 1st time.
    I also have 8 great nieces & nephews that I love knitting & crocheting gifts for when it’s birthdays & Christmas or if they ask for something special. I love using your wool it’s beautiful . Thank you

  200. Barbara M says:

    I have 6 grandchildren that I knit for (only the 1 year old is still little). Since only 2 of my 7 children have children (most aren’t married, 1 has only been married a year), I plan on many years of baby knitting in my future.

  201. Teresa Williams says:

    I would love to win this lovely baby book for a friend, who really enjoys knitting for her one and only grandchild Claudia. Claudia was born with a heart defect and has already had numerous heart operations even though she is only 18months old.
    Good luck to everyone who has entered.

  202. Susan Samuel says:

    I am knitting for my soon to arrive first grandchild. He is due at the end of May and is apparently a ‘big’ boy. We shall see! Hope all my knitting doesn’t go to waste – I’m sure the baby unit could use them instead.

  203. Jenny says:

    I will be knitting for my three grandchildren Noah,Ruby and Sienna.
    I have used Debbie Bliss patterns many times and I am always happy with end result
    It is my favourite pastime to be able to knit for all three I love researching patterns and I’m always on lookout for something different.
    Ultimate Book of Baby Knits would be an awesome gift.
    Many thanks
    happy knitting

  204. Danielle Phillipson says:

    I knit/crochet for my little girl who’s just turned 1. My brother is about to have his first baby, as well as 3 of my close friends, so I’ll have lots of practice!

  205. Sam says:

    I’ll be knitting for my new nieces Atida and Izabela born in December and March respectively. I have a large family and there is almost always a baby or toddler around so the book would be well used.

  206. A Parkin says:

    Have just finished a baby shawl for our great Grandaughter due in July, excited xx

  207. Ann Aylman says:

    I have been knitting for my grandson and granddaughter who have graduated into toddler sizes, but there is always a new baby to knit for – neices and nephews having babies, as well as co-workers. Have knitted Debbie Bliss patterns in the past and they are my favorite, I prefer seamed garments and her patterns usually favor that construction. And they’re beautiful!

  208. Catherine P says:

    I’m about to start some serious baby knitting because my hubby and I are expecting our first child this summer and we are SO excited! We’ve found out that we are having a little boy so it’s time to hunt for some patterns and get my needles busy 🙂 Thanks for running the giveaway!

  209. Linda says:

    I don’t have children, so I feel very privileged to have two step grandsons. I have knitted for both since birth, blankets, hats, cardigans and sweaters. Would love to try a Debbie Bliss pattern.

  210. Susie Henderson says:

    I’m currently knitting for my 2nd great neice, due in June. I love knitting for little ones & have made lots of blankets, cardigans, jumpers, hats, toys, for my 3 grand children. The youngest is 6 mths old & arrived very quickly, 5 minutes before getting to the hospital, in the front seat of the car!!! Maybe I should start knitting a wedding gown for her…..the Rowan lace & Swarovski crystal gown you featured is awesome!

  211. Alexandra says:

    The brother of my boyfriend is going to have a little girl 🙂 si I would like to knit something really cute for her :)!!

  212. Jo Bradnock says:

    I had my first born, a wee man, in Nov 2015. I’m just learning to knit so I can knit him some little gems. My mother is a wonderful knitter & has knit him a few little goodies already so I’m sure we could both find some projects in Debbie Bliss’ book!

  213. Carmen N says:

    A friend is expecting in a couple of months – and I’m going to be a great-auntie again this fall. Both little girls and I’m dying to make them something!

  214. Debbie says:

    I have 3 grandchildren who are 4 and 3 and 3. Yes that’s right, a set of twins. I knit lots of hats, and mittens for them and knit these same items for unfortunate children and babies that need them, so I am constantly knitting. I would love this book for new ideas and besides that, I love yarn from Debbie Bliss. Soft and supple.

  215. Vee P says:

    My little treasure is completely unknown to me. I often donate baby clothes to Knit for Peace and other charities as it’s a good way to show support for people in need – they get something unique and made with love and, although I can’t often afford to use premium brand yarn like Debbie Bliss, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t benefit from her designs!

  216. Wanda Nelson says:

    I am currently knitting a hat for my granddaughter, Marissa Grace, in a pale blue cotton yarn. She is 3 months old now. She has the bluest eyes and brown hair.

  217. Ginni Ammirati says:

    I would love to knit something for my 2 month old first grandchild who has become the love of my life. She has strawberry blond hair, big beautiful blue eyes and the most expressive face I have ever seen in a baby. Although I have not knitted in many years, she has inspired me.

  218. Ginni Ammirati says:

    I would love to knit something for my 2 month old first grandchild who has become the love of my life. She has strawberry blond hair, big beautiful blue eyes and the most expressive face I have ever seen in a baby. Although I have not knitted in many years, she has inspired me.

  219. Prue Manson says:

    Girlfriend rang this week to tell me she is about to be a grandma for the first time in September. Would I be available to do the knitting, of course I accepted. Love, love ,love knitting for babies. New patterns would be great too. Started off with a pair of socks till we know who this baby is. Grandad is keen to take him/ her fishing, so gumboot soxs are a must.

  220. Shannon says:

    My best friend’s little boy is rapidly growing out of all his adorable baby knits. Time for some toddler garments!

  221. Jess Collett says:

    I’ve got a niece and a nephew to spoil rotten (and if there’s any cute toys or blankets, my parents have two eight week old puppies who also enjoy being spoiled rotten!).

  222. Pebbles says:

    At work, there’s always a few ladies expecting babies – and since we truly feel like one big family, I’m honorary auntie to all of them.

    So this year I’m knitting blankets

  223. Jennifer Robson says:

    I haven’t met my sixth grandchild yet but it’s always good to try a new baby pattern while I wait with that lovely anticipation of the first meeting!

  224. Melissa M. says:

    It seems like I have several family members and friends with little ones or due soon! I love to knit lightweight blankets or cute booties as a welcome baby gift!

  225. Roxanne says:

    I knit baby sweaters and caps to go in the layettes that my church’s charity ships worldwide. I’m always looking at new patterns to try.

  226. Roz says:

    Having almost given up on becoming a Grandma my youngest daughter had a little girl – Effie Rae five weeks ago. I was with her throughout her very long labour and am so proud of her, she is a wonderful Mum and Effie is beautiful and I am loving knitting and crocheting clothes and toys for her in between lots of cuddles.

  227. Tricia says:

    A close friend is having her first baby. Its such a special time for all of us so I want to make her something really special.

  228. AmyF says:

    I am very lucky to have many little people in my life, nephews, my son and children of close friends. I’d like to find lovely patterns for sweaters for all of them!

  229. Judy says:

    I started to knit again (after many years of knitting for my daughter) once I had grand-children. Knitted items look so much nicer than shop bought, and they can be adjusted to accommodate longer bodies.

    I’m currently knitting a cardigan for my 8 week old grand-daughter.

    I’ve knitted many jumpers for her older brother and have many projects lined up, but I am always looking for new ideas.

    I like the fact that children’s clothes don’t take too long to complete.

  230. Rosalind Hicks-Greene says:

    I knit for two baby grandsons, George and Theo. And I lead a Knitting Bee at work. We meet at lunch times to share knitting progress and teach new starters. I have successfully taught five complete beginners and they are now competent enough to pass on their knowledge to new starters. We also give a hand knitted gift to any work colleagues we know who are going off on maternity leave. With over 3,000 employees in the company there’s always a new bump appearing so that keeps us busy. I post photos of all my knits on Instagram where I am @nanadoblo. The new Debbie Bliss book would be so useful for all our knitting projects!

  231. KnitterNan says:

    I have a new grandson on the way — always looking for fun ideas!

  232. Charlette says:

    I would knit these for friends and family! I would also knit some to donate to shelters and hospitals!

  233. Trina Francisco says:

    I don’t have any grandchildren yet. I knit all my baby clothes for the Aboriginal children that are born in the Community that I live in called Gunbalanya. It is in Northern Territory and while you may think that it doesn’t get Cole at the top of Australia it does.

  234. Muriel says:

    I love to knit things for my granddaughter, now 21/2 years. I have also recently knit a little cardigan for a friends new daughter. I love how quick baby things knit up and lets face it baby items are so special.

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