Patterns we love dolly knitting patterns: Baby Dumpling by Gypsycream on the LoveKnitting blog

Published on August 17th, 2016 | by Merion


Dolly knitting patterns

We never really grow out of our dollies. Merion has rounded up some gorgeous knitted dolly patterns for you to make for your little darlings (or yourself!)…

dolly knitting patterns: Granny Knitting by Amanda Berry on the LoveKnitting blog

Isn’t she divine? Amanda Berry’s Granny is knitted flat, back and forth, and seamed afterwards, and you can raid your stash to knit her. A sweet gift for a favourite knitting granny!

Little Daisy by Dollytime

dolly knitting patterns: Little Daisy by Dollytime on the LoveKnitting blog

She’s a cutie! Little Daisy is a perfect little baby dolly, and she makes a super first dolly – just big enough for little arms to hold. Plus her clothes are stitched on, so they can’t fall off and get lost!

Baby Dumpling by Gypsycream

dolly knitting patterns: Baby Dumpling by Gypsycream on the LoveKnitting blog

Perfect for toddlers and older children, this bumper pattern includes patterns for not only Baby Dumpling but lots of outfits too. Imagine opening this on a birthday morning and finding all the outfits to match!

Bunnie and Wilf by Claire Tubey

dolly knitting patterns: Bunnie and Wilf by Claire Tubey on the LoveKnitting blog

A dolly and her best friend! Knit Bunnie herself, her outfit and boots, that gorgeous little hat and Wilf the dog too – all the instructions are included in this one pattern. Any DK yarn will do.

Maisie and her little doll by Toyshelf

doll knitting patterns: Maisie and her dolly by Toyshelf on the LoveKnitting blog

Little Maisie has a dolly of her own! Knit Maisie in your favourite DK yarn, with her pretty dress and dolly to match – the pattern has instructions for them all, plus photos to guide you.

Did you have a favourite dolly?

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12 Responses to Dolly knitting patterns

  1. Janice smith says:

    There is nothing as nice as a hand knitted doll or teddy. I just love them, especially if you use a nice soft wool like Debbie bliss almerino or any of the sublime merino.
    I have actually just finished a great bear in Stylecraft alpaca Aran and he’s turned out quite nice. I do admit I struggle sometimes giving them a face though !

  2. Jennifer says:

    Hi, Merion! I am once again having the problem with pictures not showing up in specifically your posts. Don’t know what you did back in July, but it was all fixed for a time there. Sadly, now it’s not again = ( Thanks for anything you can do to fix again!

    • Siân says:

      Hello Jennifer,

      Oh dear I’m so sorry to hear you’re having problems again 🙁
      Have you installed the latest updates for your web browser? It could be that Javascript needs updating.
      You can try some of the solutions suggested here;
      Please do let me know if you continue to have problems!

      • Jennifer says:

        Hi! So, this is a weird problem that first occurred for about 2 weeks in early to mid July, after which all posts by Merion were fine again, until just her last couple here in August when the problem has recurred. The problem is that pictures do not show on my computer for posts that were written by Merion, yet all pics show fine in posts by Angie, Liza, etc. Also, all older Merion posts are ok.

        I have been reading these blogs for a while on a Windows machine running version 10 of the operating system; browser is Edge and all is up-to-date. I have not made any changes to my hardware or software during these months when the problem has occurred, gone away, and now occurred again. That makes me think that something is more likely different at different times on your end—something about how the posts are loaded at your end or file format for the pics or something??

        When I originally commented about my problem back in the comment thread on some mid-July post, one other person indicated that she was also having the same problem.

        Not sure what’s going on….. = (

      • Jennifer says:

        An additional thought I just had after hitting post on my first reply is that since there is no problem with pics in anyone else’s blog entries on LoveKnitting or LoveCrochet during the two time frames when Merion’s pics don’t show, I think that seems to indicate that it’s something about how she’s formatting, loading, etc., rather than that it’s at my end. If the problem were with my browser or computer, then it should mean I also would not see pics if Angie, Csilla, etc. post, but I have no problem with pics in anyone else’s posts but Merion’s.

        Sorry to bother you about this, but pics are kind of a major component of these types of blog posts…..

        Thanks for time and effort looking into it! Have a good day, Jennifer

        • Siân says:

          Hi Jennifer,

          Thank you so much for this information! I’m going to have a chat with the team and see if I can work out what is going on.
          I’ll be in touch with you again very soon 🙂

        • Siân says:

          Hello Jennifer!

          I have emailed you regarding the issue you are having seeing our images. I hope we can get this resolved for you!

  3. Gypsy says:

    It’s not just Jennifer! There’s several of us having the same problem. Others have given up but I’d like to get it fixed.
    Everything’s up to date & it’s only this blog that I (we) have the problem with – no other website etc
    So I agree with Jennifer, it’s something your end 🙁

    • Siân says:

      Hello there,

      Our blog team have been working hard to find the problem and believe it is being caused by the type of file the pictures were saved as when writing the posts. We will of course do our best to ensure future posts do not have this issue, and will work on correcting the existing posts.
      We’re so sorry again for the inconvenience and any disappointment caused.

  4. Tina says:

    Can anyone reccomend a good flesh colour for dollies? The one’s I’ve got are either too pink, or too grey!

  5. Dianna Brown says:

    I love my “Lily”…designer Amanda Berry..

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