Editor's choice Arktikos poncho by Christine Jones on the LoveKnitting blog

Published on February 20th, 2016 | by Merion


Editor’s Choice: Arktikos by Christine Jones

A poncho with a drawstring neck for the chilliest of days! Ponchos are perfect for dog walking, running after small children, and sometimes, a granny…

Arktikos poncho on the LoveKnitting blog

Ever had that infuriating moment when you’re cold, it’s starting to drizzle, you’re running through the woods trying to catch a dog that doesn’t want to be caught – your children are running behind you, and somewhere in the mist, your mother is stumbling about in the gloaming trying to find an elusive wild mushroom to show you?  And amazingly, you are managing to carry your handbag, a carrier bag full of essentials (your daughter’s phone, packets of biscuits and a flask of tea) and a large stick that the dog took a liking to about ten minutes before. This was me last weekend.

When my mother appeared with a mushroom, the kids caught up and the dog (eventually) came back, I was sitting on a fallen tree with a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit thinking how annoying it was that I was cold right through to my bones, despite a jumper, scarf and a coat.  I decided then, I needed a poncho.

Ponchos are very good when you need an extra layer of warmth, and you need freedom for your arms.  I was chatting to my friend Louise this week, who has just finished knitting a very beautiful poncho in Noro yarn, and she said she planned to wear it around the house when she was working as an extra layer because it gave her more freedom than a giant jumper.  Very good idea!

Despite all the good reasons for knitting a poncho – there is no better reason than the fact that they are gorgeous!  When I got home, I looked at the zillions of poncho patterns on LK, and found this – the Arktikos poncho by Christine Jones!

Arktikos poncho by Christine Jones on the LoveKnitting blogFrom my simplistic googling, I have discovered that “arktikos” is the Greek root of the word artic.  I can’t be sure, but I suspect Christine Jones named this pattern thus to infer its great warming properties in the cold!  Let’s have a look at the design: the drawer string neck is perfect for anchoring the poncho exactly where you’d like to wear it, and it enables you to put take the poncho on and off without getting it stuck on hair clips, hats and elaborate hair-dos.  The shape is fluted but not too full – perfect for keeping the heat in from the shoulder down, but it gives you access to moves your arms sufficiently to catch a runaway dog or sit at your computer and work.

Arktikos poncho by Christine Jones on the LoveKnitting blog

I love colourwork – and I love this flower motif!  The brilliant thing about THIS colourwork, is that it is created with super chunky yarn.  If you have been shy of colourwork in the past, start with doing some with a heavier weight yarn like this – you are much less likely to get tangled!  I love the pink and black used here – it’s gorgeously striking – but you can blend any two colours!

The pattern comes in three sizes, S, M and L – and the dimensions are: S (M, L): 128.5 (143, 157) cm, 51 (57, 63)” in circumference 43 (44.5, 45) cm, 17 (17.5, 18)” in length.  You will need the following amount of yarn (in metres):

  • Main colour: 270 (290, 320) m
  • Contrast colour: 115 (160, 175) m

We have some gorgeous super chunky yarns – and you can choose a fibre that you love – wool, alpaca, acrylic – but I am particularly fond of Adriafil Candy, which has a good twist, and the 100g balls contain 100m of yarn.  It is a wool, acrylic and alpaca blend, so it’s good and warm but the acrylic will help it not to lose shape.

Adriafil Candy on the LoveKnitting site

Adriafil Candy in Light Blue (66), Cherry Red (91) and Pink (70)

Another fabulous super chunky yarn is Schoeller und Stahl Alpha which comes in over 30 shades. It’s a wool and acrylic blend, and each ball has 60m of yarn.  You can pair any of these gorgeous colours with black – or the shade of your choice.

Schoeller und Stahl Alpha on the LoveKnitting blog

Schoeller und Stahl Alpha in Laubfrosch (44), Fuschie (28) and Violett (43).

Ponchos are a super cosy cover all that will add a fabulous layer of warmth with any woolly combo! Get knitting yours!

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