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Published on April 4th, 2014 | by Helen


Exclusive Free Pattern by Sarah Knight

We first met Sarah from just after we set up LoveKnitting, and have loved her and her blog ever since! Her blog is as old as we are, and we have loved watching it grow and develop over the last couple of years, as we have.  If you haven’t seen it, Sarah once did an interview for us which you can read here. In the last few weeks, we have also fallen completely in love with her Mum, Lynda Lewis,  as we watched her on the Great British Sewing Bee. Everyone was so upset in the LoveKnitting office this week, and felt she really deserved a place in the final. Sarah has been following her mum’s progress on her blog, and has interviews with many of the contestants, including her mum, here.  So we were absolutely delighted that Sarah has written an exclusive pattern for us for Easter. And, even better,  you can download this gorgeous Dangly Bunny for free until the end of June.


We have used a TOFT pompom for the bunny’s gorgeously soft tail. Depending on how big you want the bunny in relation to his lovely tail, you have the option of knitting the bunny in Bergere de France Lima for a wee bunny or Rowan Felted Tweed Aran for a slightly larger one. Why not make both so they could be best friends?

Make The Bunny For Free!

Our Dangly Bunny is so cute – but s/he needs a name! Simply comment below and tell us what you would name your bunny and we will send you all the materials to make him/ her! We will ask Sarah to pick her favourite name on Friday April 11, 2014.

Thank you for entering! This competition is now closed. Well done to Yvonne, who chose Tilly and Edgar for our lovely Dangly Bunnies!

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We tried to take lots of photos but SOMEONE was being naughty and kept photobombing them!

bunny photobomb

Don’t be daunted!

Liz from the LoveKnitting team offered to test knit Sarah’s pattern but, as a fairly new knitter, when she found out it was using double pointed needles, she felt it might be beyond her…. Here is what she had to say:

“I’m quite a new knitter and have only knitted on circular needles — as I the found the idea of handling 4 needles at once terrifying. However I desperately wanted to recreate this cute bunny! Initially it was fiddly (Note to newbie knitters: Try using wooden needles first as metal causes the stitches to slip very easily) but after I was a few rows in it was fine. The pattern is simple to follow, great for anyone wanting to make the jump from two needles to four.”

And just look at her results!!

bunny liz

Free Easter Bunny Pattern


To download the pattern: click on the picture above and the pattern will open in a separate window. Be patient; it can take some time! If that doesn’t work, right-click instead and select ‘Save link as…’ This will save the pattern as a pdf on your computer, which you can then find and print. If you’ve clicked on the pattern and nothing seems to be happening, your computer may have saved it as a pdf; try looking in your ‘Downloads’ folder.


About the Author

A newbie knitter slowly becoming more and more obsessed. Helen loves autumn, good food and can't decide between cats and dogs. She is also inordinately fond of her potato peeler.

Last updated: April 22nd, 2014.

91 Responses to Exclusive Free Pattern by Sarah Knight

  1. Louise Wolf says:

    The bigger bunny should be Phoofey and the smaller one is Hoppy. Such a cute pair!

  2. Tara Jordan-Cosgrove says:

    “Pip & Pop”

    They are just fabulous!

  3. Beryl Owen says:

    I think Dilly Dangler for the larger bunny and the smaller one Milly

  4. Kath fellows says:

    Daisy and buttercup, spring bunnies.

  5. Sara says:

    The little one’s name is obviously ‘Spencer’, and his beautiful mama is ‘Lara’.


  6. Tamara says:

    Alistair and Judith

  7. Jane Mackey says:

    These wonderful bunnies must make everyone smile. I think Mama Dangly looks like a Diana Dangly and her son like Douglas. Funny, yet strangely dignified! Loved them x

  8. Michelle McIntosh says:

    Bonnie and Benny bunnies

  9. Natasha says:

    Esther and Edgar.
    (The “Esther Bunny” has a particular ring to it!)

  10. Davina Rundle says:

    Primrose and Robin

  11. Helen says:

    Tootsie Twins

  12. The little brother’s name is Max and the big sis is Ruby obviously. I’m going to give this pattern a try as I have 2 little people in mind for them. =)

  13. Megan Whiteman says:

    I’m just starting to collect all my knitting patterns into one folder and get them all organised, so this lovely little bunny pattern came just at the right time, thank you 🙂

    I’d call the big girl bunny with the pink bow ‘Bunchie’ (after one of our rescued ex caged hens) and the smaller, boy bunny with the blue bow in his hair ‘Binky’ (after one of my rabbits, since I nicknamed him Binky and it’s stuck!)

    Megan x x x

  14. Vanessa says:


  15. Vanessa says:

    Sara and her cheeky son Danny

  16. Sue says:

    Ok I have the pattern but, what size double pointed needles do I use?

    Thanks so much,


  17. Jennifer Wilhelmy says:

    Hopperty and


  18. Hi
    I think a great name for the bunny would be Betty.


  19. Martha says:

    Hi and thanks for the lovely bunny pattern.
    I would name her Ophelia and him Cinnabun.

  20. Rhonda Culbert says:

    Bebop Bunny Hop.

  21. Robyn Webster says:

    How about “Not Cross Bunny” in honour of Easter.

  22. Paula Fisher says:

    For a boy it would have to be Buster Bunny, and a girl would be Honey Bunny 🙂 Love the pattern and will be knitting it sometime 🙂 thank you!

  23. Robyn Webster says:

    Sorry. I’m in Australia where we traditionally have Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday, so the name is a play on words. Not sure if you have them in USA. Just thought I’d clarify.

  24. Helen says:

    Hip and Hop for the names

  25. Lesley Bambridge says:

    I love them! The sweet girl might have a sweet, girly name like ‘Josephine’. The smart, friendly little boy bunny might be ‘Little Henry’. I always think that if you wait long enough, little bunnies whisper to you the name they’d like : )

  26. Jill andrews says:

    Boy – Bertie bunny
    Girl – Bethan bunny

  27. Christine Dobson says:

    The male would be Tony (after Anthony Hopkins) and the female Jessica (Jessica Rabbit of course!)

  28. Julie Hayday says:

    I think they should be named Roy and Rita

  29. Karis Post says:

    Bettina and Bert

  30. Deb Wolverson says:

    I like
    Lenny and Lola 🙂

  31. Michelle Crisp says:

    I love
    Billy Bob and Betsy

  32. Sharon Smith says:

    Bradley and Esther

  33. Gwen Grimm says:

    Josephine and Peter for Peter rabbit and his mother. You could have a whole family with Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail and you can’t forget cousin Benjamin!

  34. Alina says:

    These are soooooo cute! I’m downloading now and can’t wait to start knitting xx

  35. Virginia says:

    Scarlett O’Hare and Hoppin’ John.

  36. susan greenwood says:

    Rowan and Rowena

  37. Nancy Insuik says:

    Shea and Blaise

  38. Sandra Tysoe says:

    I’d call them ‘Bo’ and ‘Beau’

  39. Carol Andreetti says:

    I like Molly and Sherlock for the bunnies names 🙂

  40. Jackie Murgatroyd says:

    I think I’ll call my rabbit Stew!

  41. Sue Timmins says:

    Dangly Danny – or Dangly Danni if it’s a girl rabbit!

  42. Pam Clemmer says:

    Nubbins or Nub for short (that’s bun backwards!)

  43. Carol Findlay says:

    My bunnies will be George and Gina

  44. Jillian Rudman says:

    Lucy long and Lucifer long legs. They are beautiful, well done Sarah

  45. Jillian Rudman says:

    Ment Lucy and Lucifer long legs

  46. Maddy says:

    Belinda Bunnikins and her brother Brov Bunnikins

  47. Debby says:

    Photi and little brother Bombi

  48. Marielle says:

    “Easter” 🙂

  49. Lorrie Dee says:

    I was born on Easter Sunday and used to get rabbits as birthday presents… sometimes chocolate, sometimes real, live bunnies! My first real bunny was named Billie Bunny… so that’s what I’d call this one too! 🙂

  50. Pamela Lehmann says:

    Mr. Beau Dangles & Ms. Fan Dangles

  51. I really enjoy knitting animals for children ( and one of course for myself). I have many patterns but these cutie pies really tickle my funny bone. The little girl with the bow in her hair of course will be Belinda and the dapper boy with the bow tie would be Beauregard. Thank you so much for your pattern. Regards…..

  52. Debbie Bryant says:

    I would make the big one the boy and name him Stringbean and the wee one would be a girl and I would call her Junebug.

  53. Giulietta says:

    I would name him Schumi, after the pet rabbit I had who was my best mate during my tricky teenage years. He lived until he was 12 and is still very much missed!

    I’m a knitter, but am too scared to try dpns. Thanks for the tip about the wooden ones!


  54. Wendy says:

    The name that I think suits these bunnies is Flopsy

  55. Claire says:

    Hercules, mainly because I am trying to persuade my husband that the children (who am I kidding?? I’ll confess here, it’s me….. don’t tell anyone) want a couple of rabbits or guinea pigs to call Hercules and Spitfire. Him indoors says no, so a fluffy bunny would be an excellent substitute.

  56. Jessica Horner-Bailey says:

    My daughter is obsessed with rabbits, she has 7 toy ones that are resident in her bed. She says she needs a Daddy rabbit, as hers are all girls. So big bun would have to be “Poppa” & the little one “Charlie” as her name is Charlotte (known as Lottie).

  57. Joy Spencer says:

    The Rabbits belong to the Four Pin Burrow Family and are Called Pearl and Cable. Pearl has to keep an eye on cable as he is bit of rib tickler.

    Got to hop off and download the pattern. Thanks.

  58. Magda Fogg says:

    They are gorgeous bunnies. Mine will be called Warren & Wendy. Starting from tomorrow (hope the family don’t want an early dinner).

  59. Yvonne says:

    Tilly and Edgar – what a wonderful pair.

    • Faith says:

      Well Done, Yvonne – Tilly and Edgar have been chosen by Sarah as the winning names! I have emailed you about the prize.
      All the best,

      Faith and the LoveKnitting Team

  60. Pam says:

    She looks like a Missy – or els Danglin’ Doris. Photo bomber is Pete…

    They are adorable!

  61. Linda Marra says:

    I would make a girl and call her Beatrice Bunny (BB for short).

  62. Maureen chamberlain says:

    I would call the little girl bunny ‘Sadie’ and a boy bunny ‘Bomber’,
    I am going to knit a little girl bunny for my granddaughter for Easter as she to too tiny to have an Easter egg.

  63. Ronni Fogle says:

    I think Sir Hopsalot will be the name of the boy bunny I’ll make for my grandbaby Caden!!!

  64. Lisa says:

    I would give her the name of spring…
    And him the name of bounce

  65. June Schwierjohn says:

    These two bunnies look like Esther Rabbit and Peter Rabbit.

  66. Alice Graham says:

    My bunny is called Chumpie Chops

  67. Sue Charnley says:

    I would call my bunny Beatrix

  68. Sue Charnley says:

    I would call my bunny… Beatrix

  69. shelli says:

    Bonnie and Bobby Bun Bun. Simple and easy to remember.

  70. Crafty Galores says:

    I like playing with words so would suggest variations for boy or girl e.g. Bo or Bow or Beau Dangles

  71. Paula Walker says:

    I would love to make the bunny for my first grandson due on 12 July. I’d call it Albert, because it’s perfect for such a loose limbed bunny!

  72. Annie says:

    I would call the boy bunny Bertie, cos he looks like a Bertie with his bow tie, she would be called Ellen Bunny, cos she is so cute x

  73. Karen says:

    I would call a girl bunny Marion and a boy bunny Andy as they will be an Easter wedding gift to my son and his bride to be x

  74. Patricia says:

    Name her Bitty Bunny

  75. Karen says:

    She looks like Lucinda and he looks like Louie….i chose these names as a tribute to Sarah’s Mum Lynda and a play on the surname Lewis!

  76. Kathleen says:

    Love these! My mom and gram made these types of things for us when we were little (which is too many years ago to mention). I still have the pink flying pig that rattles when you shake him.

    I would name them Aster (after the spring flower) and Alfie.

  77. jill dalton says:

    I would definitely call my bunny Sophia – after my granddaughter who has a snuggle bunny that goes everywhere with her. This would be a welcome addition to her collection.

  78. I will name her daffodil after the spring flower

  79. Patricia Boshell says:

    I’d probably call it Hopper

  80. Irene Pearson says:

    Gimli would be my choice

  81. Margaret Barnes says:

    I would call her Flora and him Fauna.

  82. Jo says:

    My name would be Lily Longlegs or Fifi Floppylegs or Pearl, as she is knitted (geddit?)

  83. Gail says:

    I would call them a Frank and Lilly!

  84. Branwynne says:

    I’ve been thinking hard and long on this question and I feel confident that these bunnies are Fiona and Alistair

  85. Jillian Rudman says:

    I would call them Lucy and Lucifer Longlegs a very apt name I think.

  86. Chantal says:

    wow, i love this!

  87. Tracy Ballarini says:

    Lily and Louie

  88. Jo says:

    merci beaucoup !


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