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Exercises for Knitters

Ironically, the relaxing hobby of knitting can be quite tiring. After prolonged periods of it, you can become tense and your muscles can seize up. It can put a strain on your neck and shoulders, fingers and wrists, which will sometimes diminish your energy for knitting.

There are a few simple little exercises that can be done frequently in order for you to keep your knitting momentum up. After the stretches, it’s good to shake them out loosely and wiggle your fingers.

Basic hand and wrist exercises –

Start by opening your hands and stretching your fingers as far as you can. From that position, bend the tips of your fingers so that they touch the top of your palms (where your fingers start). And stretch them back out, as far as you can again.  Then clench your hands into tight fists and stretch out. Finally, bring the tips of your fingers to the base of your palms, so that they’re in line with the curve of your thumb, and stretch out again.



With your arms and hands straight out in front of you, tilt your hands at the wrist up towards the ceiling and hold for 10 seconds. Then tilt your hands at the wrist down towards the floor and hold again for 10 seconds.

Basic shoulder and arm exercises –

Bring your shoulders up to your ears, hold for 5 seconds, then bring them back down again.

Interlock your fingers and push your arms away from you, with your palms facing forwards. Try to keep this position for 5+ seconds whilst breathing deeply. Then from this position, hold your arms above your head, stretching higher and higher. Hold this stretch for 5+ seconds.

Interlocking your fingers again, put your hands behind your head and move your elbows backwards. Try to hold this for 5 seconds.

If you can carry on repeating these exercises often, they’ll certainly help build up the muscles and reduce future aches and pains.

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3 Responses to Exercises for Knitters

  1. Anne Phillips says:

    Very useful thanks, after a bit of extreme knitting for the festive season my hands and arms could do with some TLC!

  2. Joy Hadley says:

    A timely reminder, works for us cross stitches too.

  3. Janet Jamieson says:

    Thank you sooo much for these exercises. They also work for crochet buffs too!!

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