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Published on September 8th, 2016 | by Merion


Explore LoveKnitting’s new app! It’s knit-tastic!

We’ve got an app! Designed by knitters, for knitters – it’s too exciting for words! Get your iPads out ready for action!

loveknitting app appstore

For too long, we knitters have wrestled with an endless array of pens, paper and tools in order to do what we love.

I am a woman of a certain age, and not one given to technical prowess – and until this week, when I sat down to knit, I was surrounded by the following: a ruler for reading charts, a crumpled piece of paper to write down my pattern rows and tick off as I go, the pattern I’m working from, my iPad for checking stitches and ordering yarn, and a large cup of tea.

A great deal of my knitting happens on on the go – on sofas and in bed, in cars, trains and waiting rooms, and even in the garden – so I cart this collection around with me everywhere I go.

But not any more! The clever folk here at LoveKnitting have designed an app to transform the way we knit!

Designed by knitters, for knitters!

At first glance, I was in love! You can view all the patterns you’ve downloaded in one library – enlarge the charts and text, and even slide a ruler up and down to keep a check of rows and stitches.

Handy Tools

With the touch of your finger you can slide the ruler to the row you’re working on, and clock up stitches with the stitch counter. Genius! You can mark the stitch you’re working on too.

loveknitting app appstore


Use the ruler to keep track of a pattern, and use the zoom facility to enlarge text and charts!

loveknitting app appstore ruler

Never lose your place working a chart again!

The easy to use pattern reader means you can work through your entire LoveKnitting pattern library row by row, with help from the zoom feature, row counter, marker, and other handy tools.  I love writing on my patterns, and you can easily add notes and doodles to every pattern – and photos too!

Why is this app different?

I’ve avoided knitting apps until now because they don’t speak the language of knitters – with no easy way to access patterns and keep them current and updated as you follow them – I love the fact that I can zip in and out of a pattern and the app will remember where I am and what I’ve done! The app is currently available for iPads, but availability for iPhones and Android devices are coming soon.

It’s easy to use. I don’t want to waste time trying to make my knitting fit an app – I want an app that fits my knitting! If I can do it, you can do it!

New inspiration every month with six FREE and exclusive patterns!

Just to make it EVEN better, there are six free and exclusive patterns waiting for you when you download the app, with new patterns added every month! (This month’s patterns are fantastic and I’ve already knitted one of them. The Fittleworth Cowl by Sarah Knight – and you won’t find it anywhere else! I can’t wait to start on Tin Can Knit’s Harvest cardi next!)

appstore loveknitting app free patterns

Don’t wait a minute longer! Download it from the App Store!




About the Author

Merion admits that her stash is wildly out of control, but has many projects in dream-form! She loves knitting, crochet, Shire horses, cake and garden swing-seats.

Last updated: October 18th, 2017.

90 Responses to Explore LoveKnitting’s new app! It’s knit-tastic!

  1. Mrs L king says:

    Love knitting anything from Jumpers cardigan to knitted toys for over 40 years . Just finished hats and snood for winter.

    • Merion says:

      Hello Mrs King!

      That’s fantastic! And you’re already prepared for winter! I’ll be following your lead and starting some hats very soon!

      Merion and the LoveKnitting team x

  2. Cindy Roth says:

    This sounds wonderful. Is there an android version? If not, WHEN??

    • Jenny O'Toole says:

      I agree!! When will there be an android version? I cannot wait to stop carrying around all the paper patterns!!

    • Merion says:

      Hi Cindy, there’s an Android version coming! We want all our knitters to be able to use this fabulous app!

      Merion and the LoveKnitting team x

  3. Pauline Bollington says:

    I agree too! Why is everything for apple? Some of us prefer not to use them!

    • Merion says:

      Hi Pauline!

      Our clever tech team are working on developing the app for other platforms too! Android next!

      Merion and the LoveKnitting team x

  4. Linda Kepler says:

    This looks so cool!
    I look forward to the free patterns . . .

    • Merion says:

      Hi Linda!

      I loved knitting the Fittleworth Cowl – it’s on the app at the moment – it’s a quick knit but it’s really fun! Knitted in the round with slip stitches – it looks really complicated but it’s so easy to do!

      Merion and the LoveKnitting team x

  5. Anne Hodgson says:

    Cannot download a free pattern my e-mail address has not changed

  6. Virginia Read says:

    Yes, me too! I have an android tablet. When is this going to be developed for us?

  7. Melissa says:

    GREAT APP! When will you be able to import patterns to it? I love this thing! No more carrying and juggling paper and pencil when on the go. Thanks so much!

    • Merion says:

      Hi Melissa,

      When you log into the app with your LoveKnitting login and password, you will be able to see all the patterns that you’ve downloaded from LoveKnitting or LoveCrochet.

      So glad you like it!

      Merion and the LoveKnitting team x

  8. Myrna Procita says:

    This app sounds great, I would like to use it, but what about android users? Will the app be coming out for android users? I love my android tablet and am not about to switch to an apple product because of one app. If this app was released for both platforms I think you would have a bigger customer base. Apple users aren’t the only ones out there.

    • Merion says:

      Hi Myrna!

      We had to start somewhere – but our tech team are working on an Android version too and we’re hoping it won’t be too long!

      Merion and the LoveKnitting team x

  9. Kathy J says:

    Is there a way to delete patterns from the library?

  10. Sheila says:

    Can a Love Knitting user import patterns from Ravelry? All my patterns are in Ravelry….

  11. Aunrey says:

    What a great idea ! Unfortunately I won’t be using this app until I can import my purchased Ravelry patterns .

  12. Marge Avanzato says:

    All I have are the Nook tablets. Is there going to be an app for them? I’d love to have it!

  13. Joy says:

    I’m with those that are asking for an Android version. I appreciate that software developers have to start somewhere but why is it always with Apple. Would be nice to start with Android first occasionally.

  14. Barbara Pritchard says:

    Sounds great, but most of my patterns are Ravelry downloads too. I have the pdf’s saved on my computer. would I be able to import them onto this app, or will it only work with your own downloads?

    • Siân says:

      Hello Barbara,

      At the moment only the patterns in your Loveknitting account are accessible on the app, but I will certainly make a suggestion to the app team for a PDF uploader feature!

      • Anne Murphy says:

        That would be brilliant. Most of my downloaded patterns are PDFs from Ravelry too. But I’ll definitely give this a go on the iPad. Android phone can wait!

  15. Lyn Matthews says:

    I’ve downloaded it – will it automatically download all my patterns from LoveKnitting?

  16. Audrey says:

    I have many many patterns saved in IBooks. Will they transfer over? And if so — how?

  17. Isabella says:

    The app looks nice, unfortunately I cannot use it, have an older ipad with ios 7 🙁

  18. Lesley says:

    Please will you give a shout out when the android app is ready ☺

  19. Clickity says:

    Ooo thank you, I am going to get the app in just a moment,
    But, firstly can I please ask you to do a small adjustment to your website,this page and any others that has this so annoying problem………
    The flipping set of facebook,Twitter,Pinterest etc icons that sit on the left hand side and covers up the first few letters of every sentence unless you scroll way up or down. Can you please please move them to the right hand side, or the top or bottom of the page? It is such a silly idea to have them on the left side, but so many site do this, so please stand out from the rest, and lead the way to a better set out.
    Thanks for the app, and otherwise wonderful site.

    • Renwoman says:

      I agree Clickety, those little icons are maddening!!!

    • Jo Merriam says:

      I agree, Clickety, about the placement of those goofy social media icons. Too big and in the wrong place! They can be placed anywhere on the top or bottom, and smaller, please!

  20. Tiffany says:

    Will the app be available for iPhone? It says it’s only an iPad app.

  21. Mickiela Whiting says:

    Can’t wait for the android version! Then I can take my knitting on the go instead of having to carry my laptop with me all the time.

  22. Karen says:

    What about old paper patterns can we scan them onto the iPad and use the app?

    • Siân says:

      Hi Karen,

      Currently we do not have an ‘upload’ feature on the app, however I have passed the suggestion to our wonderful app team for development 🙂

  23. Lydia Abel says:

    Hi it sounds good but I actually use a MAC book air as it is lighter to carry than my iPad. Can I download the app? Let us knowif they can do the PDF uploader as I too have most patterns as pdfs.

  24. Christine says:

    The knitting app is a great idea, thank you.

  25. Christine says:

    Knitting app will be a boon no more heaps of saved mags every thing at a click of a button

  26. Angela Weber says:

    Android please! Some of us already know Android is a far superior platform.

  27. Susan says:

    Will you be able to import patterns that are saved on the computer. I tend to download and save my patterns in files on my computer.

  28. Janet Bedol says:

    Android please!! My Note 7 and I are soooo ready for this!

  29. Gina says:

    I also will be eagerly awaiting the android version, hope it’s not too long in coming!

  30. Karen says:

    please can i have this for my Microsoft Pro tablet??

    • Siân says:

      Hello Karen,

      Not to worry! It will be coming for Android tablets and phones soon – our tech team are working hard to make it happen 🙂

  31. Elizabeth Bogan says:

    Can I get this on my Kindel Fire?

  32. Joy says:

    I would love having all my patterns in one place, not just the ones from you. Is this possible?

    • Siân says:

      Hello Joy,

      At the moment we don’t have the option to import patterns into the app but I will certainly be passing on the suggestion to the development team to consider implementing in the future! 🙂

  33. Rosemary Hannah says:

    You need to offer an app for android phones asap – lots of us are not fans of Apple!

    • Siân says:

      Hi Rosemary,

      Don’t worry! An Android app is the next thing our tech team will be releasing – so it will be coming very soon! 🙂

  34. Jshree says:

    Impatient for the Android app!!

  35. Frankie says:

    I need this in an android app asap.

  36. MariuMariue Hill says:

    Is this all going to be on Kindle? Their android is different.

    • Bobbie Partain says:

      Yeah, the Kindle platform is just a bit different than android. I can sometimes use android apps—-sometimes not, don’t know why though. The Kindle seems to operate more like an I-pad than an android device. It would be nice to have this app for Kindle Fire so that when you are traveling around, everything you need to”be you”, is in one place—-books, including knitting books, e-mail, social media, grocery lists, calendar, notes, etc. My Kindle Fire so organizes my life, and I already know how to operate it.

  37. Niamh says:

    Love the app, vey easy to use. The row marker is an absolute lifesaver for those if us who don’t have a pattern marker. I see an uploaded feature has been suggested so that a person can import their pdf patterns into the app, great idea. Well done

  38. Francine SCHMIDT says:

    The new knitting app is the best I’ve tried so far; so much easier to navigate and reliable than others I’ve seen. And… it’s FREE!!!! What more could you wish for ?

  39. Elizabeth H says:

    Don’t have an iPad, but let me know when the iPhone version is ready!

  40. Knitnut says:

    I too am eagerly awaiting the android app. If you could include the ability to upload pdf files also, that would be the best app ever designed!!!!!

  41. Tarwheels says:

    Looks cool! Where’s the Android love??

  42. Kathleen Rimel says:

    I love to knit like making shrugs, do you have some cool shrugs to knit?

  43. Pam says:

    Looks like I’m not the only one who prefers Android.

  44. WendyC says:

    Do you have an estimate when the android version will be available and will we get notification by e mail?

  45. Maggie S says:

    I’m wondering if you are planning a similar app for the crochet people. My knitting ability is casting on and off and a few basic stitches. As I only crochet I feel left out on all the excitement.

    • Siân says:

      Hello Maggie,

      Although the app is called LoveKnitting, we have some free crochet patterns available on there, and you can access all your patterns from your downloads on your LoveCrochet account 🙂

  46. Diane Glabman says:

    will you be able to use patterns you already have in app?

  47. Gillian Walker says:

    Tries the app it’s ok but no better than importing them into iBooks, the down side is you can’t import from anywhere else.

  48. Smartiknits says:

    Looking forward to android app. Thanks

  49. Linda says:

    I purchased the Minimissimi Sweater Coat pattern in english and downloaded it to my desktop easily. I have added the Love Knitting app to my iPad. Why don’t I see the pattern I purchased in the account library?

    • Siân says:

      Hello Linda,

      I’m sorry to hear your pattern is not appearing in the library on the app! Could you try logging out then logging in again for me? Perhaps it just needs to refresh the list 🙂

  50. Gerry says:

    This is the best app I’ve seen for knitting. I would give it the highest rating if I could add any PDF I have. I would pay a reasonable fee to do so I get you want to promote love knitting but we all have patterns from all over. Thanks.

  51. Melinda Patrick says:

    You’re missing a huge opportunity and ignoring a huge audience by offering an apple-only app. The number of android users far outnumbers the number of iphone/ipad users.
    Apps for android are far less costly to develop because of apple proprietary control.
    Too bad. I would have liked to use your app but you’ve cut me out.

    • Siân says:

      Hello Melinda,

      Our team are working hard to bring the Android app to you all as soon as they can! It is definitely coming and we certainly do not want to isolate any of our audience 🙂

  52. AnnaMarie says:

    Looking forward to the android app! Glad to see one is in the works.

  53. Kathryn Radmall says:

    I’ve just started using the app and I now realise I can ditch the Post-it notes and five bar gate row counting. No more picking up stray scraps of paper and wondering which of my projects it refers to :))
    I knit toys and blankets for a local cat rescue charity (currently the cat with the extensive wardrobe from the Knitables range.) The app is going to make managing my work so much easier.

  54. WendyC says:

    Any idea when the Android version will be available?

    • Siân says:

      Hello Wendy,

      Rest assured we do have an Android app being worked on. Our wonderful tech team are working hard to build it but I’m afraid we don’t have an estimated release date just yet.

  55. Karen H says:

    Any time line for a Kindle Fire version

    • Siân says:

      Hello Karen,
      At the moment our tech team are working hard on an app for android users but a Kindle Fire app is certainly on the list! 🙂

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