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Feel-good knits: Loving Hands

Loving Hands is a wonderful group of people who came together in Scotland in June 2007. They knit, crochet and sew items which are sent to worthy, personally selected charities, groups, and communities around the world.

Before the creation of Loving Hands, founder Lou Jaap spent time putting her knitting skills to good use by volunteering and creating garments for charities. During this time she met fellow knitters, many of whom were elderly women, who created items through their love of knitting but without an idea of what to do with their completed projects.

This inspired Lou to find ways in which these handmade items would be cherished and used to benefit others, rather than being forgotten or left in a drawer.

Lou decided to start a knitting group in her local Community Centre, in Kelty. She wanted a place where people could pop by and create, or somewhere to take items that they’d already made, for the cause.

Lou also started a blog to promote the work that she and the others in Kelty’s knitting group were doing. After a while, people started contacting Lou through the blog, asking to contribute to the Loving Hands projects.

Through careful vetting, Lou makes sure that every charity, group or individual she recommends is taking the items directly to the area of most need and hand delivering them there to the people or animals in crisis.

Currently, Loving Hands help over 36 charities and causes, including the RSPCA, Salvation Army, British maternity units and morticians. And they have supplied causes around the world with their aid, not just those closer to home.

Every three months, with a view to inspire, Lou sets challenges for her Loving Hands helpers, which keeps up moral and highlights the demand for new garments and causes. However, there is always a constant need for high volumes of particular items – which are displayed on their website as the Wishlist.

For more information about Loving Hands, how to get involved and the wonderful work that they do, please go to


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