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Published on February 20th, 2017 | by Christine Leech


Felt storage boxes by Christine Leech

I ordered this large (50 x 75cm) piece of 5mm thick felt by mistake from the LoveKnitting website but I’m so glad I did as I didn’t realise you could get such large sheets of felt and they are perfect for making these wool/haberdashery/fabric/anything really stash boxes.

What’s great is you don’t waste a single cm of the felt and it comes in a great array of colours. Once you’ve made one of these storage boxes adjust the template and make loads in different sizes.

You will need: 50 x 75cm rectangle of felt, large piece of paper or newspaper to make template, scissors, fabric glue, sewing machine, thread in matching colour.

1. Make a paper template following the dimensions marked out on the diagram below.

Wool felt box TEMPLATE

2. Take your piece of felt and lay the paper template on top. Pin in place and then use a ruler and a craft knife (or scissors if you are neat) and cut out the baskets shape.

Felt storage boxes

3. On the two end pieces cut the handle shape. Make sure you only cut where the solid line shows creating a felt flap. The dashed line is where you will fold the excess felt upwards to reinforce the felt.

Handle template

4. Take two of the rectangles you cut away and trim down till they are 9cm in height. Pin them together along one short side. Machine sew close to the edge, trim away any excess material, open out and press flat with an iron. Repeat with the other set of rectangles.

Storage box sides Storage box sides Storage box sides

5. Take one of the joined up pair of rectangles and pin it to the main body of the basket along one long edge. Machine sew 1cm in from the edge. Repeat with the other side of the bag.

Join to main body

6. Unfold the rectangles, and then press with the iron. Now all the sides of the bag should be and even height of 20.5 – If yours are slightly unequal trim to correct.

Unfold and press with iron

7. Using fabric glue (or Bondaweb) flip the handle flaps upwards and fix in place on the wrong side of the bag (same side as the stitching).

Reinforce handles

8. Fold the bag (right side to right side) so that two adjacent edges line up. Pin in place and then sew. Repeat on the other three corners then turn right side out.

Fold the bag Turn insides out

9. In turn fold each side of the bag down and press the bottom edge, this helps give the bags bottom more definition.

Press bottom edge

10. Fold the bag again so one hemmed corner is squashed flat. Pin and sew another line of stitches on the outside of the bag. Repeat with the other three corners. This reinforces the sides of the bag and makes the sides stand up better.

Reinforcing the sides Reinforcing the sides Reinforcing the sides

11. To give the base extra stability cut a rectangle of stiff card or foam board to the size of the base and place in the bottom of the bag.

Reinforce base with card

Et voilĂ ! Your very own felt storage box! Never again will you unfortunately misplace your yarn or find the odd skein rolled under your sofa!

Felt storage box

About the Author

Christine is not afraid of glitter, seam rippers, semi-colons or challenges, which is fortunate as in her jigsaw career of author, designer, stylist and maker she has to deal with all of them on a regular basis! For more fun stuff visit her blog or follow her on Instagram @sewyeah

Last updated: August 1st, 2017.

3 Responses to Felt storage boxes by Christine Leech

  1. Jenny Royall says:

    Wow, that looks really great, fantastic idea.

  2. Lucka says:

    Deep thinking – adds a new disimneon to it all.

  3. Kabira says:

    Very nifty idea! Is the felt synthetic or wool?

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