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Five great sock patterns for men

If you took a peek in my sock drawer you might be amazed at how many pairs I have… I love socks. I have every color and pattern imaginable, but I’m really lacking in the hand-knit area. If I could have any knit socks from our wonderful community, these five would be at the top of my list:

Druidstone socks

druidstone socks knitting pattern

These warm and stretchy socks from Wyndlestraw Designs have a simple wide rib pattern that provides some cushion, texture, and shape. You can knit these up in a plain color or use some variegated yarn to spice them up a bit.

Gossamer Arbor socks

gossamer arbor knitting sock pattern

Inspired by his aunt’s rose arbor, the intricate cabling on this pattern from Rich Ensor will make it you hesitant to cover them up with boots.

Jongleurs socks

jongleurs socks knitting pattern

With medieval minstrels in mind, RiotousAssembly have designed this eye-catching criss-cross pattern for another sock that I would love to slip on.

Handsome men’s slipper socks

handsome mens slipper socks knitting pattern

Kelly Patia made this diamond cable sock pattern in worsted weight for her brother, and gasped when he put them on, thinking “They’re really handsome,” hence the name. Finally a slipper sock that I can wear around the house without having to cover them up!

Hoar frost socks


Though these Louise Tilbrook hoar frost socks aren’t necessarily designed for men, the pattern download includes a less lacy version for a more masculine sock. Either way, I think the pattern is great, and they look incredibly comfy!

Of course we at LoveKnitting would be delighted to see any sock patterns you might have, so upload them to your profile to share with the community, or find some inspiration from others by clicking below!



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6 Responses to Five great sock patterns for men

  1. Mair Shepherd says:

    I am an experienced knitted what shoe size do your socks go up to as my son has very large feet and socks are a nightmare to purchase as one size does not fit all believe me!

    • Siân says:

      Hello there 🙂

      Most of the patterns in our posts have different size options available for you to knit so you can ensure they are big enough 🙂

  2. Sue Dignan says:

    Do you have any sock patterns knitted with just two ordinary needles. There was a book out called knitting socks on the Straight. Being left-handed no one has been able to teach me to use more than two needles. I would be grateful if you have anything suitable, I can manage the short row method for heels.

    • Siân says:

      Hi Sue,

      I’ve had a quick look through some of our sock patterns but unfortunately I haven’t been able to find anything 🙁 I’m sorry about that!

    • Alison Hedger says:

      How about using tiny circular needles especially designed for knitting socks? You work with two needles in the same way as straight pins.

    • delilah says:

      knitting in the round is not so scary.
      if you can knit with two needles back and forth you can knit with four in the round.
      I cheat a bit on joining the round.
      I knit back and forth on a long needle two or three rows, then knit straight but knit a few stitches on a dpn, leave it hanging, then knit the next few on another, and so on til I have 3 or 4 dpns in a line, or as many as I need, 3 should be plenty for socks. Then I make a circle by turning the end with the working thread to the end of the first dpn and continue knitting those, two or three from that needle on the working yarn needle just to be sure I have them joined neatly, maybe give the first st a tug. Then keep going, round and round.
      You will not need to purl if you want stocking st, but most other patterns work the same way.
      Otherwise, cast sts evenly on your dpns and join immediatly, being careful not to twist any sts. Search Youtube for visual tutorials, then just do what you do left handed with your needles.
      Give it a go, nothing to lose!!

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