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Flax & Twine talks about arm knitting

Anne Weil and her blog Flax & Twine is a dream for lovers of extra chunky knits! She is an expert in arm knitting, takes beautiful photos and makes us want to redecorate our living rooms every time we take a look at her blog. Discover her lovely new patterns on LoveKnitting, win a copy of her latest book, Knitting without Needles and meet her on our Instagram page! 

Meet the mastermind behind Knitting without Needles!

Could you start off with telling us a little bit about yourself and how you started knitting?

I was born in Minneapolis, MN and I started knitting when I was 7. My mom taught me. Of course, within a year or two I decided I should do every craft and fiber art EXCEPT the one she taught me! It was my own maker rebellion! But, I came around again after a few years and haven’t set it down since. I transformed my passion into my profession five years ago when I started my blog Flax & Twine. Now, I live in Denver, CO. I explore all kinds of making on my blog but I love designing knit and crochet patterns. I adore playing with the extremes in scale both large and small.

flaxtwine2Click on the photo to download the pattern

We absolutely love your giant knits! How did you start off with that?

I began finger knitting with my kids when they were young. It was then that my creative brain took hold of this idea of creating knit or crochet items with no needle or hook! How cool to make something beautiful with nothing but yarn and your own two capable hands. Plus, the shift in scale from the traditional knit or crochet gauge to something giant made me giddy with excitement. I couldn’t wait to apply all sorts of traditional knitting and crochet techniques to this large scale process, including shaping, lace, cables and more!

Some of us in the office are a bit intimidated with arm knitting – do you have any great tips?

You can do it! Remember arm knitting is easier than traditional knitting as there are no needles to deal with. It is a great gross motor exercise. Most of the people I teach are non-knitters and they pick it up easily. Knitters usually pick it up even faster. Be patient with yourself as you learn a new skill though, and take it one step at a time.

flaxtwine3Click on the photo for the Arm Knitting How To 

Which yarn would you recommend for arm knitting?

My favorite yarn to work with for arm knitting and hand crochet tends to be Cascade Magnum. I love the feel of this yarn. It creates a gorgeous fabric when you ply 3-4 strands at a time. Plus it is more yardage than other comparable yarns.

What was the most fun project you have ever made and why?

I had the most fun designing the faux sheepskin that is featured in my book, “Knitting Without Needles“. I loved the idea of having a sheep-friendly version of the furry boho designer staple. I love how it is arm knitting transformed into a cool, shaped and furry piece.

If you were a yarn what would you be?

I would picture myself as something lush and squishy – something responsive and soft. A specialty yarn that you treasure 🙂

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