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Published on July 4th, 2014 | by Faith


Free Rowan lace scarf knitting pattern

Get some sunshine in your life with this pretty lace scarf. It is a really simple project – a walk in the park for advanced knitters and a great start for those looking to try their hand at lace knitting.

Rowan Wool Cotton

This scarf is knitted in the beautiful Rowan Wool Cotton, a DK weight yarn with perfect stitch definition. It contains 50% cotton and 50% wool, ideal for in between seasons.

There are 21 vibrant colours available to choose from, including the lovely and bright Brolly (980) used in the pattern photography. This scarf would look great in any of the shades, but we really love the rich blue colour of Larkspur (988) and the light peach tones in Cafe (985).

Free Rowan lace scarf pattern

Free Rowan Sunshine Scarf Pattern - LoveKnitting Blog
To download the pattern: click on the picture above and the pattern will open in a separate window. Be patient, it can take some time! If that doesn’t work, right-click instead and select ‘Save link as…’ This will save the pattern as a PDF on your computer, which you can then find and print. If you’ve clicked on the pattern and nothing seems to be happening, your computer may have saved it as a PDF; try looking in your ‘Downloads’ folder.

Happy Knitting!

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Faith has just recently launched herself into the wonderful world of knitting and is excited by the possibilities! She also loves baking, Italy and all types of dogs (but is in the midst of a pug obsession)!

Last updated: July 3rd, 2014.

6 Responses to Free Rowan lace scarf knitting pattern

  1. Joy Hill says:

    Have just finished a Lacy Shawl in 4ply Sock Yarn so will be interesting to try this scarf in a different wool. Love all these free patterns.

  2. Catherine Scott says:


    I love your free pattern and can’t wait to make it. This really is the best knitting web site ever, and I am so pleased to have found it.

  3. Hansa Kerman Pistotnik says:

    Can you clarify in American terms the yarn overs on the odd rows? I have tried them several different ways and I seem to end up with either too many or too few stitchs. For the even rows, I am assuming that one perfoms the standard yarn-overs between the knits and purls (knit, yarn forward, purl;; purl, yarn back, knit), so I am confused as to why there are yo’s printed for the odd rows that should be making holes for the lace, yet not adding up to thirty stiches for me at the end of the row, even with the decreases. Should some be yo’s knit-wise and others yo purl-wise? I have scrutinized the photograph of the scarf, but I just can’t seem to parse it. Please help. Thank you!!!

    • Hansa Kerman Pistotnik says:

      Oh! I figured it out! They are the sort of yarn overs where one simply leaves the yarn in place instead of bringing it forward or back or around. The “silent” yarn overs! I tried the pattern again and it works splendidly! I can’t wait for my good yarn to arrive now!!!

  4. Jyotsna says:


  5. Shakeel says:

    Hey Faith. Thanks for sharing knitting tutorial for lace scarf. The scarf would give simple yet classic look. Good idea for beginners wanting to learn scarf knitting.

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