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Take the frog or finish challenge with LoveKnitting

Welcome to 2016! January is the month of new beginnings, resolutions, and starting afresh. This year, we’re taking the challenge to #FrogOrFinish – are you in?

Fellow yarn crafters, does your stash look like this?

Frog or finish month at LoveKnitting

Do you have more WIPs (works in progress) than you do finished projects? Are you like the rest of us at LoveKnitting? Over the course of a year (or several years), projects get cast on and then tossed into the stash, forgotten. These forgotten and almost finished projects can pile up, causing havoc in your yarn stash.

To kick off the new year, we are taking the #FrogOrFinish challenge. For those who don’t know, to “frog” something is to rip it out. (Rip it, ribbit, get it?) This month, we challenge you to either finish or rip out any stale projects you have laying around. Whether it’s a cardigan that only needs a button band to be finished, or a project that you started and then decided wasn’t right for you, it’s time to clean up your stash!

We all have projects that haven’t worked out, or that have been abandoned…like these colorwork mittens that I started back in October and quickly abandoned in favor of getting Christmas presents done on time. These are probably headed for the frog pile, because I don’t remember where I left off, and I wasn’t using a pattern. Oops!

And then there are other projects, like my Uniform – Build Your Own Cardigan by Carrie Bostick Hoge, that has a good 6 inches done already. I can’t bear the thought of frogging this yarn (again), so this will probably be my main project this month.

Take the frog or finish challenge with LoveKnitting!

But remember, this isn’t an all-or-nothing resolution or goal – it’s about making progress and taking stock of what you have half finished, almost finished, or abandoned. I may not finish that cardigan this month, but I can guarantee you that I’ll have made a lot of progress by the time February rolls around! I’m doing this challenge along with you – share your progress on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #FrogOrFinish! We’ll be checking in later this month to see how much progress everyone has made.

So – are you in for this month’s Frog or Finish challenge?

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55 Responses to Take the frog or finish challenge with LoveKnitting

  1. Dee says:

    OUCH!!!!! That really hit the mark!!! Guilty as charged!! I like to have several things on the go at any one time but have too much unfinished (one mitten or bootee and no idea which pattern I used if any!) Promise to do better this year.

  2. Lynne Hill says:

    So apt!! Funnily enough, I thought about my (many!) WIPs last night and actually decided on the one I should finish first – it’s only been on the go for several years!! It’s coming out of the cupboard today!! Hope I have the conviction to complete!! #FrogOrFinish

  3. Sarah says:

    Again this hit home with me. I have a terrible tendency to start things, in fact I think it’s my speciality, but I rarely finish them. I had already decided that I wouldn’t get new wool until I have finished one project that has been on the go for over a year, and I don’t think it will take long if I stop being a knitting and crocheting butterfly for a little while. I know I will feel a sense of achievement when it’s complete. it’s good to know I am not the only one with this issue!

  4. Debbie says:

    Not too many WIPs in this house. The main bugbear is some really fine mohair to make a jumper which takes far too long to so progress with. Wondering if I can get my step mum to do it for me…?

  5. Joy says:

    Don’t know why there is so many unfinished project.I do one item at a time I just love to see my finished work.

  6. Jane Turner says:

    This was written for me! But in fact I decided a few days ago that I WILL master my UFO hoard. I have approximately 40 UFOs around the house, including 13 in one small chest. I have committed myself to finishing these 13 projects by the end of February. After that I will tackle another dozen, and another, until they are all done. I have promised myself that when I have demolished my stack, I will start on a gorgeous blanket for me!

  7. Sandra says:

    Thats funny I read this today. I woke up New Years Day and decided that. 2015 was the year of apparently starting projects (at least 20) so 2016 is the year of finishing projects. I have finshed a baby sweater and a aphgan so far #FrogOrFinish

  8. Shannon says:

    Perfect timing! I started making a list of UFOs I want to finish just last night. First up are two shawls that have been languishing in their project bags for ages; one just needs to be bound off and the other has a half inch of knitting left.

  9. DanielleB says:

    I have already started this. I have frogged several things already (which drives my husband crazy BTW) as I figured if it has literally been a year and I’ve not worked on something, I probably won’t. I now only have 2 old wips and then the 2 new ones I started on the 1st as KALs. I even frogged a sock I was almost finished with as I couldn’t see myself making its mate. This has taken a burden off my knitting shoulders as I now feel free to knit on what I am loving now 🙂

  10. Louise says:

    This really hit home! How many pairs of single socks have I finished that just need a mate!?! A lacy scarf that just needs two more inches. A cardigan that I should just “frog” as it has been four years in a bag. It is time – thanks for the nudge!

  11. Deb says:

    This so fits me. I have 3 scarves that I just have to block. Too many UFO’s – like 12….which is alot for me. I know 4 of them will be frogged. Right now I am working on a birthday gift which I have to have done by by February 19th….which I will. Have a few days off of work next week to look in those knitting bins to take stock of what needs to be done.

    • Meg says:

      Speaking of unfinished socks, I once made my husband a knee length cross country ski sock. He asked me when I planned to finish the other one and I told him, “I don’t know why I should finish it, you never wear the one I already made”.

  12. Pam H says:

    Asp glad it isn’t just me. Thank you for the push to get back to these. What is scary I have unfinished quilting and sewing projects too. Maybe I can finish some of them too.

  13. Patricia C. says:

    If you love every stitch and your mood varies, it’s quite a positive thing to have a few projects on the go. It refreshes the mind and re-invigorates your approach to a repeating pattern. That’s what I tell myself –

  14. Sheila headrick says:

    Wow!!ive decided to use all the wool I’ve bought and to do the projects I have planned and to finish theones I’ve started. I do have 3 or 4 on the go at all times. My news years resolution is not to buy any more wool till June 2016. I’m sure I’m like others- go into a wool shop and just have to have that beautiful new wool for what ever, I’ll decide later. So I’m in to this challenge great idea, thanks.

  15. Clare Gutteridge says:

    My WIP and stash pile will soon burst from the cupboard and out from under the coffee table! After knitting the scarf my daughter gave as an Xmas present I endeavour to finish the jumper I was knitting for her when she was at Uni (5 years ago :o) just need to redo the sleeves and then the jumper for her started 2 years ago 😀 Feel 2016 is going to be a very busy year.

  16. Gayle Govednik says:

    I am a crocheter who gets your newsletter and I can honestly say that this challenge may be exactly what I need to get my butt in gear and get my WIPs done. I vow to devote January (a holiday-less month) to getting them done before I tackle another new project. Thank you for the motivation.

  17. Terry says:

    Just yesterday I bought a skein of yarn to finish a WIP that has been sitting for a year. I know that I have WIPs of all kinds that can be finished – knit, crochet & quilt. Some will get done!!

  18. Rachel says:

    Great timing! I went thru the stash right before putting up all my decorations, winter cleaning! I managed to cut my stash in half to really focus on the projects / yarn that matter most. If you’re like me, and everyone you know, knows how much you love to knit, then you probably get a lot of “gifted” yarn that may or may not be your favorite. I decided it was time to let someone else love the yarn trapped in my stash! So liberating! With a few projects frogged, and two WIPs on top of the stack, I am ready for the new year!

  19. Cheryl Clarke says:

    I so admire the above poster who does one project at a time to the finish. I start many, that is always the fun and exciting part. I have several wisp from two or three years ago. I had already made a promise to myself that before I get to start anything new, I must finish one of the unfinished ones. And that means all the way to sewing together and blocking. Twenty sixteen will be a banner year!

  20. Betsy says:

    I went thru my stash and found several skeins that I loved then but not now. I have a friend that knits with a group for charity. So, they now have some nice new stylish yarn to work with for others.

  21. Natalie says:

    I’m new to the knitting and crochet world. I’m currently working through the weekly art of knitting and crochet, I’m def faster at crochet than knitting, also prefer it too if I’m honest. I have a few projects on the go not just involving wool. I promise to work my way through them as fast as I can and have my house full of crafted projects( already bursting at the seams as we all craft, kids and all ). If I do frog something it will only be because I have made a mistake. Currently working on a hat , blanket and fox ?

  22. Myriam says:

    I have 2 projects that have been put ‘on hold’ for over a year. The first is a pair of mitts, with only one mitt finished, so total second-mitt syndrome. This challenge is just the motivation I needed to start, and finish, the second one.
    My other hibernating project is a seamfoam scarf I started for a friend. I showed it to my spouse and told him I wanted to give it to her, but then he said I couldn’t give her a handknit if I don’t also knit somethng for her husband. I was miffed, then puzzled, and it sort of stopped me in my tracks. I don’t know what to make for the husband (?!?), so everytime I look at this WIP, I just can’t pick it up because I keep asking myself what would the husband want. This situation needs more inspiration than motivation, I guess.

    • Jacki says:

      Make the husband a quick hat and be done! I did some felted slippers for my hubby, that he loved, and some for daughters boyfriend, that were also well received, so that might be another idea.

  23. Mary says:

    I don’t have too many [less than 3] unfinished projects, but I have a huge stash of yarn that will take me about 25 years to finish, so my goal is just to whittle down my stash. I will probably manage to get some of it under control, before I meet a new yarn that I just must have… lol.. What a dilemma I guess all of us knitters, or yarn addicts have.

  24. Irene Crosthwaite says:

    I can beat you all! I have a school cardigan which only needs the button strip to be knitted. I started it when my son was about nine years old and he is now 55 years old?

    • Cynthia says:

      Thank you everyone for your touching and inspirational comments. I’ve been beating myself up for years trying to get my unfinished pile reduced and feeling inadequate at not being able to complete my projects. Irene, thank you for your comment which I love. My son is much younger than 55 years being under 25 but I can so identify with you. I’ve unfinished knits I almost finished whilst he was at school but he grew faster than I could knit! I love to crochet too and currently I’m recycling yarn from an old blanket to give it a new lease of life.

  25. Lizz Atkins says:

    Yes, this is definitely my plan this year. My husband has said I’m not allowed to buy any new yarn or other crafty things until I’ve cleared at least one storage box. I have about 5 unfinished projects and I think I should aim to get these completed by the end of March. It’s nice to hear that the lure of a new beautiful yarn takes its toll on others too.

  26. Susan says:

    A few months ago, I found a sweater that I had been working on about 25 years ago. All the pieces were finished. Just needed to weave in the ends (and there were a LOT with this project) then sew it together. I don’t know what inspired me to finish it off, but I did and have enjoyed wearing it. I find I can get bored if I’m working on a big project like a sweater, so I like to have a small project that I can pick up when I need a break. Currently on a toy making kick — they are fun!

    • Grace says:

      I found a 25 year old unfinished project last year too. I decided to frog it and start another sweater with the yarn (since shaker sweaters are no longer in style and I wasn’t that far along). Unfortunately I made a huge mistake that I didn’t catch until several inches later, so I’m going to frog it again.

  27. Jude says:

    Thanks so much for starting this up. I have many boxes of knitting projects, some just needing blocking, some with a teeny bit left to do, and so on. I think it’s okay to have a few ufos around, but this is ridiculous, in my case. I also think it’s important not to try to take on the whole mess all at once. Not possible and so discouraging to consider!
    I think I’ll start with whatever is closest to being done, and them give them away or wear them. I know I’ll starve emotionally if I don’t also start something new or pick up something that still looks kinda exciting to me, so I’ll have to deal with that.
    I’m very aware of caring less and less about a project the closer I get to finishing it. I believe some of us just want to see the thing grow and really don’t care what happens to it when it’s done. Not practical, I know. Love the term SABLE (stash acquisition beyond life expectancy). Hmm…maybe that’s my religion: I’m a SABLEite!

  28. Carolyn PS says:

    Last year I made the commitment to not ‘start’ any new projects – only finish them! And I almost managed it; dang new babies needing new things. I am currently trying to finish a cardi started in 2009 – seven years, time to finish.
    Maybe this year I will actually thin out the stash too. Let others move on with what I am running out of time to do. #frogorfinish

  29. Geraldine W says:

    I cringe every time I make a list of projects on the go. I love starting of and selecting which stitch pattern to use for a particular wool and then get bored long before I finish them.

  30. Valerie says:

    I have been trying to finish WIP’s for about 5 years most quilting projects but having found knitting already have a stash of wool that I want to use. Currently working on a shawl for my granddaughter and 2 pairs or socks or one if you put two odd ones together. Have made ten pairs of socks since December and just want to knit but have a quilt I have decided I need to finish as it is all applique and it is a favourite so I will definitely be reading this blog and getting inspiration from all your remarks.

  31. Barb says:

    I am definitely taking the challenge! I’m obviously in good company with many others… I have so much yarn it is stored everywhere in my home… basement, livingroom, office, my bedroom – filled my walk in closet, my daughter’s bedroom. I have about 2 dozen single socks, 6 baby blankets half done, dozens of UFO’S, – sweaters, toys, shawls, hats… !! I plan to open one Rubbermaid bin each week and will take out every project. I will either take a deep breath and frog it or dig in and finish it!

    • Margaret says:

      Odd socks are all the rage now so you have a dozen pair of socks! I bought my daughter a pack of three different socks. Perfect for someone who just picks out the first two socks and puts them on 🙂 I always pair my socks before I put them away so no good for me

  32. sheila spencer says:

    Luckily, I only have two WIP’s, one in the car (I don’t drive) and one indoors. My husband is a knitter as well and he only has two as well. One a baby cardigan and one that he isn’t keen on, knitting up all his leftover aran wool into patterned strips for cushions. He like using the newest wool too. Luckily we only have about 10 x100g in hand.
    I have twice the amount of picking up stitches for button bands, blocking and sewing up and various discussions of patterns etc. Some are very complicated for him to understand but he can sort out a cable pattern easily and his buttonholes turn out quite well now too.
    Good luck to everyone with their many WIP’s. I loved reading all about them.

  33. amanda says:

    Just dragged all my stash out and also was shamed by the number of half finished items some I cannot even remember starting. I found one I think I started for a friend’s little one who is now in college! I have frogged two projects already because I cannot find the pattern to complete them but I what to knit with this yarn I cannot get any more of? This needs serious pattern hunting.

  34. Jude says:

    So, is this where we talk about our progress with respect to the frogorfinish? Last night, I wove in the loose ends on a scarf and a cowl. They’re ready to go! (I also discovered several finished items that I don’t know what to do with. I hate to give someone a hand-knitted item that they might not like. Does anyone else have a problem like this, where you’ve accumulated finished items that just sit there?)

    • Susan says:

      Maybe donate to a worthy cause such as Community Social Services, homeless shelters, hospitals etc? My late mother donated many knitted teddy bears to a local hospital pediatric ward and they gave them to children who had to have an “ouchy” procedure that they then got to take home. Also many baby and child clothing items to social services.

  35. Mags says:

    I do not any knitted works in progress but I do have quite a few kits that came free with magazines to do! And a shawl that the pattern was reduced in my LYS and so was the required yarn and they had just enough for the pattern. So I just had to start it but I do have a Christmas stocking that has to be cross stitched that is about half finished it must be about 6 years old maybe I will get it done for next Christmas its just I prefer knitting 🙂

  36. Debbie Ar says:

    I have a final baby cardigan to finish so this will give me the required boot to get it finished before the baby is a toddler

  37. Tereaa says:

    Just learning to knit. I have a scarf about half way done. It has a few mistakes, but I’m just going to keep going.

  38. Lisa says:

    I unknowingly completed this challenge before Christmas. Due to moving countries (twice!) health issues and other life “stuff” I haven’t picked up my needles for nearly 4 years! I’ve just gotten back into it and so unpacked my (too) many boxes of supplies. I had 6 wips – beautiful cashmere lace socks – 1 completed and both the sock and my yarn moth eaten (gutted!). 3 items for young relatives, who are now 4 years older & taller! An aran Cardigan – 20% done, but was never totally in “love” with the yarn. And a “what were you thinking” scarf!
    So,needless to say, they were all frogged (apart from the cashmere, which was disposed of :'( sadly)
    So I’m starting 2016 with a totally clean slate – of course, my Ravelry queue stands at 350+, so how long it will take me to have half a dozen projects on the go again, is anybodies guess 🙂

  39. kae says:

    only three unfinished projects… gotta buy beads for one,,, I WILL FINISH THEM THIS YEAR

  40. Lorinda Sikveira says:

    Usually i try to only work on one project at a time. It doesnt always work out that way, though. I have a baby cardigan that is nesrly finished and has been calling to me from the closet more amd more frequently. I accept the challenge to finish it!

  41. Winifred Sargerson says:

    I have knitting x stitch and sewing projects all to finish. My stash of wool is in 8 boxes so I will reduce this down this year by knitting for myself and for charity.

  42. Margaret says:

    I had already decided that 2016 will see the end of the current WIPs or UFOs before reading this article! I posted this entry on my blog on the 6th January.

    I was always a one project (excluding making cards) person apart from putting something to one side while I fulfilled an order. But the last quarter of 2014 and the whole of 2015 saw me starting so many projects and not finishing them (I even bought Christmas cards for the first time in many years). On top of that I have masses of fabrics, for patchwork, a Twelve Days of Christmas wall hanging and tons of yarn waiting to be knitted or crocheted.

    I also have one project that I started way before 2014 and yet to finish it. It’s a Dimensions Gold cross-stitch kit called The Guardians which is two wolves hiding in trees all in autumnal colours. My reason for not carrying on with this is that nobody else liked it 🙁

    I am still going to allow myself some new projects, using my stash only, to keep my interest but only in between finishing WIPs So I will be crafting in my craft room during the day making cards and creating scrapbook layouts and at some point will get my sewing machine out for all my fabric projects and then in the evening knitting or crocheting. I really want to put up a list of things to do but I know that will only send me into a decline when I can see the enormity of the tasks ahead.

    • Liz Richardson says:

      Wolves in Trees sounds fabulous go on with it,,, Trouble I find is I’m a sucker for trying new crafts…. have always sewn and made clothes, but then add, upholstery, did recover a couple of chairs, felting, ( for about 6 mths, but have stacks of equipment left ) Pottery ..
      making baskets from card strips, did finish 2.. Decoupage, boxes everywhere ! recycled scraps for lavender bags, everyone had one for Xmas !, now into use textile scraps for making pictures… but then you end up have to make a box frame to display them, so now back to trying to finish a tapestry, and some knitting !!!

  43. Liz Richardson says:

    I reckon I might beat all records. I started an embroidered tablecloth when I got engaged, it’s still only half done, in fact not been touched since way back in the 70’s…possibly ! Oh by the way I got engaged in August 1955 and married in 1956….. !!!!!

  44. amanda says:

    Wow!! almost finished my 1 st. WIP. It is a baby blanket I started last year to “use up” yarn

  45. Lindsay says:

    I try to start and finish one project at a time…. Famous last words… I do have a couple of scarves – not sure if I will frog one since the yarn doesn’t seem to be working with the pattern for my taste. But, whenever possible, while working on a sweater and I finish the body… I work both sleeves at the same time – doing 10 rows on one then switch to the other and you end on the same row count before stopping for the evening. It takes a little longer but they are done at the same time. Otherwise I found I would only have one sleeve done and not motivated, for some strange reason, to work in the second sleeve…

    I’ve been told this same theory should work for socks. However I have never made socks…

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