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Published on September 17th, 2016 | by Kate O’Sullivan


Getting ready for knit season

Kate O’Sullivan from A Playful Day looks forward to the fresh start of September and the arrival of knit season. 


What does September mean to you? For me, it means the cogs of work start turning once more. My daughter returns to preschool and so comes the quiet of the house and the rhythmic click of the keys on my laptop or shutter of my camera. Days buzz by once more in a deluge of fancy dress request letters, lunchbox packing and these three phone calls I must, must make…. yesterday.

September has always felt like a fresh start for me. It’s when I’m at my most energised from longer daylight for the last few months and find myself actually relishing the prospect of the cold months on their way. This is it, this is knit season. If summer is about indulging in gluts of courgettes and fresh strawberries, autumn is about crumbles, slow cooking and longer projects that I have a great focus for now there’s a little more routine in our family home.

I think I felt this way even as a student. I’d pile books high and have all the Best Intentions about my learning for the coming year. I’m not sure I’ve ever really shaken that feeling. So I’m now looking at my crafting time with new-found relish. Perhaps it’s as good a time as any to take stock a little so I can relish those darker evenings as the light draws in.


My project bags and needles are currently a disaster! Six weeks of my daughter playing with my notions pouch makes me fairly sure I’m missing about 80 of the 100 stitchmarkers I have. So a little time spent now means no heartache when the weather is too vile to leave the house and there’s not a size 4 crochet hook to be found…


Yes it’s time to think about that sweater, give that glove a matching partner and just be sure I really did want the shawl that has lingered on my needles for far too long. If I’m itching to cast on new things, now is as good a time as any to review that pile by the sofa (and bed, and possibly boot of my car).

curate-the-stash-1Featured yarn (right top to left bottom): MillaMia Naturally Soft Cotton – Mild Grey(301), MillaMia Naturally Soft Cotton – French Navy (320), MillaMia Naturally Soft Cotton – Bright Purple (334)

All the new collections are out, bringing us fresh inspiration and ideas which means there are now even more patterns to make! I often pin the most knitwear I pin all year in the weeks around feeling the first chill of autumn. I suddenly fall in love with hats, arm warmers and sweaters just released by some of my favourite designers. Now that I crochet, that’s not got any better! It’s time to fall down a fibre-lined rabbit hole.


Now is a great time to air the stash, revive it a little and spot for those little beasties that strike the fear in all fibre fans, the moth. All those new patterns you’ve been queueing may well have the perfect skein just sat waiting to become your new favourite thing. Then it’s time to think about new acquisitions safe in the knowledge you truly need that ten pack of aran weight (because you really do you know). Happy knit season everyone!

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Kate can be found at her online home, A Playful Day, where she encourages everyone to find their own daily moment of playfulness. Kate is a wearer of many hats - knitted and professional. A blogger, a podcaster, a writer and a dreamer of things. Kate likes to create and is happiest with a camera in her hand and a notebook of ideas and stories. You can find her snapping on instagram, chatting on Twitter and pinning far too many things on Pinterest as @aplayfulday. She works well on coffee and gin.

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3 Responses to Getting ready for knit season

  1. Yvonne T says:

    I agree. Others may start to think of hibernating in a couple months, but I like to think of all of the fibres I can create with. I don’t have anyone playing with my notion box unless you count a cat that loves to run off with stitch markers! Just cleaned out my stash and donating skeins if I can’t remember what they were for and don’t have a plan for them.

  2. Anji says:

    It’s spring here but still quite cold. I just sorted out my stash after buying more yarn over winter and finishing quite a few projects. I have put the knitted socks, beanies, scarves and slippers I want to knit aside for now to knit some spring decorations to brighten up the house starting with some knitted birds and vase with flowers. My children love to get into my knitting baskets and often run off with the tape measure, needles to use as swords, knitting clips to stick on each others clothes and yarn to wrap around the furniture.

  3. Mary FCB says:

    How right you are, I too, enjoy September as the start of all projects, too many projects though!
    I have a stash to outlast all stashes, but quite often the colour isn’t quite right, or the texture, or the weight for what I am plannning, still lovely to have it. Mad about sewing and knitting, so patchworking too. The house is smelling of the crab apple jelly I made today and bramble jelly is in the seive for cooking up tomorrow. And I am knitting a donkey for The Donkey Sanctuary, and having trouble decoding one of the instructions!!!!

    Have enjoyed your blog!

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