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Celebrate National Grandparents Day and Win Free Yarn!

October 1st is National Grandparents Day in the US and UK, and to help celebrate we are giving away 5-ball packs of Paintbox Yarns Simply Aran to ten lucky winners! Read on to find out how you can win.

paintbox overcoat pattern


The rules to this competition are simple! All you have to do is add a comment to the Facebook post below with a story, photo, or a video related to grandparents or grandchildren. It could be a photo of your grandkids in something you’ve knit for them, a story about how much they love their favorite blanket, or a short video telling us about your grandparents or grandchildren. We’ll choose our favorite ten comments, and each winner will get five balls of yarn, and be featured in a short video on our Facebook page! Simple as that. The competition runs from today until 12pm GMT (7am EST) on the 18th of September 2017.


paintbox yarn

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If you’d some great free patterns to knit for your grandchildren (or children, or friend’s grandchildren…), here are two FREE patterns you can download today!

Rainbow Cardigan

rainbow cardigan

Tropical Swing Tank

tropical tank knitted sweater

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129 Responses to Celebrate National Grandparents Day and Win Free Yarn!

  1. Mary Helen Toal says:

    Hats! I knitted warm woolie hats for all of the offspring! My son and daughter. .and all of the grandchildren both large and small. I used the same pattern and adjusted size with yarn weight. I have a great group photo of everyone (except the youngest who was hiding behind a chair)..wearing their hats and smiling broadly!

    • Cathrine Yates says:

      My Grandson arrived nearly two years ago and I started knitting again after a long break as my children had grown up. As soon as my daughter got pregnant I had the urge to knit and I haven’t stopped!

      • Jennie Van Meter says:

        I only have one grandchild but lots of neighborhood kids and children in .y congregation. These are my proxy grandchildren. I make them hats, mittens, scarves, and sweaters. I also have my sisters’s grandchildren, Baby blankets, etc.
        I love children and love to do things for them.

  2. Joyce Lay says:

    I machine knit for all my family. I’ve knit afghans for all my Grandkids for their High School Graduation. They tell me what they want pictured, and I design and knit them. So far there have been 5, plus wedding etc. I knit socks for my family for Christmas.

  3. Diana Wasserman says:

    I am not a grandmother YET.
    I am 69 years old, and did not think I would ever be a grandparent. But this summer we found out our daughter will have TWINS in January. I have been doing a lot of double knitting! 😊😊

    • Norma Jaffe says:

      I’m thrilled for you. I’m 76, have 7 grands aged 8-25 and they’re all fabulous kids.

    • Vhairi says:

      Congratulations, Diane! I too thought I’d never become a granny, but my daughter had twins (girl & boy) seven years ago and I knit and crochet for them, as well as their little brother and now their two cousins. What a joy they all are! I’m so lucky! That’s a lot of knitting! Good luck with your twins and that double knitting! Recently my granddaughter asked me to teach her how to knit. So it continues…

  4. Sallie Sydnor says:

    I’m 67 and thought I’d never get to be a grandmother! But last May we were blessed with a precious little boy who arrived early after a high risk pregnancy–and arrived perfect in every way! Sheer and utter joy! Would love to post a picture of the fun things I’ve been knitting for him, but the link doesn’t pop up for me.

  5. Dianne says:

    Along with the usual sweaters, hats and scarves – Christmassy items – Father Christmas, the snowman etc, snakes, sloths, mine craft blankets. The list is endless but not as many requests at the moment as they are 13 and 16, but hope I’ll get chance to knit for a great grandchild or two.

  6. Carol Janes says:

    I am nana to7 grandchildren aged 6months to 31 years so have been knitting a good many years both cardigans and toys. I knit poppies for poppy day in November. I have stalls at school summer and Christmas fairs. not sure how to add photos but I have lots.

  7. Sandra Pitt says:

    I have no children so won’t ever be a grandparent.But I knit for my friends.Will also be doing a knitathon in work for charity.I think I have a serious addiction to wool…..just can’t help myself 🤗

  8. Kim Jenkins says:

    I recently knitted my one year old grandson an aran cardigan

  9. Rachel Edwards says:

    My Mum is grandma to 4 grandchildren. Both she and the little ones love me knitting for them. Trouble is they grow so fast. Mum takes her jumper I knitted on holiday.

  10. Colleen says:

    Love to knit for great grand kids

  11. Colleen says:

    Love aran yarns and cotton too

  12. Maria says:

    My grandchildren are far away so every year I knit a up a parcel ofcthibgs to oost. One year it might be scarves another year toys. It makes me feel connected even though I can’t see them. My love goes into every stitch.

    • Hazeyj says:

      That’s so lovely! My grandchildren do not live close but I get to visit and get visited but when I knit for them, like you, love goes into each stitch. I guarantee that they love your parcels and you!

  13. Myra MacGibbon says:

    I am a proud Nana to 5 wonderful grandchildren, One of my grandsons has his annual request for a specific garment, E.g A spiderman jacket in yellow, with pockets, and a zip down the front. He even had to choose the yellow to make sure I got the correct shade. Love this kid to bits.

  14. Yvonne Malcolm says:

    I have just taken up knitting again having knitted for my children many years ago. I have now found joy in knitting again and forgot how much I really love it. I have a grandson, but also knit for many of my friends who are unable to do so for their grandchildren. It gives me many hours of stress free relaxation time. I am proud of the results and with todays wools knitting is an inspiration of what can be achieved. Knitting has become very fashionable again and is not only a pastime for Grandmothers! I do hope that the younger generation take this on because it is fabulous

  15. Karina Killey says:

    Knitted my 2 granddaughters (my son’s children) mermaid tails last Christmas. They were the same colour so my daughter spent a total of 6 hours stitching different coloured beads on the fins for me! Thankfully the girls absolutely love them.

  16. Jacqui Davies says:

    I knitted for my children when they were small, and still knit for my youngest daughter. I made a shawl for my first grandchild and have continued knitting for all my grandchildren, hats, cardigans, jumpers, stuffed toys, pencil toppers amongst the many things. Sadly I haven’t a photographic record of these, but I’m learning that too. I have recently finished a cardigan for my granddaughter and one for my daughter is in progress. My youngest grandson has requested gloves for winter, they have to be Batman Blue! and he wishes to help in their making. That should be fun. I also knit a shawl for my friends new grand baby as she didn’t feel confident in doing it. The projects are lining up again. Woohoo.

  17. KATHY D says:

    Fingerless mittens are my latest knits – have done three pairs in the last month. Already getting chilly in the mornings so may add another pair for myself

    • Maria Lacey says:

      Can you share the fingerless gloves?
      I have 6 grand children and two of their cousins makes a wonderful group between 10 and 15. I have been thinking of knitting something small for each of them.
      I’ve done crochet fingerless adult size only.

    • Lynnette Skeels says:

      I was taught to knit by my grandfather and to sew on a treadle machine by my grandmother in the early 1950’s. I remember helping to wind the skeins of wool into balls – first by hand and later they bought a machine like a horizontal windmill which attached to the table edge and wound with a handle. They were both prolific knitters – my grandfather had learned to knit in the army and made and repaired all his own socks. His knitting was very even and he was a fabulous cable knitter; he even had extra long needles made for him for large projects. They knitted for all twelve grandchildren. My mother (their daughter) knitted and sewed clothes for her four children, and I did the same for my children and now for my grandchildren. I don’t sew so much now but am kept busy knitting with requests from my grandchildren.

  18. Sam says:

    I’m not a grandma, my son is only 9 so it’ll hopefully be quite a while! But I had wonderful grandparents who are sadly no longer with us. My mums-mum was a prolific knitter and she knit me and my sisters and cousins many cardigans and jumpers. She also used to knit beautiful little outfits for my dolls. I inherited my yarny love from my grandma and am so grateful to her for that. I was also fortunate enough to inherit some of her vintage knitting patterns and other supplies and I have plans to knit some of them.

  19. Patricia Terry says:

    Does this apply to great grandmothers as well. I have five great grandchildren, ages range from 12years to 3 months and my knitting needles are always busy.

  20. Claire Earley says:

    My Nanny used to knit clothing for me and my siblings when we were young, I remember one very snuggly red jumper she made me one Christmas, her knits were NEVER itchy or scratchy, they were always soft & snuggly.She also knit dolls clothes for me & my sister, we used to have the smartest dolly wardrobes of all our friends.
    My Nanny taught me to knit when I was about 6 years old, I remember when my aunty was pregnant I made my cousin some little mitts and booties I was so proud as these were the first “proper” things I had knit all by myself.
    When I grew up and had children of my own my Nanny knit for them too, lovely soft snuggly baby blankets and matinee coats. I would sit by her, with her Great Grandchild growing inside me and we would knit baby items together. As my children grew into toddlers my Nanny knit them soft.snuggly jumpers, one year for Christmas she knit them a jumper each with space rockets on, oh how they loved those jumpers.
    When my Nanny passed I carried on knitting clothes and toys for my children as well as my nieces, nephews and friends babies & children. Some of the patterns I would knit were the patterns my Nanny had knit for me and my children so she lived on through her knitting patterns. Now & then I would be knitting something for someone’s new baby or child and my children would say “I remember Nanny knitted that for us”.
    Knitted toys and clothing are not “just” things they are love they are memories and hopefully they are never scratchy or itchy, they are snuggly & soft.

  21. Kym says:

    I knit for all 6 grandchildren (26 – 4!) Everything from toys to coats!! Just in the,process of doing 3 duffle style long cardigans in aran so this prize coins not be better timed!! Fingers and toes crossed!!

  22. Clare says:

    What a timely celebration: today I am being a surrogate grandmother! I’m with my friend Marina as she awaits her first grandchild – being born by c-section today. I checked out Loveknitting to find a pattern to knit a present to celebrate her grandchild and found out about Grandparents Day. Nice one Loveknitting!

  23. Sheila says:

    I learned to knit from my grandma and am now a grandma to five gorgeous kids myself aged fro 17 to 4 – love to knit stuff and also for my friends grandchildren who weren’t as lucky as me.

    My favourite story is my granddaughter coming with a new doll mortified it had no knickers so she ordered a pair to be made immediately – obviously she had them on by the end of the visit

  24. Julia Crumpler says:

    I have 4 grandchildren from ages 1 year to 24 years plus one on the way in February, she is due on St. Valentine’s Day. I have knitted for all of them and I love taking on new patterns. I have been knitting with Drops Aran cotton lately for my one year old and everything knits up beautifully. Started using it for the new arrival. Knitted a blue jumper for my very demanding 12 year old, she wanted it loose, long sleeved and round necked. Went through many patterns until she found the right one. Very worried before she tried it on but thankfully she loved it. Phew !!!! It is great receiving the up dates and offers from Love Knitting with new patterns.

  25. Rose Day says:

    I’m not a grandma but when my niece and her husband lost all four parents when the children were under five I stepped in to help . Once they realised that aunties could and would knit and sew for them they made sure I’m never without a project. They say it stops me from getting in to mischief! They have also discovered the pleasures of designing the motifs on their jumpers and take lots time drawing detailed pictures of their hoped for garments. Unfortunately the greatnieces have seen many photos of complicated garments l made in the past and refuse to believe anything is too hard for me to make . They even spotted a book I have on designing Aran jumpers and thought I would like to do some for them! They are now requesting me to teach them to knit the easy way I knit without having to look at the needles as opposed to the slower method they use.

  26. Susan Deary says:

    I have 2 gorgeous Granddaughters, I am going to take up knitting again this Winter so it will keep me occupied in the evenings. Will start with easy things to refresh my knowledge, then if OK will progress to harder patterns.

  27. Janet parsons says:

    Just about to have our first great grandchild do have been very busy knitting also belong to a knitting group and we knit for charity we also yarn bombed the local town last Christmas

  28. Georgina Shearman says:

    I have been knitting since i was 5 yrs old and I enjoy it immensly, my youngest son is now having my first grandchild and my needles are going 10 to the dozen trying to get a whole bunch of baby things completed before the new baby arrives in January, happy days ahead

  29. Chris Sheppard says:

    I have never taken any pictures of the knits I’ve done for the grandkids am knitting hooded cardigans for the grandsons at the moment so will have to remember to do it then

  30. Bronwyn Anderson says:

    I am about to become a first time grandmother and have been knitting jumpers with coordinating beanies for the child who will arrive on 25th September in Ames Iowa
    I live in Brisbane and will take all the handknits when I visit in November All the yarn and colours are gender neutral and chosen by my daughter in law who will I hope like all the items

  31. Sherry Farres says:

    Sadly I haven’t seen my only biological grandson since he was 3 weeks old when my daughter-in-law suddenly left with him and all the knitting my daughter and I did for him was left behind.
    However, I am blessed to have 2 ‘adopted’ grandsons who belong to my son’s ex girlfriend and she has always allowed the boys to keep in contact with us. The older boy comes and spends a week with us every year and I feel extremely honoured to be known as grandma. He’s 10 and loves grandma’s knitting!

  32. Maureen Venn says:

    I knitted for my children when they were growing up and now l knit for my grandaughter as well as some charity knitting. My grandaughter loves the items l make and always says what are you going to make for me now. She loves looking at all the colours and tells me which one she would like next. I am knitting a Christmas jumper for her at present, the wool l bought from you is so soft she loves it!

  33. Sue Bradbury says:

    I am a grandmother and I love to knit for my two grandsons. I like to knit aran jumpers and cardigans to keep them warm in the winter months. My eldest grandson plays cricket and I like to knit his cricket jumpers. They both live with me permanently and love all the things I knit for them. One is 10 and the other one is 7.

  34. Karen Wilcock says:

    I have 5 grandchildren and I love knitting for them all traditionally I have knitted them all a Jean Greenhowe character, I also knit their winter jumpers for long autumn walks. They love wearing the soft arans that are available now. They even put requests in for what they wanting knitting next.

  35. Anne Best says:

    Just joined hoping I can learn how to knit with help from this site, fingers crossed.

  36. Joanne A. Clayton says:

    My grandmother (Elise Amanda Dreyer Walker) was an avid crafter and seemed to be able to do almost any sort of craft: sewing, paper mache, you name it, she’d at least try it and along with experimenting with first one thing or another, I was the recipient of many homemade items (some flops, others outlandishly “one of a kind” unique items. Us grandchildren (there were 5 of us in all) called our grandmother Lee See and all of us kids wound up with various homemade projects from her. Lee See lived with my parents while I grew up as her husband died the year before I was born. I was so fortunate to see Lee See in action from start to finish as she became inspired for particular projects and worked on ’em diligently till completion. Working on all these projects must have kept her young at heart for she lived to be 104 years old.

  37. A. B. Grant says:

    My aunt knit our families “Knit-o-graph” sweaters when we were young and when she got alzheimer’s, she gave my sister and me all her patterns. Between those and my two Pinquion baby books, I have knit so many beautiful items for the new ‘little ones’ that have come along. I knit when watching tv, going on car trips and even take some projects on vacation. My husband loves to show off all the sweaters I have knit for him. It is my way to relax and let go. I am so happy I have nieces who are continuing the tradition.

  38. Catherine Ferguson says:

    I knit all the time for my Great Grandchildren I have 3 and it gives me great satisfaction to do it. I have bought most of my yarn from Love knitting and quite a few patterns for hoodies which they all love.

  39. Vicki Ersek says:

    I learned to crochet because my grandson asked me to make him a monster hat. It didn’t come out very good, but he wore it proudly with his monster pjs and slippers. As he got older, I continued to crochet things for him but, wondered if he really liked them, as he lives up north and I only get to see him when we travel up there or he comes down south to visit me. For easter one year, I made him a bunny. Time went by and I had forgotten about the bunny until one day I went to visit during the summer time and he brought me to his room to show me all of his Darth Vader things, as well as the other treasured items in his room. I thought he was getting too old for my crocheted gifts until he took out his back pack that he used for school during the school year and in it was the bunny I made him. He said he took it with him every day to school and asked me not to tell his dad because his dad told him to leave it at home, but he wanted to have it with him. He said he liked how soft it was and he hugged it. I had to fight back my tears. He still has his bunny, along with the other things I have made him throughout the years. I’m now learning to knit so I can move on to making sweaters and things like that. I hope to knit him a sweater with a Star Wars theme one day.


    I learnt to knit in my teenage years, a very patient friend taught me and to whom I’m forever grateful because although I didnt knit for years when knitting became popular on the internet I was able to take up the needles and yarn and join the knitting world once again. I had no-one to help me but I discovered the knitting forums and sites with oodles of help and step by step videos and now a few years later I am able to knit healing shawls, and other items for charity which I love to do. The best thing of all though is that I’ve just discovered that in a few months I am going to be a grandma for the first time and I’m able to knit for my grandbaby. Maybe I will be able to teach them and knitalong with them. Thank you friend and thank you internet x

  41. Jacqui Gummer says:

    I love knitting for my twin granddaughters!

  42. Pat Rossal says:

    Our lovely granddaughter, Annabella, won’t part with a sweater I knit for her 2 years ago! The sleeves are now 3/4 length but she insists on wearing it! Warms my heart!

  43. janet henley says:

    all my grand children are now grown up so i enjoy making toys and jumpers to sell for charity. I believe every child should have a “hand made ” in their life as only hand made things,whether clothes or toys, are made with love. x i’m afraid i’m unable to post a picture as it will not allow me to do so. x

  44. Susan Ficca says:

    I make funny little hats for all my grandchildren, a new one each holiday season. Knitting for my grandchildren passes on the tradition of love from my grandmother. I still have the beautiful afghan she made for me and cuddle my grandchildren in it as I teach them to knit.

  45. Chris Bell says:

    I am one of the luckiest Grandmas ever my four children have given me 8wonderful granddaughters and a very much outnumbered grandson. And now we are starting another generation with the addition of a great grandson and a great granddaughter. I wouldn’t like to count the numbers of cardigans jumpers dresses coats hats mitts these wonderful additions have stretched my knitting skills. They keep me young and active and though some are adults they still ask Grandma to knit them things. They say they are the best because they are made with love

  46. Carri Chapman says:

    Since it wasn’t meant for me to have children, I am not a grandparent. I have “adopted” a number of adult nieces and nephews, though. Will that count? Can I still be entered in the contest?

  47. Nadia Rice says:

    The countdown to Christmas has begun. Have just completed knitting my fifth Christmas present for my grandchildren – two cardigans, one tie, a hot water bottle cover and a mug cosie. Five down another seven to go! Will send photo if I can work out how to!
    Grani Nad

  48. Karen Childs says:

    Last year we became grandparents twice, so I’ve been knitting and crocheting lots; blankets, sweaters, and baby cocoons. Toys may be next! Lots of fun!

  49. Katie Kensinger says:

    I have knitted afghans since I was a teenager. First for me and my mother then for my children. Continued to make for my grandchildren, if I wasn’t quilting
    Now I am making them for my great grand children. of the 5 of these 4 are under 15 months with the oldest 4 years old. Have had to space the new ones out due to my fixed income but I will get them all made somehow.

  50. Anne Thomas says:

    Nanna’s knits were always special and a big hit with my children. Their nanna has gone so now it is my turn to be the knitting nanna with my first grandchild due in April next year. I am already well underway with rugs, jackets and overalls. My needles will hopefully be clicking with joy for many years with each new addition to the brood. Love it!

  51. Loop says:

    Just finished knitting some pumpkins and witches for my two grandsons.

  52. Vicki Boyle says:

    Is it just me…. My sewing/computer room is over run with yarn and fabrics and I’m sure it’s all breeding. I can’t resist when I see a new yarn and decide I would like to start a new project. I start knitting something for one of my 7 grandies and before I know it summer has arrived and as summer in Aus is to hot for my winter project it goes on hold for a few months as it’s now time to get sewing little summer frocks. My current project is one that has been knitted up and unravelled and reknitted a couple of times over but halelulia is close to completion. My daughter is responsible for subscribing me to loveknitting. and I am looking forward to knitting with 3 lots of beautiful yarn I have bought from loveknitting, especially an almerino one for my husband! it is so beautifully soft. Excited!

  53. Meg Henry says:

    I knitted a cardigan and bootees for our youngest great grandchild born in February.
    In May we were at a family wedding and Phoebe was wearing the cardigan and looked very pretty in pink. Her arrival makes 13 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.

  54. Rebecca Watkins says:

    I am getting a little better with my knitting. I’ve been trying to learn for about 5 years. Last November we were blessed with our first grandchild, a little girl. I recently knitted this hat for her. My son said she looks like a hobbit! Oh well, I’ll just keep practicing!
    Darn, can’t get the picture to attach.

  55. Alison Neave says:

    I’m 71. Don’t have children so I will never be a grandparent. My sister is though so I knit cardigans for her granddaughters. I also crochet shawls and pram blankets for friends and neighbours’ new babies and grandbabies. I also cross stitch samplers for new babies. All is on the back-burner just now though as we have a new kitten who likes to join in!

  56. Setareh says:

    I am not a grandmother. But I got my mother involved in my knitting for my kids (her grandchildren). It was an excuse to keep her hands busy and excited. She can’t do too much so I usually leave the finishing and weaving for her so that she can feel she had a part in it for her grandkids. Its seems to work.

  57. Dawn Davis says:

    I don’t have any grandchildren of my own, but I love to make things for my “adopted” grandchildren, children of my kids’ friends. I just recently crocheted two egg aprons for little girls who have chickens at their house.

  58. Lise says:

    I have been “mémère” to two beautiful grand children since the age of 48. They are 10 and 13 now. I have knit them inumerable pairs of mittens, socks, scarves etc. Since they live far away, I have “adopted” many others and have knit baby cocoons and blankets.

  59. Christine Robinson says:

    I have a real”thing” about wool! I just love it & if I see some wool I like I have to buy it! Consequently I have a whole draw of wool of all colours! My Grandson George who’s 5 said one day “Nannie Christine will you knit me something?” thinking he was going to ask for a jumper or similar I was surprised when he said he’d like a one eyed monster! We both looked up a pattern on the ” Love Knitting” website & sure enough there was a pattern, so we downloaded it straight away. When I’d finished making it he was thrilled & even took it to bed with him. Of course since then my other Grandson Alex who’s 4 & lots of their friends have asked for one too.It gives me so much pleasure to get the box of wool out for them to choose their colours & see their little faces when I’ve made it for them.

  60. YvonneB says:

    I am a first time grandmother and I’m just about to start crocheting decorations for the Christmas Tree as I don’t think that our glass decorations and our 10 month old (in December) grandson are going to be a good mix 🙂 I love being able to do this, my own grandmother taught me to knit and crochet.

  61. Elisabeth Buggins says:

    I knit a shawl for my first baby 40 years ago. My daughter was the first to make me a grandma and she asked to have it. My son has just had a baby boy and I was so pleased to find the same beautiful pattern on Loveknitting’s website, and finished it just in time for his birth last Thursday.

  62. Christine Hoag says:

    I knit a vintage Ducky Onesie for one of my grands. It is so cute and destined to become an heirloom I hope. He wore it for his first Easter. I’d love to attach a photo but can’t figure out how to do that in this comment box.

  63. Peta Welten says:

    Love my grandchildren, can’t stop knitting for them.

  64. Melanie Ward says:

    I knit jumpers and cardigans, toys, hats and gloves for my granddaughter, she recently asked me for a pink dragon, which she loves and I made her a pirate hand puppet as she is very into pirates.

  65. Janet Haist says:

    Well I’m grandma of 5 grandchildren aged 2 years to 19 years old. I love knitting and make hats, mitts, blankets and sweaters for them all. My best time has been teaching my two granddaughters aged 12 and 14 to knit. We spend time together knitting. They made a blanket for their dog and scraves for themselves. It’s great to see them learning the skill and enjoying the time we share together. As the saying goes ” If I knew having grandchildren was so much fun, I would of had them first.” So back to the requested pink blanket that my 15 year old wants for her bed.

  66. Deborah says:

    My son and future daughter-in-law get married this Oct 1st and we’re so excited! I already knit and crochet baby items for all my special friends, daughter and son’s friends and anyone else who i know who is expecting a special bundle. There is a very sweet young lady and her husband who have been trying for years and now are expecting quads! Yes, that’s quads! once and done in her words. I would make individual snuggly blankies for these precious little ones with any yarn I won. And back to the son & future d-in-law – she’s already my second daughter in my heart and I can’t wait to make things for my new grandbabies!!!

  67. Moira ewen says:

    By the time grandparents day arrives I will b a grandparent for the first time.I have knitted a few things a ready.we know it’s a girl so I can’t wait to teach her lots of skills knitting and sewing hand and machine when she’s old enough

  68. Karen Agee says:

    Have a new granddaughter on the way. Can’t wait to get started knitting for her!!!

  69. Wee mo says:

    I will have

  70. Wee mo says:

    I will have become a grandparent for the first time when it’s grandparent day.we know it’s a girl,Siam looking forewarned to teaching her knitting ,hand and machine sewing when she is old enough.

  71. Rosalie says:

    I’m a crocheter, and make lots of things for my beautiful grandchildren. The most recent were blankets for my granddaughters with their college logos? I made balnkets with their team logos, football & baseball nipumbers & accomplishments on it. Currently workng on one for the pup with her picture on it!

    The paintbox yarn would be beautiful for something for me. LOL

    • Rosalie says:

      I’m a crocheter & make lots of things for my beautiful grandchildren. Most recently I made blankets for my granddaughters with their college logos on them & I made blankets for my two grandsons with their team logos, football& baseball numbers & all their accomplishments on them!

      The paintbox yarn would be beautiful for something for me. LOL

  72. Jeanne says:

    I have 2 grandsons and crochet for them all the time. Christening blankets, special sweaters, and even sweaters and vests to match each other. I would love to win the yarn — I would certainly put it to good use! Waiting for a granddaughter now. 🙂

  73. Pearl says:

    Grandchildren now producing young for me to knit for, 9 grandchildren, already 4 and another on the way, shall still be making shawls and jackets when I’m 100.

  74. Ardis Noonan Phillips says:

    My specialty is knitting coats for my 6 great grand children. I started knitting when I was 8 years old during WW2. A lady knitting sweaters for the Red Cross during that war was too dedicated to stop and teach a child who asked to be taught. Fortunately I really was interested and my grandmother did teach me the basics. In college it was socks for boyfriends ( in the 1950’s) and later baby clothes . ‘then sweaters for everyone in the family. After retiring from teaching school, I joined 3 knitting clubs and am still doing what I love–knitting. Never learned to crochet though.

  75. Caroline Hickingbotham says:

    I have knitted for years but only really had time since retirement from being a midwife, 4 years ago. I am 66 years old.
    A baby blanket (in neutral colours) has been used by all 4 grandchildren and maybe will be for more in the future (watch this space !). I knitted a full nativity scene for my granddaughter in Australia along with an ‘upside down doll’, cardigan, baby clothes, and currently in process of finishing characters out of ‘Frozen’ (the Disney Film), which will again go to Australia.
    The Paintbox Yarn would be much appreciated, I have a fancy for making a rainbow jumper for the 3 year old, as she loves rainbows !!!

  76. Evelyn Penney says:

    I learn to knit at primary school in the 1950’s. My mother could knit be only plain things. I was so proud that I learned fair isle and Aran. I would take my knitting to school and when I was a Army Cadet Instructor my knitting was part of my kit.
    My sons’ never learned to knit but can do tapestry. I have 4 grandchildren and 4 children who have adopted me as Gran. If I knit for one then I have to knit for the others. I am happy to say the oldest of 14 has learn to knit. I have a secret smile when she tells me that she has shocked her teachers and friends by taking her knitting to school. She in turn has been teaching her mother.
    Only problem I have is, my needles and some wool goes missing after the holidays.
    They can be found 125 miles away, I need to keep a supply just for her.

  77. Debra Dyjak says:

    Waiting for my granddaughter to be born was so very exciting. When she was born she spent her first 4 months in 3 different hospitals before she was diagnosed with a very rare condition. Since she was in the hospital for Halloween, I decided to knit her a costume. My daughter and son-in-law rolled her through the hospital in a wagon. Emma was the prettiest mermaid anyone had ever seen.

  78. Claire C says:

    I am a Grandma of 4 I love to knit for them, I have one girl age 10 and 3 boys 8, 3 and 1. It’s hard to keep up with the next size.

  79. Alison Tovell says:

    I’ve finally finished the muti dress I’ve been knitting for my baby granddaughter after numerous unpickings and quite a lot of bad language. Here it is being modelled by my partner who didn’t want to show his face!

  80. Mary Kelley says:

    I am 69 and have 7 grandchildren: 11, 9, 5, 5, 3, 1, 1, yrs. I try to knit something for each of them each year. I belong to a charity knitting group at my church called “One Family Knitters” and we knit for the broader family of people in need as well as our own families.

  81. Hilary Rees says:

    At 67 and becoming a Granny for the first time in June 2016 as a lifelong knitter it gives me so much pleasure making things for the little man and its taking me back to fabulous memories of knitting for my son when he was young. So here’s to many more years of knitting.

  82. Jennifer Barrett says:

    I love knitting for my kids (5), grandkids (9) and friends- even strangers. I knit all kinds of items and love to learn new techniques and experiment with all the lovely yarns out there- oh the colours, the textures-bliss! I have a signature hooded baby sweater that I have made over 1,000 times- each one different in design and colour, but the same in structure. I love to think of those 1,000 babies and their siblings, all over the world, staying snuggly and warm in the sweaters I knit with love (and I cannot lie- occasional blue air when things go awry) in every stitch. I am now knitting for second generations and maybe one day THIRD generations! Bring on more yarn!

  83. Barb Peters says:

    Finished a school sweater and new Packer sweater for my 5-year-old granddaughter. Seems like she outgrows them as fast as I knit them! Also finished a tuxedo sweater and football sweater for a preemie addition to our family who is doing so well he is home now! Now I found out a new grand baby is due in February! I need more yarn!!!!!!

  84. Juanita Damon says:

    I have 3 granddaughters, and two great-granddaughters, and knit or crochet for all of them. But my favorite memory, was when the three girls were very young. I was planning crocheted blankets for them for xmas, the youngest was only two at the time, so had already picked the yarn and pattern for hers, but had decided to ask the other two what colors they would want. Well the oldest, who was around 8 said her favorite color was purple, so easy peasy, right? And then I asked the middle one, 4. She looked at me with her big brown eyes and said “Please Memaw, can I have a blankie that glows in the dark?” lol This was before they had all the yarns we have now! I went crazy trying to find SOMETHING that might sort of glow in the dark! Well I ended up getting one of every color I could find that was bright and happy, and crochet it up in zigzag stripes. Xmas morning the girls got their boxes, and when my little miss opened hers, all we heard from the corner of the room, where she was opening hers was, “Memaw made me a rainbow!” and when we looked up she was dancing around like a little crazy person, with the blankie wrapped around her singing “I gots a rainbow!” She still has the blanket somewhere, and says she uses it like a shawl around the house sometimes.

  85. bernice baron says:

    I crochet warm hats and scarves for homeless children in Paterson, N J. I need yarn for my project. I am 96 years old and keep busy crocheting all day.

  86. Jill Mozina says:

    I am not old!! I have 4 grown up children, all married with children of their own – 8 grandchildren, and now, a young great grandmother of 68, I have 2 great grandchildren – a boy and a girl. Love them all so much. I am always knitting, keeping them all warm.
    I also knit beanies, winter and summer, for the Cancer Council, for patients, to protect their heads, and keep them warm, as so much of our body heat escapes through the top of our heads.
    The extra balls of yarn would be greatly appreciated.

  87. Tracy Sowden says:

    I don’t have many memories of my grandparents but I do remember my mother’s mum trying to teach her to knit when I was about three. She gave up in the end as my mum couldn’t get the hang of it. My gran taught me instead with help from my dad who learnt from his mother (my other grandmother) and I now knit lots of things that can be sold by my local animal rescue centre from baby clothes to knitted blankets, toys etc. My dad still knits in his late 70’s, he’s never forgotten how and he and his wife knit lots of toys (animals, Minions, Spider-Man and other well known characters) which they sell at local old folks homes for Christmas presents for their grandchildren.

  88. Alice Fraser says:

    I have eight grandchildren! Four of each. The oldest is 16 and the youngest is six weeks. I can’t knit fast enough to keep up with everyone, but I try.

  89. Chris says:

    I love knitting for my 5 grandchildren, making sure there warm and cosy every winter and they love every thing I make for them.
    Knitting for them creates memories forever as I remember my gran knittting for me. Every year we would have beautiful new socks, scarves and hats. Gran also knitted covered coat hangers for everyone and I still have and use them, she passed 20 years ago!

  90. Margaret says:

    I love knitting.. I knit for my grandchildren but unfortunately my grandson passed away from his 5th brain tumor aged 8.. I knit for my grandaughter who is 6 and recently knitted the topsy-turvey doll Cinders on one end and Cinderella the other.. it went down a treat… I do a lot of knitting for the Samaritan children every Christmas, making toys…..Knitting is good for the soul. .I am in a group called Wrap with Love making blankets that go around the wool when disasters happen.

  91. Harry Potter says:

    I’m 10 years old and my Grandma knits me blankets, scarfs, socks, beanie, teddies, clothes and bags and she is running low on yarn so I would like to win the yarn for her so she can continue her love for knitting.

  92. Annette Derruau says:

    I have one wonderful granddaughter. She’s almost 6. I’ve been knitting for her since before birth. My latest projects were 2 Paintbox Simply DK Grey and Purple hooded sweaters for her very first day of school in Kindergarten. WA starts out chilly but then warms up. She’s the love of my life.

  93. Ayesha says:

    Hello Lovely People!

    I don’t have any grandchildren, and my grandmothers have passed away. My mom’s mother passed away the year before I really got into knitting. Since then, I’ve knit beautiful blankets for each baby that has come into my life, for my brothers’ children, for my friends’ children, for my cousins’ children…

    Recently, I was helping my mother with her knitting when she told me her grandmother taught me to knit. I said, “No, YOU taught me to knit when I was 7 or 8 years old. You taught me the backwards loop cast-on and the knit stitch.” She said, “Mama Hallie taught those things to me, and I taught you what I knew.” So, indirectly, through my mother, my great grandmother taught me to knit. I felt so close to my mother and great grandmother at the time. I felt like my great grandmother was almost right there in the room with us as we knit together, and I taught my mom how to purl.

    Remembering that conversation, the knitting, and my great grandmother brings tears to my eyes, the happy kind. Thank you for asking for those memories, and for having this contest.

  94. Susan Schlegel says:

    My daughter loves to put pictures on Facebook of her daughter in things Nonna has made: hats, sweaters, socks and her quilt. The latest was a picture of my grand daughter in a sweater I made for my daughter, 30 some years ago. Grand daughter, her Mom, her Dad, my husband and my sister all have hand lnit socks. My daughter is requesting a rainbow cardigan for the little one, having seen the posted picture. Little knits are soooo much fun!

  95. Karen says:

    I’m not a grandmother…yet. My goal is to keep making them so I’ll have a supply ready and waiting. But my kids say they’re having the opposite effect. They call them “birth control blankets”.

  96. Janice Beitz says:

    Years ago I knitted a bright yellow cardigan with hand embroiddered wool flowers for my granddaaughter. She was 2 or 3 years old at the time. She was wearing when she and her mom were at Costco. My granddaughter got hot so they took off the sweater and put it in the cart right next to her. When they were ready to leave the sweater was not there. Mommy asked “Where is your sweater?” “A lady took it and put it in her cart.” answered Granddaughter. I guess someone liked it enough to steal it.

  97. Rita Lobe says:

    My four little grandkids, 4 to 9, live in the Yukon on a mountainside and are outside summer and winter. They ski, skate, roll down a hill on that mountain side. They go to school on a very old school bus so they really need warm clothes. I spend my whole year lovingly knitting up a storm to keep up with their winter needs. I have taught the oldest one to knit as an uncle of mine from Norway taught me to knit when I was five…we are Norweign so it was no “shame” for men to knit. I knit everywhere and try to persuade everyone I can to knit. I sit on the bus and people watch me almost mesmerized. I scour the Goodwill for needles and wool to have extra for the enthused so I don’t have to give up my favourite needles. I have knit though births and deaths, football games and recitals and it brings such comfort, joy, satisfaction, peace and produces something beautiful along the way.

  98. jacqui knowles-bell says:

    My little Granddaughter loves the teletubbies. So I thought I know I’ll knit her one for Christmas. But my Grandsons insisted she needed to have all of them. I finished all them a week before Christmas. She adores them and takes them all to bed every night. But as I announced to my Grandsons I had finished them all, one Grandson said ‘Nana can you make me Diplidocus for Christmas lol. He has kindly agreed to wait till his birthday. Love them xx

  99. Zot says:

    As a child my grandmother, knitted me several vests and sweaters, including a heavy, full-length coat that I still refuse to part with, even though I currently split time between southern California and Hawaii and don’t have much opportunity to wear it. I know how much hard work, skill, and love she put into it, so there is no way that I am giving it up. Now the roles are reversed somewhat, as my grandmother is much older now and no longer knits. I’m still very much a novice, but I have knit her several hats to keep her head warm and she still mentions to my mom that she loves them.

  100. Moyra Ward says:

    Great grandma (aka GG) still knitting for the 5 great grandchildren and herself. She is Just finishing an aran jacket for 6 year old and cardies for the others, they all look forward to their knits from GG. She completes them so quickly and all this at almost 85 years old!

  101. victoria j legler says:

    Im a grandmother to 8 grandchildren which 6 of them are girls and 2 boys I’ve made them baby sweater set to mittens to blankets i love knitting things for them

  102. Deir says:

    Wish I had a picture to show you of the scrap sock lapgan that I made for my grandaughters 7th birthday but it has been sent To Washington. I used some of the sock yarn leftovers of socks that I hasocks that I had made for my daughter and granddaughter plus some from other projects that I had made for them.

  103. Sue Harrison says:

    Camper van jumpers! It all started when my daughter asked me to knit her a jumper for VanWest – a camper van rally in Burnham-on-Sea. It turned out really well, so I found a smaller version for the grand-children. Evan, Lilianna and Willow were duly kitted out ready for the next meet. My son said ‘where’s mine then?’ so the following Christmas I knitted various colours for my son, daughter-in-law, husband and one for me, ready for the following meet. My daughter-in-laws parents come with us, so I couldn’t let them be the one’s without, so 2 more were knitted!! The grand-children keep growing, so I am knitting the next sizes for them ready for next year. A new baby will be with us in December, so I will need to make a tiny one for the next Vanwest!!

  104. Marilyn Stern says:

    I’m still knitting for grandchildren, an argyle sweater and more recently, lace socks and a turtle washcloth, but now I have great grandchildren making requests. I recently finished a dinosaur for a 5 yr. old and will be knitting a “jeans color” sweater for 9 yr. old Evah. I love it when they ask for specific items and I aim to please. I think they believe I can knit anything.

  105. June Small says:

    I will never be a grandmother but I am an Aunt and a great-Aunt and I have been knitting for them since they were been born I have 3 nephews 2 nieces the eldest nephew was 42 this year, and also I have 2 great-nephews and 3 great nieces so I am kept busy also have lots of babies I have knitted shawls and toys for (do I count)

  106. Audrey Pache says:

    I have 3 grands of my own but become Nanny to my daughter’s friends out here in San Diego who don’t have any extended family or any near by. My latest gift was a babies knitted hat, sweater and blanket in light lavender with a flower motif. Can’t seem to print picture here.

  107. Janie Benfield says:

    Grandkids are wonderful! If we could have skipped the kids and gone right to the grandkids????? Love them all, each and every one! I have knit, crocheted, sewed, quilted and latch hooked for each of them along the way. Started with three boys…now have three grandsons (ages 22 [married to a wonderful young lady] and 10 [there are two cousins] and two granddaughters (ages 7 and 4, also cousins). Throw in the granddaughter-in-law and the 15-year-old son of a significant other and we are very blessed.

  108. Gaynor Williams (GrandmaGay) says:

    Having knitted for my four sons and seven grandchildren, I am now knitting for great-grandchildren. Last week my latest collection of matinee coats, cardigans, bootees and a baby blanket went to my granddaughter (who lives next door) to welcome the arrival of Thea Josie Marie. I am now finishing a baby blanket for my great-great nephew.

  109. Margaret Collinge says:

    Last Thanksgiving, I knit fish tail blankets for my granddaughters. They got to pick there colors of yarn without knowing what I was making. They pestered me all Summer, but I kept the secret! i also knit fishtail blankets for their dolls with Cascade Yarns Cherub DK ordered from “Loveknitting”

  110. Deb says:

    New granddaughter on the way, I have been knitting all summer. Every winter baby needs lots of cuddly wraps!!

  111. MARY DEBRINCAT says:

    My favourite past time is knitting, so I am almost always clicking away, whether while as a passenger in a car or at home. My 4 grandsons all have jumpers knitted by me and currently I have 2 nieces and a friend’s daughter having babies, so they have been my latest projects. While in UK I picked up some lovely baby wool and once I got home i ordered the same yarn through Love Knitting. Now I am using that wool to make a cardigan with matching beret for one of the nieces who is having a girl. So much fun!!

  112. Diana Brattoli says:

    I learned to knit in Girl Scouts in the 5th grade and came home and taught my mother. We made slippers and over the next 45 years my mother probably made slippers for everyone she knew. Five years ago I picked up my needles again and started knitting blankets for all my grandchildren as they were born. They love these blankets because Grandma made them. My mother also made blankets for her grandchildren when they reached 10 years, but she passed away before she was able to finish the last two grandchildren. I decided to make them their blankets for my mom and have recently finished one blanket and purchased the yarn for the next one. Maybe a tradition has started as I taught my daughter to knit as well. Hope “knits” eternal.

  113. Jenny Hogan says:

    My Mum taught me to knit when I was a child. I love to knit and crochet and when not making something for friends or family, make Trauma Teddies for the Red Cross. At present am making a Baby’s Outfit for a friend’s daughter who is having a girl. I am so happy with it, am using 4 ply and knitting with eyelet lace, jacket, bonnet & bootees. It is absolutely beautiful.

  114. Debbie Dawson says:

    I knit for everyone of my 5 grandchildren but now they have grown older I now use paintbox yarns to knit for the homeless in Bath and I also knit tiny cribs and angel pockets for still born babies which I donate to hospitals along with tiny hats, bootees, cardigans etc for neonatal units, it gives so much pleasure to think you are cheering someone up at such a heartbreaking time.

  115. Barb Johnson says:

    I am a proud new grandma as of January 19. Baby Lily is such a joy, her smile just melts your heart. I have knit her a blanket, booties, mitts, a bonnet and a newborn size little top. She was so tiny that the store newborn size was a little big on her. I just found out that I will be a grandma again in April next year…back to the knitting needles! Can’t wait!!

  116. Wilmer Kornfeld says:

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  117. wkPNuMYpH says:

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  118. irene leslie says:

    I just finished knitting two rainbow cardigans…using the paintbox yarns…for my twin granddaughters that will be arriving in november! i am so happy…and the pattern was wonderful as was the yarn! wish there was a way to include a picture on this site. thanks for the give away.

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