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Published on April 21st, 2016 | by Merion


Hitchhiker, lost and found!

When the knitting community comes together, it stretches across the globe! The story of a lost shawl is zigzagging its way from knitter to knitter – can you help?

lost knitting: Hitchhiker Shawl by Martina Behm on the LoveKnitting blog

Hitchhiker, by Martina Behm

A beautiful hand knitted shawl was found at the Portland Oregon Airport, US, a couple of weeks ago. Extraordinarily, it was rescued by a passing knitter who has sent out an SOS on Ravelry to find its owner!

The shawl has been identified as a Hitchhiker – one of the most supremely popular shawl patterns ever written, completed on Ravelry 23, 425 times!  Its author, Martina Behm, is a celebrated German designer whose stunning shawl patterns produce sighs of knitlust wherever they are worn in the world!  The yarn has not been definitively recognised – unsurprisingly because it might well be a hand dye from home, or a precious skein bought from a small producer.  Regardless, Ravelry’s mighty army continues to search through hundreds of pictures to try to identify its creator, looking microscopically at colour pooling, shade matches and stitches.

Some 399 posts later, the shawl’s owner has still not been found.  Do you recognise this shawl? Did you knit it for somebody? Have you seen someone wearing it?

lost knitting: missing hitchhiker on the LoveKnitting blog

If you can help – please contact the Ravelry group here!

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4 Responses to Hitchhiker, lost and found!

  1. Myriam says:

    This lost-and-found initiative is so sweet. I lost a cowl during a trip abroad before, and it made mereally sad. I hope the shawl, the owner, and the knitter are reunited very soon!

  2. Sally says:

    Wish I would remember just to tack in some ribbon with my cell phone number on all of my well-loved hand knits. No name necessary, just a universal signal from knitters to knitters around the world.

  3. Glenna says:

    Maybe it was left on purpose to create a worldwide mystery ?

  4. Denise says:

    Hopefully, someone has checked with airport lost and found. If she’s trying to find her scarf, a message and scarf photo could be left with them.

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