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HotTag Competition: Share Your Chemo Hat Project and WIN £100/$100!

To raise awareness for World Cancer Day enter our HotTag competition from February 3rd-28th with your chemo hat knitting project for a chance to win £100/$100 worth of yarn!

With significant hair loss often a side effect of chemotherapy, hand-knitted “chemo hats” are a wonderful way to show your care and support for a friend or family member undergoing treatment. Chemo hats can also be donated to your local cancer charity or hospital!

Pay it forward while spreading awareness by sharing your project with others in the knitting community!

To enter, upload a project and include the following: 

  • At least one image (don’t worry if your project is not complete – WIP’s are welcome to enter too!)
  • Link to the chemo hat pattern on LoveKnitting.
  • full description about where the hat is going or who it’s for. (We want to hear your story!)
  • Link to the yarn you used for the project.
  • And don’t forget to use the HotTag #KnitForCancer so we can find your submission!

The competition will begin 6:00am Feb 3rd EST, and will end 11:59pm Feb 28th. Full T’s and C’s here.

Not sure how to upload a project? No problem! Click here and we’ll show you how.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your chemo hat project, explore our range of knitting patterns for cancer patients!

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12 Responses to HotTag Competition: Share Your Chemo Hat Project and WIN £100/$100!

  1. Lucy E Gedrites says:

    Why do the models have eyebrows, eyelashes & hair? If they are wearing wigs a chemo cap isn’t necessary.

    My daughter & cousin had lymphoma so I make caps in chartreuse for them. Some breast cancer survivors are disturbed by the pink wash. Lavender is the color for ALL cancers.

    • From Granny to You says:

      People are uset that you knitted a hat for them, just because it’s not the ‘right colour’? Good grief! I’m really sorry they have cancer – no-one ought to have such a nasty thing – but perhapd they should get a life.

  2. Elaine Foster says:

    I have made several chemo caps for people in our church. Since I have already given them away, I cannot take pictures of them anymore. Therefore I cannot upload any pictures. If anyone would like to get a copy of the pattern (I have various patterns for knitted caps as well as crocheted caps), please let me know.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Elaine, I would love patterns for knitted caps please as I only have beanie patterns when I’ve found caps are now preferred. Regards, Catherine

    • From Granny to You says:

      Is there a special design for chemo hats, called caps? Would it be possible for someone to explain what the difference is? Thanks. And where do we find these special cap patterns?

    • Christine says:

      Dear Elaine
      I would love a knitted pattern for a chemo cap as I enjoy knitting for charity. I am in South Africa.

    • Marjorie White says:

      I would be interested in crochet hats and do you have children’s patterns

  3. Patricia says:

    Dear Elaine, would it be possible for you to send me your chemo cap pattern – I have lymphoma myself and have previously had breast cancer and cervical. I love knitting and would love to make caps for my local hospitals chemo unit – they all work so hard there and would like to do a little something for them. I know they would go to good use. Many thanks

  4. Kay says:

    I too have had breast cancer and chemo for 6 months. My hair fell out completely in 2 days of starting treatment, and it felt so cold. I would have loved one of these pretty hats. By the way not everyone’s eyebrows fall out!! Well done to everyone

  5. jane vodak-smer says:

    whatever I make I just send to a hospital ie pediatric dept etc and I don’t leave my name for accolades. I just hope they are put to good use to keep a precious little one warm……… and some may not always be used for cancer patients.

  6. Nancy says:

    Not all caps/hats are for chemo. I was asked to make a couple hats for a teenage girl who had to have her head shaved to put a drain in her skull. I made a chemo cap pattern in Moda Dea Dream (super soft), and a brimmed hat in Red Heart Curly Q (soft and stretchy). They were whipped up in an afternoon and evening for next day delivery so I didn’t get photos, but the word back was the teen loved them.

  7. cathe barron says:

    Hello…I have made many chemo caps for family members and others. I usually used acrylic yarns or blends. Now, it looks like I will need to make one for myself. I want something light and ‘cottony’ as I tend to get overheated sometimes….

    Can anyone give me some yarn suggestions? Something lightweight and soft. If anyone has a favorite pattern that would be appreciated also…thank you, so much….

    (I guess I am feeling a little overwhelmed right now,,,I have made tons of chemo caps in different yarn weights, but now that I have to make one for me I am suddenly a little clueless).

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