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Indie designer of the week: Hannah Fettig

We got to chat with Hannah Fettig this week, the creative brains behind the Knitbot blog and Stashbot app. She talks to us here about developing “classic designs for the modern knitter.” You can browse and buy Hannah’s PDF patterns on LoveKnitting here

Hannah Fettig headshot
 Hannah Fettig 

Hi Hannah! Tell us a little bit about yourself and Knitbot!

I live on the coast of southern Maine with my husband and two children.  In 2008 I started a blog with the name Knitbot while I worked on my first book, Closely Knit.  In 2009 when I started self publishing patterns it became my brand.  Today I have published many individual patterns and books, hosted a podcast and developed an app (Stashbot).

Hannah Fettig designs - get them at LoveKnitting!Above, left to right: Calligraphy Cardigan and Breezy Cardigan


What is the story behind your first knitting pattern?

My first knitting pattern was for The Fibre Company, which was originally based here in Portland, Maine.  I had knit many, many sweaters and this first design cobbled together elements of patterns I had enjoyed knitting.  It was featured in The Fibre Company booth at an industry trade show, a craft book editor saw it and the next thing I knew I had a book deal.  I felt unqualified at first, the book was to contain 30 designs!  But with encouragement and prodding from my editor, friends and family it happened.

Hannah Fettig children knitting patterns - get them at LoveKnitting!Above, left: Sweet Pleat; right: Sunset cardigan

That’s amazing – how would you describe your design style?

From the beginning I have striven to design pieces to be worn effortlessly on a daily basis.  Simple designs with clean lines and drape make up my most popular pieces. The Knitbot tag line is “Classic Designs for the Modern Knitter”.  I think who the modern knitter is is changing, but in the recent past simple designs in Stockinette stitch knit from the top down were pieces I found an audience for.   

Which pattern is your most popular – what does the ”modern knitter” love?

Featherweight Cardigan, which is the first pattern I self published.  It remains my top seller!  It’s a great first sweater, it’s highly wearable, and it serves as a great blank canvas for more advanced knitters.  

Hannah Fettig's Featherweight cardigan - get it at LoveKnitting!
 Above: Featherweight cardigan


Which of your patterns would you recommend for a beginner, and which pattern for an experienced knitter looking for a challenge?

Featherweight Cardigan is really good for beginners.  For a quicker knit, I’d recommend Trail Jacket or Effortless Cardigan.  For a pullover I’d recommend Lightweight Pullover.  And for kids I’d recommend the Sock Yarn Sweater or Cradle Cardigan.

Hannah Fettig designs: Trail Cardigan and Effortless Cardigan - get them at LoveKnitting!
 Above, left: Trail Jacket; right: Effortless Cardigan


What is your absolute must-have knitting accessory to keep knitting fun and easy?

A tapestry needle…I can fake anything else, a tapestry needle – not so much!

What do you enjoy knitting for yourself?

I’m a sweater knitter, though every fall I knit myself a new hat and cowl for the season.  Now that I have children, I also enjoy knitting for them!

Hannah Fettig - Lightweight Pullover pattern - get it at LoveKnitting!
 Above: Lightweight Pullover


Do you have any plans afoot – what’s next for you, and for Knitbot?

I am working on a new book called Home & Away: Knits for Everyday Adventures.  It features 5 previously released designs and 4 new ones.  This is the first book I’ve published completely on my own and I am very excited to share it with everyone!  It will feature articles based on popular discussions, instructions written for both seamless and seamed versions of many of the sweaters plus beautiful photography.

Hannah Fettig spring cardigan knitting patterns - get them at LoveKnitting!Above, left to right: Wispy Cardi and Spring Ribbed Cardigan

If you were a yarn, what would you be and why?

A worsted weight wool yarn in a timeless color like white or gray, sure to have a nice long shelf life!

Hannah Fettig designs - get them at LoveKnitting!
 Above, left to right: Stormy Day Jacket, Sock Yarn Sweater for children


That’s it from LoveKnitting designer Hannah Fettig for this week – click here to view all of her gorgeous patterns! 


About the Author

Jack of all trades, Master of Netflix and video games. A musician by passion, a gamer by choice, and a crafter by chance: I write about knitting and crochet and design fun patterns!

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5 Responses to Indie designer of the week: Hannah Fettig

  1. Nancy says:

    I Love your Fair isle Sunset Cardigan have you any other Children Cardigan that I can look at and I am looking for a Children’s Hairband

    Kindness Regards Nancy

  2. Elaine says:

    Great sweaters. Cardigans are so timeless and as a blank canvas can be decorated in any way we want!!

  3. judith turner says:

    I am looking for a cable sleeveles cardigan for a 4year old girl, long enough to just wear tights underneath. Love what you do!

  4. Lyn Brakke says:

    Love the look of your patterns. Will start with the feather weight cardigan, then I will try some children’s sweaters for my grandchildren.

  5. Jean Dunsmore says:

    I got an e-mail from you a few days ago stating that I had not posted your site to my friends and that you were disappointed well I am not happy with that comment as my face book friends do not knit but I have a knitting club locally that I manage every Thursday and have taken the wool/patterns and my finished jumpers to the club. have issued my ladies with your details and would continue to recommend your service before I got your e-mail, I was trying to get you business but I felt I had to let you know how I am feeling now. Please do not feel you have to answer this e-mail as I am busy trying to get my ladies knitting at my club. Jean Dunsmore

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