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Indie designer of the week: Isabell Kraemer

We caught up with designer Isabell Kraemer to find out just what inspires her to create and knit! Check out all her gorgeous sweater patterns here, designed with an eye for contemporary fashion and versatility. 

When and why did you first start knitting?

My grandma tried to teach me how to knit when I was a young girl…and failed. She never made a second attempt. So a few years later I had to teach myself and learned knitting from old knitting books. Why?..hmmm…I think it’s the same reason why I do it now…it’s freaking cool what one can do with 2 sticks and some yarn!

Tell us the story of your first knitting pattern…

My first pattern… I don’t think I would call it a real pattern, was Muse N, a little shrug that I made some years ago. I got so many requests from people asking how I made it, that I wrote down my notes on my blog. The first graded pattern was Paulie, a striped cardigan with a garter stitch yoke, knitted from the top down. I named it after my nephew Paul, because it was designed when he was born in 2011.

Wanderling sweater and jumper knitting pattern by Isabell Kraemer - get it at LoveKnitting!Above: Wanderling

Talk us through a day in the life of a knitwear designer! 

First there is a cup of coffee (more likely two or even three of them…hahaha) and some stitches on my current project during breakfast, then I have to check emails, messages, and so on. As I am still working part time for an arts and craft store, where I teach kids craft classes, the next hours are spent ‘at work’. When I am back home there’s always some back office work to be done and the rest of the day is spend with sample knitting, pattern writing, sketching new designs, having a look through my ravelry group, swatching, playing with new yarns..and so on.

What is your most popular pattern?

Not sure, but I think Il Grande Favorito is a best seller, and Seashore does well too. 

Sweater designs from Isabell Kraemer - get them at LoveKnitting!Above: left two photos – Il Grande Favorito, right two photos: Seashore

Which of your patterns would you recommend for a fairly simple project, and for someone looking for a real challenge?

Most of my patterns are rather simple, though they are listed as intermediate, because most of them start with a heavy set of short-rows…even Monte Rosa with its patterned back is fairly simple.

Monte Rosa cardigan pattern by Isabell Kraemer - get it at LoveKnitting!Above: Monte Rosa

What do you enjoy knitting for yourself?

I am a sweater girl…from the bottom of my heart!

Isabell Kraemer sweater and jumper knitting patterns - get them at LoveKnitting!Above, from left to right: Ravello, Against All Odds and Westbourne

What is your absolute must-have knitted accessory?

I love to knit and wear cowls.

If you were a yarn, what would you be and why?

Think I would be a fingering weight hand dyed Blue Faced Leicester, not as soft as a merino and for sure not as ‘hairy’, but still cozy, lustrous and with a wonderful drape.

Fantastic! To see all of Isabell Kraemer’s patterns, click here. Stay tuned for next week’s designer!


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7 Responses to Indie designer of the week: Isabell Kraemer

  1. wendy leigh-bell says:

    Absolutely agree with Isabell about the blue faced leicester, it is definitely my favourite breed. Ever since I used some Rowan British breeds BFL. Will have to look for fingering weight as fine guage knits are my preference, too. lovely designs.

  2. Donna Springel says:

    I love Isabelle’s designs and am definitely looking to purchase a few of her patterns.
    SUGGESTION – would love to see the same type of design in men’s sweaters

  3. maureen smith says:

    love your paterens to you knit to order x

  4. Kate S says:

    I would love to knit the Seashore but where do I get the yarns from

  5. Kate B says:

    Thank you for article on Isabell Kraemer. Enjoyed knitting Il Grande and first attempt knitting a garment top down. Unfortunately not able to master the short rows. This was not the end of the world and love the end product. Was impressed with the help I got from Isabell on her Ravelry group. Would highly recommend going there for help and inspiration from Isabell and her devoted knitters. Looking forward to my next Isabell knit!!

  6. Hilary P says:

    I’ve downloaded the pattern “against all odds” and can’t wait to start knitting, but I’m confused about yarns. Unable to find the recommended colourmart yarn and don’t want to make a mistake with a substitute. I’m wondering about Drops alpaca but please could you advise on anything suitable.
    Thanks very much

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