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Indie Designer of the Week: OGE Knitwear Designs

The darling baby knitting patterns from OGE Knitwear Designs are positively bursting with cuteness, which is most probably why LoveKnitting customers can’t seem to get enough of them! That’s why we’re particularly excited that Vera Stensrud, the Australian designer behind the brand, has designed a baby blanket pattern just for LoveKnitting. The Cathedral Heirloom Baby Blanket was inspired by England’s great cathedrals and the growing excitement about a certain royal baby. You can get your hands on this exclusive design here or to browse all OGE Knitwear Designs patterns click here.

We spoke to Vera about her knitwear design business and the inspiration behind her gorgeous Cathedral Heirloom Baby Blanket.

baby blanketAbove: OGE Knitwear Designs’ Cathedral Heirloom Baby Blanket was inspired by the cloisters of England’s cathedrals

Hi Vera! Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, out-law (just kidding)  and friend to many.  I also have an obsession, and passion…. I love to design and knit – my mind is constantly thinking about the next project. I do silly little sketches on any paper lying around when inspiration hits and there are lots of sketches that I need to fine tune. I love to travel and get a lot of my inspiration from nature and architecture.

I would move to England if it was not for the fact that all my family is in Australia (I absolutely adore England… the people, the countryside, the little villages, castles and cathedrals, the list goes on and on). My husband and I have had a few trips over the years driving around England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. We loved it – rain, hail or shine!!!

Most of my days are spent, designing, knitting, writing up patterns, desktopping (this was my previous occupation), the list goes on…. and sometimes I manage to fit in some of the more mundane things. I am extremely lucky to have a husband who is so very supportive and he will often pick up where I have left off if inspiration hits!!!

rompersAbove: Baby girl’s A-line dress with bolero and rompers and Baby Overalls with detailed cabled bodice and matching sweater

You’ve designed the most beautiful baby blanket that is exclusive to LoveKnitting for three months – we love it, thank you! Tell us a little bit about what inspired the design.

The inspiration for this blanket came from our recent visit to England. I spent many hours roaming through all the beautiful Cathedrals and Castles scattered throughout England, Ireland and Wales and was amazed by the intricate detail of the architecture, especially in Gloucester Cathedral. The incredible ceiling in the cloister was absolutely amazing and I knew I had to somehow incorporate this detail into one of my designs.

With the coming event of a Royal Baby I immediately set about designing a special blanket for the new royal bub.

Have you got any top tips for people wanting to knit the Cathedral Baby Blanket?

I suggest reading through all the pattern instructions first and perhaps knit up a small sample of the design. Once you get the hang of this pattern it is really quite therapeutic to knit up. My pattern comes with quite a few photo shots and detailed instructions to assist with how to complete a certain stitch, plus abbreviations, explanations, extra notes and a chart for part of the pattern.

veracollageAbove: Little girl’s double breasted coat, Baby cardigan with hood, Baby girl’s A-line dress with bolero and rompers


What drew you to designing for children?

I have always adored hand knitted garments for babies. I took up knitting when I had my children and my passion for knitting little items grew from there. I loved the fact that you could knit something so delicate and small and it was done in no time… When you have babies there is not a lot of time for yourself,  which I am sure most young mums can relate to. I found that knitting was very de-stressing and therapeutic, which possibly helped to make me a calmer mum.

boysAbove: Baby round neck, side opening sweater and Baby tartan overalls and jumper

Tell us the story of your first knitting pattern.

My very first knitting pattern was for a Christening outfit, very ambitious of me I know. I really wanted to create something different. I have to admit I have never finished that one, it’s still on my to do list to complete.

Of your previous designs, which have been the most popular?

My most popular design has been for little girls – ‘Baby Angel Top’. I think this may have something to do with the fact that there is absolutely no sewing involved with this garment.

baby angel collageAbove: The best selling Baby Angel Top and Textured Round Yoke Baby Sweater with Matching Hat

Your photographs are lovely – how do you photograph your work?

I really enjoy taking photos and spend a lot of time trying to capture the texture of the garment, as well as getting the right light and props. It’s a bit more difficult if you have a little model that won’t sit still! Though I must admit the end result is usually better with a little person wearing the design, as this helps to show how it will look on a bub or child.

babycollageAbove: Baby/ child sweater with cables and ribbed sleeve and Baby onesie with matching jacket

What would be your three tips for someone looking to start designing his/ her own patterns?

  1. I truly believe you must be passionate about what you are doing, I guess this applies to most things in life if you want to succeed.
  2. Hopefully have a degree in maths….. just kidding! This is my biggest problem as I sometimes really feel mathematically challenged when trying to produce several sizes in the design.
  3. Create your own style. I know there are millions of beautiful patterns out there, however once you find your expertise, go with that. I love, love, texture, and simplicity, so I usually try to achieve these, either in a pattern, or by using a particular yarn.

boysjumpersAbove: Baby fair isle sweater and hat and Baby sweater with fair isle hat and boots

If you were a yarn , what would you be and why?

Would have to say, without a doubt, a super fine merino wool. I am super soft, feel superb, silky and smooth, and breathe with the body, and most babies’ skin love me. I also produce some fantastic texture and knit up so evenly.

What do you love most about being a knitwear designer?

When the knitter has taken the time out to let me know that they are thrilled with their garment when complete and send photos of beautiful little bubs wearing my creations, lovingly knitted by them. Also the knowledge that my patterns will go on long after me and hopefully be enjoyed by the knitters of the world for many years to come.

baby blanketsAbove: More sweet OGE Knitwear Designs baby blankets. Baby Blanket, sure to become an heirloom, and Baby Blanket, with leaf and bobble panels

To shop the full range of patterns from OGE Knitwear Designs, click here

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19 Responses to Indie Designer of the Week: OGE Knitwear Designs

  1. Mary Van Dyck says:

    Hi there I would absolutely love the knitting pattern for the pink romper suit that came up on my FB page
    I have had a look around for it but with no luck
    I hope to hear from you soon with some good news 🙂
    Cheers Mary

  2. sonia says:

    Hola buenos días,

    Me encantan tus diseños, los patrones los tienes en español, me encantaría hacer la manta catedral y muchas cosas mas.
    A la espera de tus noticias un saludo


    • Kirstyn Langford says:

      Hola Sonia

      Gracias por tu comentario.

      Lamentablemente, no contamos con este patrón en español por los momentos. Nos comunicaremos con la diseñadora para verificar si tiene planeado traducirlo al español. Sin embargo, en LoveKnitting planeamos tener este y muchos otros patrones en español muy pronto.

      Saludos cordiales,
      Equipo LoveKnitting

  3. Jennifer witham says:

    I live in Australia and have used Oge Designs many times and just love them.The patterns are timeless yet unique.For those people considering purchasing any patterns don’t hesitate,I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.


  4. Christine Leigo says:

    Hi Just looked thru these amazing designs and discovered i need 5 or 6 of them 🙂
    Is there a discount for purchasing many?
    I’ve always bought books … Maybe I could buy a books worth?
    Just enquiring 🙂

    • Kirstyn Langford says:

      Lovely aren’t they? 🙂

      I’m afraid there are no discounts on independent designer patterns at the moment, though we do run promotions from time to time on patterns so do keep your eyes peeled!

      All the best,
      Kirstyn & the LoveKnitting Team

  5. Marianne Colligon says:

    I absolutely love all your designs. I would love to have them in a larger size, say, 5 and 6. Would it be possible to get sizes for that lovely 3/4 pink girl’s coat?

    • Kirstyn Langford says:

      Hi Marianne,

      Sadly, I’m afraid there are no other sizes available in this design from OGE Knitwear Designs at the moment. We do have thousands of other patterns for little girls available on site. Here are some of the other options for cardigans/ coats:

      All the best
      Kirstyn & the LoveKnitting team

  6. Carly says:

    Well done Mum, you are a true inspiration in my life and I love to see all the beautiful patterns you create. Well done! 🙂

  7. Denise Walsh says:

    Just purchased several patterns fromOGE Designs. They are beautiful and just hope I can make them to look as good as the pictures. I am originally from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia Canada and my mother knit for my twin sister and I all the time and started to teach us to knit at the age of five. Mom was my “go to person” when I had a problem but now unfortunately she is no longer with us and I hope some of the knitting shops here in Atlanta Ga. Area will have help if I need it.

  8. Josie Scouller says:

    Congratulations Independent Designer OGE Designs!!!
    I have knit many of your designs already, your work is truly inspirational and beautiful.
    Presentation of your patterns & photos are fantastic.
    Your Royal Cathedral Blanket is stunning!!!
    Please continue your great work!!!
    Congrats once again.

  9. Merrin says:

    Cable cardigan only takes 3 balls gms for a size 2 but that doesn’t seem to be enough ,thanks

  10. Kari says:

    I love these baby patterns. I often knit baby things because it is way too warm to wear knitted things myself in Southern California. I have a ton of them that just sit in the drawer until we go skiing which is not often at the moment since my husband broke his hip a year ago.

    I love the definition of the yarn in the patterns and the patterns are just as cute as can be.
    I taught myself to knit, tat, crochet from a small green book my Mom had. When she was pregnant with me she started to knit but life got in the way and she never pursued it.
    I love working with my hands whether in the garden or with wood or knitting.

    Mostly I knit because I find it very relaxing in the morning and in the evening. I have a full time job that is way more than 8 hours a day so when I get home I really need to relax.

    I am so happy that your work has been shared with us. I used to live in the cold upper area of Mass. on the east coast but have been here all of my adult life. I can not live under the grey skies of the winter in the east. Love the cold and the snow but not the lack of sun shine.

  11. Elizabeth Rose says:

    I Havent started the blanket yet but have been reading comments from people about the pattern for the Royal Cathedral Baby Blanket & they say that their is a mistake on the 7th row is that right I would like to know beore I start to knit it look forward to hearing from you
    Elizabeth Rose

  12. Linda Elwood says:

    I am wondering what yarn you used to knit the Cathedral Baby Blanket. The design shows so well with the yarn your used. Thank you.

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