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Published on August 31st, 2015 | by Angie


Knit by Bit: Audrey Gloves by Nancy Ricci

This week, we invited illustrious designer Nancy Ricci to share her Audrey Gloves with us!

Nancy Ricci's Audrey Gloves for Knit by Bit: simple and chic knitting at its best!Click this image to download the pattern

Here at LoveKnitting HQ, we love Nancy’s Audrey Gloves – I think almost everyone made at least one pair last year! They are an absolutely fantastic project for beginner knitters, and a seasoned knitter can whip up a pair in no time at all. They make great Christmas gifts! Here’s Nancy, to say a few words about her gloves:

Ever since I was a very newbie knitter, with few technique skills, I have been fond of fingerless gloves that are knitted flat and later seamed at the side. You leave an opening for your thumb and there you have it: a pair of fingerless gloves. And really all you are knitting is a small rectangle. It’s fun, quick and very easy!

When Jade Sapphire approached me to design something with their 100% 8-ply cashmere ( 100 yards and heavy worsted), I knew exactly what to do: a super easy pair of fingerless gloves that are fun and also quick to make. I named them: Audrey Gloves.

Knit by Bit: Nancy Ricci's Audrey Gloves

Easy peasy construction

You simply start with knitting two squarish rectangles, these will form the glove itself. 

The majority of the glove is done with stocking stitch, where you knit on the right side and purl on the wrong side. However, on the top of the glove, there is just a little bit of seed stitch.

And on the bottom of the glove, you can see a 1×1 ribbing in which you knit into the back of a knit stitch. Trust me, all of the above are easy stitches to learn for a newbie knitter! Just knits and purls are involved.

You finally end by knitting two little strips and two even littler strips. These tiny strips will form the bow.

Knit by Bit: Nancy Ricci's Audrey GlovesClick this image to download pattern

Assembling the gloves

Let’s start with assembling the bows: take a little strip and pinch them in the middle. Then wrap the even littler strip around it and sew the ends together. Yes, it’s that simple!

And now for the glove itself… Fold your squarish rectangle over, and start seaming the sides. Leave an opening for your thumb. 

The placement of the bow is best done when you first try on the glove and see where the bow fits you best. It is placed right above the 1×1 ribbing part. Tack down the bow in the middle, then seam the bow to the glove.

Knit by bit: Audrey Gloves by nancy ricciClick this image to download the pattern

Seaming techniques

To seam up your Audrey gloves, here are the techniques used. I love these super clear videos, they are amazing resources for beginners. First, we have mattress stitch from KnittingHelp: 

Then, there’s the whip stitch, which can be used in a multitude of projects. It’s a simple but versatile technique to learn. This video is by Cynthia Spencer. 


Finally, there’s the backstitch. This is an illustrated tutorial, done by the helpful knitters at the TechKnitting blog. Click here to check it out!

Quick, easy and fun

In a matter of very little time you can make a pair of  Audrey Fingerless Gloves. I managed to make a few during a weekend while watching movies. Not only do I love making my Audrey Gloves, I love it even more to wear them.

And the best thing is to gift a pair of fingerless gloves to somebody who is dear and near to your heart!

Nancy Ricci Audrey GlovesClick this image to download the pattern

Thanks, Nancy! If you want to download Nancy’s Audrey Gloves, click here. To learn more about Nancy and her inspiration, check out our interview with her! Follow us on Bloglovin’ for more inspiration, patterns, and more!



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3 Responses to Knit by Bit: Audrey Gloves by Nancy Ricci

  1. Aida F. says:

    Hi Nancy, these are so pretty!! I would LOVE to make these for my granddaughters as well as myself… how can I make them for a two and six year old, thank you in advance and thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. PJ says:

    Thank you for sharing! A lovely pattern !

  3. Julie says:

    The bows can also be sewn to barrette blanks- they make cute hair decorations!

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