Knit by Bit MAke a button bouquet with LoveKnitting

Published on March 28th, 2016 | by Angie


Knit by Bit: make a button bouquet

As daffodils and tulips start to peek out of the ground, many brides are rushing to put the finishing touches on their wedding plans. Make a button bouquet to keep forever, or as an option for allergic brides and grooms. 

Knit by Bit: make a button bouquet with LoveKnitting

When I got married in 2013, I wanted something a bit different. After all, I had already chosen a polka dot dress and sparkly blue converse shoes, so it might be safe to say that I was an “alternative” bride. My good friend and fellow crafter offered to make me a button bouquet, and I gratefully accepted! I wanted a keepsake that would never wilt, and to this day it sits in a vase on a table in my living room.

I wanted to share this cool idea with all of you, and decided to make a video tutorial!

Knit by Bit: make a button bouquet with LoveKnitting


Buttons in a variety of sizes and shapes

Bouquet holder (I got mine from Amazon)

Floral wire

Floral Tape

Double sided satin ribbon

Wire cutters or a multi-tool with pliers

Knit by Bit: make a button bouquet with LoveKnitting

To make a button bouquet, you will need the above materials, some creativity, and about 90 minutes for a small bouquet. You will be stacking the buttons in groups of three or more, and threading the floral wire through the buttons to hold them together.

Then, you will twist the ends together and trim them to fit in the button bouquet you have chosen. Using the floral tape, you will wrap the tops of the “stems” to secure the buttons in place and give a white (or whatever color tape you choose) background against the bouquet holder.

Once all of your stems are prepared, all you have to do is place them as you like, being sure to cover all of the bouquet evenly.  Voila! One button bouquet, ready for the big day. Watch the video below to see how I did it.

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