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Published on August 17th, 2015 | by Angie


Knit by Bit: a cat toy by Sara Thomas

It’s pet week at LoveKnitting, and we’re celebrating all furry (or scaly) friends large and small. Check out this super quick knit by Sara Thomas of Cats for Hats fame.

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We first met Sara a couple months ago, when we interviewed her about her famous book, Cats in Hats. (Click here to read the interview and see her patterns!) She took over the LoveKnitting social media for a day, and she’s got a passion for animals that can’t be beat. This week, she made us a super quick knitted cat toy, made with Vannas Choice yarn to beat snags. Over to you, Sara!

Knit by Bit: free cat toy pattern and tutorial by Sarah ThomasDorothy couldn’t wait for Sara to finish making the cat toy!

I love this project, because who doesn’t end up with yarn scraps at the end of a big project? I used to keep my kitties at bay by playing with the longer pieces (but that can be dangerous, because some cats, like my Sinclair, will try to EAT them). So this quick little knitting project can be done super quickly, and as soon as I pulled out the jingle bells, Dorothy and Sinclair were by my side. They could hardly wait for me to seam up their little knitted treat, and Dorothy especially enjoyed batting it around with her paw. In less than 5 minutes both toys were at the other end of the house. I think I’ll keep a few in my knitting bag, and the next time Sinclair tries to attack my yarn, I’ll toss one of these to him.


You can personalize these, and I think they would be SO cute at Christmas! I chose Vanna’s Choice yarn because it’s a durable acrylic yarn. Don’t go for a loose yarn, because your cat will snag that in no time!


Left over bits of Worsted Weight Acrylic Yarn like Lion Brand Vannas Choice, in 2 colors

3.25 mm (US 4) Knitting Needles

Yarn Scraps (for stuffing)

Jingle Bell

Yarn needle



Cast on 12sts. Work in stockinette stitch for 2 rows.

Decrease Row (RS) K2tog, Knit to last 2 stitches, Knit 2tog.

Next Row (WS), work in stockinette stitch (since this is the wrong side, you’ll purl).

Work the decrease row on all RS until you are left with 1st on your needle. Cut yarn and pull tail through, leaving about 10”.

Once you’ve made two triangles, turn them wrong side out and stitch them together. You can use the longer tails to stitch with. Leave a 1/2” gap and turn the toy right-side out. Use yarn scraps to stuff the toy, leaving an overall “flat” appearance. Insert jingle bell. Securely stitch up, knot yarn very well and hide ends, trimming extra pieces.

You can personalize your little cat toy by stitching your cat’s initials on one side before sewing the pieces together. No need to trim any extra pieces – just use the tails as part of the stuffing!

Knit by Bit: free cat toy pattern by Sara ThomasClick this image to download a pdf of this free pattern!

Thanks, Sara! Remember to check out her blog (click here) and read our interview with her (click here)!

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