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Knit your own “Knitivity”

One of the LoveKnitting team, Carly, went up to the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate a couple of weeks back. Undoubtedly the highlight of the show for her was  the life-size “knitivity” scene. It was  knitted by five members of  the knitting group the “Knutty Knitters” to raise money for St Peter’s Hospice in Bristol, where one of their members sadly passed away.

knitivity bridge

The scene includes  Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus; three wise men; the shepherds; an angel; and a knitted sheep, donkey and
camel and took five knitters almost a year to complete, using nearly 200 balls of yarn.

It will be on display around Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset in December so if you are in the area, do try and catch this spectacular sight! For more information, go to their Facebook page or JustGiving page.


Picture: Matt Clark from Darlington & Stockton Times


If you feel inspired, then we have a copy of the book Knit the Nativity by Jan Messent to give away to one lucky reader. If you get started today you should finish in time for Christmas (next year at least!!).

In order to win, just comment below but be quick – only comments before midnight on Monday 2nd December will qualify! The winner will be chosen at random.


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323 Responses to Knit your own “Knitivity”

  1. Suzannna says:

    Wonderful nativity and a great competition, have a fab 1st December.

  2. Claire-Louise Tuthill says:

    What a lovely idea!

  3. Vivella says:

    Wow that is an impressive feat.

  4. Lauren Pinhorn says:

    I’ve been thinking about knitting my own knitivity! Maybe not life-size though…

  5. Nicole Barnes says:

    Great (and cute) designs! Very impressed by the dedication to make the almost lifesize figures. C:

  6. jo donnelly says:

    Wonderful the real spirit of Christmas

  7. hayley pemberton says:

    great project and would become an heirloom

  8. Pauline Billingham says:

    Brilliant idea.

  9. Jo Thoday says:

    Amazing nativity!

  10. Sarah Cooper says:

    How lovely – cute and educational, showing the true meaning of Christmas. Would love to knit these for my new niece or nephew when they are born!

  11. Kathy says:

    What a beautiful idea!! Would love to give it a go.

  12. Margaret Carlon says:

    Would love to knit this for our sunday school, very impressive x

  13. sharon jackson says:

    Small ones more my isize!

  14. Claire Madder says:

    yes please

  15. Debbie Hagedorn says:

    Great idea!

  16. Catherine says:

    My goodness. I think it d take me longer than a year to knit life size figures! May have to scale them down slightly lol!

  17. Janet Lilley says:

    Wow amazing

  18. Claire says:

    A Nativity Scene that can be handles and rearranged by everyone in the family. So creative!!

  19. carol stevenson says:

    i could do this for next xmas, ready for my grand daughters 1st, she is due in march

  20. susan says:

    This set is amazing and would be fantastic for all ages, it might even persuade my daughter to take up knitting.

  21. Helen Bloor says:

    What a fantastic idea. I’m sure children are amazed when they go to visit the family

  22. Cassandra Boocock says:

    My friend has one knitted by her ex mother in law, looks really good.

  23. Tirion Morgan says:

    Oh my goodness! How lovely for a school or Church group 🙂

  24. Kathy Wilson says:

    it looks awesome what a great feat.

  25. Linda Ziino says:

    Knutty knitters story is inspirational! Id love to knit this knitivity for my grandbubs to enjoy xx

  26. Donna Hoyle says:

    Marvellous Life-size Knitivity scene well done to the hard work the ladies put in. Merry Christmas.

  27. Joan Simpson says:

    Knitted nativity 🙂

  28. Marion Brown says:

    Superb project to work on throughout the year.

  29. Karen Yull says:

    Wow well done to the knitters, I hope they raise lots of money x

  30. Diana K says:

    This would be wonderful to make and display!

  31. carolyn Matts says:

    Wonderful and what a project for our craft group

  32. Helen Harrison says:

    Would love to be this talented

  33. wendy humphrey says:

    Saw it at harrogate, looked fabulous, would love to knit my own 🙂

  34. such hard work gone into this but what a reward, Its wonderful

  35. Elsa Delgado says:

    Love it!

  36. Jane Razzell says:

    Would be great to knit and hand down through the family in years to come.

  37. Rachel Chambers says:

    What a beautiful thing to do, wish I lived closer to Bristol to be able to go and see it

  38. betty says:

    great would love to knit this done but this is different looks brill especially mary

  39. Lorraine says:

    This looks amazing.

  40. Sounds a wonderful project to share with the grandchildren

  41. Lynne Walker says:

    This would be lovely to nit for the grandchildren.x

  42. Mandy says:

    Wow, just wow, what wonderful super size knitted creations! =O

  43. Jessica Pedersen says:

    This is really lovely.

  44. Karen Dixon says:

    Wow, what an achievement – well done to all the knitters and hope lots of money is raised.

  45. Debbie Houghton says:

    Would certainly be a challenge for me, only been knitting properly for 8 weeks!!

  46. Gwen Barnes says:

    These would be fab to make for our school 🙂

  47. Mandy Harris says:

    Wow, they look amazing, well done to all the knitters x

  48. Gill Porter says:

    They really do look amazing!

  49. Lesley Twidale says:

    Absolutely brilliant!!!

  50. So much fun. thanks for having a contest.

  51. Awesome…..the only word fot it.

  52. Jacquie Allen says:

    I can only dream of being able to knit something this wonderful!

  53. Justine Arrasate Lloyd says:

    What a lovely knitted inspiration!

  54. Annette Johnson says:

    To be knitted with love x

  55. kimberley Holmes says:

    That is brilliant. I would live to knit a mini version for my kiddies

  56. Susan Smith says:


  57. Dawn Cook says:


  58. Janette Gisby says:

    there are some very talented knitters around, would take me ages to do. A good fundraiser

  59. kate steeper says:

    im a lousy knitter , the donkey would have two heads. But the kids would love it more because its handicapped

  60. Claire Wilkins says:

    An heirloom to be made!

  61. Margareta says:

    would love to make this for the kids

  62. Diane Manifold says:


  63. Eleanor Taylor says:

    Just love these, what a challenge but what great fun. Something different for our Church x

  64. Emily Velzian says:

    Wowser that’s amazing wel done to those ladies

  65. Petra Meeson says:

    what an inspiration

  66. Rita lintern says:

    What a brilliant achievementt.Would love to make for my grandaughter

  67. Liz Behnke says:

    Now just think of the storage, but always up for a challenge 🙂

  68. Su says:

    My grandchildren would love me to knit this for their school

  69. Julie Ashton says:

    This is a must have

  70. Ruth Heaton says:

    would be a fab challenge to start for next year – I always have happy memories of the nativity set my grandparents had

  71. Alma Twombly says:

    I think this is adorable and I would love to make it for my great-grandchildren

  72. Gillian Dover says:

    Would be a challenge but would look wonderful in church

  73. Sarah Maclean says:

    Would love to be able to make these for a gorgeous centre piece that will last.

  74. Alex Curran says:

    Fantastic! Would have to start now to have it finished for next year

  75. Nana GoGo says:

    Would lover to knit this for my Grandaughter’s school for next year.

  76. Barbara Entwistle says:

    If I started knitting now it might be ready for next Christmas!!

  77. Shirley Rigby says:

    This has got to be the best knitted nativity I have seen, would love to knit one 🙂

  78. Nana GoGo says:

    Would love to knit this for my Grandaughter’s school for next year.

  79. Cheryl Watkins says:

    As administrator for nine churches I think by next year each church could have a whole Nativity set.Thank you.

  80. Caroline Taylor says:

    I saw the nativity at Harrogate, very impressive (even if the donkey had the air of anteater about him!) Would love to knit my own version!

  81. Issie Smith says:

    A fitting start to the festive season

  82. Sally Fox says:

    What a great festive prize

  83. karen exton says:

    wonderful project be ideal for the church or Day Centre, yes please can I have a copy

  84. Elizabeth Bates says:

    Great book. Would love to win it for the knitters at my local church.

  85. Morag says:


  86. karen exton says:

    ideal for the church or my day centre, please can I have a copy

  87. rhona woods says:

    just love the scene, would look lovely with the rest of the home made decorations.

  88. Margaret Leith says:

    Would love to win beautiful pieces and would be a joy to knit

  89. Gillian Dover says:

    A challenge, but would look good in church

  90. Laura says:

    Wow… that’s sooo cool! Please enter me in the giveaway! Thank you

  91. Maria Ryder says:

    What amazing ladies! I would love to see their life size nativity, unfortunately I live in Ireland so it’s not likely…

  92. Jean Goulden says:

    would look great with all our other nativity sets!

  93. Lisa says:

    I thought ‘oh, that’s a nice knitted nativity’, and then panned down and saw the ladies stood next to it! Who’d have thought of a life size knitted nativity.

  94. Susan Sams says:

    Would love to give it a try.

  95. annette nicolai says:

    How nice would it be to knit the nativity story for my little grandson. Therefore I would really be very pleased to be the lucky winner!. Thank you for entering my name in the draw.
    Kind regards, Annette Nicolai, Leiden, The Netherlands

  96. Jaime Boland says:

    wow! that is amazing! i’d definitely be up for this challenge!

  97. sheila hallworth says:

    would love to knit this to send to my family overseas 🙂

  98. Marion Willett says:

    Great for the grandchildren

  99. Carol CLarke says:

    Would love to have a go at these

  100. Gill Twigg says:

    Love it!

  101. Cute and challenging!

  102. Elizabeth Marie Adams says:

    I saw the Knitivity in Harrogate it was brilliant. It would be a challenge to knit but worth it in the end. I would like to try.

  103. Caroline Parker says:

    Fantastic nativity scene, would be a great way to help me with my Clic Sargent fundraising. Just need to gather a group of knitters to help me construct it should I be lucky enough to win!

  104. Sheila Gent says:

    would love it give this a go for my granddaughters.

  105. Jacqui says:

    This beats knitting socks any day, looks like a challenge. I just love the donkey in the life size nativity.

  106. Angie says:

    These are lovely. But what a lot of knitting!

  107. Josie Knight says:

    Our church had a knitivity, but this being life size is amazing and surely reflects all the hard work that has gone into it.

  108. Lesley says:

    Wow – that’s stunning

  109. Joy Alcock says:

    It would join next year’s Posada, which started today, when people are given the opportunity to host the Holy Family for one night each during Advent.

  110. Lovely for a school or Sunday school display

  111. Lovely for a school or Sunday school display.

  112. Michele says:

    I would love to give this a go… what a thrill it would be to win the patterns! 🙂

  113. Alice S says:

    What an awesome and fun project this would be.

  114. Anne Brown says:

    What a great idea for residents of a sheltered scheme for their Knit and Natter afternoons.

  115. Gill says:

    This is my next project!!

  116. Dawn watson says:

    I would to knit this Nativity Scene, it would feel like such an achievement. I would have to start on January the 1st to be in with a chance of finishing by next December !

  117. Elizabeth Lowe says:

    lovely work

  118. Beth J says:

    This is awesome! I would love to knit it!

  119. Carolyn says:

    How cool to win this…next knitting challenge maybe?

  120. would love to give it a go xx <3

  121. Elaine says:

    I’ve been saying for years that I am going to knit the nativity but never get around to it, maybe winning these patterns would give me the shove I need. They are so beautiful. Good luck and best wishes to all who have entered this competition. xXx

  122. Penny Jenkins says:

    What a lovely book to win. Fingers crossed and happy Christmas everyone!

  123. Carol Andreetti says:

    I would love to win this book and knit a little nativity set for my Grandaughter, maybe for next year though as you said 😉

    Merry Christmas!

  124. Hayley says:

    Would love to knit as fundraiser for my local hospice,

  125. Jessica L. says:

    Would love to make this, I’ve got time……..

  126. Candace Calder says:

    Truly an epic creation! I would love to do this – but scaled down considerably. Monumental work.

  127. barbiels says:

    Very cool!

  128. Liza. Moss says:

    Love to be able to make a gift of this next year.

  129. sharon says:

    a great book to win and they are very good . have only ever knitted small nativity figures would love to give knitting larger one,s a go

  130. dotty says:

    what a great idea woud do this for the local childrens ward

  131. Anna says:

    would love to try and make them life size just amazed that it only took five of them a year

  132. Joy Campbell says:

    Would really like to have this book and knit the Nativity Scene for my Great Niece for Next Christmas. Love it. xx

  133. Vicki Hancock says:

    This is truly beautiful

  134. martha williams says:

    I would love to knit this!

  135. TERRIE BLCKETT says:

    Wow! If I won this I would donate it to my church St. Columbs Cathedral Londonderry, would be lovely in the church porch at Christmas!

  136. Sarah says:

    Afghan nearly done, time for the next project?

  137. annette cole says:

    id love to win the book but dont think i would ever be able to create something so fantastic

  138. Wendy Durell says:

    It looks such a lovely book, I would like to win it.

  139. Jillian Bailey says:


  140. Mirren McDonald says:

    Long time ago I knitted Jean Greenhowe’s nativity, would like to see how Jan Messant has done it!

  141. Christine Tennant says:

    I would knit and donate this to Dunstable Priory, hopefully I will be living down there this time next year.

  142. Ruth Bailey says:

    Fun knit!

  143. says:

    My Husband is training to be a Priest and he said that it would look good when he becomes a vicar with a church of his own

  144. Bethan says:

    This is lovely remember knitting one as my first project many years ago.

  145. mandy larkin says:

    that looks amazing, such dedication

  146. kate bartlett says:

    A knitted nativity would be perfect for my grandaughtet

  147. Leonie Hartwig says:

    I’m commenting to have a chance at winning this fun book!

  148. Jean Stickland says:

    I would love to knit this for my grandchildren

  149. Jeanette Blair says:

    I love this nativity, always wish my mum had knitted me it, will have to have a go myself.x

  150. Wanda Swinton says:

    Our guild group at church would have a ball knitting this – for the children (of all ages) in the local community to enjoy each Christmas!

  151. Tammy says:

    This is really cool….would love it for the alter at church

  152. Raquel Soldevila says:

    Love it and, of course, want it. Good luck!

  153. Amy Ellison says:

    Mum was asking me what she could put in the garden to make it Christmassy – this is it!! Absolutely love it & love the story behind the project too, supporting the fantastic work of hospices xx

  154. Nancy Piotrowski says:

    No information about how to enter the contest…hope I just did!

  155. Kay Burn says:

    Absolutely fabulous.

  156. Chantal Lester says:

    lovely idea and book, lifesize must have taken lots to stuff too, well done

  157. Alison Johnson says:

    What a fabulous way to celebrate Christmas and a beautiful picture with the Clifton Suspension Bridge in the background

  158. jen McIntosh says:

    My boys would love this set. I’d need to get my mum on the job tho; I’m such a slow knitter 😉

  159. alyson chapman says:

    Gosh this is so cute – what an original and fun idea. Great to get the children involved too as they can help with simple stitching and stuffing.

  160. sally says:

    WOW Such a work of art, I want to try

  161. I really love this have always had a nativity but now am alone at christmas this would be great to have i would also knit a second for a local charity.

  162. Ann says:

    I would love to make this!

  163. Martha Smith says:

    I love this nativety, a friend of my Mums who has now sadly passed specially knitted me a Mary with Jesus in her arms after I said how much I liked the one she knitted for some Christmas boxes we were making for an orphanage in Romania. It comes out every Christmas and I would love to knit the other figures to keep them company, so fingers crossed!.

  164. Tizi says:

    Vorrei tanto vincere!!!!!

  165. Elaine says:

    My grandchildren would love these – a great way to teach them of the birth of Christ

  166. Sue Kemp says:

    What a great Christmas message

  167. Julie says:

    I would use these people to meet the children of the area

  168. Johanna says:

    My kids would love a knitted nativity. I think it would have to be for next Christmas though – I don’t knit that fast!

  169. Cathy Porteus says:

    This would be lovely

  170. christine pike says:

    Be lucky to finish by next Christmas-add to the list of knitting currently on the go! So much yarn, so little time.

  171. Denise Sattler says:

    Too awesome 🙂

  172. Angela Garside says:

    Would love to add this to my collection.

  173. sue says:

    I would love to knit these .would have to be for next to much to do this year

  174. Bethan says:

    Great knitivity!

  175. kathleen says:

    Would love to knit this as have many different knitted christmas ornaments

  176. Aileen Grainger says:

    What a great knitivity!

  177. susan says:

    what a wonderful gesture

  178. caroline says:

    Would make a nice little Christmas project 🙂

  179. Hannah Sullivan says:

    Love this knitivity!

  180. Leah Dedmon says:

    I love love love this idea. We needed this many years ago when our church “Live” nativity needed more participants. thank you for such an awesome project.

  181. Paula Silvester says:

    looks like a lot of hard work actually!

  182. Heather McNiven says:

    Love it, it’s brill!

  183. Kirsten Wills says:

    I’ve always fancied making a knitivity to display at y children’s school. It would have to be a lot smaller than this though or it would take me until they’ve left school to finish!

  184. Kathleen Briggs says:

    absolutely gorgeous

  185. Georgina Blyth says:

    Love this nativity scene, would look lovely under my tree!

  186. Lynne Ellis says:

    Looks great , If I start now I will have them all made by next Christmas, I t would make a great charity fundraiser

  187. eileen says:

    wow i would love this for our children’s christmas scene. they would be fascinated by this

  188. Linda Rumsey says:

    What a lovely scene to knit!

  189. Carol Gardener says:

    Fabulous! Love the animals!

  190. Rosemary Hicks says:

    Wow – what a challenge – but I think my knitting group could take it on ! Happy Christmas xx

  191. Bernadene Holden says:

    Looks fantastic and worth the effort these people put in

  192. Sally says:

    Lovely work

  193. Sharon Smith Leiterman says:

    of my how beautiful. I wish I had the time and friends to do this in our community.

  194. Lindsay Gutteridge says:

    Brilliant – love it! What a great way to knit a community together, 🙂 by doing this as a charity fundraiser.

  195. Emma Fisher says:

    What a wonderful fundraiser – would love to do this to raise for the NICU where I work :0)

  196. Anna says:

    I had to take a second look at the life sized nativity….it’s absolutely amazing!

  197. Kay Parkyn says:

    Awe-inspiring at it’s best!!! What a fabulous achievement for all concerned. 🙂


    oh so beautifull plus knitting the nativity is good for my health as it stops me from eating all the time.

  199. Linda Patterson says:

    What a lovely unique way of celebrating the nativity

  200. Marilyn Spencer says:

    This has inspired to dig out my knitting needles again! To take time to relax a little and do some good for someone else. Thank you.

  201. Marie LeQuelenec says:

    It reminds me of my childhood and what Christmas is really about. Lovely project for a lttle person to treasure and bring out every year.

  202. Eileen Tatara says:

    I’ve always wanted to make the nativity with knitting.

  203. Cindy Sherwood says:

    I’d love it! Maybe I can use it in my Wednesday night knitting group. Teaching a few and some old gals like me.

  204. Vicki says:

    I thought it was just a clever camera angle at first, but then realised it was a clever life-size knit! Wow!

  205. Aimee says:

    What a piece of art! Love the creativity. I would love to make the set from the book

  206. xHelena Lourenco says:

    Very cute, delicate and real and I would love to give it to my grandchildren .They would never forget me then. A real work of art!

  207. Joyce Adams says:

    Beautiful project

  208. Linda Grubb says:

    Wonderful! I’ve always wanted a life size nativity to display!

  209. Ami says:

    I love this idea! So creative and cool!

  210. Cindy Rader says:

    This is so cool!

  211. Vera De Pape says:

    very nice..i like it !

  212. Mary Bonang says:

    I would love to have this pattern!

  213. Krista says:

    This would be lovely to knit!

    • Krista says:

      Wait! I just realized how large it is! Although It would be lovely to knit, I will never do it, so please give the opportunity to someone else, and take my name off the list.

  214. Lyn says:

    I love the ‘life size’ one but think I’d rather try the smaller size.

  215. Carole Ball says:

    This is amazing, I remember seeing it on the news.

  216. Mary Nixon says:

    This bis brilliant. Love the fact it has all the animals. When I was infant teaching I had a set, but no camel pattern. The children would get really upset until another teacher made me one each year fior 3 years!

  217. Joy Hadley says:

    A real classic design, would quickly become a family heirloom for my grandchildren. I would knit one for the local primary school as well, or even do a project with the children to knit one for themselves. Beautiful!

  218. Michelle Crisp says:

    This is so cool, would love to knit this for church and for my kids.

  219. joanne laing says:

    would love to give this a go love a challenge and this would definitely be one I would relish

  220. Tina Mann says:

    This could be a project that would keep me quiet for a while.

  221. Jenny Mitchell says:

    They’re fab, would love to win this & knit for our village school for next year! x

  222. Catkin says:

    I have wanted to do this for so long but have never quite managed to do it. It would be a lovely thing to have or to gift to someone.

  223. Kath says:

    Beautiful snowscape with the suspension bridge in the background. Lovely.

  224. Helen says:

    Be great to make for our church Tiddlers group!

  225. Barbara foster says:

    how great i will prob need a year have five grandchildren and church who would all love a set happy christmas to you all x 🙂

  226. Helen Bozic says:

    I think that would be a lovely thing to knit and donate to any of the charity shops I love to visit … But I would also make one for me too 🙂

  227. Sarah Searle says:

    what a lovely idea and very good for charity events and children groups

  228. Dae says:

    wow, lovely! but I think I need more time… it can be ready for nex year! 🙂

  229. Tracey Baxter says:

    I’d love to knot this to pass down to my family

  230. helen lepper says:

    Wow id love to knit thiese lovely festive chararcers.perfect for our local church.

  231. Pam Hill says:

    What a challenge – better for me than climbing Everest

  232. Andrea says:

    Wow what a Christmas Nativity Scene well done to all who knitted.

  233. Mary K says:

    Great for the grandkids (if we get any =) Take your time kids =)
    At least you would not be saying NO! Do not touch.

  234. Marianne Kitsios says:

    It looks lovely. Who would not like to win this.
    Wishing you all a lovely time at Christmas,

  235. Chris stocks says:

    I would love to make this as a lasting gift for my grandchildren – but it will be for next year now!

  236. Breege says:

    I love knitted items, they never fail to make me smile

  237. Jean Downie says:

    A truly magnificent knitivity scene. Well done everyone.

  238. Dilys Wright says:

    Just the thing to take out to Africa next week !
    Happy Christmas to All.

  239. Fen Crosbie says:

    I’d like to be a knativity knitter

  240. Louie Clement says:

    Would love to win this 😀

  241. Joanna Horne says:

    What a precious heirloom this would make.

  242. Liz Chatfield says:

    What a lovely nativity.

  243. Sue Collins says:

    Nativity scenes are the true meaning of Christmas and knitting your own is so special and it would be made with love and look lovely on the hall table for all to see.

  244. Helen Dix says:

    Wow I need to knit one of these Knittivity Scene lol

  245. Shona Mason says:

    Beautiful, and safe to play with too, perfect for telling the story of Jesus’ birth

  246. allison says:

    maybe i’d finish in 3 Christmas time!

  247. Sue Collins says:

    I have a wooden manger that my Father in Law made so the Nativity Scene would fit in so well and an enjoyable knit

  248. Sue Appleton says:

    Would love to try to knit this, don’t think I could manage the lifesize version though! 🙂

  249. Carol Adamson says:

    What a fab prize.

  250. Linda Banfield says:

    What a beautiful prize – would test my knitting skills

  251. Amy says:

    I would so love to win this!

  252. Sandy Cooper says:

    What an amazing job, they have so much patients. It is absolutely fantastic. Well done xx

  253. c mann says:

    What a marvellous sight

  254. Aarti O'Leary says:

    Would love a copy of this book to start a joint knitting project with my family.

  255. Bev Roddis says:

    Please enter me in your Giveaway. would love to win.
    Bev Roddis.

  256. cath isherwood says:

    perfect for the primary school classroom

  257. Sheila Thompson says:

    Ideal to raise funds for charity.

  258. Susan Carter says:


  259. JennyFlowers says:

    I’m still amazed by the Knitted Rooms shown earlier and would begin my own with this group!

  260. laura jones says:

    id love to make this for it to become a family heirloom

  261. Sharon Dowie says:

    I love to knit little things and I think this might be a challenge 🙂

  262. Kate Nellar says:

    Would love to have a go at this for next year!

  263. Shelly Easton says:

    they are huge!

  264. suan watts says:

    Would love to win this

  265. Tara Davies says:

    Beautiful looking Nativity Set, would be fabulous to knit this.

  266. Sue Pickett says:

    Ten years ago decided I would craft an heirloom for each of my five children. This would be ideal!

  267. Rachel Matichak says:

    This is great! Would knit this up and donate to our church.

  268. marie bassett says:


  269. Linda Hornsby says:

    Oh I love a challenge! This is beautiful – would love to have a go at making it to share with my growing number of grandchildren xx 🙂

  270. Jane says:

    How lovely!

  271. joyce says:

    Wow! Would this be a fun project. I imagine well worth the time it would take.

  272. Ruth Taylor says:

    Oooh Knitivity! yes please

  273. Sue Oldfield says:

    Would love to have a go at this..definitely a challenge! 🙂

  274. Anita Brown says:

    I’d love to try this!

  275. Alex Brooks says:

    That looks fabulous – I would love it!

  276. would look to make this its a lovely little knitivity scene

  277. Jane currah says:

    I would love to knit this and use it to raise money for Alzheimer’s society x fingers crossed

  278. Johanne says:

    Would love to win this. Always up for a knitting challenge 🙂

  279. mandy says:

    would love to knit these

  280. Sue Van Arsdale says:

    What a challenge!!!!!

  281. Julie Davison says:

    This should get anyone into the festive spirit.

  282. Ginia says:

    So pretty. I have a “thing” for Advent Calendars.

  283. sam says:

    oooh! yes please!!

  284. Shirley Cowcill says:

    Definitely a worthwhile challenge!

  285. Sandra Parker says:

    Just lovely – I need a new project – even if it is for next year 😉 xx

  286. Maureen Walsh says:

    Wow. I could start that now for next Christmas! No time for competitions though!

  287. Susan Keef says:

    What a super heirloom to produce for the family to enjoy

  288. Susan Clarke says:

    Great gift for my granddaughter.

  289. Jan Marshall says:

    My Mum knitted something similar for her nursery years ago. Unfortunately she passed away and I think I need to do one to pass to my children. Not sure it’ll be life size though, that’d be for great grand children I reckon.

  290. Tanya Esberger says:

    Will not be attempting the life size version but definately a must knit for 2014

  291. Julie Mitchell says:

    The life size on is amazing! Think I’ll be sticking to the wee one though 🙂

  292. Lesley says:

    I love the donkey in the life size one .. but it must be a lot of work hauling it all round Bristol, Gloucestershire and Somerset ( what no Avon? ) ;->

    Good luck with the fundraising!

    I’m wondering what size needles and weight yarn are used in the little version.

  293. Mickiela says:

    I could start that now for next Christmas!

  294. Jan Redman says:

    What a wonderful prize. Could get this done in time for Christmas.

  295. Eleanor says:

    The life size models are amazing – hope they raise lots of money for such a good cause. I lost my husband to cancer and took up knitting to cure my depression x

  296. Debbie says:

    would love to win this for my Mum :o)

  297. Leslie Cook says:

    I’m absolutely Christmas ready and desperately need something to do during our long hot summer nights.

  298. Pat Casey says:

    Would love to win this, would be so much fun to knit. A reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.

  299. Rosa Green says:

    I would love to win this it would be fun to teach my 81/2 year old granddaughter x

  300. Jan Daniel says:

    Would love to knit this for my grandchildren.

  301. cathy says:

    lovley would love to knit this

  302. Liz Crawford says:

    woud love to be ableto knit this for hubby, he loves nativities

  303. Glenda Williams says:

    Winning this would be a lovely Christmas present and would provide us with a family heirloom…..eventually!

  304. helen guymer says:

    love to have a go at this

  305. Alison Spurrell says:

    I am the Knutty Knitter in the black striped top! Thank you so much for your support x

  306. Sue Hearn says:

    What a lovely idea for next Christmas!

  307. Carol Preston says:

    I would love to win this so my grandchildren could play safely with it all Advent without fear of breaking anything. The Nativity should be something everyone can interact with.

  308. Julie McGrath says:

    What a super way to start knitting regularly again. My mum has always made amazing knitted clothes, toys and dolls for me (I’m 49 but as a teacher, I love using her knitted gifts in my classroom) my brothers and her 6 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren (with 3 more on the way in the new year!) I would like to follow her and make this nativity for my classroom-she might have to help me out a bit though.

  309. pauline says:

    would love to win this would be amazing to knit this.

  310. Iris Parker says:

    It would be a privilege and a joy to make ‘the reason for the season!’

  311. Lore Burchell says:

    I would love to knit this… it’s a beautiful reminder of what this season is all about

  312. Doreen Forrest says:

    What a great way to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

  313. Mairi says:

    would be fab fun to knit for Dad next year – thanks from a vicar’s daughter 😉

  314. terrilee petrey says:

    I collect nativitys and would love to have one I’ve made myself.

  315. Tami Pike says:

    Oh my goodness! I collect Nativity’s too and would LOVE to knit this up for next Christmas!!

  316. Pamela says:

    Wow, this is amazing!

  317. rae says:

    WOW, I’d love to make the Nativity that big:) MY grandchildren would love it too:)

  318. Gene says:

    I love Messent patterns, they’re so detailed and fun. Sorry I missed my chance at the drawing!

  319. Marge says:

    This is totally awesome. Would be fun to have

  320. Marilyn says:

    Just love it. Amazing.

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